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The Top Ten Thrives To Harness Today

Many people are steeped in a vibration of fear and uncertainty. Having a list of the top ten thrives you can engage to stay vibrant is a goodvibe.

Many others are on the rise and in a thrive.

To have a go to of top ten thrives you can engage as habitual practices as a parent and ambassador to your child(ren) is a sweet feel.

Empowering You and Your Kid(s) With The Top Ten Thrives a Human Being Can Encompass.

To Stay Vibrant and Healthy Is To Be In Command of Your Life Experience.

Top ten thrives for kids

How you show up for yourself in the world, is pretty much how your world will roll forth for you, despite the collective energy that surrounds you. The top ten thrives listed below demonstrate your empowerment choices.

Vibrant health and joyful living are natural axioms to the human experience.

Especially As A Child.

Children are so unencumbered and free in their expressions.

Their lives are naturally geared towards these top ten thrives with little to no effort.

Having them line up before their days education to magnify what may be wrong with their biology is all kinds of backwards in terms of how they are naturally wired.

Expansion, Imagination, Creativity, Expression, Curiosity, Joy, Freedom, Love, Health & Vitality are another of the top ten thrives that are naturally wired into children.

Joy in kids

Us too, as adults, it is just easier to see it in kids as their conditioning is easier to influence as a developing human system.

None of this can be found in a fearful covid consciousness.

The laws of physics demonstrate very simply that us, as humans, have great creative power.

When You Engage The Top Ten Thrives You Enable and Recognize This Power More and More.

This creative power is found in our actions, words, beliefs and emotions.

I cannot think of one logical common sensical person, no matter their life experience or intellect that can sell Covid as a supportive focus to be yielding success to a human system.

The paradox of it is so simple yet seems elusive to the powers that be who are perpetuating such an inordinate amount of energy to humanity’s deficit.

One thing we as humans learned well after the former US administration is that anything really is possible, no matter if it is good or bad – the possibilities before us as humans are really infinite.

Science shows us this too, so maybe adopting a more broadened and optimistic MINDSET around our lives here on this planet would prove to elevate to the natural order of things.

In pursuit of the top ten thrives

As a human biological system you have great capacities and power to deliberately direct your life experience. It takes courage to be disciplined with ones own MIND.

The truth of who you are is uncovered in how authentic and invested practice of the top ten thrives you are able to engage.

The Covid consciousness in the media and the governmental mandates that lack common sense and are a tailspin of fear inducing illogical implementations.

Many conscious and courageous individuals in the field of medicine are coming forward with their resignations in regards to how corrupt the system has become to impose such a consciousness upon the humanity in which is it governing.

It really does exemplify the need for people to educate themselves about their inherent worth, capacities and power of their free will.

Freedom in the top ten thrives

The practices and hysteria would be pretty hilarious to reflect upon if it wasn’t so horribly petrifying and detrimental being normalized as a way to be in the world.

The impact of the 2020 Covid has been more an issue in human behaviour and the management of it than the actual deadly virus.

The most empowering pursuit any human being can engage presently in such a consciousness is to take full ownership of their own state of being.

Having awareness and implementing the top ten thrives is a sweet feel.

The empowerment and management of your human biology is one of the most empowering tools you can bestow upon your children.

Children learn by your lead.

Top then thrives of passion

Adopting a leading attitude where the top ten thrives can be implemented every which way.

It is less what they hear from you and more what they observe from you consistently.

This is why modeling thrive behaviours is one of the most influential and valuable gifts you can bestow upon a growing child.

Having this awareness is key to conscious parenting.

Here is a List of the Top Ten Thrives You Can Engage to Remain in A Thrive During a Global Pandemic Style Consciousness


Turn off the news.

The news is hardly ever inspiring or uplifting and usually has a focus on the lower vibrational aspects of events and people who have already happened or done something that is done and over.

Of these top ten thrives, this one carries a good amount of weight.

A higher consciousness mindset to elevate living understands that to dwell on what is, rather than what could be is a huge energetic shift in terms of deliberate creative living.

Most people are happy to be lead outside of them based on the world events happening around them.

It is an energetic deficit to put your emotional and psychological energy into events, people and circumstances that has no direct correlation with your present day activities.

Maintain a stress free vibe by deliberately choosing what you bring into your experience.

No stress in the top ten thrives

To be able to acknowledge what is of the least resistance and of benefit is an axiom to optimal health.

Stress yields disease.

Peace Yields optimal health.

It real is that simple and determines where you ought to be expanding your focus.

Check in with your own state of being and what kind of energy you are presently with & generating in the world.

This is a profoundly empowering practice which involves taking full responsibility of how you are showing up in the world.

The world is basically a mirror reflection of your most dominant state of being.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. How are you managing your mental frames around your health and well-being and that of your kids?

Are you chill or are you breeding fear. Keep it vibrant and balanced.

If you need tips on how to take more ownership of yourself, there are optimal resources found here.


I live in a large city in Canada. I used to live in a small town in the South of Mexico.

The two yield very different results in terms of living.

One being the manner in which people dispose of their waste.

In developed and affluent countries that have a solid infrastructure and system to dispose of waste appropriately, there is no good reason why people should think it okay to dispose of their garbage, even masks, every which way as if they are leaves falling from a tree.

The colour of life

Just the evidence of such a practice denotes the importance of the first thrive we touched on above.

There is reasonable concern to be vigilant about the virus but there is no reason to negate appropriate hygiene and the implementation of it.

When you keep your hands washed frequently and your airways a good distance from any other aspects of human biological entities that can transfer virus, then you are golden.

Dwelling in fear of the unknown and becoming negligent about your hygiene practices will yield unsavory outcomes.

Keep it simple and keep it empowered.

Educate yourself.

Clean hands.

Clean eating and drinking practices.

Clean hygiene and focus on empowering practices as a human being and your governance of your own hygiene is sufficient.

The clean water falling


This ties into number one and two.

There has been a 6ft social distancing in place and it has been the best boundary for us humans as we were getting to the place where there was little to no respect being paid to each other’s freedoms and personal space prior to the Covid restrictions.

In a Covid climate it is not a good feel to be imposing your fears and beliefs onto those who choose to adopt their own practices to keep themselves safe and thriving in their own worlds.

As long as no one is infringing on each other’s rights to life, liberty and freedom, then vibe of chill will permeate the globe.

Have the courage to be yourself and allow others to do the same.

You have a choice

The only thing you can control is your own state of being and your reactions to what is happening around you.

To maintain appropriate social behaviours is to be a chill participant in society, owning your own vibe and not making it a problem or imposition to anyone else governing their own vibe.

Maintaining this is key to overall peace in the shared communities in which we find ourselves.


Almost 80 percent of your human biology is made up with nature’s lubricant. Water.

It is a simple and profoundly elevating vibe to ditch your caffeinated or sugar beverages and dial in some serious water consumption.

A solid infusion of what your human biology is naturally made of, is an empowerment support.

The water vibe is the vibe

The HUMAN BRAIN loses upwards of 70 percent of its expanded functioning capacities when the body is dehydrated.

The task of drinking sufficient water upon waking, before and after meals and before and after physical exertion is paramount to optimal biological functioning.

To read up on the benefits of investing in protecting your BRAIN, you can absorb this information to empower your experience if you feel so inclined to do so.


The BODY is made to move.

The essential state of the human physiology is one of mastery, health, strength, empowerment and pristine biology.

There is nothing more intelligent than natural intelligence.

To not only understand this on a mental level, but implement it experientially into your life experience is an unparalleled thrive.

Top ten thrives of motion

There exists multiple ways in which a human being can elevate their biological systems. It comes at the mere investment of time, space and attention to make it a consistent and systematic practice in your daily schedule.

Make time to move and the movement you generate is empowering for your lifeforce.

For all kinds of human engagement to keep your body in optimal health scope the good feels of that here.


Neuroplasticity is a thing we as humans would do well to acknowledge. Your physiology creates a good amount of hormones and chemical combinations involving the reward centres in your BRAIN.
An inordinate amount of screen time is unnatural to the human biology and can create incoherence in the BRAIN.
No matter how much technology is advancing and how much it is trending, this truth will always remain a truth. Whether people are able to acknowledge its impact or not does not negate its influence and power over the energetic impact it imposes upon your energetic state of being.
Both mentally and physically.
Reading and remaining fresh with kineseoligical pursuits connected to the natural world that surrounds you is a serious peace and upliftment for any human biology.
Keeping your BRAIN hydrated and well-fed determines your resilience and capacity to remain optimal in all facets of your energetic expenditures.

Top ten thrives in the brain stem
Glucose is what the BRAIN absorbs for fuel so ensuring your sugars are predominantly natural vs refined has a MASSIVE IMPACT on EMOTIONAL REGUALTION and MENTAL ACUITY.
If you cut out refined sugar from any HUMAN who is displaying hyperactivity and emotional upheavals, most often it is the BRAIN overloaded on the wrong kind of energetic fuel.
Natural foods and grains and nuts are a beautiful support for the BRAIN.
Almonds and walnuts are a healthy and rewarding snack for the BRAIN along with many other naturally cultivated nourishment our Earth provides for us for our survival.

See a list of BRAIN HEALTHY FOODS here.

Treating the Intelligence of the BRAIN with the utmost respect is the biggest investment in self-esteem a person can make.


We vibrate the rhythm of the Earth. We, as HUMANS have been created to live in symbiotic balance and harmony with our Mother Planet Earth.
The governing powers that be really make some morally questionable choices in terms of honouring our Planet and her abundant and infinite nature and resources.
The human EGO with no inquiry to the HIGHER CONSVCIOUSNESS aspects of our SHARED HUMANITY is a dangerous and destructive energy to be creating with. We are experiencing the fall out of this kind of energy presently upon the planet.
The zombie mode of a HUMAN with their face stuck in a screen is an UNNATURAL VIBE. It may be mainstream, it may be popular, it may be the way the world is, but it DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT HUMANS ARE INTRINSICALLY CONNECTED TO THE VIBRATION OF THE EARTH.
Knowing this and practicing this are two very different things.

Top ten thrives into nature
You could have an unconscious addiction to your screen and not even be aware of it. You could be normalizing stress, anxiety ruminating thoughts, racing adrenals, or severe depression.
These STATES OF BEING are UNNATURAL to the human biology as a homeostasis functioning. Yet normalized as a part of life.
Investing in a daily devotional self care practice which is tech free is a sweet investment for your entire energy.
Tracking your awareness of how much time you are engaging in your screen is a sobering feel in terms of seeing where you can implement more balance.
Sleeping with no technology can shift your entire state of being.
We as HUMANS are our own technology.
When we all awaken to this marvel within ourselves, then more discipline in terms of screen time would be an axiom.
The difference in vibratory impact to your biology is very vividly felt, whether conscious of it or not.


It is evident that the Universe is all-inclusive and everything is allowed.
The infinite nature of the Universe makes this appear to us in science and also, in life experience.
No matter what your choices or the experiences your field, the most energetically valuable investment a HUMAN can make is to EXPRESS themselves AUTHENTICALLY.
This frees up all kinds of unnecessary emotional and psychological energy from your system.
Many people lack the ability or skills to know what the exact right way is to express their most authentic selves. It is a very vulnerable place to be, and to expose other people to.
The confidant right to be exactly who you are is a way to be in the world and it is a winning one.
Having avenues of expressions such as physical pursuits, friends to speak with, a journal to write in, a place to go to…whatever avenue you need to be able to expunge your experience so it is expressed and you need not carry it around.
Being energetically clean means being expressive with what you carry with you.

Top ten thrives of journal writing
You can maintain your own standards of privacy.
Taking the time, space and attention for yourself is the key.
Nurture your authentic expression.
It is subtle but HUGE. So huge you may find this of the top ten thrives to be the most weight liberating in terms of expunging what you pick up and carry throughout your day.


Cutting out refined sugars can resolve most emotional imbalances.

The HUMAN BODY is naturally geared towards the EARTH upon which it survives.

Maintaining a high vibration in today’s climate means being AWARE and ATTENTIVE to how you are CHOOSING to nourish your HUMAN SYSTEM.

Optimal health can align very easily with fresh, natural and vibrantly coloured foods from the Earth.

Of these top ten thrives this is a simple part of healthy living.

The range of beauty and dynamicism the Earth provides in nourishment is intense and broad.

Natural whole foods

Being mindful about your investments and keeping your consumables natural and real is a determinant to how your energy will roll forth for you.

The news and media can be fraught with all kinds of emotionally and psychologically triggering information.

Being selective about what kind of information you choose to adopt in your experience is a boundary that does well to serve you and your peace of mind.


When you remain in the deliberate creativity of your own vibe then very little can disrupt your life.

If you choose for it to be that way. Granted your choices may seem limited but the power of the human imagination and that of the creative should that are children, there are endless ways to remain in an expanded and good vibe.

Check out this post here on kidpreneurs to get an example of how to maintain a thrive.

There is a natural flow of life that yields its most beauty with effortless power. When we adopt the principles of nature as a form of governance into our own lives, then we yield the benefits of being in.

Harmony with the natural flow of life. This flow is designed to support us and our well-being. Top then thrives are a self esteem win.

When we meet it halfway by engaging for ourselves in pursuits that are naturally inclined to the authenticity o few hours you are.

You ride the wave of good living.

Ride the mountain of the thrive