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The Good Vibes of Gratitude

A state of appreciation is a good state to encompass. Here at the goodvibelife we like to live in a state of being that is indicative of empowerment. This means understanding that life is happening for you rather than happening to you and knowing this means understanding the good vibes of gratitude.

Empowerment or Victimization?

These are two very different mindsets in which a person can govern themselves from and the results of how someones life and events unfold have a good portion to do with how we perceive the world in which we live. The vibes of good thoughts are vibes that can change your life.

For a really really long time, I thought that life just happened. It was an experience that just happened to you. Good or bad, you get what you get. Work hard, stay out of trouble, do the right things, get the right education and you are golden….or are you?

This last year I unveiled many misconceptions and false beliefs that I had been ignorant of in my previous life experience. A good portion of my education came with unveiling unhealed traumas that yielded great pain and suffering, but the healing I achieved and the empowerment I gained, have proven priceless in my advancement into my awakening to the bigger picture of my role in this world.

When I shifted from “Why did this happen to me?” to “What is this meant to be teaching me?” I was tackling my experience with a newfound appreciation and sense of empowerment.

Once you start to learn about the Universe and align with its laws, you exist within it as a creator of life experience and you no longer are at the mercy of people or circumstance.

Understand your accountability in thought, action and emotion and how you direct your experience. You will come to the awareness that maintaining a state of appreciation in all circumstances will keep your vibration high and generate more and more of those experiences to be grateful for. It is Law.

Investing in your own state of optimal well-being is a pursuit I would encourage every human being to endeavour upon.

Knowledge is power. Self knowledge is Self Empowerment

Practicing gratitude and cultivating this practice consistently and authentically, can shift you towards the spaces where the good vibes frolic.

There is a Universal Law called the Law of Relativity. This law states that all things are relative. There is no good and there is no bad, mere relativity. We, the thinkers and participators of our own lives have the power of choice. Choice of thought and how to intentionally direct our minds and the labels and associations in which we frame the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Are you a person that is in a vibe of being aggravated being stuck in traffic or more of a chill vibe and be grateful you have a stylin car to get you from point A to point B?

It’s all a matter of how we are relating to the circumstances we are creating with our thoughts and opinions.

When you live with an awareness of this law, it is easy to shift into a way of thinking that doesn’t make thanksgiving a weekend holiday that happens only once a year. It is a way of being in your life. Every day.

Showing up and deciding to look at what is there for you to be thankful for. There is always something. There is so much in this world to appreciate. One need only direct one’s attention accordingly.

The Act of Appreciation Raises your Vibe. When you Generate the Good Feels outwards with Praise or Appreciation, You Are Elevating the Energy in your Body and your Mind.

How you frame your thoughts plays a large role in how your reality unfolds.

Whether you focus your attention on worry and impending catastrophe, or gratitude, faith and abundance your outer world is a result of your thoughts, feelings and actions that you choose to participate in every single day.

A good way to practice the state of appreciation and gratitude is to just look around you in presence. To be fully present in a moment, with a person, with nature or with just yourself is a powerful place to be.

Very few people are living now. Many coming from one place and heading to the next rushing through the magic that is a pure present moment.

I find, that slowing down, being present and governing your flow with ease allows for a space in which gratitude can be practiced and cultivated.

It is actually really easy to practice gratitude and in doing so you can also level up the experience of other humans that you encounter upon your travels. It’s no accident that the word attitude and the word gratitude rhyme.

There is power in having an attitude of gratitude. It diminishes the need of oneupmanship or comparison. If everyone were to find appreciation in an object or another, rather than meet those with envy, the energy yields a very different kind of vibe.

One of upliftment and love. Those are some serious good feels.

Recognizing the good and the fortune that surrounds you, no matter how minimal or scarce you think you may have it, it is all relative. Be grateful. It is a practice that cultivates so many positive aspects of the self. Resilience, stress reduction, kindness, mental strength, self-esteem and responsibility, improved mental framing which leads to more smiles and good vibes. It costs nothing but your attention to practice gratitude.

Scientists today even claim that writing in a gratitude journal and practicing the habit of listing things, circumstances and/or people to be thankful for and doing so consistently for a period of 21 days can implement a habit that can change your life for the better. It diminishes aggression and enhances empathy. In this state of being, your daily interactions are optimal.

It really is possible to thank everyone and everything for their contribution to your life experience. The poor experiences delineate for you clearly what you would prefer, and the good experiences, well, those are a given.

Gratitude can change your life. Appreciation is a high vibe, so let the gratitude flow!