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The GoodFeels of Understanding Your Belief System – The Agreements You Make With The World

What Is A Belief & What Entails Understanding Your Belief System?

The good people over at give understanding your belief system a breeze by giving us the definition of belief as this:

definition of belief

The above definitions are all accurate. When you think about it, the beliefs that you hold are agreements you make with your inner world within and the relationship you keep with the world outside of yourself. Understanding your belief system is an empowerment win. 

This is a system present in your life that holds a good amount of power & weight in terms of how your life experience unfolds. Understanding your belief system empowers you. 

The set of ideas and convictions you hold about yourself and your worldview is how you interpret and make sense of your time here on Earth. Understanding your belief system puts you in awareness.  Some belief systems lend themselves to expansion, and others lead to deterioration.

it is, therefore, a worthy pursuit to have an awareness and knowledge about the beliefs you hold both consciously and subsconsciously.

In a simplified way, beliefs could be approached in understanding as a thought you just keep thinking and deem that thought to be of truth. Understanding your belief system means you are in close connection with the Self. 

wayne dyer on beliefs

An example of a limiting belief that many people hold are “it runs in my family” Understanding your belief system can free you from limitations. 

 Whether it be a disease, a physiological condition or attribute or a tendency of habit, a good portion of people will chalk up aspects of their life experience by explaining it away with “Oh, it runs in my family – so it has to be the case…” 

 The real truth is that we, as individuals and dynamic electromagnetic beings, have a choice as to how our experience unfolds.  

In both our internal and external world experience and can actually modify and influence our genetic expressions through heightened awareness.

A connection to the higher aspect of our existence and tools such as meditation and exercising the Mind and Body with supportive and expanding actions and mental frames.

Understanding your belief system is one avenue to understanding higher consciousness. 

This a good vibe and super refreshing to learn that we have the ultimate say in how our lives are to unfold….if….we harness and implement this belief system with success.

let go of self limiting beliefs

How Do We Get Beliefs?

We are taught certain modalities of thinking as we grow in the world, that, unless we are taught to question otherwise, become acceptable norms and the foundation in which our beliefs are built.

Examples of accepted and ingrained beliefs that were present, (and have since been transformed) during my worldview as I was growing and deciphering the world around me would be that when you get sick, you need seek outside of yourself for treatment. My self healing two lower lumbar discs slips/1 break and a complex stress neural disorder now under my governance were all accomplished by the meditation work I did provided by the content of one Dr. Joe Dispenza abolished this belief entirely. Especially since the alternatives I was offered seemed like they would just add more conflict to my state rather than heal it.  Invasice surgery and chemically produced drugs seem highly unnatural to me now after my work in healing both my mind and body with my own intent and investment.

My work in Bio-Energy with various practitioners in the field, solidified my belief that energy is the only currency in our Universe. 

Gaining an understanding and relationship with it lends itself to the good feels and that we have complete governance over how we interpret and exist in this world.

Other self-limiting beliefs I have been witness to are if there is a disease that runs in the lineage of your family, then you are more susceptible to acquiring it or that education, hard work and sacrifice are the only avenues to a wealthy and successful life.

 The work of Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, as well as many other englightened and educated people in this world demonstrate our innate power to have full governance over the outcomes of our lives and the manner in which we show up. 
ghandi quotes


There is the nature of people in their youth and there is the nurturing of people in their youth.

Both play a pivotal role in the minds capes and beliefs that a person carries within them and journeys forth with on their life path.

If the beliefs that you were ingrained/nurtured with are widely accepted, but prove false, then how are you even to know that they are limiting beliefs?

Anything that does not serve your highest good that arises or is the by product of your belief system is a belief that is not aligned with truth. Beliefs such as “I am heavy because all the people in my family are heavy and that is just the way it is.” does not serve your highest good.

You have complete governance and choice about who and what you are.

You need only frame them in the right light using your words and then practice the affirmation of this repetitively and with feeling faithful conviction.

The Mind is always looking for explanations and evidence. It is a busy little bee and you can choose the nectar in which it feeds from.

When you change the manner in which you think about things and then affirm that these changes are the new norm, your mind will naturally start seeking out evidence of your new beliefs.

I was raised in an affluent family. I was nurtured with the belief that education, hard work and a degree is the pathway to happiness.

I have always endeavoured to expand my education through the magical vibes of reading, and I went to college and I acquired a successful job with Netflix as a story artist, but this was not at all the catalyst for me to find happiness.

In fact, my efforts to rise to the heights of accomplishment in the film and television industry were no longer within me as a desire once I experienced for myself the disempowering practices that are, not surprisingly, but alarmingly, normalized.

When, as a society did we get so comfortable mistreating each other?

Imagine if social responsibility and being good to others was mandatory for any kind of work in this world.

What a world it would be.

beliefs that do no serve

Practices such as no overtime payment for upwards of 40 additional hours of work per week, hierarchies that normalize dehumanizing and degrading other people, misogyny and lack of authenticity in terms of governance, accountability and communication. At one studio I was addressed in an email to all employees as a “lazy donkey” with no qualms whatsoever about this being highly ineffective to motivate a crew of people nor its fundamental toxicity to a work environment.

There were many others I encountered who have the same perceptions, but they remain with their belief in the world view that you have to put up with such practices in order to fit in with the crowd and make a successful career for yourself. I am not comfortable maintaining this belief system and when I verbalized as much to my veteran co-worker, he insisted I keep a hush hush low profile if I felt like I needed to express my opinion about such maladies in the industry as otherwise I would be blacklisted.

I am okay with the latter result if it means I am to remain dignified in my being by doing so. You teach people what you will tolerate. I will not tolerate unfair treatment and fundamental disrespect be normalized as the cost of fame and fortune. That’s a weird vibe.

shakespeare knows

The material comfort in which I was raised was an advantage. The emotional and psychological environment in which I was raised, however, propelled me into addiction, self sabotage, low esteem of the self and disempowering, destructive relationships.

It wasn’t until the onset of C-PTSD, flashbacks, dis associative violent and erratic behaviours that I began to uncover the systems of beliefs that I held within that were transferred to me living in a violent domicile that was normalized.

What if I told you that after all the healing work I have accomplished, I now see all of that as an advantage too.

Seems counter-intuitive to be grateful for an existence in which toxic stress was the main theme for the first 16 years of your life, but get this:

We Are Given The Lives We Are Given, Because We Are More Than Capable To Live Them.

Having awareness and coupling that with education are two tremendously powerful tools to elevate your life experience and the handling of it. One may rest in a state of victimization of all that they endured in their formative years, or one can perceive it as exactly how it is meant to be and use these experiences to enhance, empower and transmute one’s own being.

Again, I choose the latter of these options to remain in empowerment.

Also, I wasn’t hurting for a sweet lifestyle. Although I would have taken emotional connection and regulation over anything, I was afforded great opportunities in terms of education, travel and abundant living.

It Is Important 2 Heal Your Wounds, So That All Remains Is That Which You Can Be Grateful For.

I have had to relearn how to communicate, how to frame my experiences, how to navigate disempowering neural activity to empowered and realigned neural pathway activity.

When you awaken to the realization of the truth of your experience and are able to understand and decipher where your true power lies, then you have set the path ahead of you of one of freedom and abundance.

It is not for the faint of heart.

Being faint of heart is that in itself is a self imposed limiting belief and would do well to be questioned.

Our Hearts are so formidably powerful.

power of the heart

Changing ingrained belief systems needs repetition and a commitment of intention to do so efficiently, and effectively. One manner that proves exponentially helpful is to listen to subliminal recordings upon sleeping and waking.

As you doze off to sleep you enter different brain wave states that permeate and imprint on your subconscious mind. In waking hours, meditation and affirmations are very handle tools at your disposal. Such recordings are found in abundance on the internet as well as implementing mindful present attention in every waking moment of your day.

When you are alert, present and aware, you can better decipher what programs of beliefs are playing on auto pilot and which ones you might do well to transform.

Beliefs have implemented into the subconscious of an individual and will determine a good portion of how the life events unfold for them.

The subconscious aspect of our beings are the programming we run without conscious or deliberate thought. It exists for our survival in that It is omnipresent yet not a tangible item we can physically hold or see with our sight.

Most often when you speak of the subconscious to people there is a general look of uh-huh but not really sure what that’s about so let’s casually change the subject – socially, I mean. It is a hot topic in the world of psychology, reality creation, and up in here for this post 🙂

If you had to remind yourself and be conscious in every moment about taking a breath, then you wouldn’t really get anything done in a day, would you?

Same with the driving of a vehicle. If you had to consciously remind yourself how to drive a car each time you endeavoured to do so, it would take a good deal of time to get anything accomplished.

Once behaviours, skills and habits are experientially downloaded into your being, your subconscious interprets and governs these aspects of ourselves to provide us the freedom to direct our energy and attention purposefully.

If, however, you were gifted with misalignment in your formative years or have been taught and raised in a Newtonian physics kind if modality of thinking, then your subconscious programming may be working against you rather than for you.

The manner in which this was evident in my experience was through addiction and limiting and false beliefs that had been downloaded based on the experiences in my formative years.

It wasn’t until nearly my 40th year in my own skin did these beliefs get dismantled entirely.

It had been a journey of roughly a decade that I had a peripheral understanding of the misalignment in my belief systems and modality of living.

The process of self discovery was propelled after a very abusive and toxic dynamic of an online friendship I maintained that, the aftermath of which, due to its abusive and toxic nature and coupled with my uncovering suppressed early childhood trauma, nearly made me succumb to ending my own life.

For every low vibe there is the polarity of the goodvibe. When you are down to nothing the GOOD of the UNIVERSE is always up to something.

Self love, meditation, reading, a can-do attitude and 2 years later, I am better and managing my business and relationships with more clarity, connection and authenticity.

My partner and son are superheroes and good fine gentlemen who have supported me and loved me through my healing.

Encompassing a belief system that supports you and leads to your expansion while dismantling beliefs that do not serve you can radically transform your entire life.

belief in yourself

The reason I was entertaining such a diminishing and toxic dynamic because it was reflecting my beliefs about myself.

Reading the likes of David R Hawkins, Frederick Dodson, Emerson, Wayne Dyer, Ilchi Lee, and Nataniel Braden are all resources that empowered me to cultivate and implement beliefs about my own value and worth that serve me rather than prove to enable disempowerment.

Choosing Beliefs That Serve You

If you find yourself in a place where you want to change up your belief system then it need not be a huge ordeal.

The power of intention is exactly that.


The efficacy of repetition is super effective too. A daily mantra I used when my Mind and it’s losing of it, so it seemed was progressively getting worse the more I identified with it.

Once I started affirming for myself repeatedly throughout the day to myself that “I am healthy in Mind and Body – 4 months later, guess what I am now?


In Mind.

In Body.

mindful of self talk

Is it that simple? With complex trauma, uh no, but it gets better and simpler the more you face it. I still have hiccups and weird vibe days in terms of my systems regulation but I am empowered in that I understand fully what is happening and I can implement the necessary tools to circumvent/manage it.

Complex problems usually yield with simple solutions but to be honest, I have been pulling out every tool in the book and researching more and more to get a handle on it.

The man whom I saw on the train the other day who was talking to himself in expletives and randomly and violently hitting the train door, did not get an ounce of judgement from me as I know only too well what it is like not to be in your “right mind”

A good example and motivation for me, however, to continue on my path of self healing and investment so that I don’t become that guy – he was super scary and many people left the train, me included.

When mental health goes unchecked, it can prove super destructive to the person themselves and those whom they interact or are in the presence of.

I really feel that is why it is imperative that we compassionately instill in our education modalities the topics of how to handle the esteem of oneself and how to manage and handle stress and emotion.

Those are life tools and skills relevant to everyone.

As a result of my research, reading and investment, I am functioning, most days, optimally again.

Beliefs about mental health, beliefs about physical health, beliefs about the world in which we live. They are pivotal in how we govern our lives.

When you decide to commit to something, commit to it.

Believe in it and DECIDE.

Your right to choose your life is there in front of you every day in every present moment.

When you empty your Mind you can find stillness and then choose.

The first step to uncovering your beliefs is to track your attention.

belief success factor

Start each day tracking your attention. What you do. What you say. How you speak. What you speak about. Do you have any habitual programs running? Do you have characteristics and behaviours that seems familiar from the adults in your life when you were a child?

I am a huge advocate for meditation.

It increases your awareness, it cultivates a relationship with your own self, regulates your system, promotes a peaceful state, connects you to your Soul and connects you to the Infinite Source.

When you take time – even just fifteen minutes a day to sit in meditative silence either guided, with music or in a silent, quiet space.

If you have enough strength of will to commit to a period of stillness and silence for 15 minutes of every day, it can prove to radically transform your relationship to yourself and your life experience.

Luxury living is simple and clean.

Nature never wastes energy.

It always strives to be in a state of homeostasis, balance.

The age in which we live is rapid.

To balance the rapidity with stillness is a wise pursuit.

We are beings on the Earth and when we harmonize with this truth, then we can simplify and enhance our lives about us.

Understanding your belief system is understanding your perceptions of life. 

When you make an investment in yourself and take a look at your own choices and the outcomes you generate in your life and actually take invested time to think about and cultivate enhancements in the varying aspects of how you show up in your life, there is real empowerment in that.

magic is believing in you

The energetic difference is apparent when you are interacting with someone in their own skin versus someone who is pretending be comfortable in their own skin.

The advantage in wisdom you gain from self inquiry, not unhealthy and obsessive narcissism, but a sincere intention to become the most expanded version of oneself is one of the greatest gifts you can ever bestow upon yourself.

Creating yourself from within rather than imitating something outside of yourself is a far more dynamic and authentic way to be in the world.

Also, I have evidence that when you do this, the Source of All That Is, always has your back, and understanding this being with this belief is a vibe that thrives and one that will serve you for the entirety of this life’s journey for you. See how understanding your belief system is a thrive all around?

Have at it and have some fun! You are only limited by your own imagination which is….limitless.

Do you believe that??


your infinite potential