Take a Scooter Out & Scoot to a Goodvibe

Scoot to a Goodvibe

Scooters are so fun!

I learned this when the dude I live with and share my vibes with went out and bought our then 5 year old his first razor scooter.

Our little guy looked like he was having so much fun and I just had to get in on that action, so I went and bought a pivot scooter on our way out one day so we could both take a scooter out and scoot to a goodvibe. That’s us below rocking scooters in our ever reliable and very scoot suitable classic Chuck Taylors

get down scooting
MB Purple Vibes
get on scooting
Lil Red in his Red Chucks

We scoot just about anywhere, weather permitting, and the benefits to our bodies, our mindsets and the connection that him and I continually cultivate and grow by engaging in these activities together is exponential.

When you dial in an activity like that of sweet scooting, there are all kinds of fun, adventure and all around goodvibes to be had.

Can YOU Dig a Scooter?

I am not here to tell you what is right for you. All I can do is tell you what is right for me and how it has impacted me and share it in the hopes that it may provide the same uplifting impact on you.

I used to smoke cigarettes, do drugs, abuse alcohol and do a number of disempowering activities and entertain relationships that always left me depleted and chillan in a low vibe and disempowered state. As most healthy individuals may agree, these are not habits or activities that should be encouraged to pick up in order to elevate your experience.

The options that I provide on my website however, yield a polarity to the aforementioned that have garnered for me a lifestyle and way of being in this world that yields a far more optimal and uplifting vibe. You learn what works by experiencing what doesn’t.

them things

Dr Seuss really nailed it when he said “The more that you know, the further you’ll go”

Knowledge is Power.

When you know how something can affect you and the benefits it can provide for you, then the more you know about your mind, your body, and the actual world in which we exist and how you relate to it and within it, the possibilities really are endless as to what can be achieved.

Scoot at Any Age

I am not into ageism, but many aspects of society are.

My son grew up on the sunny shores of Mexico, body surfing small waves at the ripe young age of 2 years old. The other day he had a 9-4 camp at the local rec centre and the afternoon activity was swimming. He is seven years old so is required to wear a life jacket as that is the age restriction and applied to all seven year olds despite their abilities. I understand the need to impose certain restrictions due to safety and liability but I am wondering if there is a more creative way in which we can do so.

When I was gearing him up mentally for the day ahead so there were no surprises for him, “He was like, Mama Bex! If they make me wear a life jacket, I won’t be able to dive deep under water.” The time allotted for swimming was for 3 hours and to a boy who loves deep ocean swimming and lazy pool underwater explorations with his Mama Bear, going to a camp restricted by a flotation device is a much lower vibe compared to what he is capable of harnessing.

In an effort to support all involved. I chatted with the counselors and offered them some tips on how to minimize the impending resistance they may experience when they offer my son a jacket at swim time and gave them the details of his swim experience in the South. The counselor thanked me and as it turns out, my little dude had made buds with another counselor during his summer camp where they had swum together, He was off work but offered to stay later and commit to supervising my son so he was allowed to go life jacket free. Gave that dude a super solid fist pump at the end of that day.

The point I am trying to make with this little tid bit of a story, is that age does not determine your ability.

Your mindset, perceptions, habits and conditioned beliefs, do.

When I go to a play palace with my little dude for a birthday party, it is a total bummer when I am continually met with “Ma’am, the ball pit is really just for the children” Well let me tell you, we all have an inner child and now that I have healed mine, she wants to play!

So my goodvibe companions – if you can walk, you can scoot no matter your age. Nothing to it, but to do it!

scooter transpo

The Physical Benefits of Scooting-The Mental Benefits of Scooting

The groovy (yes I still use that fine descriptive word) aspects of scooting is that you can dial in the level of intensity of your choosing. My little guy is a fireball so our momentum is pretty speedy.

I recommend alternating feet when you scoot to maintain physiological impact on your legs. It is actually a pretty fun endeavour to aim for as it really tests your balance and focus.

If you scoot like me and my little dude do, this activity is a cardiovascular win and an energy burner! My son has so much energy that this activity is profoundly useful for him to burn it. The mind and body connection that scooting requires enhances your focus and mental acuity.

It works your core, your legs, your toight buns and enhances your decision making skills and spatial awareness.  Also produces those feel good hormones as you and your scooter work in tandem to harness the energy of a sweet sweet ride.

Another mental win is that it is just so fun! Being 7 years old or being 39 years old, the activity impacts your innate childlike sense of wonder and play. When I scoot by peeps on the sidewalk I am in a space of friendliness and smiles. Scooter tours are awesome!!

We have a seawall here in Vancouver, Canada, so him and I can tour the whole city in scoot style and scooters as transportation versus sitting on a crowded bus levels up your mindset huge for the day ahead. When I worked in the animation studios, I would skip the bus and do a blade or scoot from the sky train, via the seawall and city streets and the time variation actually worked in my favour by 7minutes.

Investing in a scooter is optimal for mind and body. It does a positive service for your body and levels up your outlook in terms of generating the goodfeels.

can you dig it
You Dig?

Check out the scooters that me and my lil dude have had experience with and the brand that we recommend here!

10 thoughts on “Take a Scooter Out & Scoot to a Goodvibe

  1. Yeah, scooters are very fun, I remember when I got my first motorised scooter that it was so much fun travelling around Melton in Victoria, Australia. I would take that thing EVERYWHERE!

    I can definitely “DIG” a scooter as I am the proud owner of two scooters, a motorised scooter I use for local commute and a non-motorised scooter I use for tricks at the local skate park.

    Life is fun when you have a scooter, good vibes!

    Well I am 39 years old but I did study martial arts, play tennis and I still go swimming a lot and long distance mountain-bike riding so I am definitely in tip-top shape. If I can ride a scooter at 39 years old, so can anyone!

    The physical benefits of riding a scooter are IMMENSE, it improves your lower body agility and physical strength and strengthens your “core” as you use the scooter to remain upright. I would highly promote buying a scooter for the physical benefits alone (let alone the fun).

    Can I dig it? YEAH! I CAN DIG IT ALRIGHT!


    1. Awesome David!

       I appreciate your vibrant and enthusiastic comment and your additional insights on the good vibes taking out a scooter yields. 

       Life definitely is more fun when you have a scooter!

       Have an awesome year ahead and keep those good vibe activities flowing!

  2. I still use ‘groovy’ too. I am inspired by your article to go try ‘scooting.’ I have watched the local teens at the 1/2 pipe do amazing tricks and fly weightless through the air. At 53yrs, I don’t know how likely I’d be to try flying but at scoot around the skateboard park would be quite an enjoyable afternoon.  Thanks for the gift of energy.

    1. Hey Robb!  I too have seen some very stylin’ and groovy vibes coming from the scooter crew at the skatepark. Whatever your intensity in riding, I am sure you can dial in a very good vibe at 53. 50 is the new 35 didn’t you hear? 😉  I appreciate your comment, your gratitude and hope you find yourself with good and vibrant energy!

  3. I was impressed by your story and seeing your son scooting. My son is 4 and he really wants a scooter, but I just thought it was too dangerous so I told him to forget about it. But he keeps asking me to get him one, so it’s not just a temporary idea, as I thought.

    Your post made me think it’s not that dangerous. Is there any scooter you recommend me for an almost 5 year old boy? I’d like to buy something from Amazon, but I guess you could recommend me a better thing that them. Thanks

    1. Hey Ashley! 

      I think dialling in a scooter for your boy is a solid idea!  I think any activity can be considered dangerous, but if you are open to it and engage in it with informed knowledge and solid preparation, then you can mitigate the danger with empowered thinking and action.  It’s my view having your boy wear a helmet is a solid choice 🙂

       My son was 5 when he started on the Razor Scooter here.  The one below the review for the Razor has bigger tires, so if you are already projecting feels of danger or fear then the Mongoose would be the best pick as it may provide more comfort for you as the tires are quite large and can navigate cracks and bumps with greater ease and safety. I promote Amazon products here on this site because I have always found great value since discovering Amazon and Audible.  

      I hope you and your son have a fun and connected time.  Try it with him, you may be surprised how much fun you can have!!

  4. Scoots for life Rebecca! 

    I’m a scooter lover myself too as I grew up having 3 different ones back when I was young plus Roller blades, skateboards and unicycle. I remember that I would climb the hill up 10 minutes every evening just to slide down fast and one time when I couldn’t control the speed, I hit a fire hydrant and my scooter was stuck there while I flew upwards into my neighbour’s house. What’s your sweet memory of the scooting?

    1. Haha!  Love this comment Riaz Shah and I bet that you and I would probably get along well dude!  Sounds like you have the good vibes dialled in.

       My most memorable scooter experience was I was going super speedy and killing it down Broadway In Vancity and it was such a sweeeeet ride!  The good feels I experienced were epic!!  I ended up getting cut off by a vehicle, despite having the right of way, and I bailed pretty hard, but I was super grateful that I was wearing my Nutcase Helmet. That mishap was well worth it though because I still dial in that stretch of road and every time the good vibe feels are evident and abundant!  

      Keep up the vibrant lifestyle my friend and a sincere thanks for your comment!

  5. It is pretty easy to see that you are a believer in the power of a scoot once in a while! Uplifting post with plenty of examples on just why you advocate for using scooters, and proof (images and your son’s reaction and love for the hobby/sport), I must say it has worked for me.

    The scooters have been around since I was a kid back in Lincoln’s days (OK, I kid, I kid), in the 60’s we had these and until we graduated to bicycles (big ones, not the kid ones), they provided hours of entertainment for us. We used to ride around in packs, scootin’ away!

    The goodvibe phenomena you mention does hold true with these things. Other semi-new (for me) sports that have had the same effect for me and my family in later years after early childhood was roller-blading and skiing. These both are fun activities and can involve the whole family. No drugs or smoke, or bad air involved.

    You have convinced me to have another look at the latest options that are on offer for these updated versions of the machines from my old scootin’ days. I truly enjoyed the article and the premise behind it: Get out there and grab a scooter to have some fun, with family!  Makes sense to me, goodvibes are a good thing!

    1. Hey Dave! 

       Great to hear that you are a keen and avid participator in good vibe activities.  I totally love how you mentioned different good vibe activities that we have in the gateway here too – rollerblading and skiing!  

      Such good fun! 

       Check out these scooter reviews here if you are looking to dial in a good ride. 

       I wish you a very vibrant and successful new year ahead and I thank you for your comment!

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