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The Power of Your Mind


As a human being you have the power of your mind.  

Unless you endeavour upon the interest of Freud psychology upon your foray into your own education, then you will probably not have an understanding of your MIND being just one entity in your human experience. 

The power of your mind is a formidable force in whcih to understand is to navigate with success.

The power of your mind

 Having knowledge of yourself is pure empowerment. To gain in empowerment of the self, understand first and formost you ahve the power of your mind on your side AND the mind is not just one entity.  

The fact is that what we refer to as the mind is actually two interdependent mechanisms working in harmony with each other. 

We refer to these two different pieces of the mind as one: the first being the conscious mind, and the other being the subconscious mind.

It is a good vibe to have this awareness in our human tool box because understanding that the two MINDS you contain learn in different ways, which is influential to our experience. The CONSCIOUS MIND and the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND work INTERDEPENDENTLY. 

The power of your mind the subconsious



The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is your primal mind and constitutes ninety percent of your brain. 

It is HABITUAL in that it has programs within it.  

These are automatic habits that are programmed within you without you having to think about them.  

 The very term SUBCONSCIOUS means that these programmed habitual behaviours play without your CONSCIOUS ever being involved. 

As you were developing as a child, you went through various growth stages to learn and develop your own abilities to live independently. 

 When you were born, you had to grow and learn new skills.  

They were not automatically imprinted within you.  

An example is your ability to walk. Having to learn to walk was a conscious process where you had to make the connections of mind and body to learn how to get a handle on balancing yourself on your two legs and propel yourself forward.  

Once that process of developed learning became a HABIT, then you gained it as a PROGRAM.   

The power of your mind is your happiness

So now, all you need to do is set an intention to walk and you no longer have to CONSCIOUSLY think about, because your SUBCONSCIOUS just activates the PROGRAM and gets you walking without you having to think about it.                                                                      

Our human bodies are propelled and managed by habit.  Many of the habits are derived from instincts built into the system. The body has natural systems in place to optimize its functioning.

 If you walk outside and the temperature is super cold out then the program of your nervous system in contact with this cold environment will adjust the biology of the body to heat itself up warming the system to keep your temperature at 98 degrees.

 Alternatively, if you go outside and it is sweltering hot, the program of the nervous system will connect to this information and will work to adjust the cooling system of the body to keep it below 98 degrees so as not to overheat. 

 The intelligence of the body is remarkable and designed for your full support and well being.  

The power of your body

That is the very nature of your human intelligence. 

 The demonstrations of your body’s intelligence not being in your conscious control in this regards is empowering and informational. 

As humans we have these natural instincts built into us. As humans we also govern 90 percent of our lives by HABIT.  We also acquire habits that are learned and then become subconscious (like walking).

  You create a habit by learning. 

Once you learn how to drive, you don’t have to think about the details of driving. It becomes automatic. 

The subconscious mind is the habit mind. 

We learn habits through life experiences, as well as those that were programmed as instincts.

The power of the conscious mind



The conscious mind is completely different in its function. It is a creative mind. It is the mind that expresses our wishes, our desires, our aspirations, and what we want from life.

The conscious mind involves all of the things that you are currently aware of and thinking about. It is somewhat akin to short-term memory and is limited in terms of capacity. Your awareness of yourself and the world around you are part of your consciousness.

If a person asks you what you want from you life, whatever answer you offe is going to come from your CONSCIOUS MIND because it is the creative wish. It is, something that you are looking forward to having. It does not exist, but you can visualize that it can occur. 

The conscious mind is where we can and readily acknowledge feelings and cognition.

Consciousness is Creative. Subconscious is Habitual.

 How The Conscious & Subconscious Minds Work Together


When you are in a moment where you engage deliberate thinking in your conscious mind, all functions are taken over by the HABITS stored in the subconscious mind.  By its very definition, subconscious translates as “below consciousness.”

In the moment that the conscious mind is engaged in thinking, all functions are taken over by the habits stored in the subconscious mind.   

This means that you can continue driving while your conscious mind is internally engaged in a thought or a conversation with your passenger.    

As you are driving you will not veer off the road or crash your car because your subconscious mind is on autopilot making sure that your acumen of driving is in tact while you maintain a dialogue with someone else in the vehicle. A human being can use their conscious mind to create their life.  

If your conscious mind gets engaged in your internal thoughts or with its focus on the environment/people in the external, then your focus of attention is taken over by your autopilot programming – the subconscious.  

When the conscious mind is not in a state of presence, then the autopilot behaviour expressed will come from the programs that are already downloaded within your subconscious. 

The minds programs

To be deliberately creative in your life path forth, consciously, you need to have programs in your subconscious to align to a parallel story to do so. 

In your ability as a human to be a deliberate creator this is the space where the rubber meets the road. 

 Before you create consciousness in your life, you have to have programs in your subconscious to give you a parallel story.

The conscious mind is creative. 

Therefore you can imagine things and do all these things, but your conscious mind cannot work if there is no program in the subconscious mind.  When you first arrived to this world, from the last trimester in your Mama Bear’s uterus to the first 7 year you own a brain that operates predominantly in the vibrational frequency of theta.  

Theta is the brain function associated with imagination. Theta is a frequency lower than consciousness as measured by electroencephalograph. 

I can imagine things and I can do all these things, but the conscious mind cannot work if there is no program in the subconscious mind. 

This is why the first part of our lives, from the last trimester of pregnancy through the first 7 years of our lives, our brains are functioning at a lower vibration, as determined by electroencephalograph, or EEG. The brain predominantly operates in a vibration or frequency called theta for the first 7 years. Theta is a frequency lower than consciousness. 

Theta is actually a brain function associated with imagination.

Your power brain

When the brain is in alpha state, that is when it is relevant as a brain function that is consciousness. 

 This frequency of this brain state is not present in a human brain until the age of 7.  If there is no date in your hard drive, you have nothing to be consciously aware of. Your biology provides the first 7 years of your life as a download period (theta state).  Upon reaching the age of 7 your change of brain state enables your consciousness to then have access to the downloaded programs you received in your first 7 years of your life experience. 

There is an issue that arises within a human being because the fundamental programs in the subconscious mind did not come from their own personal wishes, desires or autonomous self actualization. 

 The programs you adopt are by observing the people and community around you. 

 The behaviours that you are programmed with are not a reflection of your own autonomous wishes and desires.  They are just copies and imprints of other people and their influence upon you. 

If your subconscious programs are not reflecting your own wishes and desires for happiness, health and love then it is not so easy to just say that you will not default to them and live by your own conscious mind because you conscious mind only controls cognitive behaviour 5% of the time. Subconscious programming controls 95% of your life.

When your  conscious mind needs to think to answer a question and goes inwards to do so, it no longer pays attention to what is happening outside and that is where the subconscious kicks in and autopilots our behaviour.

Of the downloaded behaviors acquired before age 7, the vast majority—70% or more—are programs of limitation, disempowerment, and self-sabotage. These programs were acquired from other people, not from ourselves. 

Again, being subconscious, these programs are occurring without conscious recognition and awareness.

 Therefore, though we have the perception in our mind that we are controlling our lives with our wishes and desires, the truth is far from that.

 Since thought causes 95% of our cognitive behavior to be controlled by the subconscious—ie, below conscious—mind’s “invisible” behaviors, we struggle to manifest our conscious mind’s wishes and desires.

The power of your mind intention impact



When the discovery of these aspects of our minds come into our knowledge and awareness, then it can seem quite overwhelming to get a handle on yourself.  

The mind is incredibly creative and powerful.  It is wonderful servant but a terrible master.  In the DEEP FRAMEWORK, an easy and systematic approach can be taken to yield pure empowerment in your awareness and mastery of your mind.

 When such an investment is yielded, then shift is able to take place.

In a simple and clearly delineated framework, DEEP is seven week self study program that enables you to take a solid look at yourself in your entirety of your habits and gain a sober assessment and implementation to a more conscious, aware and expanded state of being in the world. 

Here is a review of the DEEP FRAMEWORK:

The power of your mind reviewed

For a complete overview of the DEEP FRAMEWORK please see this post here.

This program is designed to be very effective and successful based on the facts that you have a dynamic mind.  it provides pure empowemrent and ownership over the entirety of your life force. 

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The power of your mind mastered