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The Good Feels of Integrity – Integrity is Being Above Board

Integrity – What is It?

The good feels of integrity is a characteristic that will keep your life on a sweet path. Integrity is synonymous with other words such as virtue, honesty, incorruptibility and straightforwardness.

Integrity defined?

Our good friends and resource at describe the meaning of integrity as this:

integrity what is it

Integrity is a very worthwhile characteristic and is usually found amongst the successful and self responsible humans of the world.

Are you one of them?

Integrity is linked to self-esteem.

If you feel good about who you are and how you govern yourself, than integrity is easily achieved should you be in keeping with solid values of honesty and self responsibility.

Doing the right thing, even when nobody is around to give you props or judgement about your actions, is a space in which you resonate with integrity.

Integrity is being above board.

integrity what is it

Doing what is right and what is good for the collective and ensuring you govern yourself so that all thoughts, actions and words are in alignment are behaviours and actions that demonstrate the gateway to integrity.

It is the backbone of feeling pride in oneself on a level of humility and self actualization into the higher self. Integrity is a close companion to ethics.

The ethics in which you govern your professional and personal lives go hand in hand with integrity.

When you choose to act in alignment with the good for all and not putting personal gain ahead of what is right and good for everyone, than you are governing yourself with integrity.

Integrity is being above board and gives off a clean energetic feel.

integrity is linked to self esteem

Imagine a world where all political leaders and law makers encompassed this trait! What an epic space to cultivate where you empower and connect and support your fellow human how you, yourself would like to be supported.

In Relationships, Integrity is Huge!

How empowering for a child to receive an apology from an adult if the adult has acted in a misguided manner – a parent or guardian who is aligned with integrity will have no issues when it comes to acknowledging their areas of opportunities when it comes to guiding and raising their children.

If you give off the impression to your kids that it is your way or the highway, than in a subliminal way, you are modeling for them behaviours that lack integrity.

The first step in self responsibility is taking accountability for your wins, but more importantly, your errors.

live with integrity

Demonstration of integrity means modeling behaviours that are synonymous with integrity.

A child will never learn how to apologize or take accountability for their errors if their parent is never wrong.

Rather than function from a place of ownership and command, relating as equally human and in the role of an ambassador rather than a boss is, in itself a great act of integrity you can implement as a parent/guardian to the little ones lives you are helping shape.

choose integrity

In Business, Integrity is Huge Too!

Power dynamics are a tricky field to navigate in the entertainment industry and many other industries in this world. Inflated egos due to misaligned practices of hierarchy lend itself to many people being under the employment of people who act from their Ego rather than their Heart.

Those who have a solid balance of Mind and Heart can dial in the integrity vibe. Those who are misaligned and identify their role as an opportunity to have ill perceived and false power over others will be the ones in which integrity is a reach.

integrity is doing the right thing

If you are a person who governs themselves with integrity and your boss does not, than you have the power of choice to decide if that is an environment in which you want to invest your life energy.

If you are in a leadership role and you govern yourself with integrity than you are a person who is good at what they do, has confidence in their abilities as well as a conscious awareness of their superior pay grade and the responsibility that comes with governing, successfully, a group of employees.

A boss with integrity will make an effort to communicate, keep you informed about your progress and cultivate a culture of appreciation and reward for your investment.

Whether it be for professional or personal purposes, if you are a person who governs yourself with integrity than the two entities will not be separate.

Showing up in your life with integrity will lead you down a path of very good vibes. Integrity is being above board.