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The Good Feels of Responsiveness – Online and Off

Here we are Cruising Through the Gateway of Goodvibes to Dial in the Good Feels of RESPONSIVENESS.

Being a responsive person, online and off, is a way to show up in this world. The good feels of responsiveness that shows you are connected and understand the intrinsic connectedness of all of us dynamic and ever expanding human beings.

In today’s fast moving and technologically driven society, it has become a societal norm to “ghost” people.

Now, call me old school, but when I reach out to someone, either by text, email or phone message, a response of some kind, any kind, to me, seems like a natural and good vibe.

The good feels of responsiveness is an axiom to connected living. 

It demonstrates that the person has received your communication and is in receipt of the communication.

no response is a response

No response is still actually a response, and some people have become so immune to human connectivity that they ignore or think it completed normal to just ignore and not respond to a message.

Do you know how long it takes to send a response of:

“I received your email and I will respond later.”

“I received your email and am not interested in discussing this.”

“Thank you, I will be in touch soon!”

“Thank you, but no thank you!”


These four statements take no more than 2 minutes to write and send. Taking 2 minutes to acknowledge a fellow humans’ communication to you, is a kind vibe.

It also demonstrates your level of connectivity and respect for…..yourself. Not the other person, yourself.

self respect or walk away

How is this is so?

Have you normalized being ignored?

Are you quite comfortable to not have people affect you when they blatantly ignore your communication?

Have you accepted that we are separate and you just have to “accept it” or “let it go” when someone you want to talk to about a mutual engagement and involvement chooses to remain unresponsive.

How are you to accomplish anything with this kind of mindset? The good feels of responsiveness is indicative of a connected mindset.

We here at the GVL understand that where focus goes, energy flows.

energy flows where attention goes

I have offered in well delineated and clear emails intentions and communications that go unanswered an unacknowledged. The good feels of responsiveness circumvent this behaviour.

If this happens more than once with the same individual, I relinquish engagement with them because if they cannot respond to an email communication, then how will the rest of our interactions play out?

Also, I have learned enough self-respect and endeavoured upon self actualization that it is a self-esteem fail to chase people who think it is okay to ignore you – whether they are consciously aware of their ignorance or not, isn’t really the point.

The impact you have on a person, that you are meant to have communication with and then consciously or as most cases are, unconsciously, choosing to disengage entirely from that persons attempts at communication.

Here’s A Tip.

We don’t need to make life so difficult.

Life is easy.

It works with you and for you.


If you are resistant to communication through fear, lack of ability, lack of knowledge or just pure ignorance, then perhaps this little post will provide a little wake up action for you!

Recognizing what you will and will not tolerate in terms of communication is informational.

My partner sits with frustration when people are unresponsive for the work that he needs accomplishing. When I encountered unresponsiveness with people whom my son is the care of, then I don’t chase people – but it gives me information on how much that person has really met themselves in terms of opening themselves up to connectivity, communication and responsiveness.

My partner and I are kind, connected people, and it can sometimes be misconstrued as sexual interest or desire but our whole intention is to connect, to expand, to help, to communicate and do good for ourselves and others.

When we reach out to people we are in an energetic vibration of receivership, appreciation and giving.

touch life with responsiveness

When those efforts are met with no responsiveness, even though the people whom we are reaching out to, have an interest and involvement in what we are communicating, the non responsiveness stagnates the beautiful flow of energy that exists when a person engages openly and without fear.

People are quite comfortable normalizing behaviours that are disempowering to the interactions we have and keep in this world.

I once asked a gentleman to take a walk with me for an interview and he was so rooted in his own fear that he couldn’t follow through in my request to go for a walk with him, and we had to remain inside and in his comfort zone.

How did we become so invested in what might go wrong and our fears, than what could be achieved and expanded upon?

nothing grows in the familiar

I have cancelled invested intended events of my own creation due to the other end being in receivership of the communication but not being responsive to it.

In order for a successful collaboration to unfold, communication and responsiveness are key.

We recommend not rewarding unresponsiveness with any investment of your energy.

This will save you a good amount of time and energy.

The key is to align with the people who understand the inherent value in being a responsive person and engaging in a connected and respectful manner. If someone gets familiar with ignoring you, and you do not address it, then you are rewarding an undesirable behaviour.

no rewards for bad behaviour but for feels of responsiveness

I, myself, am solid with the responsiveness. Even the rando peeps I have no personal knowledge of on LInkedIn who send me messages of congratulations about my posts or whatnot, I still acknowledge with a response because I live the mirror principle of life that what you do for another, you do for yourself.

So…if a person is ignoring me, then somewhere, karmically there is a lesson for me to learn but I am not going to dwell on or try to inquire as to someone’s normalizing of disconnectivity in communication. That act alone, is informational enough.

Do not depend on other peoples responses to get your vibe dialled in. If one person is comfortable ignoring you then there is a person out there carrying the opposite belief and are ready to align with you but first, you have to stop chasing and aligning with the non responsive kinds.

Avoiding, ghosting and ignoring are all signs of not knowing and being comfortable with the True Self. Quantum physics shows us that:

We are one.

We are connected.

everything connects to all

You may be okay not taking offense or changing your style of behaviour when someone blatantly ignores your communication, but as a student and life human in the field of bio energy and neuro stress, I have full knowledge through reading, experience and observation that these parts of our humanity are intrinsic to our success and connectivity.

Normalizing the unresponsiveness, normalizing lack of acknowledgment of your fellow human?

note to self for the good feels of responsiveness

What does that say about you and where you are in terms of connectivity to your Heart and the collective?

Responsiveness is a conscious way of implementing your energy when it comes to really connecting with those around you.

Reactivity is rooted in fear.

Responsiveness is rooted in connection and love.

If you are reacting to people’s communication with fear, non responsiveness or complete lack of acknowledgement, it may be of value to yourself to inquire as to why that is and the impact you may be having on the relationships you keep.


Food for Thought and Perhaps and Area of Opportunity in Terms of Expansion and Connection which Yields a Very Good Vibe!