The Good Vibes of Music

A few weeks back we entered the gateway with the good vibes of dancing and now this post will take us into the depths of the good vibes of music.

We here at the GVL dig the knowledge of vibration and when it comes to music, sound energy can yield a very good vibe and impacts your brain to its benefit, should the frequency of the sound energy be in harmony and in energetic resonance with the frequencies of your body.

The kind of music a person listens to can be informative.

Someone who listens to heavy metal and finds solace in that kind of sound energy is vibrating at a very different energetic resonance than that of someone who is immersed and finding enjoyment in Bethoven’s Symphonies.

Different strokes for different folks so onward we go.

Here at the GVL we resonate with a high vibration. One of empowerment and harmony. That can be accomplished with various genres of music.

Music is Sound Energy

Sound is energy in motion through substances in longitudinal rarefaction/compression waves. Sound is produced when force moves energy causing an object or substance to VIBRATE. The energy transfer through the substance in a waveform. Sound energy is lower in quantity than other forms of energy however its impact tremendous.

music in headphones

Special units called pascals and decibels is how sound energy is commonly measured based on its intensity and pressure. If the decibels of sound energy is too loud, it can cause discomfort and even pain to people – this is referred to as the “threshold of pain” This threshold varies amongst individuals based on their physiologies, life experience/habits and age.

Music has All Kinds of Power

Music has tremendous power and in many respects. The memories or stimuli one can experience when listening to a specific song or melody is a very interesting phenomenon. The human brain is magnificent and the impact that music can have on our neural networks is vast and expansive.

Regardless of our stations in life, our countries of origin, our mental capacities or the amount of years we have been on this Earth, humans respond to music in a universal manner. With the advances found in neuroscience today, scientists and researchers are able to measure, quantitatively, just how the brain is affected by music.

music brain tape

Coolbeans, right?

The invested interest in this endeavour, the manner in which the brain is affected by music has expanded to a new sector of research called neuromusicology. This research is in the business of exploring how music affects the autonomic nervous system – of which I speak of in by post on meditation found here.

Every Known Part of the Brain is Activated by Music

The impact of music on the brain has been associated with pain relief, stress reduction in children, enhanced memory and advantages for those who are afflicted with brain injuries, seizures and stroke.

music impacts  your brain

I use a song called “Weightless” when I meditate. Sound therapists collaborated with the group Marconi Union to design a song that has arranged bass lines, rhythms and harmonies that lend itself to an empowered state of peace and balance in the physiology of one’s mind and body.  One song. There is a noticeable difference in my state of being before and after I listen to this jam in my mediation sessions and I can speak about its efficacy.

Its carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines help slow a listener’s heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

An excellent way to raise the energetic vibrations in your body is to dance. Whatever musical stylings get your body moving, then have at it my good vibe companions.

Allowing yourself to be encompassed fully by the sound vibrations of your most enjoyable music is a surefire way to garner some very very good feels as the impact music has on your brain to secrete the feel good hormones and get your booty shaking.

If dancing doesn’t appeal, no worries, the benefits of listening to music while you work, play or relax can have an uplifting and positive impact on your life experience.

music is a moral law
The Healing Power of Music

The benefits of music used in healing therapies is being documented worldwide. Music is an expression of the language of the Soul.

universality of love and music

We can live in different countries, keep differing beliefs, be raised in different cultures, be on entirely different life lines in terms of wealth, health and intellect but music affects us on a universal level just given our humanity and our brain’s responsiveness to sound frequencies.

Studies have concluded that music can aid in the healing of the brain. People who have had strokes that listened to one hour of music per day recovered their verbal memory faster and experienced diminished symptoms of depression compared to those who didn’t.

According to NY Presbyterian Hospital, prematurely born babies who were surrounded by the music stylings of the magnificent Mozart had lowered heart rate and induced sleep as a result – a surefire way to enhance the development of the human body is the good vibes of homeostasis in the heart and a good amount of solid sleep.

music on vinyl for sleep

I can attest to the neural benefits of by music from by own experience – I could list a number of circumstances and events where music has helped in my studies, recreation and well-being.

Various studies have also demonstrated the beneficial impact music has on those deemed autistic and disabled, afflicted with dementia and an overall reduction in pain during labour and birth – that last on of which falls into by experiences aforementioned.

Music on Vinyl – Timeless Style and Energy

music on vinyl

The groovy feels of music on vinyl is a vibe I am well accustomed to and advocate to anyone seeking a styling and solid way to dial in some music good feels. There are some serious benefits to dialing in musical sound vinyl style.

Individuals who dial in the vinyl vibe tend to be discerning with what they listen to.

Digging a musical vibe produced by bands that have artistic integrity in that they write their songs from the unity of their hearts and minds and express it through playing their own instruments.

These are the bands that when you visit a record store will be found in abundance.

Going out to peruse and buy records is an experience in itself. This tangible and vibrant experience has been lost to the digital generation where Spotify and ITunes are the go to. I use both and can attest to their efficacy of convenience and the broad spectrum of music stylings available.

I will say that whatever your choice in how you dial in the good sound vibes of music, that records are a lossless format and in this fact, music can be absorbed in the most fundamental and authentic manner that it was intended to be conveyed. Nothing is lost when a record is pressed. The sound is a direct representation of how the artist/producer intended.

music on vinyl compilation

There are no limits in our abilities to absorb what the world has to offer and if you want to ride a life line of good vibrations then record scoping and record store visits can encompass this vibe.

When you get a classic record or some groovy house beats and throw down on a Victrola turn table, you are lending yourself to be surrounded in a space of empowering and vibrant good feels.

A worthy investment of your time is to consciously choose to add music to your daily life and one that is magnificently economical for the rewards that you will reap.

can you dig it vinyl

27 thoughts on “The Good Vibes of Music

  1. I agree, certain types of music or a particular son, can bring strong emotions to me. If I need a pick me up, sometimes I will listen to a certain song and it does the trick. Any sound is good for the brain and keeps it stimulated. I lost my hearing for a while and man oh man, did that depress me. When my hearing returned, music, my son’s voice and birds chirping were the first things I noticed and I was happy!

  2. Great post Rebecca! Music rocks. It’s amazing how music can instantly change your mood or state of mind. No matter how angry or upset I am feeling about something, I can put on a certain type of music, usually classic rock for me, and it will totally change the way I feel. Depending on what I am going to do will depend on the type of music I am listening to as well. Music really is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal to help us on a daily basis. Thanks for another great post!

  3. For starters, I love the name of your website! The Good Vibe Life is what I’ve been striving to live for years now. I’ve been reading a book called Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. He talks a lot about “energy in motion.” Do you have any experience or are you familiar with sound healing? We just watched a Netflix documentary called ‘Heal’, which introduced a doctor by the name of Jeffrey Thompson. Have you seen or heard of his work?

    1. Hi Tucker!

      I am super stoked you are benefitting from the good work of Joe Dispenza!  Energy in motion indeed!  I have had some experience with sound healing to the degree that I listen to varying healing frequencies while meditating.  It is very very powerful if you are able to encompass a space of presence and connection while doing so.

      I am pleased to learn about the documentary you speak of and I will absolutely check it out as I have a peripheral knowledge of Dr. Thompson and his work with energy meridians and sound healing.  

      Thank you for your kind words and thank you for the helpful information!  Super expanded and I appreciate your contribution!


  4. Excellent, excellent post. Music is a part of my life and has been since as far back as I can remember. I had a grandmother who could pick up any instrument and learn to play it and I am the only one in my family that inherited that trait. I am so thankful for it. However, there are certain instruments that meet different moods, or energy levels, I’m at during various parts of my day and life. I will pick up my guitar and play more slow,almost rhythmic tunes and when I pick at a piano I love the old type stuff of upbeat church songs or jazz pieces. My favorite thing to do is to sit back with my headphones on and listen to my favorite meditative piece called Ocean Dreams by Dean Everson. There is some connection with hearing the whales in the background and swimming along with them in my mind. Thanks for such a great post, it was thought provoking and fun in reading as well as just grounding in how it was put together. I will be back to visit for sure.

  5. You give really good information about what music is, not just emotionally but you also explain it physically. I had no idea that all the parts of our brains were musically activated, but perhaps that is why certain music will give certain emotions as it affects a specifiv part.  It the section about the healing power of music there are so many things that I feel is applicable to my life. Without music I would be lost, it has helped me through a lot in life. So much that I actually dedicated a tattoo to it. This article is definitely a good read for anyone who wants to know the magic behind music and the way it affects our physical bodies. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Alexandra!

      Thank you for your encouraging and good feels comment. I am stoked to hear that music has carried you through the challenging parts that life can throw our way – it is a such a great tool in which to find solace and some solid tat ink is a great way to honour your appreciation for it!  

      Good for you and I thank YOU for your comment!

      Keep jammin’ and may the good vibes forever be flowing in your vicinity 🙂


  6. I should say that I love music but I have never thought that music has so many side effects that are beneficial to my body  and thanks to this blog now I know  the true healing power of music is the most phenomenal one to me for I can apply the  power of the vibe to myself healing and that is a good starting point

    1. Hi Charles!

      Absolutely dude! Knowledge can empower you, so indeed a great starting point.  I think the more you know about how you work as a person and understand how different things impact you, you can choose what to invite into your life that empowers you and supports and high vibe of being.  The kind of vibes that allow you to not only heal, but add vibrance to your life. 

      I wish you all good things and I thank you for your comment!


  7. Thank you for your article. It put together some pieces that I hadn’t been able to put together and also offered some facts on how music has transformed lives in both scientific as well as in personal lives. I really enjoyed it. It was easy to read, fun, and thought provoking. I will be back to read more there. I will say that almost throughout the whole article it seems that you meant “my” and for some reason it says, “by.” Great work and look forward to seeing more from you.

    1. Hi Larry!

      I appreciate your enthusiasm for my content and give you a solid shout out of gratitude for denoting the grammatical errors as I am a stickler for solid spelling, so many thanks my good vibe companion and the fixes have been dialled in:-) 

      I look forward to seeing you around the GVL Larry and thanks again!


  8. Thank you for writing such an informative an =d enlightening article on the benefits of music. I have a brain injured son who suffers continuous depression and music carefully chosen might be a real benefit to him. I also have a hubby who has difficulty sleeping so again for him. For me, well I just love music, it gives me energy and motivation and makes me feel truly alive. 

    Your comments about the vinyl music were interesting. It was different to its digital counterpart but I have not thought about itt in this way before. All my old LPs are warped and rendered useless but I had some young people staying with me who were collecting vinyl music LPs. 

    Music is a unifying energy that has no discriminations as to who can feel and know its power. 

    1. HI Judy!

      Thank you for sharing your experience and I would support your idea that music would be of benefit to your son.  Music releases dopamine, the good feels chemical which is a favourable polarity to the energy of depression. A committed meditation practice would do wonders for a damaged cerebral environment too, in my humble opinion.  

      I believe there is no limit to the capabilities of our magnificently designed bodies with the gift of neuroplasticity and the nature of change being the only constant – with the right language and the invested support of ones mental health both psychologically and physiologically, I really believe in the power of self-healing for optimal living.  

      I agree with you whole heartedly that music is a unifying energy – beautifully put as discriminations are so limiting and the antithesis of rolling in a good vibe. 

      A most pleasant weekend ahead to you Judy!

      Stay vibrant and many thanks for your delightful comment!


  9. Hi Rebecca!

    I was enthralled by your article about the good vibes of music and its effects on the brain. I have been a music lover since childhood. My parents kept a radio in the kitchen, and I have fond memories of Mom singing along while making supper, or watching both of them dance to a favorite song…all good things tied to music.

    When I rediscovered my album collection after a move and realized I no longer had a turntable, I promptly turned to the internet and purchased a replacement. It has been interesting to listen to songs that I hadn’t heard for 30 or 40 years and recall memories of friends and activities forgotten for the same length of time.

    Your image of the changes to the brain as a result of the vibrations of music by Marconi Union was fascinating. Are those findings applicable to everyone or does it differ from one person to another based on preference?

    I’m not at all surprised that music can be beneficial to our overall health, and I can personally attest to its benefits when used in healing settings.

    Your posts are educational and uplifting and I look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Hi Kyle Ann!

      I am happy to hear that you have positive memories associated with music and that you managed to get your album collection back into swing!  Music certainly does have a way to induce longterm memories from moments that were impactful with a certain song. 

      Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson of Mindlab International was the one who performed the research of the song Marconi Union but my perception would be that our brains, no matter their wiring, are made up of the same functioning materials, so if a person is receptive, and is able to sit still and absorb fully the song with presence, I am sure the results on anyone would yield beneficial outcomes.

      I appreciate your kind remarks about my site and I wish you all good things!



  10. Hello Bex:

    I just finished with your post about music and how it effects us. I really enjoyed all of it.I’m a music fan myself. Most types of music I enjoy. I must add that when I listen to something I really like. It really changes my attitude and feelings. I like the part of your article where it says it can affect your brain levels. 

    I believe that to be accurate and true. Look at the way people behave when loud heavey metal is played. People change and violence is sometimes a result. 

    Anyway, Bex you did a fantastic job with your website. Plenty of good content and images. keep it up and you’ll get where your going fast.

    Thank you,

    Brian E.

    1. Hi Brian!

      I sincerely appreciate the kind and good vibe comment you left here!  I am stoked to hear that you are being impacted by the formidable power that is music and I am pleased you find resonance and value in my content.

      Many thanks and kindest of regards to you Brian!


  11. Thank you for this post on “The Good Vibes of Music”, I like this because music is very good to listen to music because sometimes life gets a little crazy, and you’ve just got to be carefree and forget about the hard times to keep your sanity. Listening to music always puts me in a good mood.Thank you once again!

    1. Hi Mary!

      Indeed, music secretes the good brain chemicals that put you in a space more aligned with an empowered and good feels vibe we were all designed to experience. 

       Life is totally savage and crazy and that kind of energy can be processed and transcended through letting go and moving your body to the rhythm of your favourite tunes!  Have at it girl and get that mood elevated on a more consistent basis, then you transform the energy in your life and the possibilities…endless.

      Thanks to you!  Keep the good vibes rolling!


  12. Hi, Rebecca.  I’m not a music expert nor do I know a lot about what you are writing about but, may there never be a day that one becomes too old to learn something new.  

    I do know that music can change a mood and can sort of speak to that only because I know, upon learning from you, that certain kinds of music can have that calming effect on me like good classical music and Christian music.

    Other kinds of music like Grundge and Heavy Metal can have the opposite effect so… I do my best to stay away from that.  Even nowadays,  loud rock and roll can have that effect on me as well.  Not all but some.  I do have favorites in that genre as well that I like to listen to.

    I also knew that music had healing effects and it occurs to me that this is because we like those kinds of music and what might help in one person’s healing may not help in another’s for the opposite reason, they don’t like it.  The one thing that I had not known was that it was all connected to the vibration or frequency of the music.

    I will have to start listening to my favorites more often.  The music that I have my radio tuned to does affect my mood and my ability to focus now that I think about it so… thanks again for tuning me into the good vibes and benefits of music.


    1. Hi Wayne!

      I love your outlook in that we can always expand and learn no matter our age. I, too, am with the same perception.  

      I sincerely appreciate you sharing your experience with music and your experience absorbing my post.  Listening to your favourites is a wonderful idea good Sir and I encourage you whole heartedly to delve in as frequently as is pleasurable for you!

      Kindest regards and sincere thanks for your engaging comment!


  13. Such a solid post. Music IS energy. And I totally dig that music is therapy as well. I know I listen to some a variety of music, sometimes it takes me a while to find the right vibe I am trying to achieve. But when I do, I’m stoked.

    I love the meditative music, I have not heard of the song weightless, but I’m going to listen right now! Cheers

  14. Hi Rebecca! Thank you very much for this very interesting post. I knew music had an impact upon our brain and our emotions. But I had never realized how big is that impact.

    I’m impressed with the picture of how the human brain responds to music. It literally cools down! Thank you very much for this post.

    1. Hi Henry!

      There is great energy in your comment and I appreciate your enthusiastic response.

       Many thanks and enjoy the music!!


  15. I’m here at the GVL again, thank you, Bex, for sharing the good vibes that music impacts almost any aspect of human’s life. I love music as everybody does, but everyone loves it in his own way. I’ve read the post a few days ago and from time to time came back to it in my memories. What is the difference between unorganized sounds and music? I think music carries in itself only positive energy. Music always stimulates, inspires, supports helps, creates etc. It cannot make you feel unhappy, but it can support you in your sadness. I couldn’t find any word with a negative connotation that could be implied to music. Actually, a small baby reacts to the positive energy coming from good music, far before to any other sound stimuli. This gift may have been incorporated into us by God.
    I remember when I was a kid about 12, my parents, presented me with a vinyl player, just like a small case. I was so happy that could listen hours and hours. Moreover, I turned it on a maximum volume, so that the music could be heard far from my house. I just wanted everyone to feel the same vibrations as I did.
    I took out my headphones, which I have not used recently. Why not charge yourself with some good vibes of music?

    1. Hi Max!

      I am so pleased to hear of your positive and dynamic relationship with music. I love that you enjoyed the vinyl stylings as a boy – what an awesome memory and a very good vibe indeed! Your mention of babies enjoying music reminded me of when I had my little guy in my belly. I would play a particular album with some frequency. When he was born and growing outside of me, and I played the same album again he seemed to recognize the melody and become very calm and peaceful. Each time. I agree with you that music is a gift of the Divine. One need only immerse themselves in the audio stylings of their favourite tune and dance away to know that you are connecting to something greater than yourself. Thank you for your vibrant and insightful comment Max! Have a most solid day ahead good sir!



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