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Scooter Adventures – Can You Dig It?

Let the journey through the gateway to a good vibe continue.

Up until about a year ago I only had a peripheral understanding of scooting silliness when I gifted my son a Razor scooter for his 6th birthday. Once I saw the pure enjoyment he garnered from riding it, I wanted to give it a go, but his is built for kids and denoted a weight restriction, so rather than be a selfish Mama Bear buzzkill and potentially break his new scooter and thinking too, this could be a new stylin’ mode of transportation for the two of us adventurers –  I haphazardly went out on a whim and bought the first adult scooter I could find so we could go for a fun tour. Totally stylin purple Pivot scooter. Super durable.

Since then, I have used my scooter so much. I can scoot the city and it is such a convenient and fun ride that I have been doing some serious research on the different kinds available because in my direct experience these things can be ridden on different levels of intensity. Below you will find options and the overall good vibe rating.

 Scooters Available:

There are a variety of brands and style that you can select from in the scooter world. Here are some that the crew over here at the GVL have knowledge of:

1. Razor Kick Scooter

This is what my little man tours around upon. It is a folding scooter, has adjustable handle bars, an airplane grade aluminum frame and a brake at the back presented in the form of a fender over the back wheel that, when pushed upon by the foot brings the scooter to an eventual stop. There are a variety of models available in this brand both traditional and electronic. The features sits at 5 just because the folding aspect of this scooter could use a little more alignment in terms of smoothness with the folding handle – (a good conversation starter if you need assistance which I did on 2 occasions so 2 points off for those instances) but in terms of quality, style, fit and price, this is/was a great first scooter and is still riding the good vibe for my little man 2 years in and we are still solid with this choice!

scooters are so fun

Quality is dialled in at 6/7 here because it has been two years and this scooter is still solid in terms of functionality and use despite the many hits, scratches, drops and scrapes it has endured at the hands of our super vibrant and energetically filled beautiful little creature that is our son.  Knock off one point merely because it has a weight restriction – which if you think about it makes it more lightweight for a littler body so should really be deemed a win, but this Mama Bear likes the option to ride and the “kids only” vibe in terms of weight makes that an impossibility.  Otherwise, solid. It is rare you can find a lightweight material that can withstand such assault and endure.

Fit is a solid 7/7. From age 5 to age 7 it has worked out and it is built to a size that seems right to me and no issues whatsoever in my little dudes ability to use and ride it effectively.

Style is another solid 7/7 as I dig the simplicity in style that Razor has dialled in here.  The circle on the deck matches the wheels and the handlebars.  This all compliments the aluminum vibe with a sharp and clean cut font displaying the Razor brand. Looks slick with the metal and the colour adhesion throughout.

Features takes a small hit from a fully endorsed 7/7 down to a 5/7 due to the difficulty I have encountered with the folding mechanism. It is of a shape that is counterintuitive to how you want to move it, so it takes some effort to be effortless with its implementation and use.  My son and I shared a nice moment with a stranger on the skytrain platform and another one with my son’s teacher trying to dial this in and although the good vibes rolled in those moments, I can cultivate those moments without needing a challenging scooter folding mechanism to do so.

I am confidant I have had enough experience to recommend this product with knowledge.  I do, however, like to also look at what others say about the product to see if it resonates or if there are any contrasting opinions that I can address that I have either witnessed and experienced myself.  I read through some of the reviews and had a good laugh at this one – a woman here who understands exactly how to harness a good vibe and not letting anything defeat her endeavour to get scootering!

Hilarious Scooter Review
Hilarious Scooter Review

2. Mongoose Air Tire


mongoose scooter reviews

This scoot scoot option is all kinds of cool and has a really groovy BMX vibe. Mongoose is a brand name originally for bicycles designed by BMX. Seeing them transition it to a scooter is pretty remarkably sweet! This scooter is the staple of sophistication, super solid spoke tires and can be used for tricks and fun jumps. Definitely a good choice and lots of opportunities for indulging in a good vibe.

This one has not failed my son yet in any way, shape or form even though there are some gripes online in reviews about the quality and ease of the build and quality of the brakes.  It seems that here is an opportunity to recognize the energy that we draw towards ourselves.  A good portion of people are on my bandwagon endorsing the good that is this scooter, but another portion (much smaller) have had issues with the some of the quality and features when assembling or are indignant that the product has an image on the box and is ruining surprises upon its arrival.  We are part of the group that resonates with this review:

resonant scooter reviews

Quality: The quality for this fun scooter sits at a 5 out of 7.  Takes a couple of knocks from dialled in perfection just due to the fact that the studs on the rear wheel I had to pitch as they were always getting caught on my heel.  The brake system works but I have seen a higher grade so a little level up for us speed demons would be a great option, but overall the quality is solid – we ride hard several times a week and the Mongoose is still in top form.  The assembly takes some focussed attention and patience but the overall quality lends itself to this scooter being a good choice!

Fit: The fit of this fun scooter is all kinds of good.  The handlebars can be adjusted to suit your little one and height is ideal.  A solid 7 out of 7 for fit.

Style: After rocking the razor scooter with its small wheels, the Mongoose dials up the street cred style for any active 7 year old. I have a bias towards the BMX style wheels as my first ride was a pink BMX and those tires and that bike gave me all kinds of freedom. The Mongoose gives off those feels as it manages effortlessly with those wheels compared to the smaller ones of the Razor in regards to bumps, sidewalk cracks, potholes etc.  The detail on the deck and the decal on the frame with the colour combinations Mongoose offers give off a sophisticated, vibrant and stylin’ vibe while you are touring. A solid 7/7 for the good vibes this beast is giving off.

Features: This scooter has a nice wide foot deck which lends itself to a good vibe in terms of stability and balance.  The alloy caliper hand brakes are a cool feature as the previous scooter my little dude had a foot brake only and he really likes the empowerment a hand brake offers as it is a new feature to him which is lots of fun. The tires on this ride are a good 12 inches so a little off road action is an option and dirt and grass navigated through with ease. The geometric custom designed frame keeps this scooter solid in terms of riding with safety.

You see above that the review for features takes a hit for two points and this rating is given for the brake cable misalignment.  Takes a little effort to get this scooter to stop effectively when you get up some seriously good speed, however not to the detriment of use as you just need to direct your child to give themselves extra time and space to come to a full stop.  A regular touring speed, the brakes work great – we just ride hard and it is one aspect I noticed could be levelled up a titch. 

Price: In today’s market of scooter options I think the hundred dollar mark is a good price point for a scooter. It seems reasonable to me for the return and the Mongoose ranges from anywhere between $60-$130.00 depending on the model you dial in.  The price point receives a solid 7/7 for the value received in exchange for the cost 🙂

10 thoughts on “Scooter Options – Reviews and Links to Purchase To Scooters We Ride at the GVL

  1. That’s a great review of scooters, who would have thought there would be so many choices and what about how funky looking some of them are!
    I have 2 boys who love theirs and we quite often go to the skate park with them. It’s good that most are versatile and able to fit in the back of the car.
    I’ll be to sure to check out some of your suggestions before christmas.

    1. Awesome Helen! I appreciate the comment and love hearing you take your boys to the skate park. I frequent ours with my boy and it always ends up resulting in fun and smiles! Keep up those good vibes and take good care!!

  2. Hey, thank you for sharing this great article, very informative 🙂

    A lot of kids are using these scooters these days and they are not how they used to be, lol.

    A lot of different varieties and especially coming up to xmas now, kids will be asking for these as xmas gifts so you have a very helpful post here.

    Have a great day and all the success , prosperity and health that you desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


    1. Hey Dean! You are spot on with your observations about how diverse and expanded the scooters are nowadays. I wish you a very happy holiday season and all the very best of fun and good vibes for you and your kids! I appreciate your kind comments and hope life keeps you smiling!

  3. What a useful article about scooters. I am currently looking for a scooter for my son and here comes this useful review, thank you so much for making my job easier. I really love the points and description your have given in your article. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

  4. Hi Rebecca. What a great idea to join the kids. Why should they get to have all of the fun! Scooters sure have come a long way since I was a kid. The detail to design and functionality looks amazing, and they look amazingly durable. I can now imagine myself on one now for those frequent short trips within the city. Many thanks for doing the research to show us what models are available. Cheers.

    1. Hey Andrew! We all have an inner child and I think it is great to harness that energy within and what better way to engage that vibe than with a scooter! I am pleased that your imaginings have you in a good spot with the potentiality of a fun scooter adventure! I appreciate your comment and wish you a most solid day ahead!

  5. I love the Mongoose Air Tire, it just fits me and rides smooth. And taking it on a tour seems so much fun, I just generally ride around the neighborhood, but taking it down to the beach, super fun!

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