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Scooter Adventures – Can You Dig It?

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Scooter Adventures – Can You Dig It?

Scooter Adventures – Can You Dig It?

Let the journey through the gateway to a good vibe continue.

Up until about a year ago I only had a peripheral understanding of scooting silliness when I gifted my son a Razor scooter for his 6th birthday. Once I saw the pure enjoyment he garnered from riding it, I wanted to give it a go, but his is built for kids and denoted a weight restriction, so rather than be a selfish Mama Bear buzzkill and potentially break his new scooter and thinking too, this could be a new stylin’ mode of transportation for the two of us adventurers –  I haphazardly went out on a whim and bought the first adult scooter I could find so we could go for a fun tour. Totally stylin purple Pivot scooter. Super durable.

Since then, I have used my scooter so much. I can scoot the city and it is such a convenient and fun ride that I have been doing some serious research on the different kinds available because in my direct experience these things can be ridden on different levels of intensity.

Some Types of Scooters Available:

There are a variety of brands and style that you can select from in the scooter world. Here are some I have knowledge of:

1. The Razor Scooter 

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This is what my little man tours around upon. It is a folding scooter, has adjustable handle bars, an airplane grade aluminum frame and a brake at the back presented in the form of a fender over the back wheel that, when pushed upon by the foot brings the scooter to an eventual stop. There are a variety of models available in this brand both traditional and electronic.

2. Mongoose Air Tire

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This scoot scoot option is all kinds of cool and has a really groovy BMX vibe. Mongoose is a brand name originally for bicycles designed by BMX. Seeing them transition it to a scooter is pretty remarkably sweet! This scooter is the staple of sophistication, super solid spoke tires and can be used for tricks and fun jumps. Definitely a good choice and lots of opportunities for indulging in a good vibe.

3. Micro Mobility Systems – of Switzerland

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This is a pretty popular kick scooter. I, myself have not had the pleasure of riding this one except for a small store score ride test drive but I see lots of little ones cruising around on this ride. This one sports three wheels, 2 upfront and one behind. The physics of this make this kids scooter ideal for little ones as they gain confidence and ability in their growing bodies. This brand also boasts a micro kick board which has a sweet big front tire which makes navigation and ride smoother, not to mention a lower deck offering more stability in terms of your balance and relationship with your centre of gravity.



3. Outon ProG

Great to use as a trick scooter and very reasonably priced. The handlebars are steady and outfitted with rubber end grips for smoothness and comfort in steering agility. It is a very versatile scooter so can be used in the skateboard park or for touring the city streets. Has pretty sweet bearings and rides at a good fast speed. A solid pick for sure.


4. The Prodigy Scooter

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Prodigy is a brand name that is well rated in the world of scooters. The prodigy S5 scooter is quality design which yields speed and durability when riding and the aluminum deck makes for comfort and stability when riding or throwing down your scoot tricks. It also sports a high grade quality nylon brake with accompanied with a steel spring insert.

5. Xootr Mg

This foldable scooter is made with a lightweight magnesium deck outfitted with both a front and back braking system. This is a great scooter, rides nice and low to the ground and is a speedster (hence the two brakes). Gives a solid performance and is easily portable due to the convenience of its folding system. Is good for a tall rider and can accommodate adults in the 6ft range. Finished with die-cast aluminum rims making it look pretty styling.

6. Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Scooter

This city cruiser rocks two brakes – a traditional foot brake and one up top like a style bicycle style handlebar brake on the right. It rides easily and is made with a quite a lightweight aluminum yet is sturdy for a solid ride. It offers exponential convenience with its folding mechanism and the lightweight allows for effortless portability.

7. Globber Adult One Kick Scooter

Globber is a fun name, no? To me it is, and is a name connected with quality in the land of scooters and a great option to engage in scooter silliness. This scooter has a two brake system too which will bring you to a halt on this cruiser with finesse and ease. Polyurethane is the material in which their wheels are made from with quite a vast diameter in terms of wheel choice which allows for smooth maneuverability over rugged terrains. This one folds easily too so very portable and very convenient.

8. Oxelo Town 9 Scooter


This scooter has wheels that are diametrically superior coming in at a scale of 8 inches making it a super stable and solid glide ride. The floor board rides low which also lends itself to a steady and secure drive. This scoot scoot has a front suspension making bulges and swells in the terrain very easily managed and the rear brake has an anti-vibrational dampener allows for a velvety coast when you get moving. Oxelo technology patented an EasyFold system need not have you spend anytime folding if time does not permit as it is designed with a trolley mode that allows you to pull it around rather than carrying it. The titanium design is super stylin so will definitely ride in style!


9. Oanan Folding Scooter

This lightweight sturdy scooter made with aluminum alloy has a dynamic and striking look to it. Superior quality and very easy to transport is outfitted with a handy kickstand and a good sized foot deck to make it a good ride for a person preteen to adult. An opulent choice in scooter selection with folding capacity and ease in execution to ride and transport outfitted with a disc brake, shock absorbers and sweet 10 inch vacuum tires.

10. AGDA Electric Scooter 350W

This is an almost inaudible and rapid motorized scooter that can reach speeds upwards of 11mph and can travel a distance of almost 40km with fully charged battery power. A great commuter option for those who like a little adventure dispersed amidst their day. A solid and very fun choice in the scooter world definitely worth checking out!

Here we come to the end of a list of 10 scooters that will enable you to get out and have some fun and get yourself commuting in a more dynamic and creative way. Fueled by batteries or by your own empowered and amazing body, the options are really endless and here we are scratching the surface of what you can find out in the world in terms of the best scooters available for you to choose from based on your own needs and preferences. So let’s go scooting!!  I guarantee that whichever scooter you try and deem appropriate for you, this is most definitely a quick and easy gateway to harness the good vibes! Have fun!!


  1. That’s a great review of scooters, who would have thought there would be so many choices and what about how funky looking some of them are!
    I have 2 boys who love theirs and we quite often go to the skate park with them. It’s good that most are versatile and able to fit in the back of the car.
    I’ll be to sure to check out some of your suggestions before christmas.

    • Awesome Helen! I appreciate the comment and love hearing you take your boys to the skate park. I frequent ours with my boy and it always ends up resulting in fun and smiles! Keep up those good vibes and take good care!!

  2. Hey, thank you for sharing this great article, very informative 🙂

    A lot of kids are using these scooters these days and they are not how they used to be, lol.

    A lot of different varieties and especially coming up to xmas now, kids will be asking for these as xmas gifts so you have a very helpful post here.

    Have a great day and all the success , prosperity and health that you desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


    • Hey Dean! You are spot on with your observations about how diverse and expanded the scooters are nowadays. I wish you a very happy holiday season and all the very best of fun and good vibes for you and your kids! I appreciate your kind comments and hope life keeps you smiling!

  3. What a useful article about scooters. I am currently looking for a scooter for my son and here comes this useful review, thank you so much for making my job easier. I really love the points and description your have given in your article. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

  4. Hi Rebecca. What a great idea to join the kids. Why should they get to have all of the fun! Scooters sure have come a long way since I was a kid. The detail to design and functionality looks amazing, and they look amazingly durable. I can now imagine myself on one now for those frequent short trips within the city. Many thanks for doing the research to show us what models are available. Cheers.

    • Hey Andrew! We all have an inner child and I think it is great to harness that energy within and what better way to engage that vibe than with a scooter! I am pleased that your imaginings have you in a good spot with the potentiality of a fun scooter adventure! I appreciate your comment and wish you a most solid day ahead!

  5. I love the Mongoose Air Tire, it just fits me and rides smooth. And taking it on a tour seems so much fun, I just generally ride around the neighborhood, but taking it down to the beach, super fun!

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