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Presence Yields Power & So Do You

Many a book has been written stating that the now is the moment. Presence yields power and this is a good feel to understand.

Presence yields power in a human’s experience and cultivating your strength of Will so that you have the skill set to maintain a state of being that engages all your senses as a result of full present moment awareness is a gateway to some serious good feels and empowerment.

the art and science of human connection


Presence is a heightened state of awareness.

Your centre of attention in every moment in what you do and how you interact with other people.

It is a conscious CHOICE to be fully aware and engaged in the moment in which you find yourself to be. You have complete governance over your state of being and presence is substantial in terms of a facet of that governance.

We as humans have 3 points of reference in terms of linear time – which quantum science now shows that these 3 points of reference actually exist simultaneously and that is past, present and future.

Have you ever heard the saying “the past is history, the future is a mystery, the now is a gift, that is why it is called the present?

yesterday now tomorrow



A good portion of people recycle the experiences of the past, either by reliving their glory days or harping on the life experiences that are still causing them dis empowerment.

Having faced healing complex trauma I came to learn about how our physiological systems are built to recycle emotions that have not had an opportunity to complete their cycle.

When an event happens in your life that is charged with a good deal of emotion, then those experiences become ingrained in our consciousness and can prove to yield a cycle of habitual disempowering thought and feeling states – like a chemical cocktail that keeps you going back for more. Repair from trauma is so important. Mindful presence yields a space for such things to be addressed with care and nurturing.

If the experience was one of good feels and love (finding a life partner, falling in love, surfing a massive wave) then a person may happily reminisce and find value in the memory of a time or even that impacted them in their hearts. If the experience is one of dis empowerment or trauma and they have not had any repair, then those too, have an effect on how you show up in your Mind& Body presently.

don't lose your present to your past

Whatever the polarity of a person’s experience in the past and the physiological and psychological impact they proved to have on the system -when you infuse PRESENCE into your life, then the events of the past have no control over you.

If you live truly in the NOW, then the PAST has no space to enhance or impede your state of being in the situation you find/choose yourself to be in.



Another good portion of people are living ahead of themselves. Always chasing or fretting about what is to come. There seems to be a huge increase in anxiety and attention deficit disorders (at the same time we enter an era where people use screens as babysitters).

Is this code for lack of mindfulness and presence in our everyday interactions and connectedness?

If you are anxious, you are enabling & recycling patterns of victimization in your thinking by worrying or ruminating about events, circumstances, people or places that have not and may not happen yet causing you disharmony in your emotional energies and focused present awareness attention in the here and now.

enjoy the present

It is great to have goals to work towards, but this kind of energy is different. Setting a goal and going with a balanced flow to achieve it allows you to maintain presence in the moments that you have as you work towards it.

Worrying, wondering, ruminating, stressing and placing an obscene amount of importance on the realisation of your goal is disempowering – it takes you out of the power of your present moment attention, wastes a good portion of your mental and emotional energy that would be best used and implemented in its accomplishment.



The path to presence is SIMPLE. Remember here at the GVL, we thrive on SIMPLICITY. We aim to be like nature in that we need not waste energy in the accomplishment of maintaing and empowered and peacful existence.

Connect to your breath and close your eyes. Breathe deeply 3 or 4 times. Then extend that time and see if you can just sit, in your own being, breathing. In and out. Do you have enough skill of will to do this? It will yield presence.

It will yield power, or do you become distracted with interanal thoughts or external happenings around you? Presence involves being here, now, in stillness, in heightened awarenss, receptively and openly.

This space of calm and peace is available to any living, breathing human being.

It is up to the individual being to dial it in by exercising the mindful muscle.

what happens to the now


A good majority of people are engaged in the rat race. What does that term even mean? Are you likening yourself to a rodent? We as humans are not built to live chasing the next moment, and yet our systems in society are set up in a manner that makes this a collective methodology in which to govern ourselves.

95% of all disease in humans is caused by stress. (Bruce LIption cell biologist at Stanford University 1998)

When you exist in moment to moment presence and and energy of mindfulness, then your body remains in a state of homeostasis and therefore is optimal and regulated.

a space of empowerment

Remaining present in your life experience throughout your day yields to you an empowerment in terms of the governance of your emotional and mental energy.