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The Gift of Your Inner Condition – GoodVibe Reminder Drop


Pay attention to your feels. 

 Your inner state of condition is a place within that is either in a safe kind of peace or an unnerving kind of trepidation.

 The autonomic regulation and management of your human system comes in many diverse ways to signal to you if you are on the trajectory of your thrive or your dive.

The “check in’ with yourself to see how you feel inside is a good barometer for how you are managing your inner condition and how it is impacted by those whom you are interacting.

  How do you feel when you awake? How do you feel at work? How do you feel at home? How do you feel within yourself?

Many people lead their lives with the dictates of the rational mind which is always calculating and seeking to find rationalities for all it experiences with logical reasoning.

 The heart is a very powerful intelligence within you and cannot think or rationalize, but feels and knows what is a thrive for you and what is not.

 The gut feelings you experience are a good connector to what your heart is signaling to you and being aware and cognizant of your own intuition is an internal guidance system one does well to adhere to.

The path of life works in the path of least resistance. If you have work, people or places that create struggle, stress and lethargy within your own state, then that is informational to your own journey and if you are, indeed, on the right path.

Life is fraught with challenges and lessons, but the naturalness of life is one of ease, movement and transformation.

If you are stagnant, stressed or lack the gusto to create anew in your experience, then check in with your inner condition in the spaces of which you are moving through.

Feel the feels

The emotional state is the unconditional state.

To deny ones own emotions of feeling within does a disservice to the entirety of one’s humanity, yet many people negate this aspect of themselves to follow the standards of society or the masses that THINK in the same way.

THINKING and FEELING are two different aspects to your human energy.

To deny one in exchange for the other is to rip yourself off and deny a very intrinsic and informational part of your own inner guidance.

To be in a state of harmony in thought and feeling is a propulsion of naturalness. To be in antagonism with your own thoughts and feelings is a sign of incongruence and incongruence is the fastest way to lost free energy which would otherwise be propelled into your growth and expansion.

To be in awareness of oneself, to be in command of oneself is to honour the inner condition of oneself.

If you feel depleted every time you go to work, is the work really speaking to your SOUL and the right vocation for you?

If you feel dejected or lack lustre after spending time with certain friends, relatives or co-workers, are these the people you really ought to be engaging if that is the case?

To honour ones own state of inner condition to a thrive is to be REAL, to be HONEST and to take a SOBER LOOK at the investments you are making into your own life.

Energy is the currency of life.

It is a goodvibe investment to manage, maintain and compel yours wisely.