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The Good Feels of Qigong Mastering the Energy In Your Body

As we ride further down the gateway of good feels, we come to the topic of Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gong) The good feels of Qi gong are unparalleled in terms of being energetically healthy.

The Good Feels of Qigong  demonstrate that Mastering the Energy In Your Body is Simple & Powerful

I was introduced to this energy enhancing practice by way of complete accident when I was out and about running and I came upon roughly 50 people congregated in the open air forest practicing this form of energy work.The good feels of Qi gong is suited to all ages.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of exercise.

The good feels of Qi gong enable any human to boost their state.

qi gong as exercise

It proves a healing modality for your physiological system that integrates meditation, conscious breath work and motion.

Sound has been linked too, to the implementation of healing modalities in the body that pertain to the energy in the body.

It translates to “life energy” cultivation. We here at the GVL understand the importance of generating good life energy so this practice will prove to keep us on the trajectory of expansion.


(pronounced Chee)

Commonly Translated as Your Life Energy.

As electromagnetic beings of heat and light, this is the universal energy of which circulates through our bodies – no matter what you look like, where you are from or any beliefs that you keep, this describes the life energy of which we are all subjected.

Breath, air and gas we breathe and exhale are inherent in our direction of Qi as well as the relationship we keep with energy, physical matter and Spirit.

Each human is gifted with a group of meridians that channel and move energy throughout the body.

We will be delving further into the biology of energy in the body in the weeks to come.

For our purposes here, and to anyone who is just beginning to cultivate  a personal and direct relationship to their own energy this  is a simplified and introductory post in which to level up your human game.

The good feels of Qi gong is a connected practice to your own wellbeing.

hands are conduits of energy


(pronounced as written “Gong”)

Gong then translates to “cultivation” or “mastery” which is all good vibes and in keeping with our trajectory forward of expansion.

Marry these two lovely words together and we have the unity of Master of One’s Energy or Cultivation of One’s Life Force.

That is some pretty powerful and magical stuff should you be able to buy into the value of cultivating a relationship with your own energy.

The good feels of Qi gong enable you to do exactly this.

Advantages 2 You by Way of QiGong

Would you believe something as simple as moving your body about in space with various postures meditatively harmonizing with the life force that is your breath could provide you with an abundance of well-being?

Well guess what peeps?

Healthy living is SUPER SIMPLE.

It’s us chasing it that is the problem – we need only relax into it.

This basically means taking the time to take the time to take care of your human bio suit.

Do you have enough esteem of yourself to gift yourself time out of your external focus to generate some good feels inwardly for yourself and your overall well-being?

Self care should not be a fleeting or inconsistent practice.

In fact, Quantum Law shows us that nurturing our own well-being and listening to the dictates of our own Hearts can only prove to expand and support our best lives.

We like to ride a thrive vibe here at the GVL so we do engage in some daily Qi Gong and here is a super simple 10 minute vid that you can scope to see if this is your jam.

Do this once in the morning and see how it impacts your day.

Ten minutes out of your day to power up your energy?

Why would you not do this?

you are master of your energy

The more we stress ourselves out with our own societal buy ins that we need to be in a race to be deemed worthy of success, the more we deteriorate the essence of our Life Force and its natural intelligence.

A good portion of the world walks around in a kind of hypnosis staring at small devices.

cell phone addiction is a thing

You may recognize this if you are acting as an observer to your experience as well as a participant, or you may be one in the this hypnosis.

 I see drones of people nearly get hit by cars or walk into poles or trip off of curbs because they are mindlessly looking at their phones instead of mindfully moving their bodies by way of walking.


It’s an actual exercise and when you take the time to focus your energy on you, at the moment, walking and absorbing the world around you in presence.

This yields a very different vibe if you are not in control of your body’s attention and stumbling into strangers while your brain only really half absorbs whatever it is your Mind is so consumed with that it has cut off its relationship entirely to the direction of your moving body.

If you are one of these people, then know that it’s okay where you are at.

You do you and be whoever and do whatever you feel is right for you.

A little conscious awareness of our own habits can go a long way though and where you focus your attention is where you generate energy in your life.

A smartphone will not give you a return on your life energy, no matter how smart that phone is, but Qi Gong definitely will.

You Decide What is Your Priority 4 This Life Journey of Yours.

I think it is a superior vibe if you make yourself, your body & your mind landscape a priority pursuit you invest in – as you would your career or cultivating and nurturing a family.

the simplicity of qi gong

QiGong aligns with the principle of nature in that it is divine in its application and simplicity.

 Nature never wastes energy, it moves, cultivates and recycles it, but never will it waste – this goes against its very nature to do so.

It is abundant, expansive and in a free flow.

What Have Humans Been Doing?

Going against their nature for the most part.

 It is not in our nature to be separated from our families for the majority of the day.

It is not in our nature to consume large amounts of pharmaceuticals.

It is not in our nature to consume so much food that it renders us obese and normalizing ill health.

 It is not in our nature to exchange our health and well being for a title or massive sums of money, it is not in our nature to be wasteful.

And yet……

Nature is our nature.

Formidable, Transformational and Divine.

You want to really live large?

Harness a relationship with the energy you keep in your body and the relationship you have to your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Several motions that are self directed consciously can gift yourself an abundance of health benefits.

Qi Gong Health Level Up

the benefits of qigong practice

My introduction and practice of Qi Gong is at a very novice level.

 There are people who practice the art of this ancient practice and have made it their life’s work to consciously expand and transform their energy and the education of this aspect of ourselves.

I noted what a beautiful transformation it brought to my day.

The benefits listed above are abundant and the work itself, simple in its application.

It was not by accident that I encountered the group in the forest and it is a wonderful way to be in the world where you can embrace that which is not in your routine repertoire of behaviours or activities.

Allowing yourself to live free yet maintain healthy boundaries is a beautiful life to your Spirit and your body’s energy.

If you can endorse ancient practices or not, you can benefit, fundamentally and expansively from your participation and willingness to explore new aspects such as these that can prove to elevate your life experience.

Above is a link to get you started with engaging with your body’s energy.  If it takes, then an opportunity for you to delve in further to any study that compels you forth.

 If it is not your gig, well – at least you were open enough to try so you can feel good about that.

 Ride that Thrive Vibe