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The High Vibes of Self Analysis

This post will take us into the high vibes of self-analysis – a worthy pursuit indeed!

Check Yourself. Expand.

check yourself analysis
Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment

Acceptance of yourself in your entirety, good and bad habits across the board, allows you to better understand and accept your areas of opportunities for growth.

Note that didn’t read as improvement.

Acceptance of oneself is an integral part of being able to move forward in an expanded manner. Nothing in this moment about you needs improvement.

believe in you

Accepting who you are right now in your being is the key to expansion. When you label yourself as anything other than optimal, you do a disservice to the essence of your being. There is no good vibe that can be yielded from that kind of energy.

No one was ever made good by being told how bad they are.

Set the intention of an optimal expectancy of you as your best version of yourself and than live into it with positive assurance and knowledge of your worth to be capable of achieving this state of being.

Your beliefs, thought patterns and habitual tendencies and behaviours make up the content that is the storybook of your life. Awaken to the playful nature this gives us freedom and power to explore.

Keep Things Simple. Be Present. Be Forward Thinking.

How Aware are You of You?

self awareness is more important

We live in a time when so much discovery and innovation is taking place in regards to the nature of our existence, the essence of our beings, and our inherent power and the endless possibilities that we have access to in this world – should we endeavour upon an interest into these discoveries, your findings may prove to blow your mind.

the definition of introspection

Self analysis just means sorting yourself out. To be able to step back and look at your habits and tendencies and be able to review them impartially allows you to see what shortcomings are impeding you.

This is your life. Endeavour to live it fully as who you were meant to become and the path you were destined to walk.

Each one of us humans are unique.

Being able to harness a space of openness and authority in the authentic expression of this uniqueness is what makes us individually powerful.

A little self check-in every now and again allows you to understand what is up in terms of how you are showing up in your life.

Self analysis need not be a criticism carnival – it is best to develop your positive attributes than focus on your shortcomings, even any physical ones.

The research and evidence that is available to us today about our capacities to govern ourselves in a manner that intentionally creates intended results in our own bodies as well as our outer experience are abundant, accepted, been experienced, documented and even formulated. Quantum science, neuroscience, epigenetics all demonstrate our intrinsic, complex and unparalleled technology that is the human brain and the mechanisms of the Heart and human body. Not to mention the very trippy and interesting studies done on the energetic power of words and language to frame an experience and determine the outcome as a result of that framing.

Are you riding the victim train and nothing works out for you?

Is your self-worth tied up in some person you have an unhealthy attachment to and continually treats you poorly?

Did you have an accident 10 years ago and now that’s why today you can’t do anything fun?

Do you have an unhealthy addiction to television, social media, complaining…?

You are only as capable as you allow yourself to be and to the degree that you are able to be forthright and honest to yourself about yourself and your habits. How you spend your time, what you focus on, how your frame your experience, the governance of your physiological energy and the habits you keep determine your life experience.

I recently read “The Power Brain” by Ilchi Lee. He is doing wonderful work and sheds many insights on the brain which you can learn more about here if you can dig it.

Speak not to your limitations. Speak to your capabilities & focus forward on what can be achieved.

check before you wreck

Developing your existing qualities and putting your focus and attention on what is working for you will help you. Acknowledging any shortcomings with full acceptance of yourself and your entirety will yield an energy of dissipation towards any consistent limiting thoughts or energy you have invested momentum with in terms of those shortcomings.

Whatever we resist, will persist. It is okay to be exactly who you are, how you are in this moment. Complete acceptance of yourself and your entirety is imperative should you want to lend yourself to growth.

If you cannot be honest with yourself about the manner in which your govern your mental, emotional and physical health than I would put to you the inquiry as to why that is and start to think about maybe dialling that in?

Developing your strengths and finer qualities will eventually remove or eclipse any of your (perceived) shortcomings, allowing them to fall away of their own accord.

Write it in a journal, make a grocery list of your attributes and areas you could do with some reflection. Checking in with yourself is a good vibe. In this life of yours, a little self-analysis can go a long way.

analyze but value

An investment in this practice demonstrates self responsibility.

Self responsibility is a reflection and manifestation of self-esteem.

The practice of self responsibility denotes that you understand you & you alone are solely responsible for the achievement of your desires, your actions, your choices, the level of conscious awareness you govern yourself in and bring to your work, community and relationships. You are the ambassador of your behaviour, the use of your time, your personal happiness, the values in which you choose to live by and the manner in which you hold esteem of yourself.

That’s a tall order and could be intimidating to take on such an endeavour should you not have been gifted with the knowledge or conditioning of self responsibility and self-worth, however if you treat the pursuit as you would keep a household or profession, the expansion and value it can lend to your experience in this life is exponential.

No one owes you the fulfillment of your wishes but yourself, sweet human!

fertile garden mirror

Check-in with the governance of the business that is you. Make the best of that business as it will filter out to every area your life and that is a very very good vibe!