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Walk on to a Goodvibe -Why Walking is a Good Idea

After just completing a shout out to the longevity and inspiration of the all star converse shoe, our journey through to the gateway of living life in a good vibe brings us to the very simple act of walking.

Some of the best chats and random fun discoveries I have had in my life, were had during a walk so I say to any ambulatory human, it will prove a solid endeavour for you to walk on to a good vibe.

The Health Benefits of Walking:

Any exercise in which you have to carry the weight of your own body is deemed a weight bearing exercise and that is just what walking is. There are many benefits to walking in terms of your overall health. Some of these benefits include leveling up your balance and strengthening your bones, increasing your muscle strength and endurance, reduced body fat with the consistent practice of walking 30 minutes per day, increased value for your heart and lung function reducing your risk of developing heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure can be quite a common and dis empowering physical ailment prevalent in today’s fast paced corporate world and walking can improve upon the management of such a condition.

Engaging in a consistent practice of walking can really level up your day and your way of being in the world and it can be super simple to do so. Some ways to implement walking into a busy schedule is opting for the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator. If done so briskly and with momentum this spurt of increased energetic expulsion can have massive benefits to your system without you really even having to set aside a specific time to exercise. If you take public transport to work or school or wherever, getting off one stop earlier to walk to your destination and allowing the time to do so can prove very refreshing and uplifting to your system.

In some circumstances, exercise has been framed as a chore or something that requires effort to implement into a daily routine and that is just not the case. Our fundamental states of being as humans were designed for movement and there are plenty of ways in which you can implement exercise into your everyday life simply and effortlessly – walking does just that.

We live in an ever-increasing technological developed world where you can purchase devices to track your steps that you take throughout the day. A while back I used to be a restaurant bartender and server and a fella I worked with adorned himself with a pedometer and we discovered that after an 8-hour shift on a Friday night he had covered over 20k in that 8 hours. I could always eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted as a full-time server and my mobility and the consistency of walking around for a continuous 8 hour period contributed to that physiological aspect of my being during that time in my life.

If you work at a job where you are in a sedentary position for the good portion of the day, then walk to the local cafe at

lunchtime or a walk to and from work can prove to yield massively positive results for your health with very minimal effort. The health benefits of walking daily can prove to be very empowering. It really is just a matter of opening yourself up to it. My son and I walk to and from school and on those walks, when we detour and we take the scenic route through the forest I always get the good nuggets and tidbits about what is going on his school life and he opens up and talks about his experiences on a very different and involved level than if I am in the truck and he is in the backseat. A great way for him to decompress his energy after a day in Grade 2 and optimal opportunity for me as his Mama Bear to have an understanding and connection to what is going on in his world.

The Mental Health Benefits of Walking:

As I just mentioned above, the connectedness and information I gain as a Mama Bear with my 7 year old boy when we take long walks is a huge win in terms of my little lovely’s mental health. The world is a crazy place and can seem overwhelming and all consuming to a child. Having a simple activity of walking with a trusted companion offers an opportunity for little ones to make sense of their experiences and communicate them in an open air environment of which they are more likely to do so rather than being interrogated at the dinner table. It allows for a natural flow of energy and connection as you explore an ever-changing environment and connection with nature.

Being active in general has massive mental health advantages. It improves mood, self-esteem and self perception. It engages you in your mind and body and provides an outlet for any energy that needs releasing. I have seen adults act like children and children act like adults. There are so many influencing factors that shape the way we are in the world and a walk with a companion or just on your own allows for a sense of well-being and self appreciation to be harnessed and developed as an investment in self care and responsibility are huge in managing our emotional and mental processes.

Last week my lil dude had to give a student led interview in his Grade 2 class and I could tell that it was a huge deal for him and he felt the weight of having to perform a specific task in leadership. He was definitely up to the challenge, but I observed that it took a good portion of his emotional and mental energy to do so with comfort. After all, he has only been on this planet for 7 years. After all was said and done and he killed it and I was doing my Mama Bear happy proud dance, I took him for a nice long walk home and through the forest and he was able to express to me in words the impact the experience had on him. Super good vibes and to me a good reason to continue these super advantageous walks.

Whether it is for a child or an adult, we as humans need to regulate our systems to perform optimally. Walking improves mood, encourages a better quality of sleep, a reduction in stress hormones, anxiety and fatigue. I walk in my shoes, you walk in some shoes, walk along my friend. The benefits will be known to you and with such effortless simplicity.

Can you dig it?