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The Good Feels of Understanding the Universe in Which You Live – The Laws We All Share Globally

This next post will take us further down the depths to the gateway of goodvibes to the good feels of understanding the universe in which you live. The laws we all share are laws we would all do well to understand.

The laws we all share globally need not be a dispute between religious, social, economical or cultural beliefs.

These laws we all share are a part of us being human and a part of us living on a planet in a Universe that has shown itself to be infinite in nature.

Having an awareness and understanding of this governance of our existence can prove to be quite empowering and oozing with the good vibes. Laws we all share are a good feel.

universe into a caricature

Here are the Universal Laws we all share that experience has solidified up in here with the GVL crew and hope to distill some knowledge and insights to anyone who may be curious about the broader aspect of their lives however, may not fully understand or feel compelled to make such inquiries – and to some, perhaps a refresher or good feels reminder of these aspects that impact our lives and how they may be doing so presently.

Human made laws are adhered to for the organized governance of society based on certain values and beliefs of the collective and those who are elected as leaders of the society. The laws we all share universally are very useful to know about.

Amidst all the hubbub of daily life, it is also a good feel to be aware that there is a broader perspective at work and it is evidenciary no matter your inherent and wired beliefs and attitudes.

Whatever you classify this broader perspective to be, we share it, collectively. The laws we all share are universal.

universe planets countries

The Earth, our humanity, our governance of our own selves and states of regulation, our human experience – is all shared. The laws we all share too.

Borders, walls, divisions, religions, are all just societal constructs with the fundamental desire behind it for people to feel happy and safe in their lives – but it is so misaligned because people are always seeking outside of themselves for answers or in competition with one another.

If humanity was taught to cultivate an alignment within, authentically in each individual’s own Heart and Mind – connected and in concert with the Universe in which they exist you need not seek answers as they are shown to you, intuitively and in flow with your intentions.

Universal Law Number One

universal law number one

The Law of Divine Oneness

The 1st of the Universal Laws states that we, as humans on this Earth, are all connected. Laws we all share.

Everything and everyone is connected by way of a unified field of consciousness. This is a great law to understand because it enables you to cultivate compassion, forgiveness, understanding and a mirror reflection for those around you.

When you can look at another person and understand that aspects of their humanity are resonant in you, then you are capable of having an understanding of our oneness.

Taking it even further to understand that your own actions, words, thoughts and beliefs have an impact on the surrounding whole to whom we are intrinsically connected.

We are all a part of a much larger entity than ourselves. This law demonstrates to us that the whole (global humanity) is a sum of all of its parts (individual people)

sum of its parts the whole

Synergy is a term used to delineate a symbiotic collective energetic resonance.

This Law is synergistic in nature. synergy is law

We are all in concert with one anothers life force and energies by way of our words, actions and thoughts, which also carry their own frequency of vibration.

One need only see an act of terrorism infiltrated and shared in the mainstream media to recognize this law. The reactions and responses of the audience lends itself to then seeing the globe unite in their heart spaces to call out such atrocities and advocate for the respectful and dignified treatment of our fellow humans.

This is a perfect example of our oneness and it stems from our inherent and divinely designed human right to feel respected and treated with dignity. It magnifies our shared dissonance with any words or deeds that contradict this birthright we are given as sentient beings on planet Earth.

We are all built with the overall same technology in terms of our biologies, but we have the powerful and individual choice of self actualization and mindful self-governance.

This Universal Law demonstrates our connectedness and our unity as a human species.

Ironically enough, it is also at odds with some modalities of perceived separation you witness in mainstream media, politics and societal structures.

dance of one consciousness

Understanding this Law will allow you to perceive these contrasts and further understand how these contrasts impact you as your own individual Self and how that fits, or as the case may be, doesn’t fit into your life path.

Contrast is a beautiful thing if you can remain emotionally neutral about it, It is a great tool to make choices as to your own preferences – when you do that, and you ride a good vibe – you impact the whole with a vibe of empowerment and good.

All that we say, do and believe has an impact on the collective.

If we all protest that this world is headed for destruction, then that is exactly what will be generated in the collective.

Spread Love, not Hate.

amazing world we live in

Look to what you want to create rather than what you hope gets destroyed.

Know that we are ALL HUMAN.

we all bleed the same colour

We share this aspect of our humanity universally and it is an integral part of our daily lives through business, society, politics, health care…everywhere.

We connect through interactions with one another – we are all in concert with one another in this world and an acknowledgment of this truth can prove very empowering to how you show up in your day and the manner in which you interact with yourself, your state of regulation and those whom you encounter around you.

Universal Law Number Two

universal law number two

The Law of Vibration

Laws we all share

Everything that exists in our Universe has a vibratory nature and vibrates at the rate of its own frequency.

Thoughts, sounds, words, and especially your emotions, all have a vibration and a vibrational frequency.

Everything moves and vibrates in a circular motion, and nothing is actual static.

The world is made up of atoms of energy that vibrate. Their rate of vibration and the connectivity of these atoms enable us to perceive what you would term solid mass or objects of a material nature.

When you walk into a new place and your feelings or senses are heightened or altered as a result of your new environment, this is because of your natural resonance with the law of vibration.

Your intuition is the aspect of yourself that is in complete concert with this law. Laws we all share.

Taking an investment into self to cultivate and trust your own intuitive knowledge that is intrinsically designed within you, equips you with a super power and the six sense that is available to everyone, yet elusive to most.everything vibrates

Understanding that EVERYTHING is made up of VIBRATIONAL ENERGY, it is a goodvibe for you to be aware of the polarities you are most accustomed to dwelling in when it comes to your thoughts inwardly/outwardly, your choices in nourishment, your actions in terms of exercise and energetic motion in your body and the kinds of emotional energy you are frequently in the space of.

When you can cultivate a conscious relationship within yourself to not only expand and increase your knowledge and intelligence in terms of learning, but also your emotional quotient, you are with empowerment.

The amount of energy and attention you invest in the positive polarity of vibration (solution/expansion minded) vs the negative polarity of vibration (problem/deterioration minded) linked to feeling states (feeling states are directly correlated with your Mind’s attention) it has an exponential and profound impact on how the circumstances unfold in your life.

intuition is the truest energy

Intuition is a very powerful tool and it is your access to tangibly experience the subtle yet formidably powerful vibrational patterns at work within the world in which you exist, as well as supporting you in the guidance of your most expansive life path.

When you are aligned within your energy centres and to your vibrational power of intuition, you know which paths to follow and which ones to decline. When you emanate a consistent vibratory energy of the polarity of higher, successful, faithful and assured beliefs in your understanding of this law and the power you hold to work in harmony with it, then you are well on your way to riding a very good vibe and becoming an ambassador in the governance of every area of your life.

Universal Law Number Three

universal law number three

The Law of Action

Laws we all share

In order to harness a symbiotic relationship to the vibratory energies in which we hope to find ourselves, we must engage in the supporting actions that we have the governance to implement in terms of achieving our highest intentions and goals.

If you want to vibrate to the energy of a winning lotto ticket, but fail to act by not buying one, then the Universe and yourself are not in a symbiotic relationship because you are not acting upon the intention within the capacity that you have to do so. towards your goal.

take massive action

In order to achieve your goals and desires, put one foot in front of the other towards them.

Allow the flow of your energy and momentum you gain with consistent focus upon your intended result to work in harmony with the energetic and natural flow that the Universe rides in achieving everything in divine timing and perfection.

This is a combo that is a winner because the more you live with the belief that the Universe really does have your back, the more situations you will encounter in which you can prove to your Mind that this is in fact a truth in life.

Taking action in your life, on your desires and goals in any aspect of your life, then you have to show up and do the work to get to where you want to go.

Standing idly by in complaint and inaction will not get you to where you need to go.

When you are in alignment, you will be inspired to take action towards your goals, if they are in unity with both your heart and your mind. take massive actionActions in how you respond emotionally are indicative of the kind of energy you are emanating too. Action is not just physical and awareness of this aspect of our human beingness is a place of good feels.

Balance is key in terms of your overall well-being.

Your actions have impact and have an effect.

Where you invest your actions into yourself, your emotional health, your work, your relationships all have cause and effect.

When you self actualize and you act on your intuition towards the life path that is optimal for you, then the Universe is there to support you, but you must act upon these aspects of your creative choices in your own life to do so and reap the rewards of your efforts.

This is you, in action.

Keep it Golden.

Universal Law Number Four

universal law number fourThe Law of Correspondence

Laws we all Share

Out of all the laws, this one is powerful one. This puts you in the drivers seat in terms of how you want to see the world reflected around you.

The law of correspondence states that our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner state of being.

Vadim Zeland speaks about a mirror principle in his Reality Transurfing book and it is the same kind of principle here.

The mirror has a delay, but the more you come into your awareness and practice this law, evidence of its truth will be yielded.

the law of correspondance

The physical world will reflect what you feel. If you feel loving, you will have to encompass loving feelings within. If you want peace, you, yourself need to embrace peace in your being.

Being aware of the kind of media you absorb, the habits you keep and the people with whom you share your energy is an awareness point in terms of the life you keep.

Having emotional awareness and being vigilant and discerning about our emotions/feeling states and our thought patterns and focus is the key in dialing in harmony with this law.

brain tracy quote

How you treat yourself with thought words and actions will all be reflected outwardly in a mirror like manner.

This is a very powerful law and if you can harness a broader perspective here of understanding it then it will prove to only empower you in harnessing your personal power in governance with this law.

Be kind, receive kindness. Be hateful and critical, receive the same energy back in one form or another. You are the ambassador in your choices of self governance of mind and body – when you empower yourself, you will see empowering results in the world outside of yourself.

Of all the laws, this is your powerhouse of creation – do the work within (emotional awareness, thought discernment, intentional mindset, healing any emotional wounds) and you get the results you seek.

Universal Law Number Five

universal law number five

The Law of Cause and Effect

Laws we all share.

This law states that what that nothing happens outside of a grander Divine Design.

No matter your religious or societal beliefs, this law permeates throughout them all.

For the people who entertain religion, this is the you reap what you sow kind of vibe – if your actions, thoughts and words are all rooted in negativity and lacking clear direction then the effects of that will be shown in your outcomes.

universal law of cause and effect

Whether it be how you handle your relationships, your work or the care of your own self, there are consequences, impact and results from all of this energy we invest in our daily lives. In the science linguistics this law is described by physicists as every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Every thought. word and action you engage in, has a consequential reaction attached to it and nothing happens by chance.

Whatever thoughts, words and actions that you indulge in produce the outcomes in your life.

Cause is you, the effect are your circumstances. Read that again and really digest what that means for you in terms of being a conscious creator in your own life.

Your investments propel you to be in receivership of some very good vibes if you are generating a good vibe in momentum with your thoughts, actions and words.

You will understand and see this when you reap the rewards of a disciplined governance of Self and with that said, we propel ourselves further down the gateway of goodvibes to

Universal Law Number Six

here you reap your rewards

The dictionary definition of compensation can be read here and if you are seeking mutuality and a relationship with this law, then you can understand it as the myriad of definitions it offers and all definitions could be applied.

This is the law where all the other laws and your awareness and governance of Self in that awareness, actually implementing the learning in a kinesetic manner additional to the cerebral knowledge, can allow you to fully and experientially get it.

What does that mean?

Work with your life keeping the previous laws above in mind and this law here is where you will tangibly see the results in your physical world of your alignment or misalignment within these laws.

bob proctor quotes

Compensation comes from the Universe in the polarity in which you have invested emotional, mental and physical energy.

You can be reaped with abundant rewards if your investments have been abundant. Alternatively, you can find yourself on an unfavourable journey to the pits of darkness that seems to be never ending – whatever polarity the Universe compensates you with, is the compensation at the effects of you, the cause.

tesla belief in compensation

If you are up the creek and there is no paddle?

Rest, reset and check yourself. Change your relationship to yourself, not the circumstances you find yourself in.

For when you change the relationship within (your reactions to your emotions and thoughts), you automatically (however with a delay) change the results of the life and circumstances you witness outside of yourself.

Learning what you need to BE, in order to yield successful results in your life is your responsibility and no one else’s. Are you victimized by everything or are you in control of your emotional reactions to external events?

The choice is always in your hands. Envelop the spirit and attitude of Anne Frank and you will realize that the choice in attitude and how you direct your attention is always yours.

That is not to say you cannot ask for assistance, the Universe and most humans will support you, but it is not the job of other people to get you aligned with peace and empowerment.

That is all you. So, if you don’t know how, then you need to figure out how to ask for help. These are laws we all share.

There is always a choice.

there is always a choice

A cultivation of the good feels of gratitude can demonstrate to you how you are compensated every day. A gratitude journal is good feel to get you out of a victim mode mentality.

Cultivating presence and awareness of your self and your energies is the first step to understanding how you are always able to access your power, no matter your present circumstances.

It takes strength of will, courage and persistence as well as an underlying belief in oneself and their own accountability in their lives. Living consciously and deliberately is work, but the rewards you reap with an investment in this work is well compensated.

Have at it 🙂

Universal Law Number Seven

universal law number seven

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Lucky seven law takes us to the law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

If you break down the verbiage of this law it lends itself to the broader perspective of impermanence and that everything is ever-changing. The statement does hold true, that the only constant in this life is that of change.constant is everchanging

This is a super good vibe because it means that no matter where you are at on your life path, you have the power and the know-how to change or transform/transmute your energy and the circumstances of your life.

Keeping in mind the law of vibration, you are empowered to know that what vibrations you emanate with your thought forms, your words, and your actions emanate a frequency and the tangible experiences and results you see in your world are a result of your vibratory emanations.

If you are willing and able to consciously cultivate a mindset and outlook that is always seeks an advantage you will elevate your life.

This means you can go from a vibe of being near suicide to a vibe of riding the waves of success. I know this because I have experienced this and although it takes a good deal of investment into cultivating and practicing acceptance, peace and love of oneself.

Again, though, complacency will not do. You have to act in order to show up in your own life.

You invest the energy of good into your thoughts, opinions, reactions, responses, words and actions then it is law that your circumstances will reflect that.

Investment in oneself is a good vibe because it enables you to align with what sets your heart on fire by the imaginings in your mind.

self love fixes everything

The unity of your own individual heart and mind are here to serve you and your life purpose.

In order to discover the directions that enable us to cultivate and become our highest selves we must engage in attitudes and behaviours that support us and if we are not presently cultivating empowering experiences, we need only take a look at our behaviour in regards to the aforementioned laws.

“I am struggling with losing weight and it seems like its taking forever” and “I am achieving my perfect weight in good time” are two very vibrationally different statements but with the same intended outcome – to lose weight.

The manner in which you frame the statement is its vibrational frequency.

You are emanating a frequency with your thoughts, words and actions.

Statement one is affirming your struggle and your belief that it is taking too long to accomplish. You will attract situations and events that are vibrationally aligned with this kind of energy which will result in you struggling to lose weight and doing so over a long period.

Statement two, however, has a very different vibrational feel. It denotes that you are successfully in the process of achieving your final outcome and that you are doing so in the right amount of time at a good pace.

The results of this mindset in thought and words, is a vibration that will carry you forth to your goal with less resistance and prove to yield successful results.

It is subtle, but profoundly powerful.

Like the moon.

moon phases captures

With the conscious governance of your own power of thought, words and actions you hold the power within you to perpetually transmute your own energy to propel you towards the life of your own creation.

How ultimately empowering and cool that is.

Universal Law Number Eight

universal law number eightThe Law of Relativity

The law of relativity states that the nature, value and/or quality of something can only be measured in relation to something else.

Nothing can be what it is unless it is related to something, thus we have relativity. One cannot know hot unless they understand what cold feels like. One cannot know stress without knowing what peace feels like.

This law also means that in order for us magnificently capable beings in these human bio suits to expand into the most epic versions of ourselves we will be presented with a series of obstacles to enhance and facilitate our growth.

When you encounter situations that you would deem challenging or unwanted, this is a part of your growth, so the more you seek advantage in all that comes your way, the easier these challenges will be met and overcome.

einstein quote about relativity

This law reminds us that no matter our present situation, there is always someone or something else that, relatively, is much different or disadvantageous than our own and we can KNOW this, and USE the application of this KNOWLEDGE then we can always, pretty much, be riding a good vibe.

When we focus on the good, and cultivate a practice of gratitude then this yields a space in which you can always seek the advantage in terms of framing the obstacles and challenges that you encounter. Society enables a consumership and one-upmanship and competitive vibe which is quite contrary to the 1st powerful law of the Universe.

normal is an illusion

It is a paradox that we live in awareness of the surrounding Universe, yet negate to apply its laws to the governance of our own existence in terms of the education and societal modalities that create a cookie cutter approach to how one must view and be in the world.

Again relativity will show itself here as one cannot know expanded consciousness, until one has dwelled too long in the limited unconsciousness. When you receive these tests of initiation and perceive them as a method of learning and expansion as well as maintain and open-heart and an attitude of gratitude, then these obstacles that you conquer will ensure your expanding to your next level of vibration in your life.

Any problem or challenge you face is a test of your will and governance of Self. Situations that make you reevaluate your current life experience are very empowering if you can hold strong while you move through them. Solve and conquer, you expand and become a greater version of yourself.


Universal Law Number Nine

universal law number nine

The Law of Polarity

Just as we have the law number four demonstrates as below, so above, we too have the law of polarity which states that everything that exists has an equal and opposite.

Every action has an opposite and equal reaction.

Every positive polarity in thought and word has a polarity of a negative thought and word.

law of polarity

This law can prove empowering for you when you also remember the law of vibration and frame your thoughts and actions in a positive light. In Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing one principle he denotes as a tool to have complete control over the creation of your reality is that of seeking advantage.

If you can twist any situation into a silver lining spin, then that polarity of attention will gain you momentum and take you to elevated spaces on your life path’s journey.

This beautiful aspect of our existence is seen in the yin and yang polarities of the masculine and feminine, hot and cold, joy and sorrow, health and disempowerment. The awareness you keep in terms of this law can be a powerhouse tool for you to get you to go where you need to go by seeking the polarity of advantage and good in whatever circumstances and obstacles come to you to grow.

point of perception

It is lacking truth to think we grow up to be adults and then that is all the growth we need do. Expansion and change are omnipresent in our Universe and the planet upon which we live. To live in harmony with these truths enable us to live free and empowered with an outlook of longevity and prosperity. It need be only up to us to guide our thoughts, words and actions in the polarity of our choosing.

live in spirit

For all destruction, there is rebuilding. For every malady, there is available healing.

For every hateful word, action and thought, there is an opposite and polar word, action and thought rooted in pure love.

I suppose the question then becomes, what pole do you lean towards when it comes to how you govern yourself and your perceptions?

Universal Law Number Ten

universal law number ten

The law of rhythm states that everything in this universe moves to rhythm. Just as we have vibratory circular patterns of motion, we have the rhythm to which this energy is motion. The seasons, the moon, the tides, the stages of growth in nature and humanity, development and expansion all have a beautiful and divinely timed rhythm.

The law of rhythm is a demonstration of the natural order in which things are evolving, moving and ever-changing.

The revolution of the earth around the sun is accomplished in 365 days, the sun rises in the morning and sets itself in the evenings. The rotation of the Earth on its axis occurs in a 24hour period. Regardless of what details you are occupied in your own individual life, this natural order of things continues its rhythm with or without your awareness of it.

a time for everything

It is a goodvibe to enable your capacity in Mind and Body to harness a harmonization with the natural rhythms of the universe. Dance with the rhythm of the Universe and flow in harmony within is a vibe that thrives. One need not be a mystic or keen spiritual seeker to acknowledge and invest in a practice

To learn from one’s errors, to frame perceived disappointments as opportunities for growth, and to encapsulate the ever-changing and ever expanding opportunities that are available to us knowing that the pendulum will always be swinging in motion.

Either you swing in rhythm with the Universe or you get pummeled by it.

The choice is entirely yours.

Universal Law Number Elevenuniversal law number eleven

The Law of Gender

The law of gender is the law that enables us to propagate our species. The male gender is the seed planter and the female gender fertilizes and nourishes new life within until the life is able to exist on its own outside of the womb and then the masculine and feminine who joined together to plant and cultivated the seed now tend to its development and growth.

A man needs a woman to claim his patriarchal rights, and a woman needs a man in order to cultivate new life within – in the natural world, that is.

The laws we all share are universal to humanity.

Nowadays we can make humans in test tubes and people are quite comfortable to mutilate their bodies in the name of becoming their true selves, however, in the spirit of a broader perspective and fundamental understanding of the laws of nature, when it comes to gender, one cannot exist without the other.

If we are to reflect on this, it is a weird vibe and kinda peculiar all that weird human savage behaviour with racism, terrorism, women’s rights when in truth we are all equally human and rely on the opposite sex to ensure our life cycles continue on the planet.masculine and feminine within

This aspect of the law of gender, however, is just one small part of how the law of gender manifests in the world around us.

The laws we all share are universal to humanity.

Gender can also be found within the functioning of light, electricity, heat, magnetism, repulsion, organic and inorganic matter.

It is a law and it permeates aspects of our world in varying manners and degrees.

One is light, and one is energy. Without one another, the dynamic play of the world could not orchestrate its magnificence.

Yin and Yang are ever present in the broader context of many aspects of our existence.

Masculine energy is self directed to Feminine energy.

This initiates and the act of creation, which the Feminine energy will carry through and do all the orchestrated creative work on all planes.

It would be well to understand that any human individual is capable of harnessing both the Masculine and Feminine energies within and utilizing them to their advantage.

The laws we all share are universal to humanity.

A happy balance, exploration and an acceptance of these two intrinsic aspects of our existence leads to a well directed state of being and ultimately, life.

Universal Law Number Twelve

Universal law number twelve

The law of attraction could be described as a culmination of all the preceding laws.

The laws we all share are universal to humanity.

Although the creative law of gender is the fundamental power house that enables all to exist, the law of attraction is how these laws operate through vibration, rhythm, action, compensation, perpetual transmutation of energy, correspondence, polarity, relativity, cause and effect, and gender.

Much emphasis has always been put on the law of attraction but I would say that for those who are looking for the simple formula then look to the law of correspondence.

The universe will mirror your state of being in all aspects of your life, so if you want a more fortunate life, then become the best version of yourself in terms of how you nurture and govern your own heart and mind.

The laws we all share are universal to humanity.

Like attracts like. You reap what you sow. Mirror. What you put in is what you will get out, Who you are being is what your life will show to you.

All the above laws are similar but different, They are intertwined and magnificent. When you understand that these laws exist and you apply awareness and application to the varying aspects of your life you become and attractor magnet.