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4 Keys To Living Aware & On Purpose

The Vibe of Your Life is Entirely Up To You And Living Aware and On Purpose Is A Sweet Feel

Even If It May Seem As Though The World Around You Has All The Control, These Keys & The Implementation of Them Will Prove Otherwise. Living Aware and On Purpose is The End Result.

To Manifest Your Optimal Good It Is Well To Be Equipped With Some Fundamental & Aligned Universal Tools To Do So.

The human toolbox

KEY 01

State of Being and Your Perception of Already Being with What You Want.

Living Aware and On Purpose Is To Take Command Of Your State.

To Be In A State.

This is the primary driving force of achievement.

The state of being.

When a human being encompasses a state of lack, then life and everything in it becomes a struggle. To be living aware and on purpose, struggle just doesn’t exist.  The vibrational difference is palpable.

When we live in a state of stress, as per the dictates of the global pandemic, then stress, fear and inclining illness is what is yielded. Living aware and on purpose is any humans guide to empowerment.

There is a very simple principle at play in the world around you, as a human being.


Believing everything you hear and not inquiring about any of it, comes lack of FREE WILL of CHOICE.

You needn’t know the HOW of why this principle works for us, but it is there, it is an axiom to human life and it is a good idea and solid pursuit to use the knowledge of it to your optimal well-being and advantage.


Life will reflect back to you the state of being you are reflecting out of yourself, with a delay. This Truth is a great reason to be living aware and on purpose.

Quantum physics shows this to be a factoid. And experiential exploration has demonstrated to me, that yes, indeed, it is a principle very much in play.

Your most consistent MIND FRAMES and THE STATE OF BEING you inhabit is mirrored back to you in what you encounter in your physical world.

Reflected back to you

Anyone wanting to take a journey to the life impeccable would benefit greatly from the Reality Transurfing Modality of Living.

It enables a guide to life that deals with the other side of the MIRROR, the metaphysical polarity to our physical world.

You need not be a physicist to encompass and understand the principles, but you do need to have self-discipline and open willingness to learn and initiate said learnings into experience.

What You THINK About the World and Your Place In It Is Reflected Back To You.

Thinking chimp

If You Are In a STATE OF BEING That Is Chill, Assured and Vibrating Love Energy & Feels of Safety, Wealth and Security Then That Is What Your World Will Present To You.

Riding the complain train and expressing discontent and dissatisfaction with the world about you will be most certainly reflected to you.

Reverberations are of a vibrational nature and your THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE all play a role in the quality of these reverberations.

Each one of these aspects of your energetic expenditures is yours to govern as you deem fit and are willing to take ownership to do so.

When a human being is conditioned in lack or unworthiness and unconsciously vibrates at that frequency then the outcomes this human will encounter will be rooted in lack and unworthiness.

Worthy of worth

Jobs, relationships, circumstances and events will mirror your state of being and primary consistent perceptions you keep about yourself and your place in the world about you.

On the polarity scale of the perceptions of lack, lie the inherent knowing and understanding that you have it made in the shade in the Infinite possibilities truly available to you.

The purpose of the Universe is EXPANSION and being a human being on a globe that is rotating in an infinite Universe, then your scope broadens to the ideals of unlimited potentials.

When your condition of being is rooted in this scope, then that is what will be yielded in the MIRROR of your life.

Desire is a state of need and want.

This STATE OF BEING is emanating a vibration from you into the ether of the world.

This keeps you chasing that which you hope to have for yourself.

The chase is on

When you are out in the world chasing then the Universe will take that as opportunities to demonstrate to things to chase and things to be in need of.

Your ability to manage your state is your ability to manage your attention and then thoughts and emotions you attribute to the events and circumstances around you.

There is a subtlety to this shift that is profound but seemingly invisible.

To know of the truth of the MIRROR and your ability to use it to your optimal benefit is to be empowered in MIND.

When we as humans not only gain knowledge, but do so through the EXPERIENCE of the applied KNOWLEDGE then we put ourselves in a place of empowerment and Confidence within ourselves of our abilities to trust in ourselves and the world in which we are creating for ourselves.


This investment is something that requires you to turn inward and take the time to invest into. How you are going to optimize and regulate your state of being is supremely individual to you.

How do you connect to your inner state of peace?

For some, meditation is supremely useful however if you are wound up in motion of stress, it may be a reluctance to be in that stillness.

This does not mean that you cannot encompass a peaceful state within.


My son has an incredible energy and runs at very fast paces.

He enjoys pushing himself to see the fastest he can run and with momentum and consistency he describes his own experience as being in a wave of light and peaceful flow at his highest speeds.

He is 8 and is a ginger. I am 40 and brunette and prefer meditation. His ways are different from my ways to achieve the same end, and that is A OK!

This is not something to apply worry or to stress about – the basic rule is…. follow your feels.

What Makes You Feel The Most Peaceful and Like YOU?

My little love buggy

Do that, or imagine that, with deep grounding breathing in your own physiology for enough of a period that your STATE OF BEING encompasses the CHILLAN VIBRATION OF SATISFACTION AND IT IS ALREADY DONE.

When You Have What You Want You Don’t Stress Out About The Getting Of It Or The Uncertainty of Getting It,

You Have It, So You’re Good.

This is the place you are spending your time and attention investing within and if you are not presently with what you want and you are in desperation, then imagining yourself in the process of being well on your way is a formidable tool of the IMAGINATION that you have at your disposal and is SUPREMELY EFFECTIVE.

This can sometimes prove hard to do when the general population is indoctrinated into a worldview of seeking outside of themselves for solutions, however, the common entity that will remain with you throughout your life experience is the entirety that is you, so have at it.

Meditation, Yoga, QiGong, Running, Walking, Massage, a week in a cave, a hike up a mountain, a weekend getaway, an invested daily devotional practice……whatever it is that brings you to a place of peace within is the STATE OF BEING in which you can make well delineated thoughtful actions IN PRESENCE and MOTION FORWARD to your advancement of benefit.

This Aspect of Yourself is Something That Requires Self-Responsiblity and Self-Sufficiency.

Isolate to self sufficiency

Dependency upon external sources will prove to leave you in disempowerment. Living aware and on purpose means you are in the drivers seat.


This experience of creating and maintaining your peaceful state is a sacred personal cultivation in honour of the dignity that is your unique self.

This is a full understanding of conceptualizing a version of you that understands what you think, feel and do consciously in all moments.

You are not hindered by external forces nor are you lost in the ruminations of ill thinking.

You are present, aware, chill and in control of the entirety of who you are.

You Are In Peace.

You Are In Awareness.

You Are In Chill Mode.

The spaces within

This is the natural order of things so if you are in a stress state and losing your Sh*t then taking ownership of your STATE is the most empowering thing you can do for your trajectory towards being a deliberate creator to your own experience.


Give Yourself Permission to Have It and Take the Necessary Action To Get It

The esteem of a person determines their confidence to take what they want and with the conviction that they are well worth the having it.

Those who steep themselves in self-imposed or indoctrinated victimization are not likely to be so confidant in giving themselves permission to have what they want.

There is a subtle consciousness that exists within each and every human being. It is the essence of a persons lifeforce that they are gifted being human.

Subtle consciousness

The SoulSpeak of a person is often muted through the Egoic conditioning of needing, wanting and consuming for reward. Living aware and on purpose does not succumb to such practices.

The Soul of a person guides them by their highest ideals to be exactly the best version of themselves that are presently available to them.

The ego aspect of the human system is a stress generator.

The Ego indoctrination represents competition to achieve, consumerism to feel successful, comparison of skills and acumen to other humans.

Run to the end

The Soul Train Enables You To Express The Uniqueness That Is You Through Pursuits & Investments That Most Appeal To The Entirety Of Who You Are As An Autonomous Individual In The World.

Many people have the luxury of following their passions and others are indoctrinated or forced into lives they wouldn’t probably consciously choose for themselves if given the knowledge they have the freedom to do so.

Having confidence and taking possession of your right to express yourself though work, relationships and individually yields an energy of assurity and trust in yourself that you give yourself permission to have what you can imagine for yourself.

The soul train feels

The MIND Can Intend Upon a Course and If It Is A Right Fit Then You Apply Your Efforts In Action Towards Your Intention & It Will Yield To You Very Easily.

It Depends Entirely On Your Faith Of Yourself And A Pursuit Indicative of Your Highest & Most Authentic Self.

In words we can write this and it seems logical and sensical, however the implementation of it and the ownership in experience of it are an entirely different matter.

Esteem of oneself and the habits one keeps are dial in that need looking at in terms of your focus and actionable achievables.

The Time You Spend Invested In Anything Is Indicative Of Your Primary Focus & Quality Of Attention.


When a person wants to live a life they created on purpose, that in itself, is not a passive pursuit and therefore should be treated in alignment with the intended result ahead.

In order to produce anything of real substance that you can acknowledge and call your very own, then TIME, SPACE and ATTENTION to a good degree in acting towards it is imperative.

Procrastination, excuses, misaligned prioritizing and detrimental focus into habits that serve you not are all signs that you are not giving yourself permission to be who you are and take what you deserve to have.

As a Human Being, It Is Your Inherent & Divine Right To Have That Which Your Heart Desires.

You need only align to this truth in thought and action. With discernment and vigour and laser focus. It is an investment into the entirety of the self and not just the familiar conditioning of what is familiar.comfortable and safe.

Expansion means shifting out of comfort so get comfortable being uncomfortable until it is not uncomfortable anymore.


Believe in Yourself.

If You Can’t Believe In Yourself Then Fake It.

The way you think is the way it will be.

The way you feel is based on your attitude about what you are thinking about.

Take ownership of your perceptions and your mental frames by observing yourself. How do you do this? You just have to remind yourself to be aware. What are you doing in the moment that you are doing it and what is the primary motivation behind you doing what you are doing.

Meditation is off-putting to some as people who have never been still within themselves will immediately dismiss it as something that proves ineffective.

That attitude in itself demonstrates a deep disassociation to the natural peace found within each biological system and the openness to connecting to it.

Solar brightness is my game

To be come consciously aware of oneself is to ask the questions of oneself as to their fundamental motivations.

Living for other people will lead you astray. Even in a family dynamic, to be able to live fully for oneself and share with those around you the truest version of yourself.

That is Freedom. is a sweet feel to dial in some insights into the level up of one’s own esteem.

You can systematically and repetitiously affirm yourself a new level of awesome by way of uplifting and positive self talk.

All these keys here are intrinsically linked to one another so giving yourself permission to have what you want and taking ownership of the actions to accomplish it relies on your state of being and the faith essence of which you carry within.

KEY 03

Surrender to the Flow of Life and It’s Accomplishment of Your Intention

There is a Flow of Life That Is In Full Motion.

The motion of the Universe, the tides, the moon phases, the suns rising and setting are all inherently magnificent and divinely orchestrated in what we could call the flow of life.

There is Movement, Motion & Expansion.

This Is The Energy of Creation.

The energy of life creation

The energy that fuels the world, and the energy that keeps your heart beating within your body while you sleep.

This is universal to all of us humans and it is more apparent than ever our shared humanity and the magnification of it.

When you choose to observe that the world is indeed an entity entirely in control and has your back – remember the statement these keys are all intrinsically linked?

Circling Back To The MIRROR.

This Is The Metaphysical Aspect of Creating The Physical Matter That is Beset Before You To Be Created.

Having an awareness of the flow of life and its intrinsic connectivity to you and your divine and optimal well-being?

This is a vibration that would do well to harness as it is what it is and it is very very real.

The mirror world of life adventure

Life Flows and Yields An Energy.

Even if a person is recycling the same habits, the same vocation, the same relational patterns, the world is always moving and ever-changing.

The only constant, in fact, is change, or motion/movement.

Absolutely nothing in our world is static so it is insanity to engage a life that is unchanging.

The Way In Which You Can BEcome A Symbiotic Entity With The Flow Of Life Is To Observe It And Observe Yourself In Relationship To It.

Do you fight with the world around you?

Is the world a lonely and hostile place?

Are you in the world and feel pretty good but also are with the feels of uncertainty?

How Does The Flow of Life Feel To You Presently?

You Are A Human On A Globe In An Infinite Universe.

The bright universe about us

Expanding your awareness and acknowledging these aspects of your humanity propel you with the energy to expand you out of your comfort zones of reason and into the magical experience of living on purpose and creatively seeing your intentions come into your experience.

When you work with what life is presenting to you and you affirm that the world around you has got your back, then this will be reflected in the opportunities, events, people and circumstances that yield to you.

Living aware and on purpose is keeping your intention firmly in the deliberately chosen thoughts of your primary focus.

Nature Never Wastes Energy & Will Use The Path of the Least Resistance to Accomplish All of Its Expansions & Renewals.

The unconscious of today are instilling rampant frames of fear and limited life by way of a virus, vilifying the very naturalness of what it represents to us human biological systems on earth.

It is a focus of severe ignorance and ill thinking.

The polarity of that manifestation bred from the depths of fear and ill health is the dawn of a new earth.

Consciousness Doesn’t Fight To Be Known Nor Need Fighting To Be Abolished.

It just is.

And it is so magnificent and wonderfully pristine and beautiful in its renewable source of infinite creativity of life.


Move to observer mode. Living aware and on purpose

Check yourself.

When situations present themselves, be non reactionary.

This ties into the next key. Remember that all keys are linked to one another.

They are encompassing within you an elevated manner to expand and tap your optimal life essence and performance.

When you are able to come to a space of naturalness within you that is in harmony with the world around you, then you are expending your energy effectively. Living aware and on purpose and acting in harmony with the life force essence that is an axiom to human life.

Not wasting energy unnecessarily is the STATE OF BEING (Key 01) that should be encompassed in order to delineate a clean execution of your vibration and the results you generate outside of yourself.

Life energy is self propelled

You Have At Your Disposal As A Human Many Opportunities For Your Focus Of Attention.

Focus Your Attention On The Here & Now & Your Investment Into Yourself.

Begin to develop a habit of your awareness and attention. Living aware and on purpose is a complex simplicity.

Of where you put your primary focus in every minute, hour and day of which you are existing.

This is a level up of the general condition in which you find yourself consistently believing in your right to be happy and successful with no struggle (Key02)

Do you know you are always taken care of?

Can you contain your own energy in enough mastery to be able to recognize that which works for you and with you.  This is aware and living on purpose versus that which you struggle or immerse yourself in feelings of lack and wanting and which you work against.

It is not to be judged.

Just merely managed,

The nature of humanity is inclusion and acceptance.

Everything is allowed.

You can judge what is bad and your can judge what is good, but the vibe of judgement is a low vibe.

Be discerning that everything is included and you just have to direct your own energy to that which serves you versus that which depletes you.

KEY 04

Control Your Reactions and Responses

It Is All You.

You are rocking it

This Key is a sweet feel because of the fundamental law of assumption and that of cause and effect.

How you choose to react, or alternatively, respond will yield your pathway forward.

Many people have unconscious triggers that inhabit their STATES (Key01) and can react impulsively based on previous experiences that may not be the truth of what is happening in the situation presented to them.

It is a human psychological aspect that is a good feel to be aware of within oneself.

Awareness dissolves that which is unconscious within you.

The ojo blue

To Acknowledge Yourself & The Way You React & Respond to the surrounding stimuli are the thought patterns you keep day to day is a good vibe.

When you are able to be discerning about the reactions and responses you are permeating in your interactions then you have a level of control available to you that yields a force within you symbiotic to the omnipresent force that surrounds you, and totally has your back.

I have fielded neural stress and have been a reactive robot on many occasions.

Having your brain experience toxic stress for a decade and half and then disassociating from it for 15 more years until it comes to take you for a ride on the crazy train so you can make your way back to sanity makes a person understand that subtleties that have to do with human psychology and behaviour.

Like intensified.


There are a myriad of circumstances, people, thoughts, feels and belief systems that people carry that prove to motivate their actions.

Habits of relational reactivity can become common place and prove to recycle that which serves you not.

Being in a non-resistant STATE is a place in which a person can discern their choices of responses.

We see you vibes

If your habitual manners of relating involve shutting down, non communication, lack of expression and passivity it is just as detrimental to you to remain passive about your right to express your vital life force and the representation of its essence.

If you are loud, boisterous, forceful and reactive about your expressions, then that too is seeking to be aligned in balance.

Finding out what your triggers are that make your biology react in a certain way that yards your behaviour is an empowering feel.

Expunging that which serves you not and has you with consistent reactions that keep you in a low vibe is all entirely up to you, the thought frames you keep and the words you speak about your experience.


Create a non-negotiable and conscious devotional practice to your own state of mind and being.

If you are wound so tight and on autopilot, then you are heading for destruction if you are not already there.

What you are not using, you are losing and the name of the game is expansion and self-sufficiency.

Reel in your energy expenditures to a neutral balance and then begin to see where you can yield different habits of thought and emotional reactivity.

In taking ownership of your state of being and governing it to optimal expression is the supreme mastery available to you.

Having the self nurturing capacities and courage to invest in your own well-being is a paradigm well worth exercising. To create and maintain a solid self investment devotional is your right to be happy and unencumbered from reactivity that serves you not.

Taking Accountability for Yourself & How You Perceive Yourself In The World Is Not Only Your Right, But Your Divine Duty To Dial That In.

Circle Back to Number One with Being Grateful for All You Are & All You Have Accomplished To Harness The Vibe of Your Life to OPTIMAL.

The love of light