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Cognition of self love
Your own aptitude of your ability to honour and dignify unconditional love energy to your state of condition in any given moment of any given day is the energetic make up that determines your trajectory in life, but most pivotally, your own inner state of condition.

 Being energetically aligned within yourself lends itself to the outputs of which you invest your time and attention.

 Your ATTENTION is the basic cognitive tool that takes you from one moment to the next in all that you do in a day.

 Being able to clean your bio field of any resonances that do not align with the truth of yourself or you highest FEELING STATES is supremely advantageous and imperative to successful relational living in today’s dualistic and ever changing world.

Check yourself list

Check Yourself First:

How are you in MIND? Do you have a MASTERS MINDSET? 


How are you in your BODY? Do you have mastery over your BODY?

 Or do you refer to it as a mechanism out of your own conscious control?

How are you in your connection to your own SPIRIT?

 How happy do you feel everyday?

If you are riding a high and happy vibe consistently your SOULBOX is open and in a good push – if you are depleted, anxious, worried, stressed, untethered, reactive, low feels consistently – your MIND & BODY management need another look.

Abandoned railties


Your ability to boundary that which does not serve you (i.e. critical and judgemental friends or family, work you despise,unusual and oppressive social dictates) are all allowed to exist in the world. Your choices of empowerment lie in your COGNITION OF SELF LOVE.

 Do you love yourself enough to assert yourself to your judgemental relative?

 Do you love yourself enough to say fark off to a job that bleeds the SOUL out of you? 

 Do you love yourself enough to acknowledge how beautiful and capable you are in this world that you need not ever strive for your worth or fight for your place in the sun?

Your ability to coordinate your own mastery of cognitive self love means that you take FULL OWNERSHIP and FULL AUTONOMY over everything and everyone you have resonating with you in your environment and the spaces of which you CHOOSE TO BE.

The smile zone

Nothing & No One Is Ever Doing Anything To You.

 Life simply reflects your relationship to it and that relationship is a reflection of your own cognition of how much you offer yourself respect and dignified honour to the entirety of your autonomous self.

One need never prove their worth. It is an axiom to being gifted your LIFEFORCE. To compel your LIFEFORCE in a purposeful and MASTERFUL MIND & BODY is to do the work within to reflect that which you experience and materialize outside of you.

You are always the choice maker. No matter your circumstances, you can always decide which level of cognition of self love you will engage. Be ruthless in pursuit of your highest self.

 No one is here to live in your skin for you, so stop giving so many other people control on how that vibe rolls forth.

It takes courage to be who you are.

 When you are though, the level of life you engage will prove quite rewarding.

 A nurtured autonomous heart with a well directed mind can be highly creative in terms of intentional living.

Heart energy

Trust in the beauty of your own heart.

Trust in the beautiful world which is actually designed to support you fully.

 Align to this within your mind and you have a winning combination.