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Shannon Pi – The Yogi Who Healed To Provide All Kinds of Uplifting Inspiration

The Good Fortune of Being Blessed With The Presence of This Beautiful Being Who Proves All Kinds of Uplifting Inspiration

Shannon Pi

 Shannon Carries An Essence of Great Dignity and Grace. Uplifting Inspiration is an Energy that Emanates From Her Naturally

This Sister Proved All Kinds o uplifting Inspiration & A Huge Help To Me In While Fielding Some of My Darkest Spaces.

 Her Humility & Her Presence Would Chalk It Up To An Axiom of Being Exactly Who She Is.

 When I was navigating the roughest waters of expunging toxic stress conditioning from my biology in its entirety it was a tough space to yield care for myself. Uplifting Inspiration is far and few between in those spaces.

 When I did get the courage to go to a yoga class I always felt so nurtured and peaceful and optimized after spending an hour and a half in Shannon’s class.


She Has A Profound & Formidable Light About Her Which She Presents In A Very Graceful And Humble Essence.

Not to mention sister is super easy on the eyes which in my eyes is a reflection of the light and kind essence she emanates from her HEARTSPACE.

The heart space is walled

When I healed to wholeness and returned from an elevating and expansive trip from Costa Rica, I endeavoured to provide healing in order to gain my diploma and complete my practicums to do so.

 Shannon was kind enough to entrust her energy into my hands and I was so astoundedly warmed and uplifted by connecting with the entirety of who she is.

Her Vibration Is One of Optimal Health & Vitality.

Since reading the Realtiy Transurfing books and adopting this modality of being in the world it came to my attention that adorning someone with too much praise,  and/or in the polarity of diminishment as well, that balance is unable to be present because you are creating what in the book is called “Excess Potential” 

 It is a quantum law principle that denotes that nature and the universe always strive to maintain a balanced state of energy. 

When you apply too much importance upon anything or anyone, balance is askew and balanced forces come in to correct the misalignment.

Balance your vibe

I have been witness and experience to this phenomena and have invited my guests you so beautifully contribute to the UPLIFTMENT of others through my site to be their own ambassadors to their own sweet feel of being exactly who they are.

Expressing as such without apology and dignified esteem is what I would deem a  balanced energetic approach to honouring oneself.


My Healing Journey

Canada Day 2001 Was The Day That Changed My Life. It Was A Beautiful, Sunny Day and I Had Decided To Go On My Balcony To Get Some Sun.

Sunlight in the hands of you

Shortly after, I felt a tingling, numbness sensation on the left side of my tongue. I thought I had accidentally gotten sunscreen in my mouth so I went and rinsed my mouth out.

When the numbness continued, I felt panicked as I knew intuitively that something was really wrong.

The days that followed, the numbness slowly spread to the left side of my face. I went to a doctor’s appointment that revealed nothing.

Into the nothingness

 I was desperate for answers so I Googled my symptoms and the first thing that came up were:

“Numbness of the tongue, often one of the first symptoms of MS.” I immediately felt a wave of anxiety course through my body as I knew that this was what I had.

So, my quest began to be diagnosed.

Heart to sky

I don’t know the timeline for when I was able to convince my family doctor to refer me to a neurologist, but she eventually did.

I also took it upon myself to see a dentist for panoramic x-rays (maybe it was a pinched nerve) and I also went to a massage therapist to work on my temporal mandibular joint or TMJ.

I was grasping at straws while I waited for the Neuro consult. 

Disease is dead days

I’d like to mention here that Scott, my massage therapist at the time, was the most kind and supportive healthcare professional during this terrifying time.

I will never forget my first appointment with him and how I broke down while I explained my symptoms and why I was there. He was patient and compassionate, so simple and what I needed during that time.

In the massage vibes

I will jump ahead a bit to receiving the requisition for an MRI of my brain. I was on a 10 month wait list for an MRI which was one of the two test requirements at the time to diagnose MS, the other a lumbar puncture. I was very frustrated and helpless to our medical system.

I thought about faking a stroke so I could get an MRI sooner, I was that desperate.

Self care is survival

Fortunately, I had a relative that worked at a hospital on the island and they were sure that their waitlist was much shorter. I eagerly received my MRI 1 month later.

When I finally got my diagnoses, it was bitter sweet. I had relief of knowing what was wrong so that I could move forward, but it was also a nightmare becoming real.

Presence is elusive to the real world

I was home alone when I received the phone call regarding the results of my MRI. Honestly, I already knew in my heart that I had MS, but I wasn’t prepared to hear it.

The words were bouncing off of me and I was having a hard time absorbing the information. Words like, demyelination and lesions are pretty intimidating to a young woman of 27. I felt so alone as my reality hit.

My body was attacking it’s self and I was about to make huge decisions in the ways I would treat this invisible disease.

Before MS, I was an anxious and stressed person.

Stress cat

I was always anticipating my future and never connected to the present moment. I made a conscious decision the day I was diagnosed to not live that way anymore.
Now I had my diagnosis, had a fantastic, new family doctor and a competent neurologist so what next?

 I had a slight distrust of our healthcare system so I wasn’t going to blindly follow medical advice.

 So, I got my hands on every clinical MS trial, read neurology today, joined MS blogs and connected with other MS people. I couldn’t stuff enough neurological information into my lesioned brain!

You may be wondering at this point as to when my healing journey began? Well it was shortly after I started my self schooling in neurology. While digesting all of this medical stuff, I came across a very
interesting study. They found that people with serious illness and disease could put themselves in remission.

 I’ll Say That Again

People With Serious Illness & Disease Could Put Themselves In Remission!

 The Power of Our Minds Can Control Our Physical Body.

 I Had Another Moment of Knowing This Was Inherently True. 

The downside to this article was that they also found that people couldn’t maintain remission.

I thought about that carefully and my conclusion was that it would take a lot of work to stay positive with all that happens in our daily lives.

This made so much sense to me. When you have a serious illness or disease, it is a fulltime job to heal yourself.

You Don’t Get Paid, Time Off Or Any Thanks For Your Work, But Your Reward Is Better Health.


Now that I was armed with all of this information that I had found on the internet; it was time to take action. I reconnected to my yoga practice on the advice of my parents. I had tried yoga briefly at my gym a few years before my symptoms began.

My parents knew how much I enjoyed the few classes I had taken and thought it might make me feel better to take classes on a weekly basis.

I had no idea at the time that this decision would be so transformative for me.

Change is inevitable

I made the journey from my home in East Vancouver to Yale town several times a week to practice at a yoga studio. In the beginning I was very weak and suffered from a variety of symptoms.

At my worst, I had trouble walking, dizziness, chronic fatigue, balance issues, numbness, bladder urgency and tremors of my hands.

 I look back now and realize that I was a mess.

I took it one class at a time and I slowly started to see improvement.

 The First Noticeable Change Was My Emotional Well Being.

I Started Feeling More Positive & Confident About Taking Charge of My Life and Illness.

Fierce lady gal

I believe the positive energy in the classes and the caring, nurturing teachers were helping my healing process.

 I then began to grow stronger and improve my balance issues which I now know was a result of the yoga classes.

Today I am 45 and live a full life.

Killing it yoga style

I have challenges, but I face them the best I can and adapt when needed.

Things I learned through this experience are that I am very capable, adaptable and resilient.

I have changed things in my life such as the way I teach and take on physical tasks, but I can still do many things. I currently teach 4, online yoga classes due to the pandemic, but before Covid I was teaching 12 classes per week at various yoga studios and recreation facilities.

I am happy and love what I do!

 I’ve seen yoga help so many people in so many ways such as: help facilitate healing through serious illness, reduce anxiety, improve strength, increase flexibility, lower blood pressure, improve mobility and so much more.

 Yoga Can Be & Is A Great Tool For Many People From All Walks of Life.

I was initially reluctant to share my story as I didn’t want to appear weak or anyone to pity me. I had only shared my story publicly almost a decade ago and I wasn’t ready at that time to allow myself to be vulnerable.

Innovate with vulnerability


A dear friend had spoken with me recently about her own healing journey and her courage and strength inspired me in unimaginable ways.

 I Could See How Sharing One’s Vulnerability Could Help Others Face Their Challenges, Whatever They May Be.

I Knew I Had To Trust That My Words Would Be Far Reaching & Would Have a Positive Impact.

Like a Ripple in a Pond, Positivity Spreads and Can Help Heal.

I hope that people will read my story and tell someone they know that is suffering with a physical or mental challenge to try yoga and see what it can do for them.


-Shannon Pi

Catching spirit

Shannon certainly speaks the truth and I can most certainly affirm that my investment into YOGA is something that has connected me to the higher aspects of my existence.

Uplifting inspiration and positive feedback can be hard to recognize in dark spaces, but with Shannon, she is just a light!

 That is my jam, but even if you are not propelled into higher consciousness by revolting against toxic abuse stress conditioning you can dig the YOGA just for the mere fact that it such a kind, devotional and beautiful practice to honour ones lifeforce.

When you cultivate a consistent investment into your well being and you honour that with consistent investment then it begins to permeate your being to your optimal energy.

Energy is everything and everywhere

Your energy is conditioned within you by way of the influences you receive in your formative years of development.  Conditioning also occurs as the result of events and situations that prove to have an emotional or psychological impact to your benefit or diminishment.

What is formidable about Shannon is that she took an intuitive misalignment she was recognizing in herself and sought to realign it. This is our uplifting inspiration into the mental strength of her choice

In the inquiry of her diagnosis she discovered that she is indeed her own healer.

As is the TRUTH with all human systems.

When we endeavour to harness the alignment and optimal vibration that is inherent and connected to all that is, the world in which you create for yourself is as you decide it to be.

There is a natural uplifting and inspiration that permeates this investment.

 A supreme good feel for you and your vibe!

A Humble & Sincere Extension of Gratitude To This Formidable Woman For Her Strength & Courage To Be Exactly Who She Is & Harness Empowerment In Her Totality. 


To Get In Touch with Shannon for Transformation & Uplifting Inspiration