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Quality Originality Integrity – The Levi’s Jean Brand

A Jean that Enhances Personal Style

This post in the gateway to the goodvibes is a well-deserved and solid shout out to the Levi Strauss jean. Quality, Originality, Integrity – the Levi’s Jean Brand is all kinds of good vibes and has a proven history of being super dialled in with its longevity and application of consistent quality and style since…..1873 thanks to the tag team of business man Levi Strauss and the tailor stylings of Jacob Davis.

A vintage vibe that has withstood – an investment worthy of the gateway to good vibes!

vintage levis photograph

That is just shy of a century and a half. This is a brand that knows that simplicity is the key to good design, just like our goodvibe generators over at Converse.

That is some stretch of time and leaves no doubt for the value one receives in investing in a brand of jean from the company that made the very first blue jean.

What a trip that would have been, hey? To see when jeans were first a thing.


As you can read from the bullet points above, the timeline of Levi’s Strauss & Co. proved a solid trajectory forward throughout the 20th Century, including a successful rebound from a destroyed warehouse as well as empowering humanity through launching initiatives for acceptance and equality for all humans regardless of race or sex. These funfacts really demonstrate actions that are in keeping with the integrity of their brand – acceptance and style for all.

vintage levis ads are fun

With the arrival of the 21st Century, Levi’s has not slowed down its momentum in keeping the goodvibes flowing.

From initiatives that encompass an intention of empowering the rights of humans and reducing the impact those humans have on our environment, Levi Strauss & Co. demonstrates social responsibility, philanthropy and empowerment.

This, my goodvibe companions, are values and practices that yield longevity, trust and solidity. The relationship that Levi’s cultivates with their consumers, their environment and the implementation of their business practices are demonstrative of integrity and good standing. To strive for such impeccability in execution of governance sets the bar high and is indicative of what a successful and good business should all encompass, should we all be so fortunate!!

Flexibility to Dial In your Own Style

Levi’s has dialled in a variety of styles to suit the dynamic tastes and shapes of jean wearers everywhere and offers a metric system that provides the flexibility to dial in your style the way your unique self chooses to do so.

My fave was always the faded 501 – Classic & Super Stylin’

Indulging in a lifetime of Levi’s lends itself to some supremely good vibes as the Levi Strauss Numbering System is dialled in to provide any individual with a style and fit tailored to their own individual vibe.

This popular site Hiconsumption here delineates very solidly the variations between the metrics of the Levi jean brand offerings.

Let’s also remember that with the conception of these jean goodvibes also came the ever resilient Classic Jean Jacket.

Jean jackets are the bomb! We can all adorn the same looking jean jackets but each one takes on a life of its own indicative of the individuality of its owner. Adorned with patches, ripped and shredded or super clean cut and fitted, the jean jacket and solid pair of jeans are a choice indicative of a leveled up lifestyle of comfort and cool vibes.

Sometimes my beautiful son pilfers my jean jacket and here he is here – super stylin cutie bear!

Wear brands that support your way of being

I wear and support and promote brands that are indicative of my lifestyle and the vibe I try to emanate and encompass for myself. I am into super solid relationships, whether it be with myself, my partner, my child, people with whom I work or anyone that I interact with in my daily life.

It took me a little while to boundary toxic energies and even resolve mine own within. In doing so, I have made plenty of errors and found myself in some very disempowering and destructive places due to the healing I needed to accomplish.

The bounce back from that destructive energy has yielded some very empowering results in terms of understanding myself and what kind of quality I want present in my life.

In order to be completely yourself, you need not criticize your experience.

Allow yourself the luxury of being entirely yourself and accept yourself completely.

Acceptance, presence and forward trajectory are all elements that add to a successful and balanced way to dial in a good vibe way of being.

This is energy is felt in the Levi’s brand. That is perhaps why it has withstood such time. It is a jean that provides enough variety and style to dial in any individual’s own style and for those who have yet to discover their own, well they are just the definition of cool on even the most awkward of people.

Whether the relationship be with a person or a brand in which I invest, the vibe has to be one of solidity, quality, support and reciprocation.

Distinct and shaping moments in the evolvement of who I have become today are made more resonant in my experience by having the Levi jean be the consistent thing I could always rely on for quality.

Now as a Mama Bear to a cutie ginger haired lil dude, and seeing his cutie bum rocking a pair of mini Levi’s, the good vibes just keep on rolling.

My dude and I have purchased a good deal of jeans and khaki pants for our very active little guy and the Levi’s are the ones that are the last to be mended or completely destructed.

The quality is the kind you can dig as a Mama Bear, clothing yourself or dressing your offspring 🙂

Good brands know good brands and the people over at Nando’s Chicken make really good chicken derived from my homeland of South Africa. I cannot speak to the individual service that each store dials in, but their recipe is one of success and their brand one of inspiration, housing the largest collection of South African art which you will see adorning the walls of their concept stores throughout the world.

Before my fella toured out on his own jam, he was the West’s regional dude and the company gifted him his own personalized stitched pair of Levi’s jeans. The love vibe heart decal says it all!

They are all kinds of styling!

Whatever your gig, whatever your jam – the Levi Strauss & Co. Brand will dial in some seriously styling and good vibe results to outfit you and/or your little ones.

Whatever your style, be it slim fit, baggy, dark or light wash, Levi’s has your number and will leave you feeling empowered and styling.

Dial in your unique style and compliment that action with a solid and well-made brand.