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The Ball was Dropped and Now We Are in the New Year – 2020 Visions -Prosperity Perspectives

The Ball was Dropped and Now “We Are in the New Year” is a two fold statement.

There wasn’t much activity here at the GVL as us humans transitioned to yet another beginning of a revolution around the sun. We are in the New Year and WOW!!

The elastic band of contraction has been at play after a major expansion which left energies to be nurtured and tended to, and media and business to take a respite.

We are back online in full force and need not make apologies as our expectations are our own, being creative, electric magnetic beings of light and energy.

We are in the New Year of open minds and a rising consciousness.

the self love light up

To get us on a trajectory forward in a styling good feel of a vibe the delineation of the world model and mindset we want to encompass for our journey forth is one of peace and prosperity.

It is a nice idea, but how does one actually dial that in?

The predominant thought energy of the world is based in the having and doing paradigms of existence. There is an awakening and uprising of the energy of this beautiful Eartha and its inhabitants. There is so much in the world to be accepted and acknowledged.

I never thought I would acknowledge the destructive aspects of our humanity to be something I would be grateful for but here I am, basking in the good feels of knowing in my being the inclusive nature of this Universe and that inevitably, the dark is in play to shed light upon it.

Dropping the ball of your old beliefs and stepping into prosperity consciousness can prove to elevate and shift your entire life experience.

disco ball drop

As we have entered 2020, the year of clear vision, more and more of the world’s population are waking up to living up in their heart spaces and nurturing their needs like self-love fiends of the most refined grade.

There are a good amounts of sentient beings that are living the polarity of that vibe too.

In this world you will find all kinds.

Where We Lay Our Interest Is Within.

With the mirror neurons we contain as beings of a unified consciousness, inner work is the name of the game.

The general population have at their disposal tools and information to now deliberately be creating their own realities. One need just see the results of young folk like the vibrant and most handsome Sunny Sharma and his contemporary, Quazi Johir where they coach you into choosing the life of your own making.

The prosperity consciousness vibe is on the uprise.

Wealth and fame seem not to be such elusive pursuits for just a lucky selection.

The world is waking up to their connectivity to infinite intelligence and their creative abilities within.

life is a mirror of your inner state of being

What Makes a Person Prosperous?

The governance of our planet is based on a model of money. Money has influence. Money allows you certain luxuries, freedoms, allowances, benefits and privileges. No money means you don’t really experience that vibe, which makes money important if you want to be living in a space where you feel free. So how do you get money when you have none? How do you become prosperous when you are bankrupt? How do you get affluence when you don’t have a pot to squirt in?

You Could Go Within YourSelf & Start Observing & Questioning Your Own Beliefs.

Are you keeping a belief system of prosperity or are you dialing in a vibe of survival, struggle and stress?

The predominant portion of peeps living by a world model that is based on Newtonian Physics which very simple put suggests we are limited.

The quantum model suggests that we are in fact, infinite beings of light and electricity in an infinite universe connected by one collective consciousness.

Abundance Beliefs to the Polarity of Impoverished Beliefs

The key to prosperous thinking is to know that you already are free to be prosperous and that all that you desire is not something to be sought after, but something to be created by thine own choosing.

You may be familiar with the saying “Life Happens Through You, Not To You”

Some peeps are like, yeah, nice saying but what does it actually mean?

What it means is that you have way more creative power over the outcomes in your life experience than you have been led to believe.

lean into vibrance

What you believe is what you attract in your creative world.

You need a rundown on belief systems and what that vibe is all about, then see this post here.

You were taught that you could have whatever you want whenever you wanted it and you were not only allowed to be happy all the time, but actually had a right to that life without any guilt, shame or worries about basking in the life of your dreams then what would you say to me?

You are part of the western world, you would probably tell me to go smoke another and go about your business

The Quantum Intending model of living suggests that we broaden our horizons and shift our perspective to a more expanded and elevated way of thinking about how to dial in our lives.

To be prosperous is to know that this vibe is one that is not just about the dollar value of money you hold, but how you hold it and who you are being to be able to hold it.

We are always in motion and we are always expanding.

The thermal laws of energy show us that nothing is ever static and that nothing ever disappears.

Energy is transformed but never destroyed.

It is infinite, When you are able to conceive of Infinity as a concept for you to keep relative to your life experience, then you are opening yourself up to the gifts of pure potentiality and abundant living.

think about things differently

Somewhere on the human evolvement train, many modes of operandi were put in place by people with probably well-intentioned ideas for structuring the societies in which we live but did so in the vain that lack is omnipresent in our experience and that abundance is something that only a few people manage or are worthy to obtain and is something that has to be striven for no matter the cost to the entirety of your well-being.

Well, as it turns out and is proven by science, but even if science didn’t prove it, you don’t have to take my word for it, you just have to observe your own relationship to your own beliefs and ingrained behaviours in regards to affluence and wealth.

The “Having” and “Doing” Paradigms to the Polarity of the “Being” Paradigm

When people talk about themselves, they usually decorate their stories of themselves with what they do and what they have.

In fact, our whole system of living in society is predominantly governed with the focus of having stuff and doing stuff to get to the having of the stuff.

Very little emphasis until recently has been put on the Being ness aspect of us being human.

Seems that we fabricated a system that allows for any being, no matter their values or acumen for the well-being of the collective consciousness are with the rights to govern societies and hold great influence and power, but can you call it real power if the person generating the directives is misaligned in their values and knowledge about the world and how it works?

That’s a pretty dicey game to be playing, and yet, many a human are playing it.

The quantum model framework of being in the world not only suggests but shows through experiential evidence that we, as electromagnetic beings of light and energy are creators of our own life experience and the outcomes we generate.

It is not the doing and the having that will yield you success in your life.

It’s totally who you are being.

You are at the top of your game in your career but you are a total d-bag, then the wealth you generate will not be long-lasting.

Love is the name of the game when it comes to connecting to an elevated state of being in this world.

Unconditional love for the self and for your fellow human.

There is a rising in the consciousness of the collective and is it ever a most beautiful and epic time to be alive.

This is the era of the human race where the struggle ends.

We are in a New Year.  How about no more world war, no depression, no racism, no separation – it is time to embrace 2020 as the year of clear vision and where we all see clearly there is no division.

We all share one humanity and it is time for us to behave in our energy expenditures of words and actions to be aligned with unconditional love and goodness for all sentient beings who inhabit this Earth.

the year of clear vision

The extreme imbalances we as humans experience in present day Mama Earth nature are a result of our own imbalanced relationship within ourselves.

The system is indoctrinated with good amounts of stress promoting modalities of being in the world. We are in the new year of 2020 where self ownership and self responsibility is lit!

The quantum model of living lets you take what’s yours with no struggle.

You align your own worth within with unconditional love and acceptance, and that is aligning with the energy of creation.

Simple techniques of breathing and taking such luxuries as time, space and attention are simple yet profoundly effective and powerful ways to bring your being into a calmer and more receptive state.

You are being nourishing to yourself and you are being kind and fair in a balanced and uplifted manner in all aspects of your life experience, then that is a beingness of reward and expansion.

You are racing from one task to the next and living each day in a harried stress and rush between all the commitments you seem to be juggling, then you are being a stress bag and that will lead to decay.

Taking command of your beingness is a key to understanding the porthole to affluent living.

lean into vibrance

Take heed of yourself and what kind of thoughts you keep that cause you to behave in the manner that you do as well as what kind of emotions you are experiencing as a result of any thought patterns of attachments you are keeping.

What kind of beliefs do you carry around you that prove to limit your life experience and conversely, do you take stock of the beliefs you keep that prove to aid and benefit your expansion.

Who are you being to get the results you are yielding vs what you are doing to have or affect your world. We are in the new year and you have the choice to make it what you want.

Life Will Mirror Your Relationship Within

There is a mirror principle at work when it comes to understanding the quantum vibe of being in the world.

Like a boomerang, whatever energy you generate will be returned to you in the form of a boomerang.

Give out the good feels and the positive language and the genuine feels of being an affluent and abundant person, and this beautiful world of ours will reverberate your vibe back to you like a mirror.

It comes with a delay, but it most certainly does come. You need not take my advice for it but just try it out for yourself.

Your relationship within is a direct reflection of the world you are entertaining outside of yourself.

You want to have, you must give.

You want to be loved, you need to know how to be love.

Take account of the energy you direct out into the world.

We are in the new year where things are able to be self directed and self created.

It is 2020 afterall.

You receive back what you are within and what you put out from there.

earth and water elements within

Being Affluent

The thrive vibe of positive thinking.

The thrive vibes of a sincere and genuine investment into acknowledging all that you have with love infused gratitude will leave you in a heart space where you are generating the electromagnetic vibes to your favour and expansion.

Penny pinching and dismissal of the ordinary magic that is the experience of a human life indicates an impoverished view of the world.

In thrive vibe of affluence, you are certain that your world takes care of you and you have it made in the shade. We are in the new year where you are the law maker of your year.

Fred Dodson is an ontologist and he dials in a good vibe for understanding the more universal aspects of our consciousness and how it relates to you and your prosperity.

His material is super useful for anyone seeking a human bio suit level up. We are in the new year and that is always a prime time for a a self level up.

Additionally, the younger generation in Sunny Sharma and Quasi Johir who are paving their way to guide others into transurfing their own realities is a vibe that is an exponential thrive.

Affluence is a beautiful play of beingness where you are immersed in Soulgoals and surrounded by all good things in the entirety of your experience.

The more you follow the call of the dictates of your heart and you execute with a clear and rational mind, the more likely you are to see how wonderfully easy life can be.

Everything you want or will ever need resides within you.

Your job is to dial in to your own unique frequency of awesome based on your unique blueprint and then you are golden.

It is 2020.


Be Free

Vibrate High

Have Fun!!

life is a mirror to your inner being