Your Big Bad Brain and the Importance of Protecting It

Your Neural Operating System

This post will address an entity that is essential in your governing a good vibe. Engaging in outdoor sports and recreation has proven the enhancement and empowerment of this entity.

Your big bad brain.

Brain smarts means many things to many people. I am not so interested in assessing or comparing anyones intelligence or levels of IQ. If you are a human being, then you have been gifted with brain smarts – no matter the degree in which it serves you or any defects it may have.

Our brains, connected with our spinal cord comprise our Central Nervous System. Read those words, specifically the first and third words together. This is your Command Centre. Your Central Station. Your brain is responsible for a whole lot of how you operate as a human.

Be mindful how you care for it.

What you think, what you read, how much sleep you get,  what media you absorb, what you feed yourself, what activities you engage in – all of these things affect your brain.

Your Central Operating System.

When I engage in outdoor activities that you see here on my site, I always wear a helmet. I model this behaviour for my son because I have been in three situations that if my head was not adorning a helmet, I would have spaghetti brains and my kid would be without his super cool and dialed in Mama Bear – who he needs, in order to be provided with care and nurturing so he can grow up and enhance this world with his radiant Light.

I have witnessed people in my own family endure head injuries that have changed the course of their lives. I remember reading a while back about Natasha Richardson dying suddenly from a head trauma while taking a ski lesson here in Canada. The article noted she wasn’t wearing a helmet. I always enjoyed Liam Neeson in his onscreen roles and felt sad for him and his children’s loss.

Helmets absorb impact so your brain doesn’t have to as that is not what a brain is made for.

What’s Up With Your Brain?

You have many organs in your body. The brain is one of them encased in your skull and plays a role in pretty much every major body system.

How you process information on a sensory level, your breathing and blood pressure regulation and the manner in which your system releases hormones are all functions of the brain. Basically your brain keeps your heart pounding, your lungs breathing and is the head honcho for most everything else working properly in your system.

Food and Beverage Affects Your Brain

If you have kids then a brain smart start is crucial and aligned with your desire to see them grow and flourish in an empowering way.

You are raising a human in a very volatile political and social climate. This world needs some serious level up in terms of the quality of people we are churning out in our society today if we, as a species,  are to expand and flourish on this Earth.

This means not only protecting their heads when they are out on their bicycles, scooters or skateboards, but also in what you are nourishing them with the kinds of food they eat. High trans and saturated fatty diets have a direct correlation on the effectiveness of a brain and its cognitive abilities.

The synapses and molecules that influence learning and memory are super disempowered and harshly affected too if fueled by unhealthy food.

You eat right, you feel good. It is really that simple.The reason it doesn’t seem that simple to some people, is because if you have already accustomed your system to an unhealthy diet, your brain-body pathways are in a feel good state,  making brain chemical cocktails that have you keep going back for more, so as a result even people with the best of intentions of changing their unhealthy diets end up resorting back to their old ways of eating poorly without a real awareness as to why.

Their self esteem suffers as a result and that’s a vibe no one need entertain. One gal who has it dialled in including kids in the learning and process of nourishing themselves is my buddy Elizabeth and you can check out this helpful post here:

Art in the Kitchen – Cooking With Kids

Diets fail. I have often wondered what that is anyway? The act of going on a diet. Everyone already has a diet – no need to be going on one. Just make healthier choices and the rest will follow.

Eating right is not difficult and can taste exquisite. You can make a thousand excuses as to why it is easier to eat convenient fast food for price and flavour and enjoyment, but that is all backwards. If you eat good, natural, high – vibrational, fresh colourful foods, which you can creatively make last and be on par with the same cost of fast food, you are literally enhancing to a premium grade quality fuel your central operating system runs on.

What kind of system would you like to have with you?

For me and the child I am co-parenting, I would vibe towards an optimal one.

Balance is key. You don’t have to be a hardcore dietitian know-it-all to enhance your brain health. Apply the 80/20 rule to your diet, 80 being good, whole, natural, vibrant, healthy foods and 20 being the other fatty mcfatty oh so yummy tasting but in all the wrong ways food and eventually, your vibe will rise and you will feel better, in focus and energy and my bet is that if you can get to that spot, you will find you don’t even want to engage in that 20 percent anymore because you will be governing your system from a place of control and empowerment and you will see the effects of how your energy levels and mood are impacted and your life will literally change. You alter your inner environment, it will show in your outer environment.


Same idea in the beverage department. Your body is made up of water. Sounds weird when people say that right because we are so clearly not water, but actually we are. Everything our system is made up of is saturated with water. When I was reading about the brain and immersed in various content surrounding the function and development of the brain, I remember reading that you lose up to 30% of your brains optimal functionality if your body is not hydrated enough. Thirty percent?? That is rounding up to almost half.

Well that is insightful and then comes as no surprise that we live in a society that deems it okay to sell in masses products like diet colas and sugary pops infused with chemicals, artificial colours, flavours and even neuro toxins to completely disempower our systems and get us hooked on a product to (feed some dudes/lady’s bottom line), yet normalize the selling and distribution of chemical substances our systems do not thrive, but become addicted and sick on and then sell it as a beverage to be enjoyed by the family. Then subsequently wonder why there is a nation wide obesity problem and super heavy feels on the overall healthcare system.

I am not a conspiracy theorist or stick-it-to-the-man kinda lady. I am observational. And when I observe what I describe above it really makes me step back and in genuine sincerity say “Is this for real?”

My vote?

Water. The Earth’s element. We are made of it. So, drinking it is more aligned with how are naturally meant to operate.

Like I said, simple.

Keep it simple. If you think just drinking water is super boring then bubble it up with some carbonated water with fresh lemons, limes and oranges. Tastes great and gives you a huge immunity boost.

Physical Exercise Affects the Brain

Your brain is made up of many parts. In each temporal lobe, and part of the limbic system is an area called the hippo campus. This dynamically named part is responsible for emotional responses and processing your long term memory as well as sorting your memory associated with objects and people – so a pretty important part I would say.

If you decide to engage in physical, aerobic activity that gets your heart pumping, this part of the brain actually gets bigger!

How cool is that?

You can literally grow parts of your own brain by merely exercising!!

Studies of the brain have shown that when a person engages in regular physical activities such as high vibe outdoor sports and recreation, the benefits are exponential. System regulation, cortisol reduction (cortisol is our stress hormone – let’s keep our vibes chill and regulate that beast, yes?) mood and emotional regulation, cognitive reasoning and learning…there have been books and books written about the function of the brain and the effects our habits and choices have on the impact of its health.

Our bodies were made to move. Our central operating system that is the brain is designed to thrive when we engage in healthy physical exercise and the truth is it is as easy as us making up our minds to do so. I would encourage you to try it out – if you haven’t implemented a consistent outdoor activity to weave through the days of your life, change your daily routine and invite some good body positive activities into the lives of you and your children.

You will see how working with your brain and enhancing the operational system that is your brain through physical exercise (runner’s high anyone??) will begin to transform the chemical make up of the brain, expand it and have you living a completely empowered and beautifully governed existence.

Protect Your Head

When public service announcements and communities advocate that helmets save lives they are pretty spot on with that statement. Canada implements laws for the use of helmets.

This is your life. These are the lives of your children.

Wear a helmet and protect the brain. It is such a simple and easy thing to do that can literally be the difference between life and death. It is only logical that when you engage in any recreational sport or activity that you do your part in self responsibility and respect by protecting your head while doing so. You don’t need to be your average braniac to know that this is a good vibe.

Knowledge is power. Self knowledge is self empowerment. You may subscribe to the idea that it is all good and you are all good and when you throw down on a skateboard or bike, you have been doing it so long that there is no need to wear a helmet and it’s all good. You may be right, but you can’t control what other people are doing and if you encounter some loose cannon that throws you off your game and lands you smack in the middle of the concrete head first, then chances are you will really regret not protecting your brain.

If you want to show yourself respect and empowerment and do your due diligence of protecting yours and your childrens brains, I have gone through and tested many a helmet and you can see those helmet reviews here:

Don’t be a Nutcase – Protect Your Head with One Instead – See Review Here

Keeping your brain healthy is a very good vibe indeed!

I wish you all the best in your recreational activities which you will assuredly continue to enjoy with the implementation of appropriate safety of your main operational system that is your beautiful brain!

24 thoughts on “Your Big Bad Brain and the Importance of Protecting It

  1. Hi Rebecca. Our minds are amazing as you have said! Why wouldn’t we want to look after them and the minds of those that we are responsible for? It’s good to know that aside from wearing a helmet to look after our brain, we can also positively affect it by engaging in regular exercise and by feeding it good quality nutricious food and drinks. Unfortunately not everyone seems to get that if we look after ourselves we will have a better life experience.
    Many thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge on this subject.

    1. Hey Andrew! Absolutely, it seems like a simple no brainer, but it is surprising how many people can be very cavalier about the protection of the brain and not see the correlation between all the aspects of well being that impact it and the lives that they govern. My hope is to educate and empower so as to level up the quality of lives we have living in this world. I appreciate you are of like mind and appreciate your supportive comment! Many thanks and take very good care!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    Excellent article! It’s so important that we protect our brain. Like you, there have been a few times in my life where I have thankfully had a helmet on when I hit my head but looking back, it’s scary to see how easy it is to cause serious damage to your brain!

    1. Way to keep the main system safe Dan! Good on you bud, and yes, the detrimental outcomes are really not worth the risk when the preventative methods are super easy and economical to implement. Thank you for your input and keep your noggin safe!!

  3. Thanks Rebecca very informative and helpful. I also believe sleep is a very important part of keeping your brain healthy. I know when I don’t get enough sleep, my brain complains by giving me a headache. Also agree 100% with your hydration advice. We all need to be drinking a bunch of water all throughout the day.

    What are your thoughts on cholesterol and brain funtion? I’ve read that cholesterol helps the brain make internal connections (please correct me on my terminology).

    1. Hey Jeff!  Great questions and comment!  Absolutely, we all need a good restful sleep to ensure we maintain a balanced and progressive brain healthy relationship.  You have inspired me to delve further into that aspect of brain research and I will add that to further content down the road.  Thank you!! And yes, you are quite correct that cholesterol does have a big impact on our synapses that govern memory and learning so a high cholesterol diet does prove disempowering to developing brain that is why eating good, wholesome and healthy foods will yield the best results for adults and especially our children! Thank you again for your helpful comments and I wish you and your loved ones all the very best !

  4. Every parent wish is that their children are healthy and safe. Together with my husband, we do all my best everyday to prepare for them healthy food and avoid not-healthy food as much as I can (from time-to time they are allowed to eat that big Mac Donald hamburger). We do all the best to keep them safe also during their outdoor or indoor activities. Their brain is a big asset that should be treated as the real ‘king’ of their body. Keep them well hydrated is as much important as doing exercise, eating healthy food or reading books.

    Thank you for reminding once again what is our mission as parents and what’s really important 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you Leo and am pleased you subscribe to the same kind of mindset. Your kids are lucky to have such a wise and invested Papa Bear!  The pull of the Big Mac is something we succumb to every once an while too!  Balance and healthy choices predominating, it all works out!  Thank you for your supportive and insightful comment and I wish you and your family all the very best of everything!  Cheers!

  5. Wearing helmets are so important. My mom is 78 and she had this kind of brain fog going on this morning where she was forgetful and not very focused until after we had coffee at Einstein’s. She seemed concerned about it and so was I some.

    Do you know what can give us this kind of brain fog first thing in the morning? I don’t think it is any sign of Alzheimer’s as this triggers late in the day, like sundowning and she is always fine later in the day. She sees a nutritionist so her diet is great and she gets plenty of exercise, but this morning brain fog thing seems to be a mystery.

    Thank you for a neat article about our all important brains.

    1. Hey Alexander.  You may want to encourage your Mum to drink 2 large glasses of water right upon waking before you and her decide to go out for a coffee – I  love that you go to a place called Einstein’s to do so.  When we sleep our bodies enter a state and deplete some of our water so it proves to really give a great boost to your major functioning organs to hydrate them as soon as you wake up.  This should help alleviate the brain fog, and as she is willing and able, a little time outside in the fresh air first thing and surrounded by nature can level up her energetic vibration which may prove to lift that fog even further.  I wish you both much wellness, peace and an abundance of shared good vibes.  Thank you for your inquiry and comment and all the very best to you both!

  6. The brain truly is miraculous. I know many have been trying to map it for years, yet they’re still decades out because it’s just sooooo complicated and mysterious in parts.

    Heck, we don’t even know WHY we need to sleep – we just know we must because of the effects if we don’t!

    One thing my wife & I wrestle with is the fact that our son is really good at soccer and is valuable on his teams, but occasionally he’ll do a head hit of the ball, which for the game is typical.

    Whenever he does, we’ll say to him afterwards, “Well, there goes another point off of your SAT score.” We’ve also seriously told him if at ALL possible, try to use something else, like the chest.

    But we know it’s part of the game. GRRRRRRrrrr…. if only they’d let ’em wear helmets like AMERICAN football!!

    1. Hey TJ  – I understand why you would wrestle with that. Too many hits to the head, seemingly innocent, is just not what the brain and head are made for.   You are your child’s strongest advocate, so my recommendation is, if you feel helmets are a good idea, then speak up and try to get that ball rolling and if that proves an impossibility, then the chest bumping option sounds like a very good alternative. I wish you and your family the very best in all that you do!  Thank you for your comment!

  7. I must agree with you that we should pay more attention on our brain health and that is healthy lifestyle. Today, we are a lot under stress and so many problems that we forget about our health and that mostly affects our brain. I take care on my nutrition but I must introduce more physical activity in my life which is a little hard for me.

    1. Hey Daniel!  I appreciate your input and hope that the difficulties you face in introducing more physical activity into your life can be overcome with a some solution oriented thinking and that you are able to maximize your potential in mind and body.  Best of luck to you and may the good vibes flow forever your way!

  8. I am a single mom with a toddler who I adore very much. I want to keep his brain healthy for his entire life so its important that I teach him now the importance of protecting his head at all times. Just the fact that I have a little boy is extra nerve wracking because we all know how boys are…. rambunctious! But your post has reminded me to drink more water and for that I am thankful because I actually live off of coffee and caffeine, and I just know that the effects of caffeine on the brain are not healthy. What do you think about green tea? Do you think its good for the brain? I drink lots of green tea as well so I was just curious.

    1. Hey Sophia!  I too have a little rambunctious little fella so I hear you sister!  I am pleased you gained some self insight in terms of your caffeine consumption.  Green tea is a great option and/or alternative.  Here are some fun facts about green tea and the effects on your system, specifically your brain:

      People who drank green tea one to six days a week had less mental decline and a lower risk of dementia than non-tea drinkersThe epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) in green tea is a powerful antioxidant responsible for body-wide health benefits such as blood pressure and weight maintenance, lowered risk of certain cancers, energy boost and antimicrobial propertiesGreen tea also contains theanine, an amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier and has psychoactive properties

      Sounds like a winner to me!  I hope you and your boy have a lovely journey together and I thank you for your comment!

  9. As I read your post I can’t help the thought of football coming to mind. As CTE becomes a bigger problem they’re placing more emphasis on the need to protect the brain, with advanced helmets and changing the rules to protect players. It’s incredibly sad to see how brain injuries don’t just injure the person but their whole family as it can affect how they act.

    I personally don’t have any kids, but it definitely makes sense that how we feed them can either improve their brain function or hinder it. That’s why I think it’s always better to have homemade meals as it tends to be healthier than going out.

    One area I need to improve in is generally drinking water. I really appreciate you bringing the importance of taking care of our brains not just for ourselves but our family as well. Thanks for the informational post!

    1. Hey Josh!  I appreciate your input and I agree with you that it is unnecessarily sad that people engage in such high impact sports without protecting their heads. It makes good sense to keep your brain safe not only for yourself but for the benefit of those whom you have in your life.  Homemade meals are optimal as you are in complete control of the production and ingredients which lends itself to a more empowering vibe.  Keep a handy water bottle around and stay hydrated good man! Thank you for your insights and your comment!

  10. Your brain is one of your most important assets, we really do need to protect and take care of our brains.Helmets are a good way to protect our brains physically.  Food and beverage is a great way to protect our brains internally.Water is a great resourse for our bodies and our brains.  I like to add a little lemon, with my water, taste better that way, at least it does to me.

    Wow I didn’t know that exercise makes your brain bigger, I knew that exercise was good for the body.

    1. Hey Shy! Thank you for relating your experience and taking the time to write a comment. I appreciate it and hope you have a great day ahead!  Take good care and thank you again!

  11. Great post! When I first started reading, I thought it was only going to speak about wearing a helmet, but you covered the entire aspect of protecting the brain. Eating clean and exercising, that’s the ingredients. Especially as we get older, I find that I need to take especially great care so I can stay sharp and keep an amazing memory. Thanks for educating everyone!

  12. This is a really great post on protecting the most important part of our body, or one of the most important! I really don’t like water very much, and have a hard time drinking it. So I add flavoring just to make sure I am getting enough down. This just solidifies the fact that I need to work at it !

    1. Hey Matts Mom! I think it is a good vibe that despite not enjoying water, you still understand and embrace the importance and effectiveness it yields on your system and engage in solutions to ensure you do so! You go girl and thank you for your contribution!

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