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Reality Creation Continues to Feature – This Month in the GVL – MR QUAZI JOHIR

Quazi Johir:

Has the Feels of Efficient, Vibrant & Clean Energy. Reality Creation Continues with This Light.

This is my initial energetic impression of him. Reality creation continues to thrive.

I have resonated, for me, on a kindred vibe with the energy of Sunny Sharma. I am unattached yet super grateful for his existence that I wanted to expand this vibe further and connect with his contemporary, Quazi Johir. The vibe of reality creation continues with these young men dialling in the vibe of success on their own terms.

Quazi was gracious enough to dial in another monthly feature of reality creation goodvibes, even after I had a clerical error on my part that dropped the ball from my end in terms of his participation, he was still super chill and non-resistant to offering value and good energy after I pulled my head out.

That goes to his character and the nature of his state of being and again, I am met with sincere gratitude for the ease and fluidity of which he portrays in the essence of his communications with me.

These vibrant, handsome and youthful gentleman are distilling the good vibes of becoming the master of ones own reality by way of deliberate creation, and that is a vibe that is full of the good feels.

I have never been in the bio field/present company of Quazi, and know him only from online social media however, I will tell you that dealing in energy, his essence can still be felt through his media and this dude emanates an accelerated yet focused kind of energy.

Reality creation continues to thrive.

I’m of the old school and performed the interviews in written form and this speed demon rolls back to me with an audio file in true efficiency and modern style.

Was quite pleased, as for me, I enjoy the senses, and it lends itself to more information as an interviewer when you hear a person speak – expressing themselves through tone and word. Was pleasantly & unexpectedly surprised to find I felt a little stoked 2 have this vibrant young man level up my awareness of how one can invest their time in terms of efficiency of tasks.

The vintage vibe is my jam so hand written notes for me, are a timeless and quality gig, but I do have an appreciation for the efficacy of time efficiency of an audio file and it did prove more connected to hear his voice.

The questions I posed to Quazi were duplicated from my interview with Mr. Sharma, and it is a diverse and expanded vibe to see how the two contrast based on their own unique individualism and life experience when presented and reflecting on the same material.


When asked how Quazi came upon the reality creation/reality transurfing vibe, he tells me that he came upon it through media sources, specifically YouTube and was drawn towards it through word of mouth from a friend and his own personal development.

He really delved into the reality transurfing book because of the science vibe it lends itself to and the exactness of its results and the logical sense it makes.

Reality creation continues to thrive.

What was the Biggest “Aha” Moment You Have Had in Your Journey Thus Far?

His answer here really resonated with my experience in trying to decipher the ins and outs of creating reality for oneself.

The biggest aha moment for this Quazi is his awareness of focusing on Principles of reality creation vs the Techniques of reality creation.

To get to the fundamental framework that the principles entail rather than speedily trying to implement techniques.

Understanding and embracing the principles is a good and solid vibe and he likens it to the swing of a pendulum.

The end that is free to swing has the greatest rate of change.

The one that has the greatest rate of change is that, that is temporary but when you get subtler and subtler, and less material then you get to the source of pendulum, which is really getting to the source of Life….and that which is timeless.

He states that the Principles are timeless.

Once he grasped the principles, that proved to be his big aha moment, because after that, the techniques just seemed to fall into place and come to him.

Connect the Dots Here:

An example of a Principle in reality creation can be seen in Quazi’s video on the Mirror Principle here.

Here is a video on the Technique of Coordination.

Quazi demystifies the delineation of the two with more clarity in his mastery program which you can scope out here.

In Your View is There Only One Model of Reality Creation or Do You Feel That There are Numerous Models Implementing the Same Principles in Different Manners?

Quazi notes that Neville Goddard, reality transurfing and even ancient yogic sciences, and many other reality creation vibes out there are saying the same thing in different ways.

I have encountered this Truth myself.

There is an underlying cohesiveness that permeates all teachings and he states to me that he believes it comes down to balance.

I really resonated with his response here because I have experienced great imbalances showing themselves in my own experience and energy body and then having to do the inner work to heal and realign to balance. Balance is vital to optimal and healthy living.

One need only observe the detrimental impact on oneself or in observation of another of such practices of too much of something or not enough of anything, regardless of what we are attributing the scales to.

Our health, our relationships, our careers…wherever there is imbalance, you will find disharmony. Where there is disharmony, there is stress and where there is stress, eventually, disease and decay.

This effect is mirrored in the natural world around us too.

In my experience, optimal functioning and optimal creating comes from a state of balance, so to hear reality creating mastermind Quazi Johir, affirm this in his viewpoint, proves a very synergistic and resonant vibe.

A very cool statement that is a good reminder for everyone that Quazi verbalized to me is that when you combine intention and surrender, an ease of just being, you have found the sweet spot.

A life lived in the sweet spot is a life lived in abundance.

When you dial down the importance of your intention and release the attachment to the outcome, then you are golden.

If this language here in this answer is making you scratch your head, then connect with Quazi here to see if you can expand your knowledge and awareness in successfully creating the life of your own deliberate choosing.

Do you Believe that it Requires a Certain Aptitude in Order to Implement the Reality Creation Techniques, or can Anyone from any Experience in Life Use Them With Success?

I initially thought that anyone could take the creating of their own reality into their own hands, as I see this as a fundamental life truth for every sentient being, but then I gave a homeless dude a ten dollar bill yesterday and he was in such a low vibrational state, that he couldn’t appreciate it.

Even as Was handing it to him, saying, here, here is a good sign that things are looking up for you, he was still seeking for further victimization by continuing his diatribe of his poor circumstances.

This is a cycle of victimization and recycled ill beliefs and emotional states. The only person who will be able to shift that for him, is himself.

I tried to give him some affirmations and mindset trick techniques to take as tools with him in an effort to help him further elevate his experience, but I realized as I walked away, that you need to have a certain level of self awareness and governance of mind to be able to successfully become a conscious creator of your own life experience.

This guy has created his own depth of darkness and despair and unless he himself can find the light, people trying to show it to him, proves futile.

On the polarity of this observation, it is a value to know that our destiny’s are essentially in our own hands. I know this as Truth because I have been in the depths and darkness of ungoverned mental and emotional turmoil and hell and it is a hard space to pull yourself out of.

If you don’t have the right aptitude or inner love or external support, then losing your ability to properly discern for your own care and life are very likely byproducts of maintaining such a state.

It takes a good amount of mental acuity and strength to overcome trauma and to revive your life lines to a more optimal and optimistic path, but know that it can be done.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved if it can be imagined and it is of value of understand that nothing is ever fixed. We are always in a state of flow and transformation – the key is to allow ourselves to harmonize with it.

Quazi’s answer harmonizes with my realizations and he states that yes, one does need a certain aptitude of understanding to successfully harness and implement reality creation.

He states it depends on the vibrational level of an individual – they have to be able to be in a state of receivership to be able to encompass the reality transurfing vibe.

He even made reference to a situation where speaking to a homeless person on the street about projecting a 6 figure income just wouldn’t resonate with such an individual because he is at a vibrational level of merely scraping by and surviving.

I wondered myself about this question, as I am of the belief we are so malleable and plastic in our neural abilities that I had conceded, that anyone could, grasp the concepts to deliberately create their own reality, because they already inherently are – I see know, it has to be relative to their life line they currently are journeying as well as their mindscapes so that expansion can occur.

I deem it a noble pursuit that Quazi is persistent in his intention to help a good amount of people with a good amount of impact.

A Million People Will Level Up as a Result of This Dude.

The very fact that he is so vocal and forthcoming about his aspirations and goals of his choosing, gives him a determined and unwavering stance in the assuring of their realization.

This proves to level up the collective and that my fellow beings, is a vibe that thrives.

Gratitude for the good men of the world like Quazi who aim for upliftment and expansion for himself and the people with whom he shares this Earth.

This is a palpable and momentous energy and it is indicative in his speech, his physique and the results you see amidst his media posts.

Your energy levels of vibration depends on your ability to be receptive to the teachings, so yes, in order to be able to dial in the reality creation vibe, you have to be at a certain level of aptitude and understanding of your own vibrational output.

When Quazi encounters a person with too far a vibrational gap from where he is able to guide people, then he will not coach them. That is a wise choice as this proves not to waste anyone’s investment of energy.

Receptivity and an aptitude of Self responsibility are good attributes to encompass should you want to make creating your own reality your thang which is totally fair as then no investment is wasted or lost.

You Recently Graduated from University. Will You Use the Degree You Have?

Quazi is a graduate of Engineering from the University of Boston, Massachusetts.

Kudos to you and your big brain Quazi!

Quazi tells me that graduating from University could not be considered a goal of his choosing, was more of a subconscious goal.

He was drawn to it because he is an avid fan of math and physics and a degree in engineering is one that could prove to hold weight and provide him with a successful and comfortable life – should he choose to use it.

The degree has proved helpful as it has leveled up his education, knowledge, life experience.

Reality creation continues to thrive.

Quazi says he can apply the knowledge that his engineering degree provided in learning to keep with problems until you find a solution and learning to stay with problems until you solve them. Solving complex problems too and enhancing his logical reasoning and processing.

It’s a great and dignified credential, but he states that he will probably never use it.

How Do You Help People Relinquish Their Old Modalities of Thinking and Beliefs in Terms of Their Creative Powers with Their Own Life’s Existence?

Identity shifting is a technique that Quazi promotes in terms of helping himself and others shift to an elevated life experience.

He has used this technique in his own experience and it proves extremely effective.

Here is a link to Quazi’s YouTube Channel where you can watch his vids on Identity Shifting and gain a further understanding of what that vibe is all about.

What Do You Intend On Achieving With The Endeavours That You Are Presently Focused Upon?

Quazi’s goal is to help a million people and to help these people go from a victim mentality to a creator mentality.

He asks his clients how much they want to be responsible for their own lives.

gratitude good feels

He intends on showing people how they can live how they want without any interference from other people’s creating.

The reality creation continues to thrive.

What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

Quazi loves his work. It seems that his work has become his play which is very cool and in that sweet spot that he mentioned above.

He has managed to get into the flow state with his elevation and enjoys immensely delving into his work and immersing himself in the energy of his creating. He gets dopamine spikes from the work that he invests his energy into.

Reality creation continues to thrive.

He notes that he also enjoys traveling, hanging with his lady love and chillin’ with his friends.

If You Could Sit With One Person, Past or Present, Dead or Alive, Who Would You Choose That Person To Be and Why?

Quazi looks up to Sadhguru – he denotes that Sadhguru digs up knowledge from the here and know and is full of all kinds of wisdom.

Quazi finds resonance with him for his wisdom and higher knowledge that prove to elevate and expand his own experience.

sadhguru looking gangsta

I have watched a few of Sadhguru’s videos and I would be in agreement about this Kool Kat distilling wisdom and emanating a vibe that thrives for humanity as a collective.

If You Were to Distill 1 Piece of Advice 4 Anyone Who is Seeking How 2 Become Masters of Their Own Life Creation, What Would That Piece of Advice Sound Like?

Invest in learning the principles and not just the techniques. Don’t focus on gimmicky little things that give you a temporary change – don’t make that trade off.

Focus on the deeper, timeless principles that shift you.

Another tip?

Don’t treat anything as too important by understanding the impermanence of everything.

Do enough inner work that you get to the state of being consciously aware of yourself and choosing who you are and what you want to be and accomplish in this life.

Name 3 People That Have Had a Profound Impact on Your Journey – (ie Author, Person, Philosopher…etc)

Quazi noted the three peeps that he has gained and expanded from is Sadhguru, Sam Ovens and Vadim Zeland.

Sadhguru has had a huge impact on Quazi. He says that the spiritual teachings he absorbed at the isha foundation was amazing for him.

Vadim Zeland, the author of Reality Transurfing changed Quazi’s life.

Mine too.

That book is all kinds of good feels.

The third dude on Quazi’s list is Sam Ovens who has been a great guide for Quazi in terms of a business mentor and coaching lead for cultivating the right mindset of success.

Transformational activities and going beyond what you think is possible for yourself is Quazi’s jam.

How Many Books Do You Read in a Year?

Quazi used of read a ton of books in the past, but nowadays he reads about 2-3 books a month.

It depends on his flow, the results he hopes to achieve and if it comes across his path through recommendations.

Quazi is an avid reader and an advocate for reading.

Reading engages, elevates and educates. He notes that It is a powerful way to enhance and increase your energy and overall aptitude of understanding.

Do You Have a Good, Close Connection With Your Family? Are They a Good Support System for You & Your Endeavours?

Quazi is super connected to his family and bears the responsibilities of being the eldest child in the Johir crew.

He has lived on his own, but he prefers to be surrounded with the good vibes of his famjam in his field.

He has come up against some inaccurate assessments of him living with his family as if it denotes some kind of lack of success, when in fact, Quazi states that no matter the level of income or success in which he achieves, he will always be surrounded by his family.

I deem that all good vibes as a result of authentic and connected heart math connectivity.

It was super sweet to hear that he likes of give his little sister a kiss before she heads off to school.

Being at home lets him dial that in and he notes that his relationship with his family has developed and grown.

His parents had some resistance to him quitting his 9-5 but with the right conditioning of events and proof that he has his path dialed in, they accept and support his decisions.

He wisely states that you have to condition your parents how to respond to your life choices.

He preps them with his ideas and intentions and reminds them he is on a path and then when the time comes for the path to unfold and he states it, then the transition from parents generational expectation to achieving the goals and desires he sets for himself can unfold in a more harmonious manner.

Reality creation continues to thrive in everyone’s experience as humans and he seems to dial it in with a natural ability to do so.

He has lived on his own and can go either way, but being so immersed in his life’s work and passion, having the people he loves around him proves to be the best scene for him to be achieving his highest levels of accomplishment.

That’s a love vibe and love is the currency of creation.

Vibes That Thrive, Indeed.

Thanks to you Quazi, for your light in this world!

Reality creation continues down the pipe so keep posted!