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Why Supporting the Canadian Prime Minister is In Your Best Interests As A Citizen of the Planet

Why Supporting the Canadian Prime Minister Is In Your Best Interests As A Citizen of the Planet

Yummy JPJT


Before entering into this topic of engagement, if you do not support the Canadian Prime Minister but are of a high enough consciousness to agree to disagree with the truth of what is written here, then you are most welcome to continue on. 

If you are one of the weak minded and weak willed humans who take it upon themselves to degrade, criticize, judge, condemn or compel punitive abusive verbal or mental perceptions towards this formidable man who is made of an energy fit for his purposeful role in our shared humanity, then please see the content at this ESTEEMED VIBRATION, do the work in experience in the content that is found there and then by all means, please return to this topic. 

I do not deny that Justin Trudeau is human nor do I deny that he is subject to human error in his own capacities of self actualization and governance. 

Lenses on the man

I deal in the physics of energy and all that is written and described here speaks to the metaphysical phenomenon of which all us humans are guided by and impacted greatly from.
It is a fact of our lives here on planet Earth and whether you choose to adopt it into your repertoire of understanding and life governance, is an individual matter.  

This choice of knowledge, or subsequently the choice of ignorance in regards the this truthful aspect of our humanity here on our shared global planet has great impact and determines your trajectory forth as a human creator. 


Yes, you are a human creator and life does not happen to you, it happens for you.

If you are able to take command of yourself and garner enough self aptitude to be able to understand this. 

When you allow other people, no matter their station in life, to determine how you are going to be in the world, then you are investing into a modus operandi that is dependent on that which is out of your control.

To be adhering to standards of which you have no consious control is just quite simply insane. 

This, however,  is the methodology of which most humans adopt their cognitive psychology, so easy does it in terms of the expansion of your own consciousness. 

After the breadth of life experience I have filtered I am with an energetic acumen of understanding human and metaphysical energetics very easily.  

Transmuting 15 years of violent and sadistic toxic stress conditioning has come with great rewards in the unencumbering of such unnatural impositions to mine own humanity. 

Thanks Dad! Roland Spencer Arnold, may you Rest In Peace. 

We as humans are a collective and resonant energy and the words, actions, emotions, and especially thoughts are ours to do with what we please.  

We as a humanity share ONE RACE, on a shared and Global Earth.


It is our own individual responsibilities to take full ownership and sovereignty over the expenditures of which we all have the FREE WILL OF CHOICE to delineate and direct as we see fit. 

On the internet you can read about a myriad of shady dealings the honourable Justin Trudeau has engaged.

On the internet you can find the most abhorrent scapegoats to one negating to face their own consciousness.

This negation and abandonment of the Self results in porn addiction, social media addiction and a good amount of false and scam like energy professing to be LIFE. 

 It would be and could be funny if it weren’t so detrimental to our race as humans.

 Seems the technological joke is on us. 

 It is the human condition to seek out that which causes us pain and it runs rampant in our society due to the lack of intelligence that people choose to harness over their own minds. 

In the awareness of that which he is most notably criticized and just plain out bullied for his implementations as he governs himself governing the most affluent and landmasses country on the planet, it does well to acknowledge that Justin Pierre James Trudeau is not just a title “Prime Minister” but is indeed a human man and he is not immune to his own humanity.   

Nor are you. 


Prime Loving

You too are a human that is given responsibility for the energy you propel in the world and yet your errors and your investments are not on public display for everyone’s scrutiny.  

If they were, how would you be dealing with all that energy?  

Do You Even Have An Aptitude To Do So? 

No matter the circumstances a human is resonating within, whether it be the heights of raising the standards of working class citizens, support for families with childcare investments, support of women with expansion and opportunities in the masculine world or the polarity of supporting the preposterousness of Covid or breaking laws that are well established and deviating from the responsibility of acknowledging them – it is well to acknowledge that we as humans are, indeed human and not immune to error. 

We have feelings, we have psychologies, we have relationships, we have duties and responsibilities. 


A man who drives a bus for his entire life safely arriving other humans to their destinations may drive the bus impeccably for 20years but if he makes a grave error due to having a bad day in his life and he crashes his bus and as a result and kills a group of people, does that then negate all the good he has done in the 20 years of his impeccable service? 


Naturally, and in good aligned moral standing, he ought to be held accountable and reparations will be made to ensure such an error does not repeat itself, but the man who had successfully driven this bus for over 2 decades is not defined by his most grave errors. You can bet too, that such a man would be in an antagonistic state within himself about his error, which would prove punishment enough for such a misdeed,  he need not it lambasted in his face by critical observers around him impacted by his mistake. 

Define the now

You know and everyone else ought to know that life provides your tests before you have received the education in which to take them.  


We as humans unfold in our experiences based on the workings of our subconscious minds which are very powerful and of which we honestly have no authority in terms of our conscious behaviours until AFTER they have bled themselves into our lives by way of our own UNCONSCIOUS implementations.  

Take stock of your own life experience and you will resonate very easily with this TRUTH. 

The natural order is one of an unconditionally loving presence that yields an unparallleled life creative energy that propels ALL OF LIFE ON PLANET EARTH. 

Some people classify this energy and separate themselves by way of religion.  This energy of which I speak has no division and does not propel any acts of violence or hate in the name of it.


How you delineate this TRUTH is entirely, again, an individual matter and is the basis of your own sovereignty of SELF, given you are a human being on planet Earth.  No matter where you are from, your station in life or the colour of your skin or the species of sex you inhabit – Male or Female.  It is UNIVERSAL. 

If you are in the habit of being victimized, indignant and/or combative in your approach to ANYONE, whether it be the Prime Minister or even the barking of your neighbours dog, you and only you are responsible for the energy you command and compel in this world. 

Be you

Although Justin Pierre James Trudeau has great wielding to influence your world, the truth is that regardless of who he is and what he does, ANY PERSON, regardless of their station and impact, the common denominator in all human relational standings that you yield is YOU. 

This means that anyone you put your focus upon and deem them as somehow having some power over you and your behaviours – well – you’re always right.  

Your choices are your choices and what you choose is ALWAYS RIGHT.  Natural law has it to be fully supportive of your choices – regardless of the polarities of which you steep these choices in. 

It is ALL YOU. 

You.  Yes. 

 You Human. Hello There. 

You Are In Command Of You.  

Not the Prime Minister, not the bus driver and certainly not your neighbour’s dog. 

The role of dependency people implement in their lives tethered to a man whom they will probably never meet is the ridiculousness of which dependent and depleting relationships are built upon in mainstream collective living. 

If one were to come out of their own human disregulation and take a rational and discerning stance as to their own propulsion of mental and emotional energy, then they would very easily be able to discern and see that it is ludicrous to hold accountable one man for their own circumstances of state of condition of living. 

One who is able to harness enough energy to notably satisfy the individual needs and predilictions of each individual and their autonomy is a rare man in this world.  These kinds of men are anomalous energies MEANT TO COMPEL THE ENERGY OF LIFEFORCE FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY. 

 Justin Pierre James Trudeau, Gerald Michael Butts, Peter Roberts and Barack Obama are all such male species who contain this aptitude of energetic mastery and force.  

Walt Disney is one such man too..  He is a legend that lives on to this day. All his implementations of creativity of life have permeated the naturalness of our human systems bred for expansion, creativity and connection. 

The propulsion of the former are rooted in the left brain aspects of our human governances and the latter in the right brain aspects of our humanity.  All are formidably impactful and elevating in nature and are worthy of the acknowledgement of which they are due.  

Just being who they are. 

 It is energetically impossible for them to be responsible for peoples individaul states of condition. 

 They can certainly impact them, but they are not in control of them. 


 This is becasue the TRUTH is that each human is gifted and granted the energy of the high creator within themselves to command and create as they please.  #holla

They compel the GODFORCE and are not in FEAR OF IT (as the structures of religion will have you believe) The GodForce loves you, no need to fear it,  yet many “good Christians” contend to be faithful “GOD FEARING” individuals.  

Have you taken note of the work of the High Creator?

Love force

It is nothing but DIVINE BEAUTY and ETHEREAL MAGIC.  

The only TRUTHFUL human fear is that of falling, due to our gravitational pull to the Earth. 

All other FEARS are mentalized projections separated from THE NATURAL ORDER and most lives are built upon this credo.

 It is a biological mismanagement of TRUTH and we humans have divorced ourselves from this magic.  

One need only look at the state of natural disasters yielding back to balance for us to be in acknowledgement of this disconnectivity.

If you need proof, however, look at the structures of religion that have killed more humans and human Spirits (pedophilia anyone?) than they have uplifted. 

I love Allah so I will blow up a population of people!!!! Yay God!

 I am a man of the clergy, so I can put my penis in a young boys bottom! Yay God!

Pure Human Insanity.


The GodForce is inherent in the connectivity one engages in their HEART SPACE and the ENERGY OF THE HEART.  

The HEART has an electromagnetic frequency 70 000 times more powerful than your MIND.  

Most humans are governed by their unconscious and ill delineated MINDS, with very little connection to the PURTIY OF THEIR OWN HEARTS. 

These men are the leaders in this aspect of their own predominant governance of their well delineate MINDS & EMOTIONAL CONNECTIVITY TO THEIR HEARTS.  The men of past were conditioned to be taught that emotions were a sign of weakness when ENEREGETICALLY, the EMOTIONAL STATE is the UNCONDITIONAL STATE symbiotic with the ETHEREAL PLANES of our EXISTENCE. 

I have seen media where people condemn or make fun of Justin for displaying his emotions so openly and it is hilarious that these men who do this deem themselves powerful as it only demonstrates their lack of connectivity to their own humanity.

  Justin enables great expansion and growth in his emotional connectivity.  

That is why he is where he is.

  The weaker men who rely on their hardened and misguided notions of FALSE MASCULINE POWER could take notes. 

It is a biological energetic TRUTH.  

Women are not weak for being emotional creatures as has been conditioned in the masculine world, in fact they can grow and expel humans, male and female from their biologies, raise them AND BE ABUSED BY TOXIC MASCULINITY and still garner themselves careers and look rocking while doing it. 


 No man can exist on EARTH without having come from a mothers womb, so wakey wakey eggs and bakey.  This is a perfect example of how ill conditioned (un)consciousness covers energetic TRUTH.

Coupled with a GOLDEN HUE that comes through these formidable mens HEART SPACES, it makes for a formidable energetic force of which can appear as your greatest salvation or your greatest imposition when they throw down – should you not be in full command of yourself and your own energy.

Remember YOU?  Yes Human.  IT IS ALL YOU. 

Point of focus


My best bet too is on the fact that the reason these men are where they are has to do with their conditioning and how they have commanded themselves in their own direction to yield the stations of which they occupy.  Within that yielding there would be no room for them to be taking up issue, criticism, judgement and punishment to the people around them.  As do most of the humans who lack their own sovereignty and puke out their victimization upon them. 

These men are sovereign men in their own autonomy and in a world based on comparison and competition, energetically it is very easy to discern their cultivation of self mastery to be who and where they are today. 


One may disagree with this statement with such unnatural impositions of the recent pandemic, however, one would do well to acknowledge the basis of polarity expanded upon below.

Coming from where I have come from and the atrocities imposed by racial discrimination and brutalization, it is very easy and gracious feel to garner an energy of deep respect and appreciation for this dude. Even if he is an American (potshot #CanadaRules)

Barack Obama has been an INSTRUMENTAL FORCE for the humans who are GIFTED the RACE OF BEING BLACK. 

Deep Respect and Appreciation for this sentient being of light and wonder.

Check out his foundation here to garner a goodvibe.  LINK



The structures of religion, that have been exposed as sexual deviant in energetic propulsion in many areas is due to its unnatural focus on disallowing the nature of unconditional love. 


Instead it instills duty and fear which are completely antagonistic to ones own life creativity.

Not to mention the amount of death and destruction the lower aspects of peoples humanity engage and then claim to be working in the energy of the High Creator.  

Life is made to be expressed, nurtured and unconditionally Divine in its creativity.  No where in that energy will you find death, destruction or sexual crimes against children.  

 If this is how we deem humanity in terms of dignified relational implementations, then you can see very clearly why the world and its people are so victimized in their own consciousness. 

If you were judged, condemned and penalized for every error you made in your life experience you would not gain in resilience and you would deplete entirely.  


Codependent yuck

The very FACT that Justin can make it through his errors, not only personally but at the same time as being publicly abused and scrutinized for HIS EXPERIENCE, it makes for either a man to meet his maker with such unnatural stress or…as he does….enables himself his own expansion and healing to take accountability for his wrongdoings and aim to implement right actions in his awareness of expanded aptitude of politics and being a human man. 

Wrong action and right action are always up for debate because everyone governs themselves at their own states and levels of perceptible consciousness based on their own autonomous energetic blueprint and life experience.  

Laws are in place to determine right action and wrong actions and holding people accountable for civil behaviour.  An old lady crosses the street because she is half blind and in the process of doing so, she commits the crime of J-walking.  Lock that criminal up and throw away the key?

  Or look at the understanding of the woman and have some mercy on her lack of awareness and innocence of humanity?

The nature of the Prime Ministers Heart, energetically, speaks to a volume of aligned actions with the natural and highest order.  

There have been moments in his career that are not and there are people in this world, I am sure, who will testify to that effect. 

Oh honey

This does not, however, define the entirety and truth of who this man really is.

The natural human defence mechanism for most is to fabricate stories that ensure we are accepted and worthy in the world.  When in an already vulnerable state of condition from being ill equipped to manage inordinate amounts of toxic stress and marital abuse for an ongoing period, the simple dynamics of physics and the chains fo resonance and cause and effect will denote very easily that we as humans resonate and propel our actions from our own personalized states of conditons. 

Biological states of condition reflect in your words, actions, emotions and psychology., 

The energetics of Prime Ministers personal life suggest that he has undergone a good deal of toxic verbal and psychological abuse from his choice of marital partner and for a lengthy period of time. 

Men are resilient creatures and made to withstand adversity to propel evolution.  

A man , however, in his choice of wife, lends himself to opening up to his choice the vulnerabilities and sensitivities of his heart space and his emotional body. 

 In a cutthroat political world such energy is not widely accepted or inclusive.  

it is primarily and dominantly masculine which means that whilst the men get their business done, it is no time to speaking about the matter of their hearts.

  Being emotional in business is considered a weakness.  

Men’s wives and the choices they keep in their feminine investments are the spaces to nourish and expand their more emotional and sensitive human natures.  

When a man has a supportive wife, he thrives. 

 Look at the Obama clan, look at the beautiful Michael Jordan, the Prince of Wales, Matt Damon…. look at a number of powerful men who have supportive, invested and kind women as wives. 

Happy life

These men thrive as a result of their divine feminine choices being in support and encouragement of them.

 When a woman is abusive, controlling, glorifying her own victimization by way of fanatically expressing her own eating disorder, and verbally diminishing, assaulting and degrading a man of gold honour in his heart, this can really prove to deplete a man in his entirety.  

Furthermore it provides a further depletion to the man in his own sovereign dignity because of the misogynistic chauvinistic structures that many men still abide by in terms of expostions to marital abuse. It is considered a weakness for a man to admit being abused by a woman yet it is the most depleting energy a man can be encumbered with due to the biological facts of the human species. 

 You notice men only get really stressed when their women are taking issue with them? 

 Men are built to be responsive to women.  

When a woman is unkind and abusive, it is one the most abhorrent energies a man can take. 

Men already are at a fundamental governance of not understanding women.  The beautiful and symbiotic creativity that is a masculine and feminine union abides by the natural forces of each species to compel their own divinity within and nourish, share and nurture the polarity of their hearts choice. 

To muddy that union with abuse, trauma and degradation is a very dense and dark space to field for anyone.  Especially so for someone who holds a great deal of social responsiblity in the work that they are purposed to do. 

I am awestruck at the energetic acumen of the Prime Minister to yield his success as he does despite this grievous encumberance he has had to field in his personal experience. 

Made her career

The FallOut of Relational Abuse Trauma & The Canundrum of Personal Responsibility

We all live in a mainstream cultivation of an upkeep of dignity and laws that enable a human to yield to themselves a successful and dignified existence here on the planet.  

Many humans are not granted the abundance of comfort that most Canadians and Americans have the privilege of accessing just being citizens in the Western world in such powerful and sovereign countries. 

The human condition has become a play on ones own ability to garner themselves their own dignity of worth.  We live in a day and age where the mentalizing sensibilities of the majority of most human systems is so askew to the naturalness of their own energetic forces that you can barely say a word without offending someone or some group who has some righteous purpose to defend their own worth.

When did humanity become so insecure?


The normalized abuse trauma that runs rampant in the conditioned beliefs of the collective and the perpetuation of inatuthectity and incongruence in the lives of humans enable such energetic forces to gain their own momentum and then subject their human victims to their own energetic laws, outside of the unsuspecting humans consciousness.

Take an assessment of your own peace.

Especially in relationship.  Men are strong, capable and achievement oriented creatures.  This is the NATURALNESS of a man species MASCULINITY. 

Women are warm, nurturing, expressive and creative oriented creatures.  This is the NATURALNESS of a woman species FEMININITY.

Both species carry both energetics within them. Masculine and Feminine.

The poles of these energies are meant to come in harmonic balance in a union of a man and woman in a committed relationship.  This is a NATURAL FORCE ORDER ENERGETIC STRUCTURE to PERPETUATE THE HUMAN SPECIES.

Our creative abilities as humans have gone completely off course to the naturalness of the natural world.  

The addiction to the states of condition that are UNCONSCIOUSLY PROGRAMMED IN THE OVERUSE OF ELECTRONICS  is a testament to the vast misalignments you see in humanity’s implementation of relational living today.  

One’s own aptitude of self governance is actually quite easy to lose control and command over given the subtle exchange that is imperceptible of ones own conscious and unconscious programmings at play to be managed. 


A faithful and committed heart is the energy that comes through for Justin is that he made a solid investment of being a good husband only to be brutazlied and abused in his own degradation by the toxicity of his wife’s own unconsciousness and rampant ego gone astray lacking her own authority of self and bleeding it to a complete dive over her husband. 

A man with the capacities that Justin holds who gets to a place witihin himself to normalize such things as covid masks and oppression to his fellow citizens is not a man who is being taken care of in the nurturing of his heart. 

What comes through energetically for this pair is that toxic emotional and verbal abuse has been a consistent application of energy from Sophie Gregoire to her husband for over a 10 year period. 

These are energetic facts.  

If any one human absorbing this is at a dissonance with the truth distilled here, i am happy for your to contact me directly to give you a personal energetic assessment of yourself which will PROVE to you the TRUTH and CAPACITY OF ACCURATE ENERGETIC ASSESSMENT my specific brain and biology can compel for the upfliftment and support of your highest state of achievable energetic consciousness. 

Energy Does Not Lie.

  In light of these facts, how do you see the Prime Minister behaving? 

 Nowhere do you see him degrading the woman who has taken liberties to treat him like an inferior human in the name of toxic dependency and a seeking of a false power from a very destructive and weak state. 

 Nor do you see him being antagonistic towards women as a result of his relational trauma and all you really see is him cracking on to get the job done. 

My love

The oppression of the Covid mandates are indicative of his relational trauma.  

These Events of PAST are Transmuting and Yielding to His Recovery and Healing as Can Be Seen in Present Day Circumstances. 

The Trudeau Thrive

The Quality of Integrity that this Man is Upholding while Under An Inhumane & Inordinate amount of TOXIC STRESS, to the dignity of his masculinity, to the dignity of the role he governs and to the authority of his wisdom is to keep committed to his purpose is INCREDIBLE & INFUSED WITH FORTITUDE.  

 To aim to still uphold and dignify the station of which he has been elected to govern, while being brutally abused by his hearts most trusted investment and receive the abhorrent and inhumane comments and death threats on social media from untethered citizens, is a testament to his purity of character and strength of personal will. 

love this guy

No matter who you are as a human being, if you are degraded, belittled and abused by the person whom you have trusted to hold your heart, the natural aspects of our biological processes and our minds capacities will enable great inner destruction, which then materializes as poor management of human life. 

 The streams of cause and effect to the results of which we yield ahead of us are very simple to observe.  
Where there is love in a marriage, there is expansion. Where there is hate in a marriage, there is degradation. 

BE AWARE OF THE TEMPTATION TO PERCEIVE YOURSELF AS MISTREATED or become an abusive and irrational person in expression towards Monsieur Trudeau. 

rip your balls off

He contains the aptitude of strength of self respect, self ownership, self esteem and self mastery to not only field all his verbal and psychological abuse from his wife, but still uphold his position to enable GOOD. 

To be able to be resilient in the face of one’s own trauma and abuse while upholding the strongest and most sovereign country in the world is due a reprieve from any antagonistic criticism from any other sentient being of which he shares this planet. 

cray cray

A man’s most creative energy can come from the harmony he feels in relationship with the woman of whom holds his heartspace. To impose a man such as the natural gold goodness that is Justin Trudeau with an inordinate of relational trauma abuse and then EXPECT him to be in a complete thrive and alignment with this governance choices is energetically impossible. 

 We are resonant to the energies of which we immerse ourselves and we vibrate at this frequency. 

 A man has a natural axiomatic trust that when he betroths the woman of his choosing that his heart will be held with kindness, understanding, nurturing and deep honour and respect.  
To infuse a golden heart of the Trudeau lineage with toxic verbal and psycholgical abuse under the guise of being a committed spouse is a form of human terrorism.  This terrorism that imbued the honourable Prime Minister was demonstrable in all the implementations that proved a dive vs a thrive for the people of whom he leads.  

We as one humanity have become almost experts at discerning sin and the punishment of ones sins.  it is an unnatural self loathing and ill conditioned mentalzing preference that has been given far to much attention and focus to the aspects of how we relate.  

No matter your justification for your indignance or your vicitimization at the hands of another’s actions, YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE TO CHOOSE HOW TO GOVERN YOUR OWN ENERGY IN RESPONSE TO THE WORLD YOU EXIST WITHIN.

You degrade him, you expose yourself. 

It is healthy to debate, it is healthy to discuss and take in the opinions and views of others for all to expand and learn and grow.  It is not okay to lay blame, to call names, to make judgements and accusations, nor to continually abuse and criticize that which you did not create nor have any direct involvement within. 

The sovereignty of ones own peace is only harnessed from one’s own mind. 

To bleed energy in an antagonistic fashion to the impeccablity that is the FORCE of the Trudeau bloodline is a basic self sabotage and self destructive state of condition to engage. 

To look to the good, to look to the power, to look to his naturalness, is to see the truth of this magnificent human man. Herein lies the truth of things. 

Of recent he can be acknowledged for his work on becoming more eco friendly and responsible, supporting and enabling the free will and rights of women here and abroad,electing the first Indigenous female to hold power in the justice system,  investing in strategies and models of governance and propel economic growth and stability, keep relationships peaceful and balanced by way of supporting countries under attack or oppression from irrational leaders, to be able to meet and engage the hundreds of people who are in demand of his attention while still maintaining balance and well being in his own biology despite the inordinate and unnatural amount of stress that is an axiom to his role as a leader.

Trudeau goodvibes

He has enabled these actions out of his own misalignments and investments that have proved destructive in nature to the well being of those who invest in a dependency upon the system.  

As I stated truthfully, he is human not immune to his own humanity and growth of consciousness, nor are you. 

 If you adorn him with an unbiased and discerning look, you can see very clearly he is a man of good integrity, a man of great honour and a man who has a fundamental investment and proclivity to do right by the station of which he keeps. 

 He keeps this station, not because of the father he had, but because of the individual man he has cultivated himself to be.

All the men who lay blame, criticism and judgement may be valid in their indignation and remarks based upon experience and as the Universe is all inclusive, such human relational predictions are deemed worthy of play, however an esteemed mind that is the Honourable Justin Trudeau is vibrating and a much higher level of consciousness to engage such rat festering involvement.  

He may appear unaffected or without feeling when in fact he has a more expanded intellect and emotional intelligence then most. Not only that any other human man who takes the amount of abuse this man has undergone and still manage to be error free in his business affairs is an energetic impossibility.  

The resilience of fortitude that this one individual has had to compel for his own survival for the greater good of all is something very real and tangible in his experience yet he is very rarely awarded any gratitude or acknowledge for this aspect of himself.


hot af

People of his country, most notably the ones who have never had to face any real adversity in their cushioned Canadian lives throw toxic negativity at him as if he lacks his own humanity.  It is harsh and it is normalized as “news” or “politics” or “just the way things are”

Anyone who can make you angry can control you and any indignance or fault you find in another is reflection of thine own energy and your resonance to the content of which you have yourself immersed. 

If You Lose Control To Anyone, In Truth It Is Only To Yourself. 

  Everyone with the ability to govern their own faculties of mind and body always have CHOICE as to how and where they direct their focus of attention. 

You can see a man as a monster and he will show up to you monstrously.  You can see a man as a hero and he will show up all heroic and stuff. 

What many fail to realize is that the most imperative view one keeps is that which they hold of themselves. 

Of their own capacities to actualzation. 

The human condition is to hang one’s unfulfilled desires and project them upon more powerful people about them that inspire unworthiness and self loathing in the dependent one seeking to destroy, abuse or harm those whom they have their relational focus upon.  

Your rights and freedoms as is so beautifully displayed in the high spirit and good natured work of this formidable man’s father’s implementations,  are exactly that. 



Pierres Trudeaus


“Take A Mo To Check Yo” 

(today’s lingo for Take a Moment To Check In With Yourself)

What Freedoms And Liberties Are You Engaging?  

Criticism?  Hate?  Despondency? Indignation? Anger? Reactivity? Victimized States of Condition?  Over Consumption?  Drugs, Food, Alcohol, Sex/Porn, Shopping, Gambling…..How Do You Dial In Your Normal?  

Your Human Coping?  

These Are Your Rights & Freedoms To Do As You Wish.  

What do you then wish to do? 

Sit on the internet and get angry about a man you will probably never meet?  

The sovereignty of one’s own Choicepoints is omnipresent and immersed with infinite potentiality.

 No matter a human’s own perceived validity for their indignance or punitive reproach towards another, there is no value in cultivating a state of condition within oneself that is indignant, that is reproachful, or that is punitive. 

 What Kind of Human Are You Being In The World?  

Be human nice

The structures of unfeelingness in the pursuit of achievement are well to be balanced to the naturalness of emotional vulnerability all us humans are subjected to in being human creatures. 

The energy you generate within you, regardless of your deductions of them being “right” or “wrong” is the energy you are entirely in command of.  

You as a human get lost in the importance of your inner minds workings or expel your energy to the external sources of pressure and duty very rarely taking time, space and attention to nurture your own landscape of autonomy.

This is the human condition of dependency and it is biggest energetic bleed a human can engage.  

Unless you are affecting change in your own energetic expenditures, you will always be at the hands and mercy of another’s energy that is more powerful than yours.  

The cultivation of ones own mastery is the golden energy of which the formidably talented and aesthetically pleasing Justin Pierre James Trudeau has garnered and continues to propel within himself. 

 It Is A Very Very Sweet Vibe To Be In Witness Of and Its Expansion Is Yielding A Very Golden Feel. 

The structures of where most people resonate who are in awareness and attacking such marvels as the Honourable Justin Pierre James Trudeau are like the people in the bus. They are dead and not at all able to acknowledge the 20 years of good riding of consistency of the driver. 

The basic human recipe for any good human standing is, how well do you recover from the unconsciousness of your own decisions?  

Do you attack, blame, criticize and dwell on the misdeeds of others?  


Or do you step up, take ownership and yield a natural and expanded good vibe?   

No One Person Is Making Any Choices About Your Life But You.  

The people who have their underwears in a knot over this formidable French-Canadian Leader are in envy to the degree of their own capacities to garner a good feel in their own biologies. 

People can influence you and yes, people can propel a good deal of energy that impacts others to their thrive or their dive but the whole game of the Rights and Freedoms movement initiated and propelled by the expanded and ahead of his time, the late Pierre Trudeau, is the very structure that enables you as a human to be completely autonomous in your rights to life and how you freely decide how to govern it.  

Have You Taken This Authority Over Yourself?  

Or are you generating victimization and bleeding it on this good mans eldest son? 

Men are autonomous in their skins, as are women. 

 Very few citizens of the planet conform to their own dictates of power and instead adhere to structures and rules defined by people who have no reall aptitude of knowledge about them as an individual . 

 It is comical in some respects how cautious humans can be in terms of how they manage themselves yet are completely unaware of their own self mismanagement. 

 This lack of awareness shows up as error, problems, mistakes, antagonistic situations, a basic bleed of optimal energy.

  It is rooted in dependency and powerless command of the natural intelligence inherent in being a human system. 


The Real Deal Of Your Human Bio Suit Dial In


The energetic laws that govern the lives of which we lead and live are not infused with emotion and judgement as are the humans that are able to guide themselves in harmony with it. 

Everything is included in the world and anyone can do anything they really put their minds to. 

Being an aligned individual on the planet means you have a basic and fundamental understanding that in the the grand scheme of things, you are not really all that important yet not entirely insignificant either. 

Depending upon your station in life, your awareness is at the level of your worldly experience. 

 Ideas are a nice idea, but they are just that, ideas. 

 When you tangibly integrate EXPERIENCE into your IDEAS OF LIFE, then you are engaging the full spectrum of cognitive psychology available to you in your humanity. 

 When you absorb all these ideas but have not reall experiential knowledge of them, then you are misaligned in your human energetic alignments.  

Your thoughts, words, actions and emotions are the only energy you have complete command over in terms of your authority here on this planet. 

Earth love

 A planet that has its own laws and will govern itself as it pleases in resonance with these laws.  

Chances are you are one of the 95percentiule of the population who is conditioned and governed under human law. 

That shit will fail you everytime because it is constructed under the mentalizing MAN, not the heart led and natural dictates of the GODFORCE.  

The two are intrinsic yet one yields mastery and the other your ultimate dependency.  

If you are a human who has antagonistic energy towards Justin, then please know that you are allowed to feel as you feel and your human experience is valid. 

How invested are you emotionally and psychologically into the actions and behaviours of a man whom you have no real knowledge of?  

If you have real knowledge of him and you are not in a favourable perception of him, then chances are you are leveling up and you are teaching one another something.  

Sexy af

The level of learning a person gains from their “perceived” adversaries is the fruition of life’s wisdom lessons.  There are no real enemies amongst our humanity, only the mentalizing prospects of consciousness.

  The majority of humans bleed their energetic consciousnesses to that of which they have no authority and then plead as if they have the right to be so important in their own created victimization. 

In Energetics There Are No Victims. 

In Life, However, You See Them In Droves. 

Seeing yourself as a human energy system and applying the laws of physics to your aptitude of self human knowledge enables you to see that where you are resonating and with who you are resonating is a direct reflection of your own energy you are generatino within yourself. 

Most often it is unconscious to you. 

  The polarity can be of an advantageous or an antagonistic nature, the propulsion of energy is always within your conscious choice.  

The majority of humans are lost in the consciousness of events fo past or anxieties of things they wish not to come. In the here and the now enables a good deal of creative energy in terms of being human.  

This Is An Aptitude Of Ones Own Focus. 


Mental and mind mastery of focus and governance over ones state of condition. 

One must only look at the backlog of people awaiting some kind of fix to their humanity in terms of their physical health.  A form of physical mutilation is the mainstream mentalizing on one’s own management of their biology.  

In truth, the methods of which people adhere to their lives are the direct cause of the illnesses and disabilities they become encumbered with. 

People adhere to the standards of opinion and thoughts of other individuals, most often negating their own intutive compasses of human intelligence guidance. 

Very few people have an identification with their body as if it is under their complete and entire command.

 Humans have been conditioned witht the structures of health that are antogonistic to renewal and life creativity.

 Very few people understand the command they yield with their mental focus over their bodies and identify their bodies, most commonly, as entities separate from themselves.  

Such statements as “my head hurts” or “i did something to my ankle”  or I am going to have surgery to get healed”  All of these statements are completely contradictory to mastery of ones own lifeforce.  

 Your head doesn’t hurt, you are in mismanagement of your energy. You didn’t do anything to your ankle, you are in mismanagement of your energy.  Having surgeries in dire circumstances is useful but as a method of healing, it is actually just another form of trauma to the human intelligence. 

You see this contradiction when a human breaks a rib, it is left to heal on its own but if any other bone is broken, the body is mutilated and then sold as a repair mechanism.  

In truth, the body is its own intelligence and it can heal itself if given the appropriate environment in which to do so. 

Pins and needles and metal are all sold as substitutes for ones own biological repair and renewal as if the body is some kind of mechanism.  The body is not a mechanism.  It is its own intelligence.  An intelligence that is connected to the wisdom of the Earth and the energy of the cosmos. To harness the truth of a human system is to look at it in terms of energy. 

These kinds of understandings and teachings are not the norm, yet they are the most natural to human life. 

All Life Is One Form Of Energy Or Another.  

The methods in which we direct our energy has a direct effect on the causalities of which we are immersed within. 

 Being able to move forward in the natural flow of evolution enables you a good deal of creative license in terms of what you are able to materialize for yourself as you co create with the lifeforce. Being able to understand you can alchemize your own energy to the results you wish to see ahead of you is the gift of being human elusive to most. The body is a self healing mechanism and a formidable intelligence.  The ruminations and mentalizing structures of man are not aligned with this intelligence in the mainstream governance of societal adherences. An approach to ones own health is rooted in states of vicimtization and helplessness. 

Up until a year ago I had no real knowledge of the formidable and energetic marvel that is the magnificent Justin Pierre James Trudeau.  

I was and am still of the conviction that the arena of politics is a bottom feeding ground for the lowest vibrational energy a human may compel here on Earth with their own direction of autonomous creativity.

 It is refreshing to see the autonomy that Justin propels amidst the pre existing structures of whcih he has impacted to a great thrive.  If you are going to play the game, you may as well be the leader, no? 

The Liberal Party Of Canada is the front of where Justin Pierre James Trudeau dials in his impactful and formidable leadership vibration. Seeing his energetic blueprint and reading up on the liberal party and how they roll, is an energetic alignment thrive to the level up that is inherent in the natural evolution of life. 

 When the energy of intention aligns in a powerful energetic system, it is a very harmonic and creative energy indeed.  This is the energetic marvel that is Justin Trudeau. 

To understand the greatness of a country’s leader and the man they have cultivated themselves to be to be a guiding and governing force of their people , it is first wise to acknowledge and observe the dualistic nature of our existence and see what kind of contenders are within their energetic fields of mutuliaty and divergence. 

This is not a game of comparison or competition that is so inherently popular in the masculine way of achievement,  but merely a humble acknowledgement to the forces of nature that exist within the systems of human men and the aptitude of intelligence by which they guide themselves by. 

No one human is superior to another, it is just the belief systems by which people guide themselves disable this truth to be known to most. 

The Obama era was a sweet feel.  

Just look at these ballers in a moment of pure masculine yes ville of dignified leadership in style. 

The GQ men of politics

Obama is a force of nature, but proved an anomoly to the fundamental racism and violence that has been perpetuated in the structures that guide the USA in their misaligned ideals of human integrity. 

It took a good deal of energetic momentum of untruths to be unveiled, uncovered and accepted for that fine Gent to be able to be accepted as the first man of colour to hold the position of the American President.  

I was at an Alanis Morisette concert the day it was announced he would be the USA’s leader and the worlds population of people of colour received more acknowledgement of their SPIRITS energetically than has ever been recorded in human histroy in terms of energetic prowess and power to the human heart spaces that compel natural forces orders of Harmony and Balance

Then all his good work towards dignified global relating was energetically put in the toilet with the allowance of that celebrity tv show millionaire to be given the trust and rights to be in command of the powerfully affluent nation that is the US ground.

 If that electoral decision by the citizens of America was not an expostion to the aptitude of intelligence that is bred in that society, then I really do not know what else can be done to educate people of their own power out of their own unconsciousness. 

 Justin Pierre James Trudeau stands at the forefront of masterful and dignified human energy that is unparalleled and unmatched in the arena of which he finds and has led  himself.


Presently the leader in the USA is in a state of geriatric biological governance and your leader is only as good as the energy of which he compels individually as the man he decides and chooses himself to be.  

The energetic vibrational set point of this land is proving more of a demise to the energy of the earth than it is a thrive.  It would be a whole lot cooler if Obama had more than eight years and instead could co create the good nation of the USA alongside his contemporary and energetic match, Barack Obama. 

However, dealing in metaphysics of this energetic world, the path of least resistance is the natural order and it is futile to put any focus on that which breeds ignorance, so moving onward and upwards with our mentalizing focus, one can easily acknoweldge experiential facts that demonstrate the very simple cause and effect chains that have made the western world what it is today. 


The amendment rights of whcih this country compels itself is atrocious in that it compels an energy of fear at the onset with their  rights to bear arms.  

I need not get into the statistics of the amount of Souls lost to unnecessary gun violence in the USA for any brain outfitted with common sense to see how ridiculoius the right to bear arms is for a population of humans who have no training or aptitude in the responsible handling and implementaion of firearm weaponry really is. 

 The structure of how the population adheres itself to worldly knowledge  do not even own passports so have never ventured out of their own backyard to adopt a real view of the world of which they live and yet compel an attitude of superiority of knowledge when in fact, their perceptions have no weight in terms of actual experience of knowledge.  This has been evident in my 42 years traveling to various parts of the world, engaging the American Border Services, American Highway Patrol, US Army Veterans and also being a person who has worked in the hospitality service industry who has met upwards of thousands of American citizens.

 I am not here to badmouth Americans.  

I am a truth speaker and I have great respect for many American people, most notably the highly creative and energetic propulsion that is the formidable Walt Disney, orginally his roots being Canadian.   These acknowledgements are not to diminish or degrade my fellow humans who carry the blueprint of the American roots.  When dealing with the acumen of energetics, one does not steep themselves in comparison, competition, judgement or condemnation of other people. 


Energetically this is misaligned to the dignity fo LIFE.  

If anyone wants to take notes on how to lead sovereign land aligned wtih the Natural Order Forces, i compel you to look at the nation of Costa Rica which boasts one of the five Blue Zones of the Earth and has proven itself to be a sovereign and DEFENSELSS land for over HALF A CENTURY and when you go to this land, the evidence of education and nature  – intelligence and natural forces order are the most aligned in terms of dignity of honour for the Earth and its inhabitants. 

The American media, however, will tell you that the South Americas are ridden with violence, crime and drug lords awaiting to behead you. 

This too, was my life experience having driven from Vancouver Canada to Huatulco Mexico, through the West Coast states of the USA.  In the five years I lived in the South of Mexico,  I had more fearfully inducing and ignorant experiences traveling through America than I did in Mexico.  Mexico and Canada sandwich the USA and both pieces of bread do not allow their citizens a free for all with deadly weapons, nor do they infuse a vigilante untethered conditioning of being able to be your own rampant defensive vigilante.  

There are actual laws implemented inthe mindset that enable people to kill other people for merely stepping on their property. 

 How is your relationship to your own humanity if this is your “go to” modus operandi? 

The ridiculousness of this kind of mentalized normalization would be funny if it weren’t so destructive to human life and its natural evolutionary yielding. 


There are many humans on this planet and each and everyone of them is equal energetically in terms of their metphysical capacities. 

 Only five percent of the human population is excluded from instigating the mechanism of Free Will of Choice. 

 I do not hate on Americans as hate is a low feel for anyone to compel within and outside of themselves.  

Again, I speak in terms of energetics and the physics of energetics and there is momentous energy of mentalized ignorance that is normalized to humanity’s detriment and a good portion of that disempowerment comes from outdated ideals of structure governance for large populations of misguided and entitled mindsets. 

The beautiful art of life and your symbiotic creatorship within and of it is well within your power of delineated conscious  choice. 

The work of any human is to determine if they themselves are aware of their choices and making them autonomously for the well being of their true self. 

 When you know what you do not want, it contrasts and magnifies for you exactly what you do want.  The key is to override your ingrained amygdala reactivity and override your programming from ill conditioned and unconscious victimized thinking to being the confidant and unequivocal choice maker. 

The world will have you convinced you need to compare, compete, strive and fight for your lot in this life. The powers that be that ultimately compel lifeforce and the natural order forces offer you a less resistant approach to easy living. 

Unconscious programming is an aspect to our human intelligence that is widely misunderstood and unacknowledged yet runs the rampant show of all of human behaviour. It is entertainment for sure. 

In all the humans that exist in the world, the ones that are born and bred to lead are the given the tools to do so. One aspect to our human experience that gets unacknowledged in terms of eduction is experience and travel. 

A good portion, upwards of ninety percent of the mass populations mentalizing safety levels exist in the vibratory spectrum of what they absorb on the mainstream media.  Everyone who is born and bred into this world is under the mentalizing projections of those who came before them. 

Canada shares its borders with the USA and in terms of politics and worldly issues, the allied nature of the land mass directs a favourable and neighbourly kind of feel, but as I used to have to delineate to my British friends growing up who had never taken a trip across the pond to the new world, Canada and America are two very different vibrational energies. 

Living in the world of metaphysics and energy as a whole, one understands the futile nature in comparisons of any kind. One must merely acknowledge the truth as it presents itself to them and given our dynamic and autonomous perceptual capabilities, the variability in mutuality for such an engagement lends itself to an infinite feel. 

The world is much simpler than our complex and ill managed mentalities have enabled in our experience so it is an aligned and balanced feel to focus on that which you intend to expand.

I have been in a state of energetic salvation since the uncovering of this fine energetic being on the planet and my investment here with my aptitude of energetic awareness is to simply distill energetic truths as to why supporting the Prime Minister of Canada is in your best interests as a citizen of planet Earth.

Also, what it reveals about you should you be in a state of antagonism in any fashion towards this formidable being of light and love. 


Justin Pierre James Trudeau 

The Man As An Energy – GOLDENVEINS

As an energetic entity a human being is brought into this world gifted a life path to adhere to and unfold before them. The role that Justin Trudeau plays in the guidance and sovereignty of our globes peaceful energetic management  is highly underrated and misinformed by the majority of the population who is gaining or have gained by his energetic investments into the role of which he guides and represents. 

As I stated above, I had no real interest in politics, government or the people who choose to immerse themselves so deeply into the structures of which guide the mutuality of hierarchal striving social arenas where the mediocrity of human intelligence fosters its evolutionary momentum. 

 Since the beginning of my time here on the planet I can confidantly say that I have been bred an observer and one who can quite naturally compel an energy of unconditionally loving acceptance and peace. 


The hate and unnaturalness that was bred into my consciousness by way of such normalized atrocities of racism, sexism, misogyny, alcoholism, violence and oppressive abuse of misguided and misdirected masculine power, and the subsequent rising and alchemizing from such energetic oppressive behaviour is  what has made me so astute in my energetic capabilities to date.  

There are 4 key choice points a human being can make in any given second of any given moment in any time or space in which they find themselves. This is to determine their attitudinal self compelled stance in relation to that which is proving to stimulate their senses and create the chemistry within them of which determines their output of reactive or responsive mechanisms. 

If you are to find mutuality and understanding with the scope of what it entails to be Justin Pierre James Trudeau then just look at yourself and your life as a human being on this planet.  You can turn the lens of your perception inwardly and assess your parental influences, your social influences, your education, your traveling explorations of education and wealth of worldly knowledge, your job/career, your accomplishments, your failures, your proudest moments, your most ashamed moments and overall the sovereign ownership of how you dial in your own life’s vibration.  

There have been upwards of 33 books written about the man that is the present Justin Pierre James Trudeau and i will tell you that energetically, the only authentic one is the one penned by his own hand “COMMON GROUND”  All the others are based on the perceptual proclivities of the author speaking of their own viewpoints of the man. 

 A man cannot know another mans landscape in its entirety nor speak intelligibly of another’s man experience and deem it as truth. 

You may then ask why this post would hold any weight either, and that is valid.  

 When you learn to see and be energy more than you are matter, you can see a tremendous amount of the subtle truths that exist within the humanity of these energetic systems and how they are impacting the other energetic structures around them. 

The influence of Justin and his purpose to our planet is unparalleled in terms of sovereign and dignified leaders. Energetically he is a chosen one from the Source Energy of creation that compels all life at its fundamental creative level.  

What about the bullshit of Covid or the mishaps during the Trump administration. one may ask?

Before any addresses can even be made about the history of events that Justin Trudeau has been party to, let us first delineate the human predilictions of mentalizing from experience vs opinion. 

You can be in a space of time in a state of condition influenced by the energies about you and perform certain tasks and actions in those moments, but those investments of your DOING do not necessarily provide an accurate or entire assessment of you and the entirety of your BEING.

 Justin has made investments and actions that fall both on the favourable and unfavourable branches of peoples perceptions.

 Most notably the criticism and punitive verbal abuse from the citizens of his country in regards to the ridiculous and contradictory mandates implemented in an effort to seek false power by way of an imbalanced and unnatural focus on how to die from a deadly virus. 

Once I was able to acknowledge and transmute the truth of the Covid scene, it was very clear to me that the propulsion of such abhorrent and undiginified impositions was a result of this formidable and powerful man being out of the naturalness of his energetic balance. 

 I have been fraught with violent psychological, physical and emotional abuse trauma since in the womb of my mother and the fall out of that and journey back to the truth of myself has leant itself to a great education of mine own humanity. 

Abuse that was derived from the inhumane and abhorrent practices of segregated South Africa ingrained in my fathers consciousness, who was also considered affluent and powerful in his immigrated land of Canada but who perpetuated and implemented the consciousness of his misaligned and highly unnatural conditionings into the energy of his familiy which has resulted in great loss.  

No matter your justifcations within yourself, abusing another or tolerating abuse from another will never yield a natural and expanded life energy. 

The nature of life is expansion.

 The law of life is love. This is a fact.  

You need not take my word for it, just acknowledge your own human experience in terms of thrive and dive quotients and the energy of love takes the cake each time. 

Life is very simple, don’t you know?  

We make it so complex unnecessarily when we attach to states of conditions within ourselves rooted in victimized and unnatural human investments, and then allow them to breed outwardly in our lack of ownership and command over them. 

 I once was a girl and held a hamster and it fell out my hands and broke its neck.  Does this make me an animal killer for the rest of my life?  

Does it mean I am unable to respect the dignity and value of an animals life?  Does it mean now that I am to be condemned and punished because i acceidently killed my hamster?  No.  None of those things are natural to my BEING.  Yet it is very easy for someone to label, judge, criticiaze and condemn me for killing my hamster – they may be right in their indignance to this loss of life, but that one act, in that space of time does not determine who i am in my entirety. 

 Do you see this? 

 Even in your own governance of humanity? 

 Where errors or mishaps occur and then suddenly you have a new identity based on one event?  

This kind of limited and small minded thinking is where 95 percent of the popultiaons consciousness of mentalized energy is vibrating at.  It is a more vibrant and natural vibration to be in receivership and compelling of understanding and creative growth evolution than stagnating in the limited energy of judgement, indignation and combativeness. 

Are you able to exist in the world and be at peace in your biology no matter who is doing what around you?

This is one of the mastery arts of the high minded Justin Trudeau. 

You look at the amount of abuse this man has taken in both is private and public experience and I offer you this understanding to your humanity to really be able to acknowledge how thick a skin and how brave a heart this human man is to be able to still show up for the betterment of humanity with an optimistic and genuine interest in supporting and nurturing the humanity of his country, and buy extension, the energy of the world. 

The breadth of expereince in mastering the art of relationship to be able to field so many different peoples needs, wants, desires and perceptions and somehow make an amalgam to suit everyone’s needs?

  Only the most formidable minds compelled by the engine of a solid heart end up in the purposes blueprinted for such energetic activity as the Prime Minister not only has to manage and field, but compel an enormous amount of his own personal energy to be able to withstand such expanded demands.

Family Ties & Energetic Blueprints

In his book Common Ground Justin speaks of his influences in terms of his personal and poltical experience with both his father and his grandfather from his Mum’s side, James Sinclair.

 The details of his familial relational dynamics are written there in his own words for anyone who cares to read it. Justin is very authentic as a man in his expression and it is a lovely experience to immerse yourself in his book, I found. 

It is energetically coming through to me that Justin Pierre James Trudeau is the eldest son of the very charismatic, gregarious and kind-hearted, self appraising yet humble Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau.  I never had the good fortune to encounter him as a man in his human bio suit but it was, now hold onto your mind hats here folks, shit is about to get real – or surreal as you may deem it but whether you deem it true or fantastical, I speak the truth of my experiences and this is the truth.  

I have come to see that in purposefully creating neural regeneration and repair due to the fall out of 15 years conditioned violent disassociated abuse trauma and another 20 years of a psychologically repressing and controlling partnership, remaining committed and connected to the natural force laws of human intelligence and expansion, the results of those mastery intentions of investments into mine own cerebral energetic wealth,  

 I have now entered a space with the energetic acumen and capacity to determine the truth of the cause and effect events that enable human life to enable its expression in all facets of THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS but specifically EMOTION.  The subtle energies that make up us humans are fraught with the mismanagement of EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ENERGETIC CREATION are a very real and tangible blueprint to determining the truth of the physical/metaphysical realities at play in our human experience.  

The information field,  a matrix of information of all that ever was, is and will be in creation can be accessed by way of mine own purposeful intentional inquiry into any subject or resonant sentient being seeking autonomous expression of their Souls light and path.

It was not my conscious asking to be brought into the ethereal aspects of relational activity with the formidably groovy and chill vibrating Joseph Phillipe. 

 His energy comes through as if a download and it is imparted to me the necessities of mine own gift to impart energetically to his capable and wise child, Justin Trudeau.  

 I have never had the good fortune to meet Justin Trudeau and I imagine a politician such as himself with his established life and his abusive marriage to his great deficit would scoff at such articles as this.  However if he were to ever lay eyes on this piece I would acknowledge to him his bravery of him still showing up and putting on a brave face despite his wife’s energetic blueprint demonstrating to me one of great insecurity and cold turmoil conditioning of the naturalness of the femininity and expressive love a man such as Justin requires. 

Instead her energy reads as a vindictive, manipulative, degrading, greedy and entitled dimiinisher in words, actions, and especially physical expressions of emotion. I would even gauge to assert she is in cahoots with a like minded dark individual to extinguish this mans life. This woman is not the aligned fit for the gentlemanly kind and supportive man Justin is. She comes in as a meth ephetimine addict with a darkness breeding in her Soul. 

You look at his results for the amount of women he enabled such empowerment wtih in terms of his seats in his house and you can know that he is gentle and nurturing heart as any man who ACTS in the that vein, is one who is DEMONSTRATING who he is a kind heart to the woman species in the world.  

It is a biological conditioning of a cold energy that is duplicated itself in his choice of matrimony – it is reminiscent of the dark aspects of his mother’s bi polar impact upon him as well as the icy cold energetic blueprint of Pierre’s mother. 

A woman who degrades and is an icy cold feel to their famjam is implementing a state of energetic condition that is antagonistic the Divinity of Feminine energy.  It is a skewed perceptual existence that a woman need be aggressive in order to be respected.  If the fundamental aspects of our masculine and feminine divinity were acclimated to their natural order wellness in individuals governance of consciousness, then abuse in relational dynamics and mutilated sex proclivities would cease to exist. 

That is clearly not the case in this dense and complex human world where women have misunderstood their femininity of power and been degraded in their rights to expression of the full capacities of their life force that the ones who are not taking full sovereign ownership of themselves somehow deem it appropriate and acceptable to abuse the men of which they are romantically involved.

Women are to take ownership and communicate kindly and effectively to their men.

Men are to take ownership and communicate kindly and effectively to their women.

It really is quite a simple concept, however the misguided notions of how women have been compartmentalized and how men have now been brutal victims of abuse given the gener reindentification era upon us, it really is just adding insult to injury.  The best avenue for healthy relationships is to yield yourself out of dependent relating and take autonomous ownership of the entirety of your own life’s vibration. 

 No one can ever take away your power unless you allow them.  

No one can put you in an inferior perception, unless you allow them.  

Sometimes what we allow remains unconscious to us until we find ourselves in a space that we cannot escape from.

The mastery of this man and his ability to renew his optimism and command to do right by his people and the globe is at a very high energetic vibratory level of self mastery. This is DESPITE over a decade of verbal and psychological diminishment to his system.  And not only from his wife, but from his citizens too. 

 Can you say that you have had enough life experience and fortitude ot take on the criticism of the world and still want to do good in it?  

Most people get offended very easily and allow their emotional energy and mental energy to bleed about in the most disempowering ways. This is humna choice and what separates the leaders from the followers is the level of ownership one takes over one’s own energy. 

Life creative energy. Bio energy.  We are resonant beings but no one but you is responsible for the energy you generate in the world.  In terms of bio spheres, the formidable JPJT is #killinit

This just in.  The charter of human rights and freedoms was instilled by the wise and advanced consciousness thinking of the masterful Pierre Trudeau whereby a human individual has the capacity to honour their life force in a respectful, peaceful and dignified manner, If it were not for this momentous energetic and mastery of mind that Justin’s father initiated and brought into existence has been the very upholding the vicitmized consciousness of humanity needs to be made aware of their HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

We now live in a society in the western world where people are so consumed with materialism and insecure within themselves due to being in a cortisol/adrenal relationship with their technological devices it has led to an atrophy in ones own powerful nature.

 People are offended very easily and have no inherent understanding of the divine and natural force order capacities they are able to harness as human systems and instead mentalize on realities already created and harping out tunes of disatisfaction of the ultimately, the self.   

Anyone who is indignant and offended by the anyone, not just powerful men like Justin Trudeau, you are giving all your power away.  To affect any real change one must follow the dictates of their own autonomous blueprint.

 This in no way involves having to diminish, degrade criticize, impune or abuse any other sentient being with whom they come in contact.  


What is Expanded Consciousness?

The nature of being a human and implementing expanded awareness and consciousness is to acknowledge and understand that energetically, as humans, we are all made of the same energetic material.  How this energy chooses to materialize within us and about us is entirely up to a very simple chain of cause and effect links.  A baby who suffers a good deal of trauma in their biology due to their pregnant mother pounding back the brewskis while pregnant is a very simple example of such links.  In truth, the matter that was once energy and the energy that is contained in matter is variable.  Variability is the fundamental make up of life.   The human conditioning of mainstream mentalizing proves a huge depletion in terms of effective linking of simple cause and effect chains that are REAL to our metaphysical experience, one must only acknowledge that such realities exist, and then can begin manipulating and playing with their own energy to produce the effects of which tthey are causing.  It is entertaining to see how dependent people are in terms of their emotional and psychological wellbeing to a man whom they will never probably meet nor have any direct human contact with. The amount of energy a person expends is determinant on how much energy they compel.  Justin Trudeau compels a great deal of energy in the world.

If you were to assess this mans investments in a week, you see very clearly that the average human who is berating him for his investments have only an inkling of understanding in their own experience as to what it really takes in a human to be able to manage and lead the most dignified and sovereign country in the world. 

There is a collective attitudnal proclivity amongst humans to compete, compare and judge those whom we come into experience with. When I was little I was always told to respect my elders.  I never quite knew why that was wehn my elders didn’t seem to want to respect me. I learned through my own choice of perceptual observation and experience that it is best to be yourself and tell the truth.  This comes difficult to many humans for various reasons whether it be their upbringings, or their unconscious programs, the one thing that is consistent is that we are all our own individuals. Why on earth then would we deem it natural to be in comparison with one another when we are so individually uniquely our own expression?

The average human who is raised in Canada and the United States of America are not the children of world leaders.  There are only a select group of people by way fo the governmental structures that enable a hierarchal chain of humans to be in charge of different things. 

The basic recipe for the average middle working class is to have a child, go to school, get a systems education  and then hopefully make something of yourself out of yoru investments and expressions in that vain. There is an energetic momentum at play at all times, the FLOW OF LIFE.  The mainstream and majority consciousness follow a path of human living that enables them confidance, health and peace of mind.  These are the fundamental needs of any human system.

What blows me away about the formidable Justin Pierre James Trudeau is that he rides above the mediocrity of humanity;s baseline biological vibrations and compels an energy, Divine Energy (born on December 25th – hello!  This is not an accident) to enable the structure and force that is Canada’s economic and social standing in the globe.  It is way cool to be Canadian and even cooler to know that you are in a kind and aligned vibration when you are in support of its formidable and level headed and heart led leader JPJT.


In a nutshell you as a humna have a cognitive perceptual psychology. This is the method in which you are able to govern yourself in the world , how you see things, how you interpret things and how you relate to other people in your world. The consciousness you keep as a human being has two fundamental parts that, when in a state of thrive are in complete balance. Balance is the fundamental governing principle of the Universe so marinating balance in all areas and degrees of your life is a wise investment. 


Gerald Butts 


The Gerry Butts

You can tell the value of a man’s integrity by the company of which he keeps closest to him. Again, I had no knowledge or awareness of Justin Trudeau and his most valued and closest confidante, Gerald Butts up until a few months ago.  I knew Trudeau was the Prime Minister and only because the media was super all over him about what a babe he was when he landed on the political scene.  

Other than that, as I stated, politics is not my jam and the archaic structures of which the minds of politics yields is somewhat, but most influentially, not aligned with the natural force order of REAL life in the natural order of things. I caame to learn of Gerald when I became aware of the truth of Justin after my energetic assessments of him proved viable and rooted in truth. 

These assessments were bred from having had direct experience with the structures of sovereigty that go under Justin TruI will be the first to admit that i am of the heart and mind to stick it to the government man as many rules and regulations one has to adhere to defies the natural order and truth of metaphysical reality and thus, the truth of real life. 

 The structures of which all humans have been bred and raised upon are there to govern and balance a humanity race of people.  Obviously, there needs to be a structure in place to ensure that chaos does not reign and that the rule of law be maintained to ensure the safety and peace of all citizens.  You see the chaos and destruction that humans compel within and towards themselves and that of the Earth and you will come to see that the breadth of energy Gerald Butts generates and maintains alongside his friend and colleague is UNPARALLELED in most human men. 

If i turn to the media I can be influences in every which way to read about the goings on and the implementations of these two political force fields. The majority of the population mentalizes to their 70percent thought mentalized focus of victimization. 

It is a brave feel to enter the world of politics with such a cutthroat and competition based hierarchal structure in full momentous action. Are these two men immune to being human?  Ah, no.  Are these two men immune from making errors?  Ah, no.  Are these men in propulsion of energy to humanity’s benefit moreso than there stagnation and demise?  Ah YES. 

It is very easy to judge, criticize and condemn our fellow human.  This is the nature of peoples lower vibrational mentalized consciousness that feeds on such human predilictions.  Basically the recipe is a defensive approach to defending ones own sense of self worth.  

What is remarkable and masterful about these two formidable men who propel so much advantageous energy into the human race is that they need not engage in any behaviours or intentional actions that defend their significance. 

These men are not keen for anyones approval or disapproval of them.  They are keen to create and make the world a naturally vibrant place it is designed to be regardless of the toxic focus of their critics.

When looking at the energetic body of the esteemed Gerald Butts it is evident that his is a FORCE OF NATURE.  The capacity of this man’s human heart is unparalled in many men that exist today.  He is a powerhouse of light and love energy that comes directly from a very expanded, warm and formidable heartspace. 

 He is a SHARK and he is well fit for the role of which he plays in this world.  There are very few men who have the courage and aptitude this fine gent contains in JUST BEING WHO HE IS.   Given his own life energy and that which he accomplishes for the good of th planet.

 It is well to establish a kind and welcoming attitude towards the energetic marvel that is the formidable Gerald Michael Butts. 

Those who have never made any enemies in this world have failed to make an impact. If you are in a dissonant vibration with this fine human creature, the chances are very likely you need to raise your game. 

The level up a human can receive in resonance with a formidable force such as Gerald Butts will certainly lend itself to your own human resonant level up.  If you find you are indignant, fighting or victimized by the actions or implementations of this man, then your game needs a level up.  

The fundamental truth of his energy denotes compassion, kindness, generosity, aptitude of intelligence wealth both in the mind and,most notably, his very large and expanded heart. Thank you for your beautiful love in this world Monsieur Butts. 

Royal Canadian Armed Forces 


The power of an army with the Soul of the High Creator is the basic outfit that is the Canadian Armed Forces.  The subtle energies of the world that command the breadth of humanity are not known nor practiced in the mainstream aspects of human governance.  Humans are left to breed their creativity as they wish and most often this creativity is skewed in mentalizing frames of victimized or indignant consciousness. 

 The energy that yields immediately upon the assessment of the Royal Canadian Armed Forces are symbiotic with Honour, Dignity, Value, Pride, Humility, Real Power, Kindness, Peace, Authority, Aptitude of Intelligence and Understanding, Unparallelled physical and mental acuity….to name a few. 

There is a great disparity between an army that is out to fight and an army that is out to uphold peace. The difference on the surface seems imperceptible but the fundamental intentional energy that is commanded and compelled has a very profound impact in its implementation. 

The heart of Canada has always been structured on a chill and good vibe. Being Canadian is a pride I see bestowed on immigrants in this land daily. People who come from developing countries, war torn countries, countries with very little power in terms of their political and social standing are most grateful to be free, sovereign and gifted opportunities otherwise lost to the them in their original lands.  

A man who governs a country and extends his land to the people of the Earth in a welcoming and open fashion is a man with the interests of others at heart.  Canada is under no obligations to uphold their immigration laws and could change them very easily and swiftly yet the governance of the esteemed Justin Pierre James Trudeau understand that diversity and inclusiveness are a natural order force. 

 His father was instrumental in establishing structures that enable the peace and dignity of your fellow humans.  To degrade or attack his child, you professes in his book, Common Ground his own relationship to his fathers politics and his own autonomous relationship to his own dial in, you can then begin to appreciate the diversity that is a man’s human/political public experience. 

The Canadian Armed Forces are synonymous with the natural forces of life creativity in that they are a power structure of great intelligence stationed to uphold peace and dignity to the humanity of this world.  We are not in World War Three as a result of Putin’s inability to connect to the truth of his heart space.  That man is riddled with some serious misalign ge trauma energy and needs a compassionate Batman slap to upend his severely wounded child he is governing Russia with but given one can only control ones own actions and implementations, be in humble gratitude for the RCAF.  They are a subtle energy that command a good deal of protective peace to the planet yet are hardly recognized in their efforts in doing so. 

The investments that Trudeau has made in terms of equality for women and the support of the feminine are unparalleled by any of this political counterparts. 

The world was established in a very misogynistic and oppressive fashion in terms of the human species and the disparity of that unnaturalness and oppression has now bred a good deal of misaligned divine feminine energy in that women are pushed too far on their masculine sides and can no longer harness their divine feminine nature and become irritable, angry, combative, controlling and abusive just due to the nature of their own biologies and the naturalness of their thrive being depleted and oppressed.  A man with the sovereign power that Justin Pierre James Trudeau compels in terms of equality and dignified appreciation for the women species is AN ANOMOLY.  

The female population alone would do very well to acknowledge the fundamental kindness this man compels for the sanctity and dignity of the female species.

 The entitlement vibe runs rampant in those weak minds who have never really had to face REAL ADVERSITY in their cozy and cushioned free land living, 

 Any woman  who has experienced racial abuse, misogynistic abuse and repeated trauma at the hands of any man can recognize very easily and with the most humble appreciation here we have an angel in this leader in terms of his outlook and investment into the care and respect for the female species. 


RCAF rad

The Focus of Good That is Justin Pierre James Trudeau

Events of past are just that. 

Events of past.  

The metaphysical truth of our realities here on the planer enable us to be autonomous choicemakers in terms of our own governance. To dwell in the errors of your past, the errors of your spouse’s past, to the errors of your children’s past denotes you have a hinderance in thine own emotional alchemy management and are attached to a victimized aspect of your own self you are not taking ownership of. 

To condemn a man’s experience of error and not acknowledge his state of condition, his efforts of reparation and the positive impact he compels, well, is just adult bullying, really. 

People are free to create as they wish. 

 Any and all citizens are welcome to harness their own energy to become the leaders of the free world,but I can tell you with absolute certainty they will not accomplish these feat by being indignant, combative and/or judgemental of others who are succeedeing them. With such contemporaries as the formidable and expanded Barack Obama, Gerald Butts and Anita Anand, to name a few, we are in good company, no?

What you focus on expands.  When your human limbic brain is fraught with stress due to your misconditioned ideals about life now proving to be a hinderance to your sweet life vibration, it is not uncommon to lose your shit and project it upon those who make easy targets.

 Anyone in the public eye is an easy target for the lack of emotional and psychological ownership one takes over oneself. The human predilictions to judge, compare, contrast and compete are highly unnatural to the natural order forces laws of least effort and least energetic expenditures for divine creativity.

 Any resistance you hold within yourself in regards to anything really the common denominator always leads back to YOU.

   What you focus on expands.  Focus on a low feel in regards to someone else, regardless of what that person is doing, YOU are the ONE generating the VIBRATION.  

Always look to what can be created and harnessed in the imaginings of the new as it is far more effortless to encompass than a strong focus upon that which has already densified in its present realized materialization. It is an aptitude of mind management and focus.  

On that note, the focus to propel one’s own thrive is to adorn the fellow sentient beings that hold the positions of which you  cannot probably even tangibly imagine what in truth entails because you have not had the aptitude of experience to field it. Those who do not understand will judge. It is a weak willed safety mechanism that enables the weak willed state of conditioned human to feel that they have power, when in fact, it demonstrates how powerless they are. Compassion and understanding as well as the very handy relational tool of ASKING QUESTIONS lends itself to curiosity of understanding versus judgment and punitive reproach for a person just merely dialing in their own life vibe.

The focus of thrive that is a natural order feel to adorn the sweet maple vibration that is Justin Trudeau works out like this:

Demonstrates his emotional intelligence by being open and honest about his experience with a bi polar mother and sharing his personal experience to offer mutuality and healing to those who have been imposed with the same energy.

Provides an arena for the empowerment of women by way of being an advocate and supporter of the women he keeps in his employ as well as the childcare assistance he provides for women wanting to have both a family and a successful career. 

Your success in life is largely determined by your ability to field and maintain good relationships.  In fact, i am pretty sure that is the fundamental structure of all politics.

 It is a relational acuity game. 

The players who are at the helm of their own lands and the character avatar they identify themselves as, equipped or ill equipped, the object of the game is to win. 

Those who play the game well and with fairness and true integrity within their own self governance are the ones who LEAD with REAL POWER.  

Those who are in their stations with the ideals of FALSE POWER eventually enable their own destructive demise. The persistence, resilience, fortitude, wealth of energetic aptitude in intelligence is at a very high vibrational level with the Monsieur Trudeau and the formidable humans in his entourage`

The Accolades of Actionables by this supposed “Dictator” 

Implementation of Emotional Intelligence in Education

An Esteemed CommonWealth Relational Acumen

Consistent and Results Based Support & Dignified Respect of Women and Children – ChildCare & Empowering Children

Investements of Expanded and Efficient Transportation

Genuine invested interest in the well being of humanity by way of Acknowledging the Globes Fundamental Needs


Your Blessings As A Human Energetic Force

Energetic Forces of Compelling & Energetic Forces of Destruction

An aptitude that the Honourable Prime Minister and the powerful men of whom he keeps in his circle is their aptitude for compelling forces natural to human evolution.  In the aftermath of Covid and the irony of Justin’s implementations to that of his Fathers with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms you can see very clearly the truth of the yielding of such a force. One is destructive and one compels expansion. 

Energetifcally we are govenred by the nature of POLARITY.  The LAWS OF NATURE are the LAWS by which are governed, despite the ill minded laws and governance that are highly unnatural to LIFEFORCE ENERGETICS.

  It is not to be judged, criticized, condemned or impuned, as these are DESTRUCTIVE FORCES that most of humanity are immersed in unconsciously.  One need only go on Twitter for a mere moment ot see the desolation of the human Spirit in full play. 

As a society the hierarchal structures of implementation make it so some people are superior to others in terms of their capacities to yield expansion in the world.  Very little investment is put into the actualization of human beingness is focused upon and human doingness is at the forefront of people compellings.  

When you ask a person what they do, they identify themselves with the position they keep.  I am a lawyer, I am a doctor, I am a freaky politician, I am an artist, I am….. you get the idea. Many people are who they are because of what they have chosen to do.  Very often, the choices people make in what they will strive for are compelled by their conditioning and what society deems appropriate for them.  

Celebrities are fashioned in a manner of being somehow superior, untouchable or enabled for only a select few yet the truth of lifeforce energetics is that we are all born energetically equal as humans.  

We have energetics to manage in terms of the foundations from which we are bred, which does impose different kinds of energy within us to manage, delineate and field, however at the basis of all human life, is a blueprint that is universal.  

The universality of this blueprint is inherent in the highest order of ones actualization and will yield as the Will of the energetic entity (you the human) CHOOSES to wield it. 

 This is not taught. 

To anyone.

 Thus, dependency is created an one must determine their station in life based upon the opinions, structures, beliefs, conditioning and propulsion of those whom came before them.  

We can all take a look at the histroy of human behaviour and logically denote with a rational mind, that most of the human compelling has been in a destructive fashion.   World Wars, Racism, Sexism, Human Trafficking, Poverty, Weapons of Mass Destruction (what even is the purpose of us creating such weapons to turn upon ourselves in an effor to say we are peaceful?)  

The contradictions are penetrable and demonstrable.  

I am not an expert nor do I profess to ever be able to be an expert.  An expert is merely a person with an overgrandized ego who has been given too much credit for their focus and have stagnated themselves in beliefs that have proven to yield them success.  I would be very suspect of anyone claiming to be an expert in anything. 

 The natural force order of life is expansion, therefore growth in ones acumen of learning and educatoin is EVER EVOLVING.  To claim to be an expert in something is to openly admit you are not open to higher learnings or expanded consciousness. Most often the “experts” are people who have had a good deal of education with no actual EXPERIENCE of what they are being educated in.  

This was omnipresent in my experience healing disassociated trauma.  Very littel mutuality was found in the places of which I inserted myself to be “expertly healed”. It offered a great education as to how the methods people implement in terms of real human care are operated. 

At a very low level of consious awareness. This is why the health coaching business is now a multi billion dollar industry and the governmental health care systems are back logged.  The “experts” are dilaing in their aptitude of awareness and the outcomes are demonstrable to the ignorance inherent in a lower consciousness breeding of mentalizing.  This is what one would call a DESTRUCTIVE FORCE. 

The laws of nature are designed by INFINITE INTELLIGENCE.  This kind of statement is usually elusive to most and will be passed over with a brief acknowledgement of affirmation yet with no real tangible experience or knowledge of what that really means. 

To break it down in laymans terms for a simple human to understand, these forces of nature, which DO NOT WASTE ENERGY and COMPEL DIVINE LIFE CREATIVITY IN THE PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE are in full support of our humanity. A tree can throttle itself to the sky and then blossom itself into an explosion of colour – with absolutely no resistance or effort whatsover.

  This is the work of infinite intelligence.  

The tectonic plates of the Earth can shift and dismantle the earths cavities as it is necessary – with absolutely no resistance or effort whatsover.  A hurricane can emerge and destroy a community of houses and agriculture – with absolutley no resistance or effort whatsoever.  The balancing act of nature with the compellings of its humans are the demonstrabel results of how misaligned the mentalizing processes of us humans are steeping ourselves in.  

The Earth is meant to be in HARMONY.  

The Earth is made to be in BALANCE.  

The Earth is made to THRIVE.  

The Earth is made to FLOURISH.  

The Earth holds us so beautifully with all its sumptuous gifts such as the sunlight that enables all plant life and food to be cultivated, the ocean which propels the SUPERFORCE OF LIFES ENERGY here on the planet.  These are all NATURAL FORCES that are highly energetically advantagesous to us humans and look at how we humans are in relationship to it. 

 We act like we are the ones in command of it with our fervour to “FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE” and “GO GREEN” and “REDUCE OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT” which are all code for “WE ARE FUCKED, WE FUCKED UP, NOW LET”S TRY TO BACKPEDDLE OUR WAY OUT OF THIS.”   It is ludicrous, comical and highly unnatural bred from the human minds EGO and nowhere being aligned with the HUMAN SPIRIT.  

Once the conditoining of people can elevate to a place of consciousness where the people realize that the only control they have is “their relationship to the Earth” who is COMPLETE COMMAND OF EVERYTHING then some real progress can be implemented. 

You cannot fight the climate.  You have to harmonize with it.  The amount of money and time that is spent on unnatural practices to upkeep the demand of peoples consumership is hard to witness and the very root of why the Earth is slapping us back with floods, disasters, wildfires, and hail in April.  

The four seasons have been abolished as the season of the human spirit has been depleted by an overconsumption of wanting and needing that which is false in the world.  Technological advancements are incredible and are well to be explored and harnessed as is demonstrated by the likes of Elon Musk but for the majority, most humans are slaves to their technologies and lost their connectivity to their own biological naturalness. Biological naturalness is the method of the Earth’s energy.  When the people who are living and feeding off the Earth are in a state of bioligical unnaturalness, the Earths biology will mirror this human propulsion of UNNATURALNESS. 

In many ways, the COVID pandemic can be seen as a great advantage to the human condiiton.  It forced the globe to halt their momentum of genertaional energy and have to face themeselvs and their lives fully. 

 Domestic abuse rates increased, jobs were lost, and many people bit the bullet.  it is all indicative of the propulsion of energy being generated up to the point of us now being at the mercy of some virus that is ready to take out our species?  As if.  It enabled peopel to have to look at themselves, to look at thier relationships, to look at their own dependencies on their “supposed freedom”.

If you harness a minds aptitude of complelling, you can see very clearly that the pandemic was a polarity advantage to raise the bar of consciousness across the board.  Did anyone else notice that the mass shooting pendulous generated energy omnipresent in the ridiculour amendment of the USA ceased to be a problem during the pandemic.  You have there a raising of consciusness. 

 Time will only tell if that penduous energy will revive itself but I can tell you that wehn destructive forces, such as giving citizens with very little education and equipping them with access to weapons on any average day is NOT ALIGNED wtih the HIGHEST ORDER. 

It is one of the most destructive practices on this planet, the statsitics show this, yet the amendment still stands “because our foreftahers said it was so”. Wake up. Those dudes were in an evolutionary destructive zone and now peopel are generating that destruction and labeling it as American Patriotism.  

 I am alwas weary to put up any kind of antagonism with any individual in the USA for thies reason alone.  People are reactive, untethered, uneduaton and traumatized – and allowed to carry weapons.  THIS IS A DESTRUCTIVE FORCE. 

Anything that compels life is a supportive force

Anything that destroys life is a destructive force.

Too simple, right? Way too simple for the complex and irrational predilictions of human consiousness. 

Same goes for your own behaviours and aptitude of how you generate YOUR OWN ENERGY.

Are you compelling your life force with support or are you destroying your lifeforce with destructive practices?

Critiscism indignation, anger, resentment, hate, combativenss, competition, comparison, dependency are ALL DESTRUCTIVE FORCES yet the world is built upon them.  

You see this with jealousy in relationships, disharmony in marriages, abuse in many facets being normalized and then people accepting that it is “just life”. Well no, actaully, it is far from it. 

 Life is meant to be harnessed in a very ethereal and supportive fashion, In no way are any of us humans meant to be at war. With ourselves, first and foremost and then exponenetialy to those with whom we relate. 

So if you have a beef with the Prime Minister, then your first order of business is to CHECK YOURSELF.  Does he make you angry?  Does he make you indignant?  Does he make you critical?  Does he compel judgement and disdain from you for what  he compels?   Wakey wakey eggs and bakey, if he is inciting these forces within you, then first off, kudos to him because he garners a great deal of power over you if this is the case.  

Do you buy into a state of condiiton of indignance, rage and criticism for the actions he compels, or are you on your game emough to be in the political ring wtih him to challenge his ideals? 

 Also, rather then degrading, impuning or finding fautlt with this powerful man, what is it that he contains that makes him so powerful?  Have you ever thought to pose to yourself this question or are you too lost in your own victimized consiousness to adhere to your own choosing of self sovereignty.

The bottom line is that you are an energy, being a human biologival entitty. You compel your own energy REGARDLESS OF WHAT THIS MAN IS DOING.  The choice is ultimately yours.  Are you open to being combaitve to a man with a generational blueprint from the very man who adorned the world with theri own aptitude of self soverginety and digntiy that was the beautful and profoundly intelligent Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau?   

I would reconsider your standing if choosing to do so. 

Ensuring your own forces of expression is where your empowerment lies.  Any mental frames of energy you project out upon a person, the person will fulfill your expectations. You are the force by whihc you compel your own energy, so no matter the hinderances, impostions or abhorrence you may perceve from one humans actions that impact, how you handle and field that impact IS ENTIRELY YOUR DOING AND YOUR CHOOSING.

Justine Pierry James Trudeau, really has nothing to do with it.

He is a game changer,  He is heart energy force parallelled only by his companion Gerald Butts and together, they are this planets most valuable and esteemed assets. 
To be in awareness and knowledge of this ENERGETIC TRUTHS is why supporting the Prime Minister of Canada is in your best interests as a citizen of this planet. 

It does no one any service to dwell in one’s misaligned errors of past, of which can not be undone.  The natural force of momentum forth as well as encouragement is aligned with the human limbic brain system. 

 To focus on ones accomplishments and to offer support and encouragement are natural to life and to life’s expansion. To look to the good of all your sentient beings, not jsut the ones in the limelight is a sovereign choice each citizen of the planet has at their disposal. 

So the next time you find yourself ready to pummel the Prime Minister with critical judgement, take stock first of what the man does to engage your support and wellbeing.  

JT game strong

JT game double strong

As a human being, no matter your station in life, the manner in which you govern YOURSELF has an exponential effect on your outcomes. Justin is very aware of this in the aftermath of his marital trauma abuse unraveling and he IS TAKING RESPONSIBILITY.  Have you taken responsiblity for all the errors you have made? 

 Even if they are not under the worlds scrutiny, the bottom line is, YOU ARE THE CHOICE MAKER.  

You can choose to dwell in negativity, criticism and victimization or you can look to the good and practice gratitude.  One is much lazier than the other in terms of your own acumen of human governance so regardless of what is occurring by the hands of the Prime MInister, it is soley up to you to determine your reactivity or responsiveness to his compellilngs.  In engaging him, or anyone for that matter, you would do so in a digniifed and relatable way to get your ideas and opinions across to them.  

Or would you hide behind the safety and unaccountablility of a techonological device and social media and spew toxicity out without any personal responsiblity for the energy you are generating in the world?

I have seen the manner in which humans hide in their own self loathing and lack of self ownership and then bleed it onto celebrities, political figures and anyone who has garnerred enough of their own energetic mastery to be in such positions.

It is an aptitude of consicoiusness and it is demonstrable to each and everyones personal responsiblity. It is at the core of a dignified esteem of self.
The repair and the bounce back as well as what this man has been able to compel for the good of tohers in the aftermath of his most brutal life experience is something to be commended, not condemned.  If you disagree with me, that is your choice. 

 We always have the right to CHOOSE.  Do you choose to be a person who dwells in the past and then runs a momentum forth of comlaint or do you choose to be HUMAN and move forward and evolve? 


To the formidably capable and esteemed Justin Pierre James Trudeau. I thank you for your energy in thsi world and all lyou have compelled and overcome to make the world a safer and more peaceful places for the humans who inahbit it. 

Much esteemed respect and dignified love energy ot your heart space Good Sir. 

You have made my world a safer, kinder and more adaptable place to achieve my end goals and I appreciate my peace and my freedom.  

These are gifts here in Canada of whcih many people take for gratned in entitlement due to the natrue of consumption and lack of self ownership and self awareness.

 I am appreciative that you have come to the clarity of yourself and I am excited to see what is to come for this beautiful planet with you as one of its most profound and capable leaders.  
You Are Purity of Magic

Merci Beaucoup.