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Ownership of the Self & Elevating Your Life’s Vibration


In today’s political and social climate it is a good feel for a human being to be in ownership of their life’s vibration.

The world seems to be in a paradigm of humanity finding its balance.

As a whole the globe has been shifted and as broad a shift as has been imposed upon us humans, it certainly leaves room for expansion and inquiry.

Many people have been forced to take ownership of the truth of themselves.

 As everyone on the globe has now experienced a good deal of nervous system stress and a huge recalibration undergoing, it is a solid vibe for any human to be invested and optimized in the governance of their own life’s vibration.

Take ownership of you.

What Does That Mean Exactly?

Ownership Of The Self?

We as humans co regulate. It is an autonomic nervous cellular factoid.

This means that when a person is in a serious stress state then that energy can permeate the state of being of whom they come into contact with.

The good news here is that a person who has a solid resonance in their heart and who is connected to the vibration of their Heart’s resonance of unconditional love, can impact those whom they come into contact too.

It is vibrational resonance.

As humans we all have a vibratory resonance and this vibration is governed primarily by our psychological balance and tendencies of application of thought & strong emotion.

We also, as a species, co regulate our biologies so taking full ownership of the self is a superior feel for the entirety of humanity.

What is to become of a population of people who are happy to give away their own personal free will over the sovereignty of their own biologies?

Ownership of self

 There is a contrast in terms of the wholeness of well being a human biology is able to encompass and what a human is taught in how to encompass it.

 I have found that as an energy worker and someone who is tuned into the subtle and ethereal energies that make up this world, you will always see the world through the lenses of your own pscyholgical conditioning.

Ownership of self psychology

When such a conditioning gets hijacked from your repertoire of understanding and governance, it is a pretty lovely feel to be able to reconstruct the lenses by which you see the world.

Encompassed with the adapted learnings of REALITY TRANSURFING and coming to realization that the world is really your oyster, if you choose ownership over you and how you dial in your vibe.

How Do You Take Ownership of You?

In today’s world of information and technology, this can prove a complex matter that needs simplification.

First and foremost, if you are at odds in your own biology and seeking a more secure sense of identity then the DEVELOPING EMPOWERMENT ENERGY PROGRAM is an elevated sweetness feel.

I gifted it to my friend to see how effective it was and she ended up paying me in full for the program after she completed the first week.

 I am greatly appreciative of her kindness and the demonstration of the programs efficacy as it was a self affirming win for the investment I made in creating it.

Below here is her review of the DEEP framework and how it impacted her state of being and life experience:

Deep review
In healing and unencumbering myself from toxic stress biological conditioning, I learned a great deal.

Through my discoveries with the content distilled by Joe Dispenza. Michael D’Alton, Vadim Zeland and Frederick Dodson and the experiential practice and implementation of their teachings with systematic and persistent repetition, I came into complete empowerment over my biological conditioning.

 Implementing the advantages of being an electromagnetic, neuroplastic entity in this human life experience.

 I seem to be equipped with a natural attitude of optimism and really encompass that knowledge is power and self knowledge is self empowerment.

  Anything I have faced to overcome in adversity was done through inquiry of knowledge and teachings found in books.

Knowledge is Power & When You Put Into Experience Knowledge, You Cultivate Empowerment.

The world is in a weird space because people who have knowledge and distill knowledge without the felt experience of it are only really distilling ideas and not necessarily truth.

When people adhere to ideas and beliefs that are dictated to them and basing their conclusions only what they are fed, as opposed to their own tangible experience of it, you get lack of ownership indoctrinated as a way of being in the world.

 Upon implementing all the teachings that resonated within and coming to learn of mine own vibrational options of mastery available to me, I was awakened.

Ownership of your vibe
This life experience and unfolding enabled me to recognize that the conditioning of that which is mainstream is indoctrinated does not lend itself to self responsibility and ownership of the self.

Additionally with all the higher consciousness arising in humans globally as a result of the toxic stress the political governance yields in its management to humanity, it is remarkable to see how many people are coming into the awareness of their own empowerment.

Being able to understand what ownership means and how to take it out of your unconscious and solidified in a state of being that is out of volatility is the key to optimal life force energy. 

It is a tricky experience to have been in a disassociated biology and not know it, to then uncover it and face it through the most abhorrent and destructive expressions to then be gifted the transmutation of self actualization and the healing of it.  In the clarity of this ownership of myself, it has enabled me the wisdom to declare that ownership is an empowerment thrive.

In the states of being that you encompass, how much awareness do you have over your conscious will?

Conscious will

The dictates of indoctrinated conditioning will have most being led about by their mechanical will and governing them by the paradigm of needing to do for others before doing for oneself. Is this is how the unconscious gets so out of hand within a human system?

  The authentic and pure essence of a human beings expression in unconditional acceptance, appreciation and love is pure consciousness in living.

The society in which you have been conditioned and the family that has influenced you adorn you with internalizations that are probably askew to the natural intelligence of pristine governance that is an axiom to human life.  So is the human experience it seems and it just keeps evolving and renewing.

How can one take ownership over themselves if they are, in fact, not in awareness of their own unconsciousness?

I have come to learn through experience that the world gives to you exactly what you require at any given space you are able to receive it.

The propensity for negativism and unconscious programs keep this universal truth at arms length from your conscious experience. I learned the art of taking ownership in the depths of trying to heal to wholeness neural disassociations of a dense vibration.

When seeking outside of myself for answers I became more and more disempowered. It seems that we are all designed to sort ourselves out in the pursuit of our highest selves.

  There is an intelligence at play in the human experience that is completely negated in the mainstream education and when a human engages life long enough they come to see that the manner in which they have been sold the world, is not necessarily the truth or only way in which life is able and meant to unfold.

It is this intelligence that can be harnessed in order to realign and optimize the life force energy of any human being. The pace of stress is a very convenient way in which to deplete and decay a human system.

A good amount of fear energy is indoctrinated into the practice of rearing humans.

 If you do this, you will be that.  If you behave this way, then you will be judged that way.  You are too much of this and not enough of that.

In order to succeed you need to conform and compete.  In order to be considered valued, you have to gain a certain level of achievement.

The one way to do things

This kind of mentalizing induces a fear state in what is meant to be a balanced, pristine and effortless expression of Divinity that exists to create and propel a human intelligence.

Fear exhausts life force energy.  

The human brain is the storehouse of life force energy. ALL IS MIND. This energy of intelligence is constantly employed in muscular movements within the workings of the telephonic sensory motor system (the nervous system), the heart, the lungs, the diaphragm and the celllular metabolism and chemicalization of blood.

On top of all this a tremendous amount of life force energy is required in all processes of thought, emotion and will.

The mainstream systems indoctrinate a good amount of subtle and not so subtle  FEAR energy amidst its dial in.

The amount of stress a child is put under to perform and achieve in the school system is highly unusual and stress inducing compared to the natural essence, ease and vitality of that of child’s natural life force energy.

Even a woman is given a period of year to rear her child and then go back to work.

In what lifetime did any child thrive being separated from their primary care giver after a mere 365 days on the planet?

Yet it is conveyed as natural to live such a normalized stressful kind of existence.  People even identify as rats in a race.  How did this kind of skewed perceptual activity in terms of rearing the governance of a human mind get to be normalized as a good vibe?

Own your fear factor

Fear is the greatest enemy of dynamic wil power.

Fear is the catalyst to depleted life force energy.

What is meant to flow freely and abundantly by way of the nervous system, gets squeezed out and the nerves themselves become as though paralyzed and as a result the entirety of the body’s vitality is lowered and depleted.

Fear does not remove you from the object of your fear, it only weakens your will power.

Fear fingers

The psycho-biological impact of fear causes the brain to send inhibiting messages to all bodily organs, paralyzing the natural essence and function of the humans intelligence.  It causes an array of physical disturbances which leads to decay. This is biological FACT.  With this intel, it is quite easy to see the cause and effect of great diminishment that is being perpetuated in the governmental mandates present in today’s global climate.

The good feel polarity of this intel is a sweet feel, however, because the law of polarity is very much at play in this expanding Universe and what better way to expand out of fear then to take ownership of your own biology?

  One need only look away from the media and the happenings of the unconscious masses happy to give away their rights and freedoms to find some space of clarity.

To be in ownership of the self is to be conscious of the self. To be trained within to pay attention to the levels of comfort you carry in the spaces you field is an empowerment thrive.

Devoting your time, space and attention to the peace and well being of your biology is your biggest tool of empowerment you can engage in your life experience.

Know yourself.

Educate yourself.

Empower yourself.

Choose yourself.

Here is a Handy List of Items That You Can Take Full Ownership of the Self Over To Command Your GOODVIBELIFE

See where you are at in terms of your dial in:

Your Screen time and social media investment. Your Kids, especially.

Your Food and Beverage Consumables.

Your Relationships

Your Work

Your Thoughts

Your Emotions

Your Actions and Reactions

The Nature of Your Attitude

Your Exercise Habits

Your Choices of Time Investment

Your Ideas and Imagination

This handy checklist above is a great resource for any human to do a check it out to see where they are spending their energy and the management of it.

Your own uniqueness is uncovered when you take ownership over you and the way you dial in your vibe.  Accept yourself just as you are and enjoy yourself.  There is a keen need to take up pure limitless joy within oneself in terms of honouring the human experience. Now seems like the best time ever to jump on that bandwagon.

Have At It.


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