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Skydiving Information – Bravery and Expansion

Here we are balancing our human lives and engaging in them full tilt, yes?

If this statement proves untruthful for you and you seek the flavourful taste of adventure, than perhaps skydiving information in the gateway of goodvibes is the jam for you!

This dynamic and thrilling activity lends itself to bravery and expansion.

I speak from experience as my beautiful partner provided me this experience for my 39th birthday.

sky diving motivation


The preparatory work to skydive, was pretty minimal.

A quick chat on what will happen, and a quick lesson on technique when you actively choose to jump out of an airplane strapped to a dude at 10 000 feet in the air.

we all have second thoughts


My advice after this experience would be to breathe. Deeply.

Before, during and after. This allows you to keep your system in a state of regulation.

The intensity of expectancy and the unknown are probably the most nerve wracking aspects that you will have to govern.

The jump and descent provide a polarity of maniacal feels to complete and utter peacefulness.

Not to mention the accomplished feels you will receive upon landing and a new recognition of defying your own limitations and newfound personal level up.

sky diving good feels


Should you have developed in a regulated and emotionally balanced, supportive and healthy manner, and not conditioned with a hyper vigilant nervous system, than skydiving can prove to offer a great deal of stress relief.

As someone with a hyper vigilant nervous system, it will prove to disempower you, and may take several days for your body to return to homeostasis.

Adrenaline is a component that is essential for the fight, flight, fawn or freeze mechanism in our systems to propel us into a state in which we can defend ourselves in life threatening or perceived life threatening situations.

sky diving bravery


It could almost be considered a supernatural rush of physiological energy for your inherent right to defend and keep your life.

If you are a regulated person and have been so since your early childhood development than the sensations of adrenaline that rush through your energy meridians can leave you in an electrified and enlivened state of being that propels you with a good amount of energy.

That was my experience post dive, but the vibrant people beside me, it proved to offer an experience in which presence is an axiom and the confidence boost you are left with after having had the gumption and bravery to jump of an airplane adds exponential effects to your inner street cred.

sky diving street red

When you step out of your daily life and out of your comfort zone to jump out of an airplane it enables you to conquer any and all perceived challenges that life may have to throw at you.

sky divers only

When you conquer yourself, you conquer your world. Skydiving gives off the feels of intensity, freedom, expansiveness and authority in the governance of yourself.

That, my good vibe tribe companions, is a very very good vibe!

Here is my skydiving video! Will you go and make one for your life experience?