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The Esteemed Energetic Power of Congruence in Your Human Experience

The Esteemed Energetic Power of Congruence

You as a human being have aspects of yourself of which you have complete autonomous governance over.

These aspects are delineated as your THOUGHTS, WORDS, EMOTIONS, INTUITION and ACTIONS

In no way, shape or form, does anyone other human being have control over these aspects of you, unless of course, you give them the authority over them. This authority is most often bled in the structure of dependent relating, when one relies on ideals of others to establish their own value and worth to gain a sense of belonging and acceptance in the world.

You get to decide the choices you make in terms of these aspects of your human experience and the choices you make in terms of these energetic truths of yourself is how your life will roll forth for you.

To be in empowerment and an integrity-based human vibration is to be in CONGRUENCE.

Thrive with congruence

The human mindscape and the compelling of the world’s structures can make life a very complex matter.

Simplicity, when yielded, in the design of ANYTHING, enables an energetic resonance with the Natural Force Order of the Least Resistance and Divine accomplishment.

To be in a congruent vibration within one’s own governance is to be in a state of pure empowerment.

Davinci Spirit Guide

To make it very simple, and to break down the energy of congruence of which you have full choice and self responsibility to take complete ownership over it is a goodvibe to be in AWARENESS of the simplicity of which this can be yielded.

If your life is feeling like it is in a dense vibe, then taking a look at these INDIVIDUAL and AUTONOMOUS aspects of your own humanity can yield you out of some complexities in your life that may prove to be weighing you down to your deficit.


human together


The brain is a recording mechanism that generates upwards of 70 thousand thoughts a day.

Thought energy, although invisible to the human eye, is a tangible energy and does not disappear.

You as a human can receive the thoughts of any environment and person with whom you come into contact.

thoughts are things

This happens on a subtle level, which is not perceived by your eyes, but definitely impacted by the receivership that is your brains mechanism and determined by your own aptitude of conscious awareness.

When you, as a human, take PURPOSEFUL OWNERSHIP and COMMAND over your thinking and direct it as you see fit, you can create matter ahead of you.


Words are a very powerful mechanism of human expression.

You can create lasting love relationships with supportive and engaging communication and you can create a good deal of pain, destruction and anarchy with critical, demeaning and abusive language.

Words are used to convey thoughts, ideas, emotional states and basic fundamental human communication.

They are compelled from your own body and mind by way of SOUND, and SOUND ENERGY makes up 50 percent of your subtle biology.

speak kindly or not at all

The words you hear in relationship repeatedly can affect your cellular structures within you to your thrive or your dive, as well as the kind of words you compel outwards to your fellow sentient beings.

Mindful word expressions are thrived to compel forth that which you intend to see in your experience as they reverberate as sound energy in the field of consciousness and are too, highly creative.



All human species have emotions to field as a guiding mechanism of information.

The male species of masculinity yield and field emotional energy just given their biological bias.

The female species of femininity yield and field emotional energy to a more pronounced degree, just given their biological bias. In today’s world of evolutionary growth, both polarities of masculine and feminine exist in all HUMANS.

Emotions are a very powerful and expressive energy for one’s own aptitude of self governance.

If you scope the post Vibin’ and Thrivin’ as a human found at this link here, it denotes one’s empowerment to be in full autonomy and command of one’s own emotional intelligence.

feel your feels

Again, in this scenario, many people bleed their states of emotional condition upon those with whom they share their lives, rather than taking full autonomous ownership over their own emotional energy.

Many people fail to allow their emotional experience to finish its circuity and leave them, but instead begin to identify and characterize their own worth, actions and identity with that they are generating in feelings.

This is a highly unnatural governance of behaviour yet is quite common place.

Emotions are bred from our focus, our attitudes and our inner esteem of conditioning.

To be in a state of awareness of the energy your emotions generate within you and observe them, allowing them to be what they are and allowing their energy to pass through you without identifying with them, allows you a great deal of empowerment in terms of your subtle bodies intelligence.

Feel your feels, but don’t camp out in them.


Every human is equipped with intuitive guidance.

The naturalness of the “real world’ of the metaphysical truths of our existence is very tangible thing, even if one keeps it out of their awareness.

The intangible still affects the tangible and the intuitive powers that a human contains are vast, ancient and actually quite commonplace.

The condtioning of the mainstream mentalized perspectives of education and adherences keep a more focused approach on what can be seen and touched in our physical realities of matter. Intuition deals with ENERGETICS.

Within you as a human you have the capacities to develop and harness your intuitive powers by way of your varying brainwave states, most notably Delta and Theta Waves.

The majority of humans govern their cerebral adherences to Beta or even High Beta which is a state of stress and irrationality. Being able to intuit for yourself what your own guidance is directing you towards is a very advantageous and supportive feel for the entirety of your human experience.


Many aspects of your own intuitive feelings come from the unconditional space of your emotional body resonance, propelled by the HEART’s energy and connected to the non-local field of all consciousness and evolutionary creative Universal lifeforce.

When you get a “gut feeling” about something or someone, it is your own intuition that is guiding you towards that which either serves or does not serve you in your path forward.

Material reality can look like seemingly one thing in front of you and people can project certain identities in your experience, but most often there is incongruence and lack of transparency projected outwardly, so being able to attune to your own state of inner condition is a very big thrive for your own happiness and well-being.

Get Into The Habit of Observing Your Inner State of Condition.

oui oui

Being able to be connected to yourself in terms of your own autonomy and how you direct your own energy is an empowerment thrive.

Intuition is natural to a human system and can expand to such gifts as claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance.

All these human natural powers are innate and are extra sensory in one’s own perceptual acumen.

Most often clairsentience is omnipresent given peoples generation of emotional energy. The feelings you receive are intelligence at work so reverting back to the above aspect of emotional intelligence is a thrive for you to gauge if you are on your own path of goodvibes or if you are being led astray.

Trust in one’s own abilities and the enhancement of where one is naturally drawn by order of their HEARTS calling is the playground of intuition.

If your MIND is at war with your HEART, it can create a very undermining state of condition, this is why being aware of the aforementioned mastery of your own MIND’s energetic propulsion can heighten and expand your natural intuitive gifts.


Actions are propelled from all the above aspects of your own alignment of your thougts, words, emotions and intuitive guidance.

To be in awareness of these aspects of yourself makes for your own actions of integrity or your own actions of disparity to your highest evolutionary state of growth.

People can act one way, but be entirely in another vibration with the other parts of their own humanity.

actions tell all

Nothing is right or wrong for you, you always have the choice to act as you please and your choice will always be supported by the effects of its cause of which you find yourself immersed.

If you are psychologically untethered and in a depressive state of emotion and being highly abusive with your words, your intuition is lost to you and you may behave suicidal or with shameful destruction.

The world is composed of chains of cause and effect and the effects are always close to the cause.

If you are psychologically sound and in a coherent and balanced state of cerebral management, with supportive words and generating a good deal of positive emotional energy by your intelligent governance over them, then your intuitive powers are more pronounced and the actions you compel will be aligned and CONGRUENT with these chains of cause and effect.

To be in harmony with your actions, is to be in harmony with all other aspects of YOUR OWN AUTONOMOUS GOVERNANCE of your HUMAN ENERGY.

With such insights one can see very clearly the reasons why things are the way they are in terms of their own energetic experience.

you do you

Incongruence in these 5 aspects of YOU can yield a depletion of subtle energy, which in turn creates a deficit in your entire life’s vibration.

When these five aspects of yourself are not heeded and taken command over, but instead bleed into the dependency of others and/or mismanaged by your own lack of authenticity and acknowledgment within, then you waste a good deal of your own sovereign energy and you can dive quite quickly to a biology that serves you not.

It can also prove a catalyst to misaligned relational dynamics and a good deal of density that serves you and the people with you whom your relate to a deficit in the highest aspect of your own naturalness.

This is what is meant by the resonance of “we are one”

Everyone resonates at certain level of energetic frequency.

All these aspects of your own humanity give off a vibrational frequency.

No one has the authority nor the right to command these aspects of you but YOU.

your vibe determines your tribe

What you think about, what you speak on, how you behave and act upon your thoughts and words, how you feel about things and the inner guidance system of which you either heed or ignore are the fundamental structure to congruent and aligned energetic force and propulsion in your human experience.

Examples of inauthenticity and incongruency in the alignment of these five aspects of YOUR GOVERNANCE can look like:

Deep down you think your spouse is an annoying piece of person in your life and you have built a life with them with kids so you go through the motions of being in a happy family relationship but are super unhappy inside, none of the aspects of yourself are being expanded and supported, but you say and act like you are happy out of duty or for the sake of your kids, then you are incongruent. Kids are energetic marvels and will adhere to these discrepancies by way of a conditioning that serves them not. What you compel as a parent, your children will adopt as resonance of conditioning.

If you hate your boss and think he is a douche bag and secretly imagine throwing him out of a window on a daily basis, but show up to work and act and speak like you are all good with him and working your job under his leadership, then you are incongruent. This kind of normalization will suck the SOUL LIFE right out of you, and for what? A paycheck? Some notoriety? it may be scary to go your own way and follow the dictates of your own calling aligned to these 5 aspects of yourself, but isn’t it more insane to deny yourself the dignity of your autonomous life force?

If your in-laws drive you insane and are invasive to your life and your own ideals for your family dynamics but you allow them to permeate your experience to appease the spouse that you secretly think is a poison in your life and behave as though it doesn’t bother you so as to not gain anymore flack to an already oppressive and diminutive normalized tolerance then you are incongruent and your manifestations of coping mechanisms will bleed out into a dark shadow exposure.

If you claim to be healthy and happy-go-lucky and life is all a big bottle of sunshine, but smoke weed every day or cope by overeating or popping pills to maintain some level of inner sanity to get yourself through your day, then you are incongruent.

If you claim to be a faithful wife but you are banging your boss at work, you are incongruent.

If you present yourself as a responsible parent but you neglect and abuse your child behind closed doors, then you are incongruent.


The list is quite endless to the examples of human interaction and experience one can engage in one’s life to the degree they allow THEIR OWN ENERGY to bleed to the DEPENDENCY of OTHERS ideals or expectations.

To take sovereign command over these AUTONOMOUS aspects of yourself is to be in ALIGNMENT. In an aligned biology, the cause and effect chains yield nothing but GOODVIBES.

Congruence demands a level of personal responsibility and integrity. An inner esteemed evaluation to do right by thine own SOUL.

In this technologically dependent world where people hide behind the masks of their social media and fail to meet the standards of natural and esteemed human relating, incongruence is a normalization that breeds quite commonly and with ease.

Just Because It Is Common and Just Because It Is Allowed, Does Not Necessarily Mean It Is Good For You.

Living in such a manner is highly unnatural, highly diminishing and destructive to the wisdom and compelling of your own SOUL and can prove to create a good deal of problems and hindrances to your most optimal state of condition in living.

Not only you, to those whom you impact with your energetic expulsions that are either congruent or incongruent to the naturalness of which YOU CHOOSE to govern yourself by.

It is an alignment that offers a great deal of energetic power yet the normalizations of dishonest and incongruency covered up by “hey that’s life” is where a good majority of people give away their own sovereign power of their innate humanity.

The root of incongruence derives from conditioned beliefs of self-worth and self acceptance being in the hands and opinions of others.

worth within

On some level or another every human being strives to prove their worth.

Look at life and the structures people adhere to. On a UNIVERSAL LEVEL it is an investment of people proving, maintaining or aiming to generate their own self value.

In doing so, they yield a good amount of toxicity in their own choices of autonomy by following the masses or preconceived ideas and notions that their family or society has conditioned within them.

In order to take your empowerment and yield a complete autonomous thrive in your life experience it is a good and necessary vibe to GET HONEST WITH YOURSELF and KNOW YOUR WORTH and RIGHT TO AUTONOMY free of DEPENDENCY of others JUDGEMENT or OPINION UPON YOU.

People carry inauthencity within them and the manner in which they dial in their MO’s to present themselves in a certain light to the world around them.

This kind of existence, again, is allowed, however it bleeds a deficit to one;s own energy that, over time, can alter the natural and effervescent nature of one’s own human life experience.

 Do you really want to be that kind of human?

The easiest and fastest way to align to CONGRUENCE, and therefore a heightened energetic propulsion in your own life is to delineate for yourself in different areas where you are aligned and misaligned in terms of your human management.

guardian power


In these areas of your life it is a thrive for you to take time, space and attention of investment to check in and see where your energy can yield a more aligned vibration.





Simplicity is the key to good design in anything and all things, just like nature.

Nature never expels energy unnecessarily so to be aligned and congruent with the natural force order, is a force indeed and one that will support you and propel you unequivocally.


What do you consistently THINK about yourself, and your own sense of worth and value?

What kind of WORDS do you speak when you have your own inner dialogue?

What kind of ACTIONS do you propel towards yourself in terms of the engagements and investments you entertain?
What is your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE aptitude and are you aware of it and manage it with masterful command?

Do you have a connectivity to your own INTUITIVE guidance within? Do you heed the callings of your HEART?


What are your honest THOUGHTS about the above people in your life?

What kind of WORDS and language do you compel and exchange with the above people in your life?

What kind of ACTIONS are undertaken and compelled by you in the activity with the above people in your life?

What kind of EMOTIONS are you generating in your exchanges, impact and receivership with the above people in your life?

What kind of feels and KNOWINGS are generated in your GUT and HEART consistently with the above people in your life?

You See The Trend?

Do the same with your work you invest your LifeForce energy within and the geography and social culture of which you are most predominantly immersed and there you will have answers to asking yourself the right questions.

The results of your answers will lead you to determine where you need to make changes.

change is constant

The natural force order of energetic empowerment is the LAW OF UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE, PEACE AND LOVE.

This is not hippie talk, it is metaphysical and cerebral FACT aligned with your LIMBIC BRAIN SYSTEM and the FLOW OF LIFE.

You harness this vibration and compel, it yields a thrive vibe for ALL WHOM YOU RELATE.

You steep yourself in misgivings, ill conditioning and needing to prove your worth, then you bleed into the world the incongruency of non self-love and non self acceptance.

Juxtaposing your answers against the energy of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and ACCEPTANCE will enable you to see where your densities lie.

I catch people off guard with my blatant expositions of TRUTH because it is not the norm, but at the end of the day, if I am not truthful with me, about me and able to compel that outwardly, then I am INAUTHENTIC and INCONGRUENT.

No one anywhere has the right to judge that which they do not own and that which they do not create.

I am no one’s creativity but mine own and therefore I ACT in ALIGNMENT with this TRUTH.

mind ya business

Coupled with the natural force order of unconditional love and peaceful acceptance, the energy I compel proves a thrive for those whom I engage and are equipped enough to take ownership of the same sovereign right they hold within.

If not, then it creates a dissonance, of which is natural and allowed, but NOT MY PROBLEM.

It is not unfeeling, nor heartless, in fact the opposite.

Matching detachment of taking on the energy of others with complete autonomous INTEGRITY makes for a very comfortable skin in which to exist within.

A very esteemed and powerful vibration, without needing to take false power over my fellow sentient beings, but instead compelling them in resonance to their Highest Order.

To make changes means to take ownership of these aspects of yourself, You need not throw anyone under the bus or be combative or mean by way of adhering to your own standards of wellness and dignified self-respect.


To compel these answers privately and autonomously and then using KIND and HONEST COMMUNICATION to establish BOUNDARIES of what you will and will not tolerate based on your OWN AUTONOMY will yield you great personal dividends.

The world will always reflect your relationship to it.

When you take conscious command over YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP to SELF and these areas of your energetic expenditures you yield empowerment.

You Have To Do The Work.

do the work

It is YOUR LIFEFORCE, after all.