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The Good Vibes of Photography

This latest post will take us deep down the Gateway into the Good Vibes of Photography.

Photography is visual storytelling and can leave you with a gallery of profound visual eye candy stylings for you to appreciate and reflect upon the most memorable, and sometimes just the simplest of experiences you have had and captured.

photography is visual storytelling

My Phone Photographs

i love taking photos

Vintage photographs

black and white photography

History in Pictures is a GoodVibe to see Evolution in Life & Technology

photographs are moments in time captured

Evolution in Film, Photography, Recreation and Vehiclesvintage vibes in photographs

I also absolutely adore that I had a child and have been able to keep a visual diary of his growth and evolvement in the last seven years in which I have been supremely fortunate to have a hand in and witness his healthy and expanded development.

Same Tree – Different Centuries – Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada.same tree different times

little orange beanbeautiful ginger hair cutie bear

I have a shoe box full of Polaroids and photographs, on my third Instagram account and have a Google Drive housing thousands of captures I have taken since my return from Mexico and phones became mini computers and veritable mini mobile photography mobile photography studio

Tide and Time of Photography

The history and processes of photography are vast. Wikipedia has a very dialled in and interesting read on the history of photography. My knowledge is that of Nicéphore Niépce who was recorded as being the first to be able to dial in a photograph along with his comrade Louis Daguerre. They developed a process in which they were able to unveil to the world in 1839 a commercially viable photographic process.

I deem it a worthwhile pursuit to recognize and educate yourself on it if you can dig the vibe.

It’s a good vibe to educate yourself on anything, really. Knowledge is Empowering because being informed allows you to be discerning and confidant in your relationship to that which you know of.

This world is vast and there are so many interesting things to get interested in. Learning and exploring through photography can cultivate a connection to the world in a more present and observational manner.

photography yields presence

The history, evolvement and present state of the use of the medium of photography is a pretty good vibe to get into. It demonstrates expansion, growth, creativity, technological advancements and mindful pursuits leading to invention and providing us with visual archives of different periods.

Without such inquisitive and curious minds, photography would not exist.

Its evolvement and impact in terms of education and empowerment are universal and its impact a global reach.

The Benefits of taking Photographs

photography is a form of communication

Photography and learning about how an image is captured and the kinds of techniques and tools you can use to enhance or alter the image in which you are viewing is a very cool vibe and is resonant with a favourable way to explore imaginatively our perceptions of what we see.

The benefits of taking photographs are abundant.

We are all so beautifully individual and to see how we see someone and to see how someone sees the world around them is a connected experience and broadens our understanding of ourselves, as well as those whom we share our photographs. There are myriads of ways in which photography enhances and supports a good vibe.

Approached with conscious awareness, photography yields a mindful practice. lil guy photographer

Taking a camera and purposefully recognizing and appreciating the natural world around you, the people that light you up, architecture that leaves an impression, a diverse environment or experience when traveling…whatever the subject – It puts you in the now and connects you to deeper connection and awareness of presence.

When any human is able to encompass a state of being in presence, there is no room for worrisome, ruminating thoughts or outward criticisms.

Photography is a great tool to harness and develop our imaginations.

My son is one of the most imaginative little creatures I have had the privilege to know and I try my best to harness that lego creation imagination

aspect of his being by engaging with him in imaginative play.

The time we spend dialing this in brings great joy, silliness and just all around good vibe fun.

Photography is a super cool way to enhance the right side cerebral stylings of your brain and harness creativity and imaginative thinking.

Whether it be the way the light catches a certain object and makes it appear as something else of your own imaginative musings, or even taking something seemingly ordinary and capturing it with your own imaginative eye to acknowledge that it is in fact, extraordinary.

My son likes to take a series of photographs of his latest Lego creations in different positions and at 7 is making stop motion animations of his Lego builds made all from his imagination.

The level of focus and present attention when I see the little dude in my life kill it with his creativity and dial in some sweet creations using a camera is a very cool thing to be present for.

Books and books have been written about the power of presence. An engaged participant dialing in some sweet photography harnesses a regulated state of presence.

This is a vibe which is an optimal space to be.

Photography educates and expands by being able to depict scenarios and landscapes and social realities across the globe. It can be a viable profession for those who are passionate for visual storytelling.

Insane Photographers Worldwide

Paul Nicklen’s Instagram is Off the Hook

paul nickel is off the hook

I learned of Paul Nicklen through my following National Geographic Travel ( there is another solid shout of longevity and good vibes that is the timeless distiller of knowledge and photographs that is National Geographic)

timeless national geographic

Paul Nicklen is a Canadian man who is accomplished in film, photography and marine biology and an advocate for the empowerment of our natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. He is aware, conscious, creative and basically being the kind of human that deserves and honourary shout out in the good vibes!

I do not know Paul Nicklen personally so I can not speak to his character directly, but the nature of the work he does and his investment and mastery into his crafts demonstrates to me that he is a man who is self actualized. This is the best thing that anyone can do for this world, in my humble opinion – to harness one’s own gifts in Mind and Heart and impact the globe in an empowering and inspirational manner.

Photography is a very cool pursuit, in whatever capacity you invest yourself into it, it yields some very good vibes.

If your idea of photography is an inordinate amount of selfies, then some self-analysis could be a good vibe too!

Photography is informative, creative, educational and FUN!

Enjoy it!