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You’re So Crafty – The GoodVibe Choice of Crafting

This fun post takes us through the gateway of good vibes and into the creative stylings of crafting. Crafting reaps rewards for little cost and is a fun way to connect to your inner creative and an activity you can share and enjoy with your little one(s).

killing it at crafts

If you are child free then the goodvibe choice of crafting is a fun and connected actiivity to engage in life and with the Self.

Here at the GVL we like to keep things connected. Engaging in the good vibes of crafts yields this vibe. Crafting is a connected and mindful practice. Crafting with your kids offers a space of connectivity, creativity, mindful awareness, parent/child bonding. Crafting with friends or on your own yields the same energy.

crafts are all kinds of cool

It provides and opportunity to keep you and your little one occupied for a good portion of time with focused attention.

Connecting to nature is intertwined with this good vibe engagement in life as trekking through the forest or through the park will offer a good amount of textured and dynamic crafting materials for you and/or your kid(s) to collect and dial in your crafty creations.

Sticks and stones will break your bones but also prove to be handy craft items. Integrating any activity with the enhancement and integration of the natural world around us is a very connected and solid vibe.


The Benefits of Crafting

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Mindfulness is a pathway to stress relief. Crafting is a stress reducer because the focus and mindful attention that it requires proves to diminish stress in the body.

When the mind and body are in a relaxed and coherent state, then the hormones of stress are less likely to wreak havoc even storm troopers chill with crafts

on your system.

Engaging with presence into an activity such as crafting provides an arena for your state of being to enter a space of peace and tranquility.

If you are not a crafty person, then still try it and don’t judge the results. The act of sitting and being

The act itself, to connect to your child or just the task itself of mindful present moment awareness is a surefire method to diminishing any stress in your Mind and Body and offer a space of clarity, calm and relaxation.


The ins and outs of our own esteem is one of those things in life that everyone has in common. No matter our race, creed, religion or life experience, if you are human – you have the task of governing your own esteem.

Some people are taught how to cultivate healthy self-esteem and others have been conditioned where this aspect of our mental and physical well-being is not even addressed.

When a person sits to craft something, either from their own imaginings or following along step-by-step instructions, the act of creating something dynamic, beautiful or even of use from one’s own two hands and creative exploration can prove to have a positive and uplifting effect on the esteem of the individual who produces it.

crafting promotes esteem


Any mental health initiative is perpetuated in whole by a person needing to find balance and well-being in their mental functions. Visual arts and creatively inspired activities is an easy way to enhance a persons well-being and mental health. If a person willingly sits down and engage in crafting, the act yields mindful concentration and focus.

This proves of benefit to anyone who is encumbered by ruminating and ill managed thought patterns and emotional responses. Crafting yields presence and presence is where all your power is.

A mind that is presently focused, is a peaceful one. When a person is involved in an enjoyable task with focused attention, dopamine, the feel good chemical excreted from the reward centre of the brain is in play when you dial in crafting. It is a great tool for anyone that is thwarted towards depressive moods and ruminating, anxious thought patterns/habits.


Recreation centres, local workshops and events and/or craft/art studios are all venues in which you can connect and engage in some crafty pursuits.

Whether you like to get your vibe on in a quilting circle, or lead a group of budding and vibrant little people into painting rocks and discarded branches from the forest – crafting can yield many avenues and opportunities to connect with other people and maintain positive social connections.

crafting yields connection

Diving into creative pursuits and learning from others, as well as distilling your own creative ideas and input makes for reciprocal good vibes all around and may lead to lasting and connected friendships. Check your local listings to see if there are any opportunities for you to join a crafting group, or even better, be the initiator of a crafting group!

We are all connected as humans and this is a gateway to optimize and enhance this truth!

human connection in crafting


As a person gets on in years, the optimal governance of one’s brain and body become a matter of great investment. We as a species, have been gifted with the biggest and most complex brain on this planet. The brain is formidable and contains billions of neurons and an operating system that, in truth, we have only just scratched the surface in comprehending in its entirety.

We here at the GVL believe that SIMPLICITY is the KEY TO GOOD DESIGN. In anything.

super crafty pastels

Caring and tending to your cerebral garden need not be a big palaver. Simple activities, mindful practices and empowerment in knowledge can enhance your way of living tenfold. Staving off cognitive impairment by upwards of half is what crafting can offer any aging brain. Engagement in crafting enhances the memory centres in your brain and promotes a healthy and empowered Mind.

Simple, yet oh so EFFECTIVE. As is with anything that encompasses good vibe living.

With all these amazing benefits on top of the actual act and engagement of crafting, this is an activity that definitely rides a good vibe and lends itself to some outdoor or indoor good fun and laughter.

nature crafts are the bomb

So have at it, my good vibe companions and get crafty!