The Power of Words – Affirmations – Yet Another Gateway to Good Vibes

making affirmations work for you

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are a set of words in which you are in agreement with. The dictionary definition even includes that it is considered “emotional support or encouragement” which leads us to yet another GVL truth which states that the power of words, affirmations, proves to be yet another gateway to harnessing those good feels within.

A very pivotal aspect of being human resides in the nature of beliefs and the systems in which we buy into and govern ourselves. Affirmations are closely linked with beliefs, as a belief is thought you just keep thinking to be true, whether you are consciously aware of them or not. It would stand to reason then, that affirmations are anything you say to yourself that you believe to be truthful.

To affirm is to assert. To assert is to state a belief or fact with confidence and authority. This then shoots the question out to you my fellow human, what are you asserting for yourself when you wake up and show up in your Mind and Body combo for the day?

words are powerful

Making Affirmations Work For You

One may think it an axiom that affirmations should only prove to work in your favour, as their very name suggests that of AGREEMENT.

Keep in MIND, however, that you or another human being you know may be in AGREEMENT and be AFFIRMING their LIMITATIONS.

There is such a simplicity in the beauty and decadence of LIFE. You only need look at the crest of gargantuan wave or a sunset that paints the vast sky an array of formidable and vibrant colours to know this.

It is the same with being human.

Simplicity is the key. Magnificence is inherent.

Very often I witness women who are keen to lose weight often speaking poorly about the state they find their bodies to be in. It is very simple for a woman to become the weight she desires.

With empowering nutritional choices, energy movement through exercise and then she must merely affirm her way there in words, thought and an emotionally charged belief of her encompassing the state of being she desires.

Aspects of yourself to be mindful of? Your thoughts, your words,  your actions and the STATE OF BEING you find yourself to be in. Berating and criticizing her weight to herself or to others may seem to her like she is vocalizing her desire to be thinner, but in fact she is speaking to her limitations by doing so and perpetuating the cycle of weight fluctuations, habits and behaviours that keeps her in a recycled energy of needing to lose weight and feeling dissatisfied with her appearance.

The world merely mirrors to you your state of being with a slight delay (Quantum Mechanics Physicist -Vadim Zeland – Reality Transurfing – the Mirror Principle) so if you are harping on what’s not right – then what’s not right will keep harping on you in your experience.

See here:

“I need to lose weight” will mirror situations & behaviours from you that brings you experiences of you “needing to lose weight”

“Everyday I am the perfect weight” will mirror situations & behaviours from you that brings you experiences of you “being the perfect weight.”

Your affirmations are working for you if they state what you intend for the end result, rather than stating where lies your discontent. Choose EMPOWERMENT. You have the POWER OF THOUGHT & SELF TALK. Make it GOLDEN.

This is where BELIEFS play a role too, as we as humans are conditioned in a certain way based on the influences and nurturing we received in our formative years as little humans. Ensure you are not recycling any consistent LIMITING AFFIRMATIONS you may have heard from the adults and influences in your life. If the words and feels are not emanating a vibe of pure bliss, dignity, respect, empowerment, enjoyment & ultimately LOVE for your being, then they are not working for you.

to affirm is to assert

Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? You needn’t take my word for it. If you are willing and able, do the work. Track your attention. Track your Self Talk. Track what you affirm to yourself in your daily life experience. Last but not least, track not only what you say out loud & in the presence of others, but also the inner dialogue you have when you encounter situations that impact you and your being.

track your attention

Some Sample Affirmations

“Everything is always working out for me.” This is a good one – if you can manage to dial in this affirmation morning, noon and night and avoid getting pulled into emotional reactions and you may just come to find that indeed, everything starts working out for you.

“Every day I get better and better.” This is a good one too, and it is general, so you can apply it in reference to anything.

“I am so happy and grateful because I am now earning $100 000, 00 per year.” This one you can use for anything too, just start with “I am so happy and grateful…” The energy of APPRECIATION is a close contender to the good feels of LOVE energy, so applying this statement to any aspect of your life, with presence and genuine emotion will only prove to empower your daily experience.

“I approve of myself”, “I support myself” and “I trust myself” are general, simple and profoundly effective.

If your attitude is one of “this is stupid” or “this stuff doesn’t work” then of course, you are affirming that energy for you in your experience. Reaping the rewards of the power of your word is a worthy pursuit. Just like caring for your body is a simple and straightforward gig, affirmations are to your mindset, what exercise is to your body. Good vibes!

words are powerful

Criteria to Generate GoodVibe Affirmations

One person that has proven to be solid and impactful influence in my life is Jack Canfield. He is a super good vibe dude in terms of dialing in success and transformation for oneself. He has a solid post on the good vibes of affirmations and his criteria for creating effective affirmations rolls like this:

jack canfield transformation guru

Just like caring for your body is a simple and straightforward gig, affirmations are to your mindset, what exercise is to your body.

Perhaps if you have not implemented positive self talk and language into your daily experience, then it might be a fun idea for you to give it a go.

The results may surprise you and yield all kinds of Good vibes!

track your attention

12 thoughts on “The Power of Words – Affirmations – Yet Another Gateway to Good Vibes

  1. Positive affirmations assure us we are not alone in our thoughts and our abilities are just there waiting to be unlocked. I have always found motivation and solace in inspirational affirmations and believe fully in the laws of attraction and their power to alter your life and lifestyle. One of my favorite affirmations is a poster I once had that said, Be Strong, be Mighty, the Power is In YOU!. I also wrote one on the 4 secrets of success, a strong mind, strong body, true heart, and faith.

    1. Hi Andy Zeus Anderson!

      I love that you are well into the good vibes of affirmations and your favourite that you noted gives off a super solid and inspirational feel. A strong mind and body, a true heart and faith all yield to a successful life experience, I agree!  We are the makers indeed, so we best make it good!

      I appreciate your connected and supportive comment!


  2. Hi GVL

    I believe that personal vibrations must be in harmony with universal vibrations; a good advice I think it might be to start the day well: look in the mirror, smile (much like the brain) and tell yourself how much you love yourself; is an exercise in any case; then, during the day, when something unpleasant happens to you, think about: what relevance will be over 5 years; just do not get stressed

    1. That’s the ticket Carmen!  Some mirror love and being super chill about how you approach life. Sounds like you have it sorted!

      Thank you for your comment and have a most vibrant week ahead!


  3. Wow! This was such an amazing read. I just recently started using affirmatins and watching my words including those noisy inner thoughts. I am finally getting the hang of it and your post makes so much more sense to me now than t would have before. 

    Affirmations really work, i just hope more people would try it out for themselves. A favorite of mine is ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

    1. Hi affiliate_ghost!

      I appreciate that my post has provided some support to you in terms of ease of understanding and implementing your empowering affirmations.  Whatever your faith and however you connect to the Divine, it is most certainly a powerful entity in which to be in harmony. 

       Affirmations are a simple, yet profoundly effective way to be a witness to this power and its force in relationship to you and how you frame your experience with the language you choose. 

      Thank you for your comment and may peace and wellness be with you in all moments 🙂


  4. I try to live each day to the fullest and enjoy. I guess you could say that one of my down falls is not thinking completely positively. I had a few health set backs that really just tore down some of my positive attitude. I know I need to work on it. I know that thinking these thoughts brings me down somewhat . But I know it is an issue and I am working on it. Normally I am a very upbeat person, so I was surprised to see myself go down the road towards depression. It is not me and I certainly won’t let it be me!

    1. Hey Leahrae!

      Thank you for sharing so openly about your experience.
      Emotions can recycle themselves in your physiological energy, especially if you have had any serious trauma. Understanding emotional energy in the body can be very empowering in healing trauma and maintaining optimal well being and longevity. Also, understanding how emotional energy is related to your thought forms is also empowering. Louise Hay has some very insightful content in terms of how to manage and heal depression 🙂

      A simple but very effective method to enter a different kind of energy is to shift your focus to presence and appreciation. A daily gratitude journal is a great tool I used to elevate myself in my dark moments. When you begin to list things around you that you appreciate, it can change the energy of your focus considerably. Being mindful of the stories you tell yourself and how they affect your state of being is a good awareness point too!
      I deem it a powerful and advantageous fact that you have self awareness. Presence and motion in the body can be superior mood boosters – meditation has proven to be exponential in my own healing from a depressive state to one of regulation and optimality.
      I am glad you have such vibrant spirit and enthusiasm to remain on the good vibe side of life girl! Kudos!

      Thank you for your comment!


  5. One of my favorite books is “Release Your Brakes”. It’s an older book but describes affirmations so darn well. Affirmations can be as simple as “I am happy.” I like to do a primer first, on a statement that I already have where I am not trying to convince myself. That way, after the first statement, by maintaining the feeling of “Having”, I state my other affirmations. Works like magic.

    Great post

    1. Hey JB!

      Thanks a ton for the book recommendation – I will check it out!
      That state of being is imperative to bring about your spoken word, for sure. Sounds like you have it dialled in nicely my brother!


      Thanks for the continued support with your good vibe comments!

      They are appreciated!


  6. Awesome post Rebecca! I love affirmations but unfortunately I always fail to stick to them after a few weeks. They are super powerful though and this motivates me to reinvest the time in them again! I have read about a ton of people turning their lives around through affirmations. It’s pretty crazy to think about how powerful the things we say to ourselves, both out loud and within our own heads, can be to shaping our life. Really like your point about simplicity as well. Simplicity really is the best way for most things! Thanks again for the great read.

    1. Hi Dan!

      I am pleased you found resonance in my post and yes, indeed, words have great power!

      I like that you dig the simplicity vibe too!

      Have a great weekend ahead and thanks Dan!


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