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The Good Feels of Dissolving Resistance and Shifting Your Attention

The cause and effect of your reactions and responses have a good deal of power that you may or may not be aware of. Our next post here takes us through the gateway to the good feels of dissolving resistance and shifting your attention.

There is a very popular and well-known saying that “what you resist, persists” If you can get a handle on the profound power of UNDERSTANDING this rhyme/quote then you, my GVL companions are ripe ready to ride a solid and free flowing vibe.

The good feels of dissolving your resistance is an investment of peace.

What is Resistance?

Our reliable friends over at provide us with this well delineated definition here:resistance definition

Many spiritual leaders and advocates for reality creation are quite attuned and familiar with the word resistance and how it plays out in our creative abilities when it comes to designing the lives of our choosing.

A good portion of people have little awareness of their reactivity in terms of how they relate to the world.

The collective consciousness has taught a limited and resistant mindset towards what we, as humans, are truly capable of achieving.

In school we are taught competition, comparison and are separated from our peers when we behave “badly”. Acceptance and empowerment, emotional regulation and self-esteem are all aspects of our lives that are intrinsically linked to the success we garner in our life’s outcomes yet are not topics of learning in the system.

Nowadays, the system is gearing towards a more heart led approach, but this is not foundational.

It is shifting.

shifting society

What I learned from school was that teachers can inspire and teachers can traumatize and at the end of the day no matter what title you hold, it comes down to what kind of human being you are and the impact you are having on the other beings around you.

One must only look at the political climate of present to know that the power of governing an entire land does not exclude you from being subject to our shared aspects of humanity.

Society sets it up so that we are taught to separate what we do with who we are.

You can be the most powerful man in North America and be a stain on the human hearts of the collective consciousness and it is tolerated, accepted and in some areas, widely accepted and endorsed.

What is the litmus test to ensure the people who are governing other people and the land upon which they live, with integrity, honour, fairness and dignity?

There is none.

strive for peace

Society doesn’t base its ladder climbing scale on the attributes of a human emotional landscape, character and whether a person has a balanced and healthy relationship to their heart and overall regulation system.

Should you choose to go your own path and resist that cog then you are well on your way to freedom. It is the path less traveled so there may prove to be unforeseen obstacles.

It’s all good though, because that is Life, in a nutshell.

People Conform, People Resist & In The Highest Vibes, People Are Pure Creators.

It is the creators that impact our world. It is the creators that expand our consciousness.

Each one of us has a unique gift to express to this world.

Whether it ranges from being the biggest and baddest self-made umbrella salesman of an entire major city block or if you are Richard Branson touring around in one of your Virgin airplanes…

To create, you must flow.

To flow, you need to be without resistance.

Understanding Your Relationship to Your Own Resistance

Many people are walking around in their own skin and loving it.

Many people too, are walking around in their own skin unsure about what the deal is with themselves and how they relate to the world around them.

There is a large and vast scale that ranges in terms of what kind of people and their relationships to themselves who walk this Earth.

For our purposes here and the manner in which we like to roll with the task of being human, we will speak in generalities of human behaviour so as to make it relatable to all.

open to growth

Being open to growth, being open to new ideas and being open to new ways of thinking are all areas that can flourish when you are in a state of allowing versus that of resistance.

This principle implemented into your way of being can prove to have profound and powerful results in the outcomes you see showing up in your life.

Sometimes it can seem quite complex or abstract when you speak of a principle like resistance.

Gaining an understanding and experience of resistance and seeing how it serves you not, is a huge game changer when you do the work to sort it out.

Here Are a Few Examples That Demonstrate the Path of Resistance vs Taking the Path of the Least Resistance, the Path of Allowing.

Someone asks you to borrow your favourite sweater.

You say no, its my favourite and I don’t want anything to happen to it.

You say yes, it is my favourite sweater, enjoy it and please ensure to take care of it.

Your child spills milk all over the table and floor

You freak out and react by yelling, berating and reacting poorly to the new mess all over your house.

You calmly go over to your child, assure them its okay and accidents happen and then you both set to the task of cleaning it up.

Someone asks you to do or try something you have never done or tried.

You say no.

You say yes.

You say maybe, I need to know more.

You get fired unexpectedly

You get angry and you get anxious and think of all the stressful things you now have on your plate without an income.

You accept it and deem it an opportunity to try something new and set about to figure out what that is.

Your boy child wants to dress up as a princess for Hallowe’en

You tell your boy that dressing up as a princess for hallowe’en is not what boys do and you offer another choice that is suitable for boys.

You tell your child that it is a great idea if that is what he is naturally drawn to and you support his choices.

Your spouse says that they have broken a vow

You freak out, you yell, you get angry, you get super upset and blameful and storm out of the house.

You ask why and you figure out whether you want to salvage the relationship and work through it.

The key to understanding resistance is to have enough presence of mind and attention to know when you are in a resistant state.

If you are unable to delineate the above differences then that’s a doozy but not all is lost.

Any emotions that you experience that are linked to negativity, anxiety, worry, destruction, harm, fear and “oh no, what if’s” are emotions that are linked to thoughts or experiences of resistance.

That’s not to say that things in this world do not exist that conjure up those powerful and energetic emotions, but you are the container for them.

To deny them is very unhealthy, but to cultivate a relationship to them and be in witness and governance of them, is wherein lies your creative power.

Responsiveness rather than reactivity, lends itself to a compassionate and understanding way of being in the world.

aligned within up top

When you are at peace within yourself, in full governance of your state of being, your emotions and your mindset, then resistance will take a back seat to your self directed dictates.

The key, then, is to actualize yourself to the degree that this is an easy task for you to accomplish.

Resistance arises based on our conditioning, based on our belief systems, our own authenticity in regards to being honest about the esteem we carry within and the investment we make into our own health and well-being.

It is entirely possible to be completely kind and loving in every moment and delineate appropriate boundaries without generating an energy of resistance.

The choice is entirely in your hands – as is everything else in your world.

You choose your reactions.

You choose your responses.

You choose what you resist.

You choose what you allow.

your world your hands

There is a natural ebb and flow to the natural world around us.

nature just flows

There is a natural, fluid movement of contraction and expansion that is the very nature of our existence.

When we live more harmoniously with the application of governance of that of nature, not to waste energy, but to transform and expand infinitely.

Methods to Release Resistance

You may be of the feeling that you are an easy going individual and that you resist nothing. If you fall into this category then superior vibes to you for your inner work and investment into your overall well-being.

If, however, you are reactive or of the misguided notion that your life is happening to you and not through you, then some or a good amount of resistance may be present in your life experience.

This creates a polarization in your energy field and will continue to cause you problems.

One simple and formidable key to solid and free living is being able to know yourself, and be aware of how you respond or, as the case may be, react to the events/situations that inspire an emotional response within you that you react upon with no conscious application of your doing so until the reaction has been engaged and the situation then becomes further problematic.

mindful racer

Mindfulness is a Game Changer 4 the Average Human Who is Running in the Rat Race of Life.

We are all so keen on living in our heads.

The majority of our governed society is rooted in consumption and power of the external that the internal landscapes of most humans goes untended.

How formidable our systems, that we can ultimately neglect their full nourishment and nurturing and still live an engaging life.


How present are you? The good feels of dissolving resistance enables presence.

The NOW is all we have, yet, a good majority of people live in the myriad of thought forms their Mind generates for them or the entirety of their attention is on the people, places and circumstances outside of themselves.

The Good feels of dissolving resistance enables you to be at peace with all that surrounds you.

There is an awareness point in between these two spaces that a human can access and it is that of the present moment.

In any and all situations, you can release any resistance you are thinking and feeling about a situation by way of putting your focus on the empty spaces around you and becoming aware of your breathing.

The good feels of dissolving resistance means you are in and very aware of your body and the energy contained within it.

These two very simple tools, if consciously applied and practiced developing habitually then it can shift into every aspect of your life and to your great advantage.

Imagine maintaining such presence that you are able to field any and all situations that present themselves to you in a state of present moment awareness.

If you have the tenacity and strength of will to do so consistently you will see a noticeable shift in the way things flow into your experience.

The good feels of dissolving resistance is a self awareness win!


Closely linked with our good friend presence above and they go hand in hand really. How aware are you of you?

Do you have conscious awareness of you and how you roll in this life.

A little self reflection and a good amount of investment into how and why you do the things you do can prove to show you what your belief systems are.

The good feels of dissolving resistance also demonstrates to yourself  whether you are riding the authenticity train when it comes to where you are checking yourself.


When you invest in your own well-being then this is a massive game changer for that very endeavour.

Being able to be still and be at peace with yourself and in silence is an empowerment that most are unable to acquire.

If you cannot carve the time out for yourself to meditate then that too, is super informational about how much love you are generating for yourself to distill into your work, activities and relationships.

The good life is found in the good feels of dissolving resistance. In peaceful meditation this is axiomatic and found in abundance.

Physical Exercise

This planet is so beautiful and we here at the GVL advocate to go and play outside.

All day every day if you can dig it like childhood in the eighties, and if not, then again, you have to decide how valuable your worth is to you.

You can make anything a priority, based again, on your belief system.

Making physical exercise a priority in your life, even a 10 minute tabata workout or a 20 minute Qigong routine can elevate and balance the energy in your body.

Our bodies were made to move and when you start to engage and move your body more consistently and with mindful engagement, it really is incredible how good we were designed to feel.


The more you understand that this infinite universe of ours is an all-inclusive universe, the more you can accept the happenings that you witness around you.

Resistance is a huge aspect of many peoples lives, and a good portion of it is unconscious.

To the degree that you are able to accept ALL that comes your way, and enough mindfulness to choose your responses to how your relate to what you see, is a state of being of empowerment and one that leaves you with a great amount of creative control.

Let go

David R Hawkins wrote a beautiful book about Letting Go.

There is the sedona method and Fred Dodson has some great emotional clearing courses.

The amount of content available to us by way of learning to let go of all the accumulated baggage that we still carry around with us only to impose upon people whom we relate.

Coming into your experiences with presence and free of preconceived judgments based on ill repaired past situations will prove to elevate you far more than the alternative.

I experienced a breath work journey a few weeks ago that reset my nervous system. It was transformational to see the body’s intelligence optimize itself through a simple yet focused breath technique.

take this peace

All the techniques above, if invested in one or more of them, can prove to shift your attention. When you level up an aspect of yourself through self-knowledge then your attention and awareness naturally shift to that which is in your highest good.

It is you, and only you that can determine the resistances you keep.

Becoming mindful of ourselves and a good check in once in a while, even with the peeps we keep in our lives closest to us to ask where you may be offering resistance is a good vibe as it allows you to learn and elevate aspects of your human beingness.

The results you gain with your own inner work is mirrored in your outcomes.

It is Quantum Law and a very very cool vibe to harness.

Have At It & Let it Flow 🙂

let it flow