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The Good Feels of Audiobooks

The Narrative Audio Experience & The Good Feels of Audiobooks

I have found the good feels of audiobooks to be a beautiful way in which to be able to go about tasks that require very little conscious thought and gift yourself the abundance that audible narratives can offer you to enhance and level up your life experience.

Whether you are preparing a meal, puttering around the house, walking, running, or simply enjoying rest and relaxation, the good feels of audio books offer wealth for you in abundance.

for the love of audiobooks

If reading proves to be an activity that was not inherently cultivated in your habits, then the good feels of audio books can also prove to catch you up on the infinite amount of knowledge and resources available to your human experience.

As a visual and verbal storyteller, when the previsualization and thought process is completed in terms of the creative work the time invested in cleaning up images or branding require very little thought process and this is the time that has proved ideal for me to absorb a variety of the good feels of audio books.

When I make meals, have a shower and get ready for my day, or even when doing the household upkeep of chores – absorbing knowledge and information or listening to a dynamic piece of fiction yields a good and expansive vibe.

The good feels of audiobooks are a cerebral win!

Whatever Your Daily Ride Vibe, The Good Feels of Audiobooks Are A Level Up In Terms Of Your Neural Landscape Development.

The Good Feels of AudioBooks Can Offer You Life Changing Concepts & Ideas That Can Contribute 2 The Colour You Choose 2 Add 2 Your Life Experience.

Personal development, self-help, spirituality, and British fiction are my go2s but if any other possible topic of interest were being sought, then is your hook up.

I transitioned from a full time restaurant job to a full time freelance career to a full time studio position. This path lead to only reaffirm for my being that working for myself is how I am wired and this is the vibe I am meant to be emanating when I show up in this world.

An avenue in which I was able to accomplish incredible life trans formative healing and empowerment was through the information and knowledge distilled to me through authors such as Ilchi Lee, Frederick Dodson, Louise

Hay, Vadim Zeland…. among many other authors distilling conscious and useful content have allowed me to elevate my life experience.

investment in knowledge

I have been able to enhance and revitalize the relationship I have within myself in ways that would not otherwise be so easily available to me if it were not for the convenience and economy that Audio Books and Amazon have provided me.

Knowledge is useful when it is of value and sourced from authentic sources a d awareness of our neural capacities to expand and transform is a remarkable asset to our journey through this life

Knowledge is further expanded on when you implement it experientially.

You can read a book about how great blueberries taste and learn information about them, but you cannot really have full knowledge of what encompasses the flavour of a blueberry until you actually put one in your mouth, bite down on it and taste the vibrant burst of flavour yourself.

henry ford quotes inspire

In March 2008, Amazon bought Audible so it is now a subsidiary of Amazon.

If it interests you to learn further information about the Audible vibe, check out Wikipedia here.

The List of Benefits 2 the AudioBook Vibe Are Abundant – Take A Look!

1. Improves Language Fluency, Pronunciation & Comprehension

When I moved to Mexico, I was not a speaker of the Spanish language.

I downloaded a good amount of Audiobooks to listen to Spanish audio recordings just to get a better handle on the language.

The pauses, intonations, stresses and fluency demonstrated to me by way of an audible narrative allowed me to further grasp, at a rapid rate.

Additionally, I have downloaded audio books for the little cutie patootie in my life that is my 7, soon to be 8 year old son and we listen to stories together and it is a captivating experience.

It allows me to further explain and educate him on words he doesn’t yet know and also, enables him to have the experience of listening to another human voice use language in a storytelling manner which furthers his expansion.

2. Listening Skills and Focus of Attention Level Up

Following along any material requires a certain level of focus and attention.

When you witness people interacting, you may be surprised, or perhaps not, that most people do not engage with real listening, but merely await a time in which they can respond with their own thoughts and ideas to the subject matter at hand.

Having developed listening skills is a characteristic that will lend itself to one’s life experience.

The art of listening and concentrated focused attention are life enhancing practices and skills that helps in various avenues of a person’s life.

3. Expands Your Opportunities In Terms of Time & Learning

As I stated above, when I am doing household chores it is a great opportunity for me to ingest some material via the audio book route to enhance and expand my experience.

In this day and age, it seems as if time can be fleeting or in some mindsets, can be all encompassing.

time for an audiobook

Audiobooks are available to you when you work out, when you commute, when you dial in household chores, when you shower and get ready for your day….the amount of activities that you do subconsciously, or on auto pilot are segways in which audio books can still be absorbed and enjoyed by your conscious mind.

If you enjoy information, knowledge or just good narratives, then the audibook route is a surefire advantage that you can implement into any aspect of your day.

4. An Alternative For The Visually Impaired Or 4 Those Who Don’t Do The Read Vibe

A piece of fiction narrated to you can prove very entertaining and is also a huge win for anyone who has visual impairment and still wants to enjoy a good book.

People learn and absorb information at different rates and in a variety of ways.

To those who have a resistance or issue with reading, the audio book choice is a great vibe to add to your repertoire of good vibes that thrive.

I, myself, seem to gain more insights when I have a person speaking to me rather than reading the words from my own perspective.

The difference is subtle yet powerful in terms of how I absorb knowledge and information.

5. Mind & Heart Connectivity Enhancer

Listening to a piece of well written and narrated fiction can prove to allow your ability to empathize with people expand.

When you are able to immerse yourself in an audio book and identify aspects of your own humanity in the characters of the story, then you level up your emotional connectivity.

Additionally, self-help books or narrated books on subjects that ignite your Heartspace and stimulate your Mind are some of this worlds greatest gifts you can bestow upon yourself.

The AudioBook Vibe Is A Vibe That Thrives.


If It’s Your Jam, Have At It!