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Keep Covid Free & Thriving – Family Guide to Optimal Health & Wellness




In today’s global climate of fear and illness being spread like wildfire, the most empowering practice a person can do for themselves and their own families is to take ownership of their LifeForce vibe.

This Ebook is yet another elevating and empowering guide book to living life in a thrive vibration of optimal. It was initially created upon the return to school, however the information distilled can be implemented at anytime of a humans experience.

The insights and information distilled has been gathered through experiential practice and are precedented and proven to keep a human system optimal and expanding.


Harmonize the habits of humanity


We all have choice points in our lives and the way we frame the world in which we live as well as the one in which we are raising our children.  This Ebook enables any parent, adult or young adult to take complete empowerment and ownership over their life experience.  Even with a deadly pandemic vibration permeating their globe.

We are what we choose to become.  Choose health. Choose well being. Choose a GoodVibe.


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