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The Goodfeels of Not Knowing – How Admitting You Don’t Know Everything Makes You Wiser

Everything Makes You Wiser.

Have You Ever Experienced The Goodfeels Of Not Knowing?

the good feels of the unknown

Are You Open Enough 2 Admitting You Don’t Know Everything?

Could You Conceive of the Idea That You Actually Become Wiser By Admitting You Are An Empty Vessel to Learning? Everything Makes You Wiser, If You Let It. 

learning is a life long pursuit

This post has been inspired due to some material I just encountered in my research and reading but also because of some behaviours my beautiful ginger haired cutie bear child has been exhibiting of late. Being an open minded and invested Mama Bear, I believe that everything makes you wiser.

The synchronicity of the events inspired is what will be distilled here.

Having Knowledge is Empowering.

Being ignorant can lead to poor outcomes.

This simple yet profound truth is one that we as humans would do well to understand.

Are You Familiar With The Term “Ignorance is Bliss?”

You can’t get attached or upset about things you have no knowledge of, and sadly with the authenticity rate of most peeps being in the shady range, then direct honesty is something many people are fearful of. Not knowing everything makes you wiser. It allows for new information to stream in.

It comes from indoctrinated teachings rooted in falsehoods.

As a result peeps hide stuff, or shovel stuff under the rug or permeate and perpetuate the disempowerment that comes with inauthentically expressing yourself and your own unique needs and desires.

Society gears us towards being good towards that which is outside of ourselves and to determine our own worth in comparison to what the status quo deems “appropriate”

As the consciousness of the globe elevates and awakenings to a more elevated way of being in the world, many people are discovering that the practices of history past that are rooted in disempowerment and that the real way to a good life is through honouring and nurturing ones own love within.

Self love is trending baby and for good reason! Understanding that not knowing everything makes you wiser is a sober place to begin.

It's love baby

A part of being loving to the Self is to admit to oneself your own capacities but especially one’s own opportunities for growth, learning and expansion.

In the self love department, everything makes you wiser.

As we have denoted before here at the GVL, you don’t know what you don’t know. This can prove bliss, or prove detriment to your experience.

Each and every one of us are born with an inherent guiding system within us that gives us all the answers we will ever need to know.

This is our intuitive and super sensory capacities that we contain within.

These are developed and fine-tuned with consistent practices such meditation, self inquiry, silence, yoga, or any other meditative and flow inducing pursuits.

daily meditation changes your life

You need not be in the lineage of witches or shamans to understand you can make best use to harness this gift each and every one of us humans has access to.

Not knowing everything makes you wiser because it puts you in alignment with Infiniti.

The majority of us humans are subject to existence experienced by our 5 senses and it is a common and rational way to be in the world.

Very rarely are we educated about harnessing our own intuitive and super sensory gifts within and the majority of us lead successful lives in complete ignorance of these gifts or utilizing them without real awareness that they are in play. Not knowing everything makes you wiser.

Intuitive Knowledge is Connected to That Which is Infinite Intelligence.

If the topic of infinite intelligence is too broad a topic for you, then here is an introduction to some expansion.

What makes the trees soar to sky and remain there for hundreds of years on end?

Have you ever been in a Blue Zone of the world?

Have you ever had experiences that leave you breathless and profoundly amazed and in awe? The kind that demonstrates to you not knowing everything makes you wiser?

Have you ever healed a cut without having to do anything but put a Bandaid upon it or a bone by having a doctor place a cast on it?

When you put your hand on your heart, can you feel it beating?

When the sunrises or sets while you are on the beach do you note that magnificence that is the light that permeates our world?

Natural disasters – have you witnessed the force of that which creates such destruction?

There is intelligence at work that is profoundly powerful and profoundly dynamic and it is at play in all moments of every day, whether you acknowledge it or not.

As Earthlings we are mere specks in the Universe, so reeling it in to the daily functions of everyday life and not really putting too much focus on such aspects of our lives, means that we stay comfortable with the known.

Not knowing everything makes you wiser because you are gaining in intuitive knowledge.

That’s awesome and many people function just find not putting any curiosity or inquiry into pursuits that deal with the higher aspects of our beings.

We here at the GVL like to harness the good feels and in one area of life in which I can guarantee you will have a successful and fruitful existence is to embrace the unknown. Not knowing everything makes you wiser is a statement of empowerment.

embrace the unknown

It Is Such a Fun Place 2 Be.

When You Harness a Practice of Serious & Authentic Self Care & Nurturing That is Aligned With The Uniqueness of Your Own Heart & Mind, You Can Begin 2 Introduce This Energy 2 Yourself.

My son says “yeah, . I know!!” when I remind him of his tasks to uphold good standing as a housemate but also as a human being. I am a kind and invested mama bear but entitlement is a characteristic that is a low vibe and one that lacks the thrive.

I respond by stating to him in a super kind and calm manner:

“If you know, then behave as if you know.”

The “I know, I know” in a child is a healthy expression of their developing Ego.

If you think about it, a child comes into this world from pure consciousness and learns to absorb the world around them.

They are guided both consciously and subconsciously by their primary caregivers and influences as well as any ancestral lineage that is connected to their initial heritage.

Everything is a discovery and when their beautiful brains are able to remember and relate what they have absorbed and retained, the “I know, I know” appears with excited thrills and screams of delight.

For the grown adult, however, it is a different story…..mind you, perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Encountering a person who is of the belief there is nothing more to learn is a stagnation station vibe.

The “know it all” You may be one or you may have met one on your journeys and I will tell you, a person who thinks that they know everything is most probably a person masking their own deep insecurities and lack of faith in their own sense of self and self-knowledge.

That is not to give due credit to someone who endeavours to make learning a life long endeavour in their particular field of study, but people of that caliber, are usually expanding and continuing their education daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

It is the wise who know that learning is a never ending pursuit. Whether the content be yourself, or things outside of yourself, there is no limit to what a person is able to comprehend and experience both in the world of matter and the world of energy.

The expanded mindset, the brain open to new ideas and ways of being in the world is a super magical vibe and readily available to any and all who are willing to take the risk of believing in the profound magic of embracing the unknown.

Your world will always take care of you if you let it….

In a World that Vibes & Derives From the Infinite, There is Always Something More 2 Learn.

Where is there room for growth and expansion if there is nothing more to learn??

There are many types of knowledge a person can obtain.

Knowledge through reading, inquiry of study, being told by another person and then there is, what we deem the most accurate assessment of knowledge and that is through ones own senses – Experiential knowledge.

Experiential knowledge encompasses learning through the senses and heightened and unpredictable states of emotion a good degree more than sedentary absorbing ideas with the Mind.

Both are formidably advantageous to us humans and would do well to heed the two during our life paths.

Hindsight being 20/20 is a thing because everyone can look back and see the current and waves of events and outcomes and see with more clarity where different behaviours or knowledge would have produced different and most likely elevated outcomes.

Then there are those who do no such reflecting back and flow with the waves as they roll just run the hamster wheel of a groundhog day kind of existence.

Ignorance can really be bliss, to a degree as it allows you to be immune to most things however ignorance is detrimental if it proves harmful and diminishing to another.

Having awareness of the self and knowing that you don’t know everything but are willing to learn is a very empowering place to be.

We here at the GVL promote balance.

Balance is more in tune with the Earth’s vibe, even if it is taking its inhabitants a little while to catch up to this understanding. We have the power today of technology that has never before existed.

The masses absorb content on their screens in an unconscious fashion as if being controlled by the very things their own humanity created.

Absorbing your face in a screen is a way to avoid the moment in front of you. If you are able to cultivate a balance of connecting with nature to the degree that you connect to your digital devices in a day, you may be surprised to learn how ultimately more peaceful and regulated your life will become.

Many people strive after the latest gadget and consume the latest market top buy, but how many people are with knowledge of the intentions and reasons behind this kind of consumer ship?

Do you know that when a new Apple product comes out people by the droves line up for hours to be the first at buying.

They wake up at extreme hours, withstand harsh environmental conditions, immerse themselves in a crowd of people who are generating the same energy of want and “got to get it now”

These feels are not thrive vibes.

Did you know that once the product is launched, you can get it next week and the week after that and the week after that….but being the first to have it…oooh!

That holds a good amount of appeal.

Is it a replacement for lack of nourishing oneself within?

Otherwise, why would any sane individual go to such lengths?

Being discerning and having and awareness of the practices and behaviours that our society normalizes is where your own individuality and self- assertiveness can be handy tools to have in your human tool box.

If you struggle with your ability to speak out for your own thoughts, desires and feelings, then our sista site will be a superior resource for you to dial in and elevate your love and nurturing of yourself.

Our experiences tend to remain with us when they are connected to heightened emotions.

Life events that are pivotal to our lives generally denote or proceed a shift in our daily experience.

Marriages, graduations, babies being born and the infinite list of topics that us humans have at our disposal to engage a vibrant and good feel life.

The polarity of this would be episodes of trauma that present themselves in our lives through misaligned situations and behaviour of others.

We are all subject to the same laws as humans, despite the different creeds, beliefs and practices we all uniquely engage within and are an inherent part of living.

If we were all the same then what fun would that be?

Diversity is something celebratory – to embrace and accept those around us who differ because fundamentally, within our diversity we are all human and we are all electric, magnetic, emotional, physical, social, psychological beings.

Curiosity is something they a Mr Walt Disney was a huge advocate for a curious sense of living.

His empire spans countries and impacts the globe. He was a man who had an imagination and dwelled in its capabilities.

He endorsed curiosity.

Curiosity Is a Wonderful Gift We Have Been Bestowed.

To root your heels in and claim you know all you need to know is a curiosity killer.

To get curious about anything is a place of growth and expansion.

It’s a thrive vibe!

curiosity is the engine of achievement quote

When you are willing to learn, willing to explore, willing to BE curious then you open yourself up to the presence of creativity.

I would endorse an attitude of unknowing in an attempt to see what new there is for you to discover.

Becoming habitual or complacent in and about your life is surely a pursuit that will leave you to decay.

Our beings were meant to be expanded, experiences were made to be had.

There is an entire Earth upon which we live that is yours to discover and we live in a time where technology allows us to do it with frequency and ease.

When you venture outside of the all knowing, the security of routine and what comes next and you take a leap of faith into the unknown…. you never know what may come of your life should you have the courage to admit there is a lot you don’t know.

Following a path into the unknown is a vibe that thrives and the reason is, that us as humans are in a constant state of motion – even the people who are seemingly sedentary and obese have some movement happening in their bio suits to ensure that they are able to withstand their life force through the air they breathe and the manner in which they choose to nourish their own bodies.

Intuitive living takes a good deal of investment into oneself.

Many people seek outside themselves in groups and drones to find acceptance and mutuality with those that surround them and their efforts and energy are primarily being occupied and utilized for this purpose.

When you free up that energy of seeking outside for the validation that is your life experience, and you turn it inwardly to your own intuitive guidance with the Source of all that is, then this is the kind of investment that will have you moving mountains.

There is Power in Uncertainty.

There is Magic & Wonder in The Unknown.

When you can garner enough love and acceptance within, you know, feel and live by this truth of which we are all subjected.

Not knowing everything makes you wiser.