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Running is Where It’s At

For anyone who actively engages in running, you already have an awareness that running is where it’s at. So tell me, if you are not currently taking advantage of your legs, should you be blessed with two working ones, can you imagine a running you?

It’s a natural drug. Gives you a high. Runners’ high. So, do you love yourself enough to gift yourself with this high?

The investment is easy, the return pays in dividends. Benefits of running yield a vibe that puts you in a place of empowerment and strength. Is this a place you want to be? It is for me, and I keep it simple, I run in my Converse Chucks – a basketball shoe and not what you would think if you thought running shoe, but outfitted with a good insole it works just fine for me and I make it fun!

The physical benefits of running for your system, as a functioning human being, are a very good vibe and an optimal space to exist from. Exercising your body on a regular basis allows you to maintain your weight. It is a super good vibe for your heart, and your heart health. It’s no surprise that consistently upheld and practiced aerobic exercise like a do run run run will do you many solidities in terms of governing and maintaining your optimal health. The better you feel, the better you live. Simple.

Parenting and Humanitarian Win Right Up in Here

The better you model this kind of vibe for your kids, you are contributing to a serious level up of humanity because you will be harnessing a way of living and adopting a practice that enhances your mind and your body. We can strap kids in strollers and shove a screen in their faces to keep them complacent, but that is not what kids are made for.  They were made to move, to run, to explore, to have adventures. I run with my boy almost everyday in some form or another, whether we are being chased by a Yeti in the forest or on the run in the city from the dude with the microphone on the corner selling Jesus. Running and being active with my little dude grows me younger and gives him some solid childhood good vibe memories with his Mama Bear.

Something to Ponder

If you have a list of reasons why you cannot run and a list of ailments and incapacities that hinder your ability to engage in running, then I would encourage you to reexamine your outlook and the beliefs you hold about yourself based on wear and tear or traumas to your body that you have endured in the past. What if, you live for now, and remember you are a magnificent and most advanced technology and it would be cool to start exploring some different options about how you think about your body and the way that you treat it.

I have experienced in my life a 2 intense lower lumbar disc herniations that rendered me immobile for several weeks. That experience taught me a good deal about myself.

After I recovered and healed through a consistent and committed practice of meditation, yoga and physiotherapy I was told to use a support belt, of which I did when I returned to roller blading and on my scooter. Eventually, though, I managed to

gain the strength and flexibility to go belt free. I am different now, but I am still solid. As you grow, you change. Expansion is a part of the human experience. How we frame our experiences and our personal relationship to our own bodies with our self talk and our esteem of our abilities plays a large role in our success in terms of our resilience. It is an advantageous pursuit to take inventory of any ideas, thoughts or beliefs that frame you in a disempowering state and perhaps reexamine them by listing what you are capable of and the possibilities available to you to achieve.  The power of your ideas and the words you speak have an impact.

I found myself referring back to the incident whenever my son would ask me to run and I would see his face look crestfallen that we couldn’t do a race. That’s not a good vibe.

That’s him above. His walk is like my slow run. He rocks the Chucks too! A cool, classic and dialled in kind of shoe I used to wear at his age as well. Classic quality and style endures.

I read a bunch of books on quantum physics, energy and the human experience. I started meditating consistently and I have come upon many experiences that demonstrate to me the power of our focus and what kind of results that focus produces in our lives that we live day in and day out. When I was continually framing my reason for not running about my back injury, it really limited me. My continued attention to it made my back worse. When I caught myself doing this, I decided to change the story and tell myself I am a total lady boss runner and it’s all good. Your beliefs and self talk have a ton of power. Being able to recognize this within oneself, can provide a real shift your experience and the life that you live.

Ask me how my running is going and I will tell you that I started by doing a block around my neighbourhood for no more than 10 minutes and my endurance is now up to a full forest run for about an hour and even though my son has surpassed me in speed (humbling moment for this gal) I am still very able and willing to run around with my favourite little human and be doing so well.

The mental benefits of running can most definitely help you dial in what I speak of above. Your mind clears, your endorphins give off those feel good chemicals to your brain – total mood elevator. Maintaining a consistent exercise regime will lend itself to healthier sense of self and esteem, which puts you in an empowering state of mind. The health benefits of running on your brain can yield only good. The act of running in the morning sets the tone of for your day and filters that energy into your day’s vibe. It can help you get a longer and more restful sleep which adds huge to your mental acuity and focus while you are awake.

If you connect to the something bigger that is beyond our daily lives, the spiritual benefits of running are intact.

Connecting yourself in an elevated physical  and mental state to the majestic environment that is the Earth is a Divine kind of vibe. Sometimes in today’s political climate and the ungoverned mental health issues that our society seems to face, running is an activity that yields a pure and seraphic experience.

The enjoyment you allow yourself to feel by way of how you nourish and exercise your body is your gig, so it may be a wise thing to do to take inventory of how your daily vibe is and if there are any adjustments needed.

Even a ten-minute run in the morning can prove to have a massive impact on how you perceive the world as you move through your day.

So what do you think? Time to run run run away?

I run in Chuck Taylors with an insole – perhaps not the most conventional choice a professional or seasoned runner would elect to adorn on their feet as they are advertised as a basketball shoe, but whatever your vibe, find the right footwear and get that fine body of yours moving!