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Your Forces of Empowerment – Tapping Your LifeForce Optimal

To Be a Person of Empowerment is To Be Completely Oneself.

Your Forces of Empowerment Are Yours to Be Yielded.

To Be a Person Who Yields False Power is To Be Divested of Oneself.

Your Forces of Empowerment are Within You & are Expressed Most Abundantly When You as the Human Have the Courage to be Authentic & Congruent in your Deepest Feels of Your Most Authentic Self.

Mirror of the world reflects your visions

Here in this game of life we are not really handed a handbook on life and have to figure it out as we go along. Your forces of empowerment are a good feel to be aware of to equip you.

We get our tests and then we receive the education which is a backward feel to the education we are actually receiving.

To be a human in this world with a modicum of sane governance, it is a sweet feel to imbue your consciousness with that which proves to elevate and enhance your life force.

Forces Within You That Thrive Your Vibe

There is a force of life that is in constant motion and in harmony with all that exists. One of your forces of empowerment is to acknowledge that these forces exist and work for you.

You need not be a mystic or spiritual leader to acknowledge the truth of this force being an omnipresent factoid of the human experience.

Your forces of nature

You can just go to the shores of the beaches and look at the turning of the tides and upwards to the phases of the moon to acknowledge there is Universal Intelligence at work in our experience.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy the indoctrinated mind of the existence of this intelligent force as a tangible reality, then one need only look at their life experience to see that when they sleep, the body breathes you and keeps your systems running while you are unconscious to the experience of it.



The force is always with you silly

That term is funny because the force is always with you. The force exists and is carrying you and works in a manner to support your mind/feeling scapes that you are generating in your state of being.

To Be Able to Accept and Connect to this Force is the 1st Step to Elevated Expansion.

You can frame this force in the modality of spiritualism, religion, naturalism or quantum law – however it is framed for your vibe, engaging it and acknowledging it as an unconditionally loving support that has your back and pretty much reflects back to you who you are being.

How you tap it is entirely unique and individual to your blueprint of self.

To honour the force that supports you in a devotional practice of some kind is an investment that enables you to recognize its power with clarity and consistency.

For some this can be a long walk on a beach, or a hike up a mountain, yoga, Qigong, meditation, – any expression of connectivity within you that connects you to the force of life that is within you and about you.

This force is your highest self and any conduit of expression to connect you WITHIN to this formidable source of energy and creation is a sweet vibe. It can guide you by way of your intuition and guidance.

To be in concert wtih this force is to be in a consistent state of ease and

Complete state of relaxation

When these states are natural to you, then your universal lifeforce energy makes itself known to you and propels you into the course of your greatest truths & the expression of these truths through the conductivity of your most natural inclinations and feels.



Enlisting congruence in your investment of your LifeForce is a thrive for elevated living.

Many human systems walk around in the illusion of taking responsibility yet prove to yield incongruency in terms of the entirety of their energetic management of thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

In relationship wtih oneself, to take responsibility for the entirety of who you are is one of the most exmpowering energies you can equip yourself with in this life.

Empower your light

Free from your family’s indoctrinations and nurturing and autonomous to the collective energy that infuses the rule to be like others and strive to achieve in competition to your fellow human.

This space of self directed responsibility and self empowerment makes you the ceo and chief creative in the design of your life.

Taking note of your responses to the world and your beliefs you hold within about yourself and the world in which we live is to recognize that in responsibility you are the choice maker in your investments, your behaviours, your feelings, your engagements you keep, the company you invest your time into, the habits you entertain.

The Way You Honour Others is a Reflection of How You are Honouring Yourself.

Enable this force to work for you optimally by way of living authentically and acting in conscious awareness of your behaviour and the impact you are having on those whom you share your lifeforce energy.

The psychological and emotional quality you emanate out of yourself is the quality you are showing up with in your world.

Optimal psychology

Taking stock of your own vibe and how you are dialing it in is a sweet feel and a thrive with those whom you interact.

Relational patterns and habitual methods of being in the world can sometimes be normalized when the truth of it is that is unyielding to the thrive you seek.

Remaining vigilant about your responsibility of self is paramount to your success and being discerning about the dictates within that are indicative of new and expanded change or

It boils down really, to the esteem you carry within of yourself and how much you honour that which serves you and that which depletes you.

Be the truth of you

Ensuring That Which Depletes You is Not Normalized as That Which Serves You if Your Fundamental Subconscious Beliefs are Ones Framed in Limitation in Any Way Shape or Form.

This is the work of self inquiry and exploration and what is commonly known as SELF LOVE.

The love of the self

The capacities of one to harness a forceful life is rooted in that persons acumen in taking responsiblity of themselves.



When you are travelling down a life path it is a good feel to be clear about who you are and where you envision yourself elevating and expanding to.

The opportunities to recycle the same days throughout our lives is rooted in the humans desire for comfort and structure.

Many of our habits we keep are ingrained from our conditioning and belief systems we carry within us about the world.

Book of bright

If you are in the mud and recycling a feel that is not indicative of a thrive, and even if you are on a good lifeline and all is supremely rocking in your experience – no matter the polarity of vibration you are presently emanating, the force of clarity proves a supreme thrive.

Lotus from mud

If you are taking a trip, you choose a destination and then you navigate your way there. Same dealio here except the trip is your life and you are the vehicle. Your forces of empowerment are your fuel.

A solid way to determine clarity of purpose is to break up your life experience into trackable areas.

This can determine with focus and investment what is proving to work for you.

It can also show you what is in need of an elevated shift upwards and outwards to propel you to affluence and ease in living.

Engaging your forces of empowerment is a self ownership win.

Having Confidence and Clarity in Your Life Experience is a Force That Feeds Growth.

The pie to peace within

Aligning your own personal goals within the quadrant of the elements that govern your LifeForce

Making a conscious effort to sit down and invest in the most authentic and expansive feels you can muster for yourself and your trajectory forth into the epic creativity that is the design of your life.

Life in love

Your EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL Needs Are All Needs That Require Attention to Optimize the Vibe You Keep Within This World.

Investing in Knowledge and Empowerment in Regards to How Those are Nurtured for You & Your Uniqueness Alone is a Sweet Sweet Feel.

To know what are your real feels and what are your feels of diminishment that have been ingrained or nurtured in you to your detriment is the deep shadow work that all people of higher consciousness are harping on about.

EMOTIONAL – Feelin’ the Feels

Honour and feel your feels

Feel your feels.

Navigate these parts of you in your quadrant of self management that enlists energy that is uplifting and advantageous to you.

If that means cleaning house from all that does not serve – people, work, activities – all that makes up your responsiveness to a flourishing and vibrant optimal life force. You have the right within yourself to acknowledge your right to be honoured and respected and have your life and all aspects of it reflect that truth.

This IS the natural order of things, so if you are existing or living askew to this truth then your work as a human is to align to thrive.

INTELLECTUAL – Life Learning

Your brain is a happy play area of neuro plastic wonder. Our capacities as humans is remarkable and the pursuit of learning is something that can be done wtih inquiry into knowledge already in existence and by inquiry into the self.
There is intellectual knowledge and intuitive knowledge and most are guided by the former although my experiences have me further in the latter. Whatever manner in which you absorb your knowledge, to be in pursuit of growth and learning is the natural order of things.

A stack of knowledge

We as humans, seem to want to throw ourselves in schools of education upwards until the adulthood years and then off into the world to do whatever it is you studied to do.

Many people choose one field of study and then spend their lives repeating what they learned and recycle their knowledge.

Others are more fluid and less attached to one career and invest in various pursuits throughout their lifetime.

Fluid colour and motion

There are those who choose not to expand their knowledge or intellect and those who are just incapable.

Whatever the state of being of any human, the intellectual aspects of ourselves are are very real thing and to cultivate, nurture and enhance it is a force that will serve you well in this world.

PHYSICAL – Your Body Is Made To Move

Your body is your vessel. It is the container that enables you to live your life.

To perceive it as a mechanism or an entity separate from you is a misnomer in this societal structure of ours. The Mind controls the Body.

What you think about your body is what it will become. The power of our Minds can very much direct our physiologies by way of our belief system.

Joe Dispenza has proven this with the placebo effect and Bruce Lipton’s findings in cellular biology are epicfeels for the thrive of a human’s lifeforce.

Own your sky empower your lifeforce

Engaging in a breathwork journey will magnify this truth for you if you have the courage and openness to try one out.

When we look at the world in terms of energy, our physical bodies are our powerhouses of stored energy to be renewed and expanded as a result of being in balance and harmony with the Universe in which we live.

To act as if it is something separate from you or that you are not in charge of the way it functions is askew to the truth of things in their intended natural order. We have indoctrinated a society that encourages flu and normalizes the common cold, as just that.


As if it is an axiom to being human.

I affirmed for myself that disease was unnatural to the human body by way of a stressed body and therefore adapt, practice and encompass that BELIEF.

Your own belief structure towards your forces of empowerment

In doing so, my life has expanded exponentially and the healing I have accomplished and the level of consciousness apparent to me presently is of fortuitous bestowment to me and I have been without what is perceived as a common vibratory ailment in the body, the common cold for upwards of a decade now.

My body is a vessel in which I can determine the exact energy that is being expended and utilized and actually feel it being processed as well as delineate its effects as it is processing.

I eat to fuel and I am a very active person with very little fat and quite a good amount of lean muscle mass.

As a result I am very in tune and energetically sensitive due to the nature of my wiring and my physiological prowess has enable me to understand your forces of empowerment as a human.

Through experience in healing and optimizing my brain and body, it is apparent we have creative control over them.  Your forces of empowerment are avenues that prove this.

Everything is connected to your forces of empowerment

Your physical acumen and the body you carry in its physical state is direct reflection of the mind you hold in regards to this magnificent vessel of yours. Your forces of empowerment are inherent in your ability to understand this.

Mind is master of the sense

I have learned that the breath controls the mind and the mind controls the body and if you can in ACTUALITY and EXPERIENTIALLY LIVE THIS TRUTH, then you can govern your own physiological health very easily and to your unique blueprints optimal.

A weak Mind yields a weak body. You determine what your body will do for you.

To keep a physical acumen that is rooted in biological energetic elevating pursuits is a supreme thrive and a testament to the respect of self that you keep within.

A Mindset that is well directed to your support is equally as advantageous and one of your most powerful of your forces of empowerment.

Be careful not to root yourself in the “It runs in my family so I will have it…” or “I had an injury ten years ago and that’s why I can’t do anything now…”

These are stagnation station frames and beliefs and words you would do well to shift out of your vocabulary as soon as is humanly possible.

Speak to what you want to create, not to what is created that keeps you limited.

A thrive is an act of courage.

Take it.


The Faith and belief a person carries in the world is determinant on many moving factors.

I think that a devotional investment for any human into the higher and unseen planes of existence that are inherent in life. Your forces of empowerment as a human is a right of passage to your own wealth.

I have a connectivity with energy and so I buy into the unity of consciousness and the quantum field. This is why I can write honestly And with confidance about your forces of empowerment as human.

This was not nurtured in me, I was raised in an Anglican faith where we went to church at holidays but overall, I wasn’t educated to the beliefs or indoctrinations listed in those teachings.

Religion penis analogy

I have come to learn through my life experience that it is best to leave people to be who they are.  Allow people to do just that in terms of where they decide to put their devotional faith and to what degree they invest within that pursuit.

It is a sweet feel to have enough connectivity within to determine for yourself, nourish and guide your forces of empowerment.

Understanding and Implementing These Thrive Truths in Your Experiences Will Shift Your Lifeforce to a Trajectory of Optimal.