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The Waves of Energy & Who is Riding Them – The Formidable Susan Smith – Energy Goddess Extraordinaire

Our next foray into the formidable whom we will feature is a lovely lady who is riding a thrive one the waves of energy medicine in more ways than one.

Susan Smith Holds a Special Place in my Heartspace Due to the Fact That This Lady of Light Helped Bring Me Down from Defcon 1000 to a State of Relief, Peace, Acceptance & Balance.

Ladies who heal and empower

Fielding Healing Suppressed Ongoing Toxic Childhood Trauma is No Cake Walk.

  Being hijacked from your own state of being and having to acknowledge you are not really sure what in the heck is real and not real is not a vibe that thrives.

 This Woman Guided Me Into a Space that Enabled Me to Be Rooted Once More to the Ground Below Me and Really Embark on my Healing Journey Back 2 Myself.

Bio energy vibrant

We share the same mentor, Michael D’Alton and this lovely gal is of the British persuasion which speaks my language as my Mama Bear is British and my most fondest memories I contain within are situated in the magical backdrop of the sunny sands in the summer months of the most epic Salcombe, South Devon.

Susan has a very profound and powerful presence in her own natural energy yet it is hidden in a humble and gentle, almost fragile container of the most delicate kind.

subtle illumination of pink

Her presence is a subtle blend of ethereal whispiness with an expansive liquidmetallicreflective compound kinda vibe in terms of her cerebral capacities and intuitive gift.

Wave modeling in coastal engineering is the avenue in which Susan created her PhD of her own volition.

 She has provided engineering consulting in both the UK and Canada.

Her work is invested in regards to systems impacted by ocean waves, wind and currents.  It seems that the path Susan chose for herself seemed to flow effortlessly from one craft to another.


It is a sweet vibe that the first energy healer we featured here at the GVL is also an accomplished engineer who shifted into the field of bio energy work.  You can read about Michael D’Alton in last months post.

Vibration, Waves, Environment, Equilibrium , Stability, Frequency , Resonance, Flow,  Movement, Dynamics, Reaction & Responsiveness are all relative to both investments and make it under that umbrella of the omnipresent factoid that everything is energy.

Whether it be framed as engineering or as bio energy work, energy is palpable and supremely creative.

 This formidable woman has done a remarkable job in expressing her connectivity and understanding of these gifts.

Susan Says She is Drawn to Acoustics and Waves, Water and the Vibratory Aspects of Life.

vibratory patterns in water


 I imagine her as a gleaming stone of well earthed hematite when it comes to her standing in front of me. Her intuitive features specific to her unique biology are felt and it is with sincere gratitude in which

I was gifted the good fortune of spending time, space and attention with this formidable human and put to her questions about her practices in the field of bio-energy healing.

I have now completed my bio energy healing training and been in receivership of my diploma after 25 successful case studies healing people with all kinds of misalignments.

Blooming from the cracks

 The springboard to my expansion was well yielded with the interaction and full treatment healing I received by Susan and her formidable acumen and connection with subtle and universal energies.

Here Are The Inquiries I Put To This Vibrant Being of Light & Magic

How Did You Come Upon the Field of Bio Energy Healing?

From science to our own energy exploring it exponentially the motion and waves impacting people on a connected level Susan came to bio energy after experiencing some disturbances in her own physiology as well as seeking to fill a gap she had felt after receiving a calling within for something further to her expansion.

What are the Main Differences Between Bio- Energy Healing Versus Established Mainstream Treatments of Human Health?

The main differences can be categorized by a mechanistic approach vs an energy approach.

 Bio energy is non-invasive and totally natural with no medications, needles or machines involved. It clears blocks in the system to restore the body’s own natural healing mechanism, taking someone through a structured sequence designed to  set them up for success – it takes the health into the hands of the patient to provide wholeness.  

Bio Energy healing influences the bio chemistry of the body, without drugs.

Do You Have a Supportive Community for the Work That You Do?

Susan feels lucky to have been drawn to Bio Energy and feels very supported.

She sees it as an establishment of profound upliftment and engages in rigorous swap sessions with the Bio community with the intent and belief that one really ought to master their craft.

I love to hear this kind of vibe as it is one of integrity.

 Those who understand about the intrinsic nature to expand themselves and their acumen in order to be garnering the appropriate level of energetic governance and mastery of oneself and their chosen craft is what makes this woman a force to be reckoned with.

feminine divine force of nature

Do you need to believe in the currency of energy to be impacted by a bio energy treatment?

A person need not have strong belief in the efficacy of energy work to be impacted by it, but being open to the idea of it certainly makes for a more advantageous exchange.

Susan has an unwavering belief in the power of energy healing – and in a healing dynamic, the belief of the practitioner will suffice.

  The words of it vs the experience of it are two very tangibly different modes to assess the efficacy of bio energy.

Once you experience energy work and see for yourself its tangibility, there is no going back 🙂

What kind of treatments do you offer in terms of ailments and opportunities for people through energy healing?

Susan offers full course treatments in bio energy for a specific concern  – the range, she says, is all encompassing.

She recommends 4 sessions with one follow up.

The sessions 4 days in a row, her motto being once in keep it moving. She encourages regular sessions afterwards to keep the wholeness and health momentum seeded and expanding.

Energy healing takes you from survive to thrive. Waves of energy transmute and peace is found.

As a woman who invested in a full course treatment with Susan, I can attest to the efficacy of the framework she implements and adheres to.

I can also recommend her acumen in transmutation of waves of energy to a biological system with complete efficacy.

Ahead the success

Do you see any trends in the people whom you encounter for treatment?

Chronic pain and stress and anxiety seem to be quite prevalent in Susan’s experience and she finds that with the modality of bio energy and her developed and devotional acumen to it, she heals it for them with efficacy.  She notes that people too, are demonstrating an expanded view of themselves in awareness and empowerment.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work in energy healing?

Susan expresses that how her clients experience tremendous change in their investment into a bio energy healing treatment. They come in seemingly for one thing and then it can end up opening them up to a much more expanded and elevating experience than they had ever imagined.

Health, Energy, Well Being and Expanded Mindset

Coming back to oneself
She recognizes that through her bio energy treatments people seem to see and feel themselves again and come back into themselves feeling better and free. They leave her more radiant and like an entirely new person. Vibrancy in others is really beautiful to unleash through energy healing and you literally see the person transforming.

I can attest to being a person who has encountered these waves of energy omnipresent to our human experience. Words are a pittance.

What is the most challenging?

Susan says that her biggest challenge is her natural inclination to want to help everyone with a health issue but having to accept that not everybody is willing or open to receiving healing.  Feeling like you have these tools and ability and knowing that people need not suffer in ill health and can heal to wholeness within but then having to recognize and concede that not everyone is ready.  A good reason to introduce it.

What advice would you distill to someone who is interested in learning more about their own capabilities for self healing and are keen to learn more about energy healing?

Susan responds by acknowledging that there is so much, almost too much information one can Google nowadays. She says the best way to find what suits you individually is to EXPERIENCE IT. Trial mini sessions with different modalities enable you to explore experientially different energy healing modalities. The 20 minute sessions which she and fellow bio practitioners give at Michael D’Alton’s bio energy seminars in downtown Vancouver are an excellent way to experience this particular modality.

If someone wants to try it with her at any other time then the regular single sessions she offers (60-75 minutes including consultation before and feedback after) are a good way to go.

I am in agreement with Susan here in that experience really is your best teacher. When you encounter your own experience of riding waves of energy within you, you begin to expand your possibilities.

which one is real

What are your short-term goals?

In terms of her short term goals with Bio Energy, Susan’s short term goals are rooted in helping more people and reaching a wider audience in spreading the word about Bio Energy.

In addition to in-person she is now offering distance healing treatments to give people greater flexibility and the convenience of healing from home.

Home in the heart

What are you long term goals?

Susan encompasses presence so she doesn’t look too far ahead so as to not overwhelm herself.  Rather she trusts in a process whereby goals reveal themselves, step by step, and her job is simply to stay on the path. In this regard she did allude to something novel on the energetic healing spectrum of her own creation which she’s exploring.

Energy healing in hospitals would also be a good feel in her view and institutions overall more geared towards healing with energy work.

What are some of your best go to resources in terms of expanding your knowledge in the practice you keep?

Susan understands the inherent value and integrity of being curious and expanding ones experience. She enjoys summits and reading books. The wisdom Susan distills comes from her own experience knowing that within you there exists your own body’s intelligence that is designed divinely for you to connect with and heed.  Outside resources can only take you so far and can be a valuable source of information and support.

What is your favourite leisurely activity you like to engage?

Susan loves to move her body’s energy and she does so delightfully through pursuits such as hiking, walking and cycling. Her activities mirror her relationship with the flow that is life energy. Motion, expansion and enjoyment.

Riding the waves of energy appears natural to her being ness.

When I took a walk through the lovely and majestic Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC and her delightful self was all kinds of open to dynamic explorations and when I asked if she would lay in the grass amongst the daisies, she was wonderfully eager to play as if immersed in the childlike wonder of her inner little girl was all too familiar an endeavour this beautiful human engages within.

Little girl in sunshine

An immense thrive for the collective to have such an energy omnipresent in the field.

An honour and a real luxury to have encountered this formidable being.

If you want to get your own taste of the formidable and impactful energetic vibe Susan gives off, you can reach her through this link here.

And if you feel drawn to distance healing she is also offering readers a 20% discount on either a single session or a full course of Bio-Energy treatment until the end of June.

Sincerest gratitude to this lovely lady for the upliftment and her investment in riding the waves of energy this life has to offer.