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Understanding the Chakras – Demystifying the Chakras- Our Energy Body

Chakras – What Are They? Understanding the Chakras Can Enhance Your Life Experience

I was raised in a family where energy and chakras were not even close to being in the field of any kind of content or conversation that would be in any kind of vicinity of my childhood home.

Understanding the chakras came to me through life experience.

I learned of understanding the chakras much later in life when I learned about the energy work of Reiki, and began practicing yoga consistently.

 Making consistent inquiries into various pieces of literature related to spirituality, self development, and self actualization.

I was pleased to learn further, experientially, of the chakras in my bio-energy healing.  Energy healing is connected to understanding the chakras.

demystifying the chakras

It has been my experience that a good portion of people are able to accept the idea of the energy centres that are the chakras, but may not really have an experiential understanding of them.

I have learned that the energies of the body are beautifully subtle yet formidably powerful. Understanding the chakras is a beautiful pursuit to elevation. 

Maintaining the right relationship within is key to living a life authentic to who you are as a unique and ever expanding human being. Understanding the chakras helps you realize this truth.

Understanding the chakras, or at least having a tool to demystifying the chakras and having knowledge about our energy body is a good vibe and solid and empowering insight to have in your “being human” toolbox.

The Chakra Breakdown

There are seven energy centres that align in the median of your body and they are referred to as the Chakras. Understanding the chakras, know that there are many more chakras in existence but for our purposes here we will align with the 7 on the body.

The body also has a series of Energy Meridians that move energy through the body and are related to various parts of the body’s functions.

For the purposes of this post, we will focus on the Chakras.

As the months progress, we will be delving into Bio-Energy too so lots of good vibes to come in the world of Universal and physiological energy.

The seven energy centres are listed as these:

1. The Root Chakra – Muladhara

2. The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

4. The Heart Chakra – Anahata

5. The Throat Chakra – Visshuddha

6. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

7. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

Understanding the chakras and the functions of each energy centre can be very empowering. You need not be a yogi or a spiritual master to have a relationship with your chakras.

We are all human and we are all made of energy and whether you buy into it or not, these aspects of our physiologies and a relationship and an idea of how they relate to you and your life is a goodvibe!

1.The Root Chakra – Muladhara

muladhara root chakra

Our first chakra in the field of being human is the signified by the fiery colour red and is referred to as The Root Chakra. This chakra develops in the first seven years of a person’s life and is located at the perineum and base of the spine. It is our most basic chakra and represents our core and connecting us with our identity.

This energy centre is affiliated with our genitals, spine, hips, pelvis, adrenals, skin and skeletal system, legs, feet and waste elimination system.

The root is symbolic to our roots. Our connection and sense of safety and stability in the world. To be home, to be present, to be connected to the Earth.

Security and the inherent desire to feel safe and secure are attributes of the root chakra. The Sanskrit Muladhara breaks down to Mula, meaning “root” and Adara meaning “basis” The root and basis of your existence.

It also is our centre of FEAR and produces for us adrenaline in the fight or flight response.

A balance of this Chakra is key in order to maintain a regulated rest and digest state of being and keep you out of a state of fear and survival.

Understanding the chakras is pure self empowerment.

The fight/flight/fawn/freeze response is hardwired to keep us alive, not to be used as a consistent way of being in the world and yet the constructs of society somewhat contradict this inherent aspect of our physiological natures.

A large percentage of people are in poor health due to a consistent imbalance in their regulation due to stress.

An investment into Self and a nurturing, respect and kindness to the Self is a good vibe to dial in for your life, but also those whom you keep in your company.

This chakra connects us to the grounding of the Earth and is the springboard starting point for the rising of energy upwards through the other chakra energy centres.

root chakra graphic

The symbol for the root chakra is a downward pointing triangle set in a red square framed by four lotus petals and the bodily connections this chakra governs are the genitals, the pelvis/hips, the skin and skeletal system, the adrenals, legs and feet and the body’s waste system.

When you care and balance this energy centre, it will provide you with grounded energy and optimal health.

Understanding the chakras keeps being a superior feel.

In a state of imbalance, this chakra manifests itself as self-destructive behaviours, lack of energy and drive and potential issues with the bones, bowel or feet when this chakra is out of balance.

Rich reds and yellows represent the colours of this chakra.

red and yellow hues

The first chakra is your safety – trusting in the natural flow of life and giving you the tools to take your natural place in the world, content in the knowledge that all that you need and require will come to you in the right time and space.

This chakra represents security and grounding in the physical form and is a chakra in which we give gratitude to Mama Bear Earth for the nourishment, shelter and stability she provides us.

The Element of the root chakra is the Earth and the symbol is represented by a downward pointing triangle set in a red square framed by four lotus petals. (as seen in the 2nd to last image above)

2. The Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

The second, or what is known as the sacral chakra is connected with our sensual selves and aspects of ourselves that enhance your life.

This is where fun, joy and pleasure emanate – the natural energy we contain within can be like that of a child when you nurture being in the right relationship with yourself and specifically, this chakra.

When the first chakra is aligned and you feel safe, then the energy is free to pass up to this chakra in a healthy, abundant and fluid manner for you to express your well-being and vitality.

sacral chakra symbol

It is a pleasure centre that allows us to express the aspects of our creative being as well as a solid connection and expression with our enjoyment with life.

A lotus with six petals containing within it a white circle to represent the element of water and a crescent moon. This chakra is located in the area of the genitals and the navel and is connected to the testicles and ovaries, the digestive organs, kidneys and urinary tract, circulatory system, prostate and womb.

In caring and balancing this energy centre will be manifest as an expression and state of being of natural, pure joyful expression with our enjoyment of life.

As mentioned above, the element associated with the sacral shower is Water and the colours and hues are predominantly orange and reds.

sacral chakra colours in nature

Out of alignment this chakra will demonstrate to you in your life issues with sexuality or fertility, kidney or bladder and health issues around the womb, ovaries and/or prostate.

If you are in a state of being of habitual pessimism and emotional coldness, then this chakra and that of your root chakra are demonstrating imbalance. “One’s own dwelling.” is the translation of the Sanskrit name of this chakra and in a balanced and nurtured state you will emanate joy, sensuality and creativity.

In feeling safe and balanced in your root chakra and the energy of that centre vibrating optimally, that energy then moves up to this energy centre where your authentic creative expression can come through.

The central life concept of oneself, the “i am” is expressed through this energy centre through exploration of relationships, creativity, intimacy, sexuality, nourishment and appetite.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

solar plexus chakra image

The Sanskrit name for the third chakra is Manipura which translates the Mani to “gem” and the Pura/puri which translates to “city” This is indicative of our solar plexus being our centre of power and well-being – and a metaphor for our centre within of our own individual gems that we have to enhance ourselves and this world.

The symbol for the solar plexus chakra (see below) is a ten petal lotus surrounding a downward pointing triangle. The upside-down triangle represents the symbol for Earth – a reminder for the grounding energy of the preceding chakra Muladhara.

It is located in your solar plexus area where you radiate nerve fibers and complex network of energetic nerves in the abdomen.

There is also a magnetic effect to this chakra centre that allows the attraction of Universal Prana (energy) to be drawn into our physiological energy systems.

This chakra enables us to cultivate a clear sense of who we are and what our purpose is.

finding purpose chakra

It encompasses the individual with a feeling of strength and the confidence and ability to contribute to the common good.

A person aligned with this energy centre maintains a confidence within that the work they do is working for the good of all.

A person misaligned with their own energy of the solar plexus chakra may manifest itself as a domineering personality and digestive issues and diseases.

The element for this chakra is, very fittingly, the element of Fire. The colours and hues are that of yellow. This energy centre governs the stomach, spleen, digestive system, liver, adrenal gland and gall bladder.

fire centre

When this chakra within you is aligned it manifests itself as being at peace with oneself and expressing one’s identity without imposing one’s will onto others.

Alignment in this energy centre enables you to see the differences in others as unique expressions that contribute to the dynamic variety and colour to this magnificent world.

Energized by the light and showered in heat from the sunshine, alignment with this chakra yields harmony with all that is seen.

4. The Heart Chakra – Anahata

heart chakra symbol

Anahata, the Heart. In Sanskrit, it translates to “unhurt”, “unstruck” and “unbeaten” which my GVL companions, would be a very good vibe for all us humans if this is the manner in which we coasted through our creative lives.

To have our hearts unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten is more truthful to our inherent natures than any other descriptives that could be applied.

love like nature

The theme around this powerful entity in our bodies relates to our nurturing of ourselves and that of others. It is stationed mid way between the lower, grounding energy centres and the higher, spirit guided energy centres.

This centre, in alignment is experienced as generosity, giving and love expressed with no conditions.

Unconditional love and bliss is the name of the game – and this energy centre is where this can be continued, cultivated and achieved for the Self, and then to others.

This chakra governs the heart, the lungs, your respiratory system, your circulatory system and the chest, hands and arms – ideal for giving hugs 🙂

heart chakra symbol love

When aligned with this chakra a person lives through their connection to love and their actions are demonstrated with care, attention, empathy and compassion.

When misaligned, issues with the heart, the immune system and stress may prove evident.

The symbol for this energy centre is a lotus with 12 petals holding a star made of two intersecting triangles.

heart chakra symbol

When nurturing your heart energy centre the rewards are immense. Alignment upwards and inwards to this chakra will have you motivated by selflessness. Imagine the state of politics and governing decision makers who are aligned within and a conscious awareness of this subtle yet divinely powerful aspect of our beings.

It enables a human to cultivate compassion for oneself and all other sentient beings and yields a space within that enables the tools to transmute or transcend the suffering and pain in oneself and carry the knowledge that in doing so, it transcends the pain and suffering of the collective.

One person connected to their heart coherence impacts the coherence of hearts around them. The heart is an entity that has immense power to process, feel and know. Living in the heart centre makes you a more compassionate, and then by extension, a truly successful person.

Having the courage to live in a heart space of unconditional love in every aspect and moment in your life, is a very empowering and beautiful place to be. One might even describe it as…

…a super good vibe 😉


5. The Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

throat chakra symbol image

A few weeks ago in the gateway to the good vibe life, we touched on communication. The throat chakra, also known in Sanskrit as “especially pure” governs our voice, throat, neck, jaw, mouth and teeth. It is our communication chakra located in the throat.

The element is Ether, the colour is blue and the symbol is represented by sixteen petals surrounding a full-moon circle.

throat chakra symbolThis chakra has its themes in expression, creativity and communication. When in alignment your voice is at ease and your words are welcome.

Self expression and communication of ideas are natural by products of this energy centre being in alignment.

If imbalanced or with a block, a sore throat may present itself or a demonstration of an inability or strong reluctance to communicate what is held within. Other entities that can show disharmony and are affected by a blocked throat chakra are the nose, ears and vocal chords.

expressive like the ocean

A focus on the alignment of this chakra will leave an individual free to express their unique creativity with unrestricted joy and enthusiasm. It gives voice to your emotions and enables you to communication with openness and clarity.

Balance in the throat chakra will bring forth your imagination and colourful ideas into existence and that, too, is a very good vibe!

6. The Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

third eye chakra graphic

Our intuitive selves and our connection of clarity with the potential of unlocking psychic abilities rest in this energy centre. It’s location is in between the eyebrows and is known as our Third Eye.

Its physiological connections are the eyes, the face and the pituitary gland. Indigo blue with hints of yellow are the colours associated with this energy centre.

The symbol of the Third Eye Chakra is a two-petaled lotus.

third eye chakra

This is a higher level chakra where we explore our consciousness. Looking within oneself and interpreting what is found there.

An inquiry into Self makes you aware of Self and enables you to have the right relationship with your own truth and see any patterns in your life that do not serve you thus allowing you to make shifts to stay in alignment with your truth.

It’s a funny thing how as we grow up we are taught to seek outside of ourselves for approval and validation, when in actual fact, a cultivation of Self and an awareness of our oneness is a good vibe in terms of harnessing our own individual and unique gifts and the esteem and empowerment to let those gifts shine through.

wise like nature

Wisdom is the name of the game for the person with whom a clear and well functioning Third Eye Chakra.

The Sanskrit name translates to “perceive”, “command” and/or “beyond wisdom” and anyone who listens to a person with this chakra functioning clearly will be listening to words of wisdom and clarity.

To be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. To express your identity without imposing your Will upon others and the capacity to see the differences in others as complimentary and contrasting entities that add more flavour and variety to the world.


Who doesn’t want to be in that kind of state of being?

That’s a vibe that thrives and is more indicative of our connectedness 🙂

7. The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

crown chakra graphic

The highest of the chakras, the Crown Chakra has its focus on Spirit and enlightenment and fulfillment of all things. It is located, fitting to its name, at the crown of the head.

Connecting you with the great expansive Source above and beyond.

It is connected to the pineal gland, the brain, and thus, the entire body. Our brains our beautifully crafted and divinely designed mechanisms and a formidable entity in the governance of our physical bodies.

The colours associated with this energy centre are violet and white. The symbol that represents your Crown Chakra is a thousand- petaled lotus and there is no element associated with this chakra.

crown chakra symbol

The alignment and investment into this chakra is a life lived guided by a rich spiritual practice and may lead to one’s enlightenment.

Depression is a symptom of this chakra being misaligned and a propensity towards the material aspects of life and a disconnection with Spirit.

The theme that is evident for this higher energy centre is being at peace and at one with the Universe.

crown chakra symbol flower

When you contemplate the impermanent nature of reality and releasing attachments, understanding that attachment leads to suffering.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra translates as “thousand-petaled”

Developing an inner awareness and duality to emptiness so as to be able to experience unification with the universal field of consciousness that we are all a part of here in this world.

You merge with the energy of creation and remain in a state of bliss.

This is the chakra of liberation and freedom.

chakra flower

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Keep your eyes peeled for further resources and posts in relation to this aspect of your Being Human.

Yoga is a great tool in which is harness and unlock the power of your energetic centres and we have some good vibe features generating in terms of energy of the body and the practices that make our life experience an optimal one.