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The Esteem of Aligned Choices – How to Harness Your Own Value of Esteemed Worth Within

When you are in an esteemed vibratory compelling, you garner an energy that is symbiotic with SELF RESPECT.   It seems in today’s modern world of technology and the influx of imbalances present in the Masculine and Feminine fuckery of compellings that humnas are quite adept at existing in a consciousness where their moral value of integrity and esteem are at a sub par level to their own humanity.   

The efficiencies and benefits of the online world have enabled any one human to be able to work, live, consume and exist all without having to engage any kind of movement outside of their domesticities.
  People are glued to their bluescreens and compelling their biologies from a place where the naturalness of themselves have been completely lost to their own aptitudes of self governance to a dignified vibration. 

As a human being you direct and command your lifeforce by way of your autonomic nervous system and the primary information of which you steep yourself day in and day out.  
Taking stock of what you allow yourself to consume on a daily basis is an awareness thrive for anyone who is lacking in their own feels of esteem, self dignity and aligned choices of their own humanity that enable them their own SELF WORTH. 

Check out this post here on the power of HABIT. 

The dependency of relativity that exists to technology is askew to BALANCE. As a human system, you are bred on the Earth Plane, and the Earth is a construct of Natural Force Order.  Its primary governing principle is BALANCE.   Now having technology and an affinity for tech is quite fascinating, rewarding, interesting and filled with a myriad of opportunities to satisfy the inherent aspect of ones own curiosity,  

That is, if you are in command of your own ATTENTION and AWARENESS.   It begs the question. 

Do you own your techonology or does your technology own you?

The same question can be posed in terms of consumables. The influx of health deficits, obesity, mental health disorders and basic low grade human exisiting, seems, again to be the sub par level of which most are quite pleased to steep themselves in.  When was the last time you really tasted your food?   Or do you just scarf it down as you absorb the latest tik tok top vids?

Esteem of naturalness

The normalization of people on phones whilst they spend time with their loved ones is omnipresent too.  It is a form of escapism to the truth of what is happening in their presence of reality.  
Parents on phones with young children on phones walking together in nature as if spending quality time together with one, two or even three members of their pack with their faces glued to their screens.   

When did it become an esteemed dignified vibration to normalize technology before real human interaction?

If I asked you to go offline for one week, could you?   

Most all humans who are put this question in today’s vibratory refelctivity would probably and most definitely have a good deal of dissonnance occcur in their own vibration if compelled to do so.   The bank, the food, the job, the friends, the social status, the media, are all found on their devices.

 How often and how perpetual is a person of todays technogenic systems, could actually implement a week offline.  Could you?   In truth, anyone could, if they CHOSE to do so, but my bet is that if you put this inquiry to the majority of people today, they would have a list of reasons as to why it just could not happen.  

Yet It Coulld.  

There bleeds an unconsciousness of ones awareness and self control when they allow the likes of such energetic vampiric redundancies such as Twitter to enable control over their own aptitude of self control. 

  It is a feeding ground for dependency one haa adhered to in their own biological systems and most who are tweeting and have their fans and followers piping in and retweeting, all are in essence, seekng to establish some sort of self esteem by way of expressing themselves on a technological platform with virtual humans rather than engaging in real life interactions with real humans.  

It proves an energy of disheartening fascination yet optimistic given the polarity based nature of our humanity. Time will tell how us humans will be able to yield a dignified vibration of aligning to the natural life inherently ingrained within ourselves. 

Being a human intelligence is AWESOME.

Discovering and engaging new technology is also AWESOME.

In an effort to compel esteem, you must first be in esteem.  Aligning your CHOICES to an esteemed vibration within your system means that you take SELF OWNERSHIP and SELF RESPONSIBILITY.  It also means having an innate inner awareness of yourself and the fundamental laws of your own human biology in which BALANCE is the fundamental guiding principal. OF ALL LIFE. 

Are your investments into your technology balanced?   I take walks in the forest with no technology only to be surrounded by people immersed the most vast and beautiful nature this world has to offer whilst their noses are stuck to an artificial intelligence completely negating the absorption of the the beauty about them.  

We are all free to choose and we are all free to be as we are. 

It may do well, however, to check yourself in terms fo your own biological balance and actiivty. I speak from experience from someone who had a severe unconsciuos social media addicition to now having only one app to express my visual interests of photography and self propelled creativity. 

We learn best through the experiences that shape us and the results we yield through the knowledge of those experiences.

  These aptitudes of human self management are not taught in any health or educational structures, yet they are the fundadmental and inherent basis to a humans aptitude to an aligned and dignified lifeforce.  

Were you aware?  

Awareness expands and it is well to know what you are doing, why you are doing it and how often you are doing it.  Technology can seep your awarenss out of your own concious control and create relational dynamics within and about you that are askew to the naturalness of your own dignity.  

When you escape the naturalness of your own dignity there is no resonance to an integrity of biological ESTEEM

Perhaps and most probably not, as i just mentioned, this information is absent from the repertoire of human structures by which the majority of the population abides.  
There is an aptitude of awareness that is descended in terms of education to what is appropriate and inappropriate in terms of time and use, but such teachings are futile when the majority of humans autonomic nervous systems are dependent upon the unnaturalness of an artificial intelligence.  

There is no parallel to ones own human intelligence and it is a wise humna who not only understands this, but directs their habitual and systematic behaviours to this TRUTH. 

So what to do?
 Most people just don’t give a shit.

 After the ridiculous antics of the political systems oppressing and suippressing the inherent and natural rights and freedoms of the citizens of the globe, most humans nowadays are just happy to be able to step outside without fear of being penalized, banished, abused, traumatized or punished for merely wanting a peaceful human experience.

 A very good coping mechanism is phone.  

When you are so busy in your phone, who really gives a shit what is happening around you, right?
 It is a false sense of security and a compelling so antagonistic to the natural force order of real life, that the effects of this cause is a degradation in the permeation of esteemed and aligned choices by which the majority of the globes population govern themselves.  
Dependency of ones own esteem upon others in the technogenic world.
 It is a mind, body and spirit suck and if you are not with an aptitude of esteemed awareness and focus, the chances are, you are alreaedy steeped in the unconsiousness of which you are not even aware of. 

In an aptitude of ones own biological esteem, is this a concern for you at all?

And if you are open to developing your apttude of self esteem and dignified vibartory human energy, then quite opportunistic, it would seem. 

There is a law about autonomy that is inherent in the individualism that is the truth of human systems.  
People live in dependent relationships which are essentially a toxified normalization of relying on external others to pad your own esteem.
 It can be a huge energy suck to have to carry the weight of the emotional and psychological compellings of energetic systems that are not your own to govern.
 Most men will jump through hoops in dependency of their wives needs, wants, demands and emotions, when in fact, the dependency of that is why the majority of marriages end in divorce or are toxic relational dynamics with a facade of happiness.  

You never know the value of a moment until you cannot get it back.  Taking ownership of the present is key in terms of how you compel your awareness. 

Having an aligned and dignified esteem within means that it is very easy to see where others project their victimized lack of esteem upon you.
 No matter your station in life, if you are compelling such hate and normalizing it, you are well out of balance and in need of some serious inner work.  You have to let people be who they are going to be,  So leave them to be that and you yourself, have the courage to denote and delineate the TRUTH of YOU. 

There is an aptitude of transparency, authenticity and congruence that comes with BEING A PERSON WHO COMPELS ESTEEMED CHOICES. I do not judge and I do not wish people to change.  

I let people show me who they are and then I determine my relationship to them.  I am in autonomy & an esteem that is not reluant on the behaviours of others, of which i have no control. If out of an esteemed vibration, i would be compelling manipulative and underhanded low vibrational behaviours to aim to gain false power and control.  

This lends itself to the permeation of the shadowed darkness of one’s own humanity. 


In the DEEP PROGRAM I created. (DEEP is an acronym for Developing Empowerment Energy Program) the fundamental success of this program is taking ownership over ones unconsciousness and reprogramming it to a place of self propelled esteem.  
Repetition is the Mother of All Skill.  So in order to compel a new program for yourself out of low vibrational toxic abuse you have to transmute the abuse programs and replace them with empowerment programs.  . 

The game of life is that you alwasy get the test before you get the handbook,  It is how you make it through the tests and level out of them that enables you a self education of expansion.  

A good question to put to yourself is WHERE ARE YOU DWELLING?  

On a day to day basis, how much techonology are you consuming?  

What kind of vibrational foods are you consuming? 

What kind of people are you allowing to permeate your consumption of human relativity? 

What kind of personal energy do you maintain and reflect out to the world?

My game is one of advantage and optimism. 
 You see how people reflect on the worlds worst atrocities year in and year out as if adorning some kind of respect when in fact they are generating a vibration of focusing on death and atrocity of the past. 

 How does that serve your momentum forward to peace and the Natural Force Order of Love?   

The human brain is negatively biased for survival.

  Taking ownership of your esteem means you take charge of the programs you have within your own psychologies and emotional bodies.
Tracking your awareness, asking yourself periodically day in and day out throughout the day where you focus is, what you are doing and why you are doing it, is very empowering.  

It takes investment and commitment.  
The most common trait I recognized in people who came to me for energetic healing was that they always had a stack of excuses of people, places and things they have to put ahead of themselves before they could engage in a daily practical invesement of self care, self nurturing and self development.

  That is all fine and good for their choicepoints as on the surface they feel as though they are being noble and kind and selfless, but the fact remains, if you abandon yourself and your care first for serving others, you will bleed yourself dry.  

Taking time, space and attention to invest in the dignified treatment of your own naturalness, to your own thrive in your state of conditoin and to self own and self responsibly generate your own goodvibe, anything and everything you reflect from THAT SPACE will be an ESTEEMED WIN.

  People have been shocked, amazed, awed and affronted at my capacity to put up strong boundaries for mine own well being,  

They are surprised at my lack of dependency upon their opinions of my choices.  

I am the only one who has to sit in the effects of my choices, so I am the only one who will have any real weight in the compelling of them. 

It is self mastery basic physics.  

No one is me, and that is my power which means, no one can think for me, noone can feel for me and noone can certainly speak for me. 

 They can try, but essentially if they are judging me or assessing me, they are only revealing the truth of themselves.  

I allow people to be who they are, so if you are not of yourself, then who owns you?   

Who is responsible for you?  

And are they the best authority over you?  


 Even a child is to be treated as guest and not an object of ownsership, yet many parents who do not own themselves, try to own the little ones with their outdated ideals of how their lives ought to be.  

And so the toxic cycles of dependency continue to generate and you end up projecting all that you have not healed onto another being who just, really, wants the freedom to be exactly who they are, and loved there fully without the toxic projections of an adult who has not they themselves taken ownership within.

At the end of the day, your choices and the compelling of your choices are expositional to your esteem within.  

How’s the feels of your skin?  

Do you even like yourself?   

Track yourself and all that you consume and all that you compel. 

 Are you aligned to an esteemed vibration?