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The GoodVibes of Compassion – Compassion Yields Peace

Our next post of being human here at the GVL we dive into the goodvibes of compassion! The factoid is that compassion yields peace.

Compassion yields peace and is a solid and empowering attribute to envelop and/or cultivate.

Compassion – What Is It? Compassion Yields Peace.

The dictionary defines compassion as this:


  1. sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Here at the GVL we Encompass a Vibe of Empowerment.

Despite what the dictionary may say, we do not pity anyone or anything because we understand our inherent power within to become whomever we choose to be and to cultivate an energy within of empowerment and transformation, no matter the depths of darkness in which you may have been or are currently dwelling.

Engaging in any kind of pity is a physiological energy suck, not indicative of Truth and in all honesty probably not worth your investment.

Pity is vibe of victimization.

Compassion yields peace.

the practice of compassion

It denotes that somehow the person is not of choice to determine how their lives will roll or are they themselves incapable of harnessing their own empowerment.

Sympathy and concern, however, is a vibe that resonates as we are one and with what Quantum Science shows us about the nature of reality and the mirror principle – what we do for others, is essentially a reflection of what we do for ourselves.

Who we are being towards others, is mirrored to us in how others approach us. Judgement and criticism of your fellow human is an indication of your displeasure and inability to love and enjoy your own Self.

If you are able to cultivate the practice of compassion, then you are connecting to your Heart Centre. The Heart measures an electromagnetic pulse vibration 7000x that of the human brain so acting from this centre of energy in your body is a connectivity that is palpable and beneficial.

Living with compassion means that you are emanating a good frequency from this critical and life giving entity in your body and that is vibe that thrives. It also lends itself to a vibe willing to help and offer support as a result of witnessing a fellow human in suffering.

Compassion is an awareness of the humanness in all of us and the willingness to provide love and nurturing to a heart and mind in distress without having to understand or know how the emotional state of the person manifests itself.

Compassion is not just something that we give others. It is paramount that we practice self compassion in order to be able to understand how to cultivate it for others.

the practice of self compassion

The Health Benefits of Compassion

If being a level up human in the good vibes of connectivity and care isn’t motivation enough to want to include compassion in your lifestyle and values game, then understanding that neurologically, practicing compassion provides some serious level up in terms of your overall psychological well-being

The reason encompassing a state of compassion does this can be found here from this solid article on the benefits of awakening self compassion and then the methodology as well as a call to action to engage in the practice of it.

health benefits of compassion

Pausing to breathe and gather yourself when dealing with any situation that causes you dissonance is key in cultivating compassion.

Rather than yell at someone who cut you off, you can try to be calm and think back to anytime you may have accidentally cut someone off.

If it was done intentionally, then that too is informational, if you approach the situation with compassion and not victimization.

You decide how you respond to situations, no matter the situations you face.

That is a great aspect of ourselves we would all do well to not only remember, but actually consciously practice.

Compassion may even go so far as to believing and thinking of the best and advantageous aspects of people rather than the worst.

Relating to people with compassion yields a vibe of acceptance and peace. So many reactive manners in which this media filled world can lead to.

Being a human in the world that is cultivating self compassion and spreading out that vibe is exponential to the inherent nature of good feels that we, as humans, are all capable of generating.