Self Esteem For Kids – Week 01 of a 6 Week Empowerment Program


Kids Self Esteem and Empowerment Book – 01/06


The first book of the six book series encompasses the 1st pillar of self esteem and engages the breath force through easy to follow and engaging activities.

The methods presented in this book are a wonderful way to empower and educate your children to an optimal state of being.

To be able to become consciously aware of themselves and be completely in charge of their own body’s regulation proves an elevation win for everyone in the famjam.

To have confidant and self assured kids in an uncertain world is an investment that yields dividends in terms of peace, confidence and well being for both parents and children.

This book and the implementation of the activities within it will both intellectually and experientially infuse the learnings so the concepts stick and the knowledge gets absorbed in an engaging, empowering and fun manner!


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