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Promoting Mental Wellness For Kids & Humanity, Overall


The other day my child was sent home from his school due to a case of viral infection of a deathly vibe.

In today’s social norms in terms of mainstream governance, there is a perpetual and consistent mental focus on death and disease.

It is one of the most unnatural phenomenons to witness unconscious and uneducated individuals engage within.

The methods in which my child has been governed and the psychological terrorism he has been subjected to is astonishing.

The Normalizations That Humans Are Buying Into Today Begs The Question If We, As Adults, Are Indeed Promoting Mental Wellness For Kids.

There is a mental health deficit that is being exacerbated through ignorance and fear. I will not deny that virus exists in the world. It is intrinsic to human biological life on Earth. Nor will I deny that it enables a kind of energy that can deplete, destroy and deteriorate the humanity of our world today.

The health of the Earth and the nature of the relationships humans keep with the practices to yield its resources determines the very health of the planet and it inhabitants.

Promoting mental wellness for kids on earth

It is a very simple idea.

Honour the natural divinity of the Earth and its inhabitants with great dignity and respect.

The manner in which the disempowered practices of managing the Earth and its humans is a catalyst to our own destruction.

There are very real biological and physical components in our society that can kill a human system. This naturalness to being a human being on the planet is an axiom to LIVING.

The physiological and biological normalizations of how humans consume their food and take care of their health has enabled a good deal of misguided ailments and misalignments to the dignity of the human systems of today.

How to promote mental wellness to kids tomatoes

It is the profit and trade of natural foods that invests such unusual modifications to what is already naturally, pristinely divine in its own growth.

The mental focus on profit vs the good of humanity and the land on which it nourishes itself is one of the biggest mental health skews that is readily accepted, normalized and practiced.

Vandana Shiva Is a profoundly courageous and educated woman. She speaks of this aspect of our humanity here.

With obesity and cancer rates at an all time high and multi million and even billion dollar industries that are propelled as a result of this kind of self human management is interesting to observe.

Promoting mental wellness for kids

The mental health and wellness of indoctrinated society is not the most dignified vibration albeit very good for profit for the select hierarchical arrangement of those whom are in receivership of the profits from such normalizations.

Investing in continued education and inquiry of truth outside the mainstream low level of consciousness thinking is an empowerment thrive for one’s mental health.

It is a really beautiful endeavour for people to be aware of and use the mechanics of metaphysics into recognizing how creatively powerful we as humans really are, and not only that, but to be consciously aware of our own choices, actions, and behaviours that enable us to live the lives we cultivate in our experience.

Promoting mental wellness for kids means that us, as adults, are in fact being adults. An adult is someone who can exercise good reason and rationality in their own governance. Being able to understand your role as an ambassador to new life and the impact and responsibility that truly befalls that kind of influence and power.

The rationalization of living in an approach to life with a delineated focus on fear of death has put an inordinate and unnecessary amount of psychological stress on the development of the children of today.

Promoting mental wellness for kids

Children Are Natural Energetic Marvels.

The brain states that children occupy are far more superior and ripe than any adult that is rearing them. Children represent evolution and expansion, and yet here they are in a world that has an unhealthy and inordinate mental focus on death.

Again, I do not deny that deadly virus exists in the experience of humanity. I have had family members that have had it and subsequently recovered from it.

It is the methods in which it is being handled that is perpetuating it and leading to a great demise in the spirit and lives of todays humanity.

There are so many infinite potentials and realizations that are an axiom to the metaphysical aspect of our physical existence that the average Joe would do well to educate himself upon.

Quantum physics shows us that the focus one puts on anything, will expand that which is focused upon.

Promoting mental wellness for kids with the right focus

The people who are in charge of the public health mandates would do well to observe these laws of nature, however with all the evidence that is available, it is obvious it all comes down to profits and politics.

The separation of our species from our own humanity and the practices of which we tolerate in first world living is stranger than the most disturbing and complex science fiction.

Conditioning masks upon young children as opposed to teaching them how to honour the dignity of their bodies life source of oxygen and the formidable healing powers and capabilities of the breath force.

Without breath you die in 3 minutes. How can you LOGICALLY support the masking of one’s airways as a health measure knowing, living, and experiencing this BIOLOGICAL FACT. Unless of course, you have no tangible connection to your own breath and are happy to exist at a normalized stress state unconsciously.

Everyone is happy to buy into the public health mandates, not even bothering to question the logic of it all or even question the rights to sovereignty over the management of their own biologies.

A life can be lived very fruitfully and healthily with the right education. Even with a deadly virus on the loose.

People are happy to travel to the beautiful destinations the United States of America offers not even batting an eyelid that the amendment rights they all so fervently believe in and abide by has caused more destruction to the lives of humanity than most historical tragedies have recorded in the history of humanity’s evolution.

What Kind of Education is Living in Fear of Death?

How about you live in faith of life and jump on that bandwagon?

This kind of mental attitudes would very much serve humanity, but again, that would not serve the end profit margin of those implementing such practices.

Neon curiosity


There is a state of victimization that is perpetuated in the mainstream indoctrinations of mentalizing their human experience.

The unconscious programs one governs themselves by and the indoctrinations by which they have been bred leads to an incongruence in action and intention. Joe Dispenza denotes the reality of this human condition in very empowering work he engages and has scientific support to acknowledge this as truth.

If you are not fully present and consciously aware in the NOW, you are in a program.

What kind of programs is today’s consciousness being governed by? I can tell you that the fear of death and inordinate amount of mental focus on viral death is the complete opposite of promoting mental wellness for kids out of victimized thinking and conditioning.

The intention of most parents and educators are the well-being and optimal development of children and this intention is a beautiful investment. They would do well to look at the practices they are asked to engage handed down to them by their authorities.

It is a detrimental and deleterious feel to negate the value of doing what you say and saying what you do to align congruence in the demonstrative behaviours, of which children absorb as their most influential learnings. Kids watch what you do, not listen to what you say and they are connected to a higher state of consciousness than those guiding them.

This truth is lost and goes unacknowledged in the aptitude of governance in mainstream educating of children.

Words have no value in teaching children when the experience they endure is what informs the entirety of their felt and processed understandings about the world.

This is why being congruent as a parent and educator is pivotal for success in effective and healthy relational growth and development. To be a true leader is to promote mental wellness for kids, not be the cause of psychological trauma within their growth and development.

You can lead kids to take ownership of their own biologies.

To be responsible for their own emotions.

To take responsibility for their impact on others and the world around them.

If the focus was solely on how to be a good human and how to govern yourself as a good human, then the level of health, esteem and well-being would gain momentum and the natural order would be in its element.

Then you have a thrive of life, vs a dive of viral cases.

The metaphysical is a very real aspect of our human experience.

Metaphysics expands the mind

To gain knowledge of its principles to yield empowering results is what it would take to field out a virus from an entire population. Unless, of course the presence of such a virus is somehow proving profitable to those who distill the mandates in reference to it.

People are ill-equipped without such knowledge and do not realize that their investment both mentally and emotionally to avoiding the virus, is indeed, what is perpetuating it.

It is an unconsciousness that abuses the dignity of human life and it is done in the vain of normal human behaviour and in the guise of preventing and healing the situation when in fact it is, metaphysically, being further perpetuated.

When Good Intentions Turn Into An Unconscious Abuse of Power


I have been witness to these events in the public education system of which my child is spending a good portion of his developmental time within.
These are the standards that have been normalized as business as usual and the experience and witnessing of them demonstrates the abuse of power that occurs unknowingly and unconsciously when humans are functioning from programs not of their own free will.

Promoting mental health for kids by not abusing them

The school in which my son attends normalizes masking children in a state of physical exertion.

The very function of the lungs in a human system to is breathe in and oxygenate the cellular structure and exhale carbon dioxide.

This rejuvenating practice keeps a human system alive and will deplete a human system in its entirety when absent in its execution for only 3 minutes from humans natural biological functioning.

To mask this system while in a state of physical exertion impedes the body’s natural processes and not only depletes the life force energy of the individual engaging in such a practice but in fact, makes them more susceptible to creating illness within themselves.

This is a simple case of logical cause and effect and yet with no hesitation, out of FEAR, the leaders in my sons school enable such an abusive practice.

Fear is a catalyst to destruction

When I wrote a letter to the school I received no response and learned though another parent that the school is no longer allowing children to run in gym.

This shows that the intention of the educators is one of investment and goodness, yet the programs and dictated by which they adopt into their psyches make them complicit to these normalized abusive practices.

In the name of fear of death and virus without recognizing that the action itself of making a child in a state of physical exertion will deplete their oxygen and brain function as well as prove to make them more susceptible to virus.

It is ludicrous and obvious yet fully supported out of mentalizing process of how to prevent virus from spreading.

The contradiction in action and intention is demonstrated very clearly here.

Invasion of personal boundaries and privacy to one’s own dignity to their own sovereignty over their bodies was omnipresent when the children are asked to line up and asked about their bowel health and the quality of their health at the onset of their school-day.

How about instead of that abusive and invasive practice we teach kids the dignity of their own bodies and to honour the boundaries of others invading themselves into the management and governance of their own developing systems?

Seems preferential and of greater esteem to approach it with an empowered mindset rather than normalize such invasive questions as if it is all good, out of FEAR.

Shaming children for not wearing masks and t-shirts being made to promote further a focus on virus, death and limited potential of life as a psychological imprint to healthy development is such a contradiction in behaviour, it is remarkable to witness the unconsciousness of it all transpiring.

Promoting mental wellness for kids

Personal boundaries being broken by inappropriate sexual advances from the former principal to my partner, the PAC treasurer, by sending him videos of mine own child in her care and negating me out them entirely and to such a flirtatious degree even my charismatic and kind-hearted man confided in me he felt very uncomfortable with the position she was putting him in. Again, a well-intentioned and capable leader in her position to a degree, but a woman in a program obviously feeling very unfulfilled in her own marriage and family relational dynamics that then leads to her unconscious behaviours promoting abuse of her power and ending in her own embarrassment.

Inappropriate grabbing of children by an educational assistant who lacks emotional intelligence and has demonstrated a pattern of not being in control of her abilities to guide children without using physical force. She did it to my son two years ago and to my friends children this year and all that was denoted to me was that she has been redirected many times in the past. Her program she is playing out is not rooted in empowerment if grabbing kids with physical force is her MO in handling unruly children, and yet there was no information to her seeking any kind of repair or therapy out of normalizing such a practice.

Overhearing educators in the bathroom complaining and demeaning the children that they lead in their classrooms and when I brought this to the former principal, the bathrooms were then off limits to parents yet no accountability was taken by the educators who were verbally bashing the children they teach out of their own inability to handle their own emotional and psychological empowerment.


I aim to be a beacon of expansion, well-being and dignified treatment to those who have the privilege of investing their life’s work into the HEALTHY development of young children.

Read here about the celebration of the educators who govern themselves with conscious awareness and good moral standing.

Since the imposition onto the world with irrational focus on death and virus and the insanity of it all, it has shown clearly the capacities that each human being is carrying in terms of their own levels of conscious awareness to the ownership and dignity of their own lives.

People are happy to give away their own question of authority over the empowerment and governance of their own biological systems without questioning the logic and rationality of it all.

I met a gal while doing a customer service position and she was taking over my shift from having been in class. At University. I asked her how it was going and if she was excited about what she was learning, She denoted all she is learning is what stress looks and feels like and the manner in which her humanity treated her well-being was just brutal.

No human system can learn effectively while in a state of stress and yet the system is designed to do nothing but impose a structure of an unnaturally rhythmic nature to the optima circadian rhythms of humans.

All these demonstrations of mental wellness are present in the governance of an establishment whose intentions are to develop and breed expansion in a developing human system.

There is evidence every which way that social and self responsibility are negated in the governance of positions that are held.

Kindness to self matters

The indoctrinated model of the world enables a person to achieve a standard and position in the world, having no investment into their own self awareness, self development, self responsibility and self-esteem.

These aspects of a person to be a person of real leadership need attention and cultivation. Conscious awareness and expansion of a persons own aptitude to humanity is key to empower relational dynamics to a thrive.

My words may seem harsh and blameful to anyone who is unable to acknowledge the truth of their behaviours and experience and that is okay. It is not my job to make people feel comfortable about their unconscious normalized abuse practices, it is merely my goal to make them aware of them.

Awareness breeds expansion and children are the most beautiful creatures this Earth has so it is imperative their mental well being is at the forefront of their growth experience.

Start anew


The governmental structures adhere to a world model of belief that serve humans on a hierarchical scale. People buy into the world as if it is a pecking order and those who are in charge know best.

Anyone can look at the former President of the most influential and affluent countries on the globe to see that the system is completely flawed and negates the entirety of the human condition on a psycho-biological and emotional level.

Higher consciousness quantum model living and adapting to a broader mindset means that everyone not only benefits, but each and every person reaches their highest potentials and everyone gains and wins as a result.


Zeroing in on the unique soul expression of each individual human is a more evolution based and reasonable model to adopt given the day and age and information and information technology available to us humans today.

Instead, children are expected to adhere to the same learning standard across the board and given their unique natures, fall into the systems categorical judging and assessment of their appropriate pecking order on the scale of “society”

The very practice of conforming the mentalizing processes of young minds to adhere to a very limited and structured system of learning makes it very easy to influence and condition the behaviours and beliefs of others.

Where is The Free Will and Freedom of Self Expressed Knowledge to Be Bred in Such a System?

Promoting mental wellness for kids

That is not a profitable scheme.

The health of children is impacted by the very curriculum that yields normalized stress.

Ninety-five percent of all disease is stress related. This is so simple and yet everyone buys into a system that perpetuates stress. Perpetuates psychological terrorism and untruths in the entirety of its political management and governance and people STILL BELIEVE in the certainty and structure of the system.

With no question.

Promoting world peace

The cycle continues as how would an innocent citizen who has been bred by the system ever question its intentions to one’s own well being. I have had many experiences in which my knowledge was solidified that there is a MASSIVE INCONGRUENCE in intention and action.

People are taught to believe what they believe and then act accordingly to their programs despite what is happening in front of their very eyes.

It is the most fascinating phenomenon of the human condition to witness.

To be able to breed confidence in independent thought may seem like it would be anarchy, but in truth the beauty of allowing children to be guided by their own natural dictates and their own acumen of intuitive gifts and knowledge at the onset of their experience on Earth would make for a revolutionary kind of society.

Even maternity leave is normalized. In what Universe is any baby acclimated to be fully prepared to lose their mother for upwards of eight to ten hours in a 24-hour period after one year of being bred from her?

A little baby cutie

The pressure to accomplish and earn and be successful in a monetary capacity outweighs the dignity of nurturing and enhancing the naturalness and divinity inherent in solid and connected emotional, psychological and physiological healthy development of a new human.

The psycho-biological aspect of humans development is key to their optimal life force health. It is evidenced to me that this regulation factoid of a human system is completely negated out of the governmental mainstream education and health care agendas.

I have had direct experience and been witness to such normalized undignified practices of human behaviour that makes it painfully obvious that the subconscious mind and the conscious mind of individuals is a very real phenomena and even stranger thing to witness.

The Universe is inclusive and everything is allowed so perhaps it would do well to take a look at what level you are governing your own consciousness.



Fielding back from violent neural disassociations is something I would wish on no one. As a result of the healing work I have accomplished over the last 3 years, I have come into complete alignment in the entirety of my energetic system.

In having done so, it is enabled me access to the felt and tangible experience of neuroplasticity, bone transmutation and realignment by way of mine own MIND.

Having the access to various brain states and cultivating a consistent and systematic practice to regenerate the neural capacities of mine own cerebral functioning, the alertness and awareness I now encompass having fielded out an entire disassociated personality created from too much violent trauma as a child makes me hyper aware.

Eye opener

The connection I have to mine own body’s energy is a mastery I am well fond of and have invested a great deal of work to salvage after the mainstream modalities of healthcare had me destined for a life of misery and addiction. Thanks, but no thanks, And you can take your virus death focus and stick it a pipe and smoke it.

The respect your elders mindset that was so entrenched would do well to be changes to respect each human being with dignity.

Dictates and normalizations of demeaning women, demeaning people of different ethnic races and treating children as if they are to be owned and intimated are all archaic and abnormal manifestations of people not taking ownership over the full acceptance of themselves.

Violence and intimidation is the energy of the weak and the uncertain.

Real power speaks for itself and real power comes to one’s own connectivity to themselves, their heart spaces and the Earth upon which they live.

The unnatural manner in which humans are operating themselves and calling it society is in a twilight zone feel. Again, I need not convince you of this, Just observe soberly and the evidence speaks for itself.


The Most Radical Vibe You Can Instill in a child for their optimal mental health is their worth, their value and their right to life, free will of choice and an infinite amount of love in thoughts, words, emotions and, especially deeds/actions.

Engaging learning of value and focusing on the positive aspects of life and the potentials one can create are all avenues to which are inherently natural to a child and their optimal biology.

Check Out This Site Here For All Kinds of Empowerment

It is not the job of a child to carry the weight of death on their shoulders during their formative years of development.

Instead, empowering their mental and biological health by equipping them with self esteem and self management tools, empowering them with knowledge of self care and expansion, demonstrating to them principles of a quantum model that enables them to have complete creative and deliberate control over the entirety of their life experience.

This is mental wellness for kids.

In order for our humanity to survive and our humanity to thrive, there has to be a complete shift in the consciousness of the manner in which society is governed.

Power and control are omnipresent at the peril of human lives.

There is another way and it does not involve psychological terrorism upon young beautiful and developing children.

Empower your kids with self-knowledge.

Empower your kids with self-esteem tools and self-regulation tools

Practice them WITH them.

Put the pieces together

You yourself as a parent or educator take ownership of your own state of conscious awareness.

Out of the analytical mind that stews itself in the Egoic pursuits of achievements but into the conscious mind that is connected to the inherent humanity and well-being of our connectedness and formidabilties as our own systems of intelligence.

Let kids be who they are. Free and unencumbered from indoctrinated expectations rooted in the stress of competition and comparison and instead into acceptance, creativity and autonomous governance of one’s own imaginings and ideas. The condition in which you harness a young child’s impressions in the world is pivotal to the kind of world that is created ahead of us.

Demonstrate empowering habits using uplifting language, keeping a positive mental focus on possibility and life.

Maintain and teach personal boundaries.

Take ownership and inquiry into your own emotional intelligence and MODEL THAT BEHAVIOUR.

Being a mature and self invested expanding human means that you do what you say you will do and you are in alignment. Your actions match that which you intend. If you are in a program of dictates by someone else’s beliefs but it has you engaging in normalized practices of child abuse, then you have the free will right to question the authority that imposes such dictates upon you.

No one has life figured out but you can equip yourself with a model of being in the world that makes you consciously aware and empowered within it.

The biggest flex you can give your kids to promote and support their healthy minds, is to teach them the difference between being victimized to circumstances around you or being empowered and esteemed within to create the surrounding circumstances.

Check Yourself, Your Actions and Your Belief Systems.

Are they aligned with promoting mental wellness for kids?

For a comprehensive shift to a higher consciousness mindset and deliberate creativity in one’s life, engage the DEEP framework. Developing Empowermnet Energy Program is a 7-week self study program that deconstructs your state of being and implements 10 metaphysical life laws that enable you to be a deliberate creator in your life experience.








Radiate sweet harmony