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One Sentence To A Thrive – Back In A GoodVibe

One Sentence To A Thrive – Back In A GoodVibe

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It has been a space and time of expansion and the best expansion is found in the natural world. The Earth is the natural resonance that supports and propels our life here on beautiful planet and it is in a goodvibe.


The energy of the Earth has magnified and its citizens have been compelled into their own consciousness by way of being oppressed by dictates that impede the naturalness of their humanity.

To be in resistance to this, you are fighting and where there is a fight, there is battle.

The natural order will have it that problems are an anomaly and that to battle or resist or fight anything is completely futile.

one human in a good vibe

You are after all, one human.

It is futile to engage this world with the expectation that you will be able to command the events and circumstances that surround you, and even further the energetic propulsion of the minds of the humans that you encounter.

Being able to exercise your HUMAN MECHANISM OF FREE WILL is an investment of exercising the power of your MINDS focus.

We as humans live in a dual world.

The masses guide themselves through the energy of dependent relationships.

This materializes as between one another as well as the existing world and structures about them.

Being able to exercise ones own autonomy of SELF is a THRIVEVIBE, free from the feels of others projections or perceptions of you from their own lenses.

lenses a la purple kind

Your sovereign ESTEEM of LIFE must come from within the immaculate guidance that is your HEARTS ENERGY

Having been in the densest spaces a human can occupy to near death and destruction and gaining momentum in that vain has offered a wonderful expanded opportunity to enhance and TAKE OWNERSHIP of mine own UNCONSIOUS PROGRAMMING and REPROGRAM back to a GOODVIBE.

Sparing the gnarly details of the aforementioned and taking the power of focus to a thrive here is a collection of sentences that, if adhered to, and cultivated an investment to, can offer you an energy of a good feel in the management of your own LIFEFORCE.

Being able to command your own language of authority and empowerment within is an investment worth making.

We as humans have a natural proclivity to negativism as a fundamental survival mechanism deeply wired within us for an aptitude of our own existence.

the survival game

What is imbalanced and misaligned with this biological fact of the human brain is that most people are unaware of this aspect of themselves and needlessly victimize themselves with the language they used to express themselves and their experience.

Below we have the engagement of simple sentences to get you in an internal and external verbal expression of what you will adhere to in terms of your linguistics of INTENTION.


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One Sentence To A Thrive – Back In A GoodVibe

What you focus on expands. Focus on complaint, get more things to complain about. Focus on lack, get more lack to acknowledge. Focus on others impeding you, get more people impeding you.

The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it.

soul love eagle

You are far more powerful than you know when you take it upon yourself to engage UNIVERSAL LAWS vs the limited man made laws that are mainstreamed into your consciousness.

It works and life does always work for you so it is a wise vibe to proactively have your own mind and language frames gaining momentum

Developing out of your systems of self depletion means the DISCOVERY OF YOU & your autonomy in this world.

Take a lookSEE to the one sentence thrives below and see for yourself if you are aligned to a thrive and in a goodvibe or if you are askew to poo in how you are dialing in your LIFE’S VIBRATION.

write in a goodvibe

One Sentence To A Thrive – Back In A GoodVibe

1. Allow people to be who they are being without them needing to be any different for your comfort.

2. Make a friend who is the polar opposite of you.

3. Be generous of Spirit

4. Seek inner fulfillment over materialism identification

5. Perform one act of service every day, you can ALWAYS give.

6. Disallow foolishness in thoughts, words and actions.

7. Do not ignore your own signs of unhappiness

8. Give people Ethereal concern

9. Demonstrate genuine aid when someone is in trouble, including yourself as a primary person.

10. Exercise Gratitude.

11. Toss in the rubbish bin any words or thoughts that involve complaint, victimization, indignance or antagonism.

12. Honour yourself and your state of condition to the naturalness within you that makes you feel LOVE.

13. Believe in yourself even if you are not popular in your beliefs.

14. Do harm to no other sentient being, including yourself.

15. Maintain a focus of optimism, consistently.

linguistic magic

Our language is made up of a myriad of words that we are able to CAST STORIES & SCRIPTS

You follow your own guidance and you are able to support yourself to whatever your heart dictates to be true for you.

Some self reflection goes a good long way in terms of your own management of how you are functioning in this world.

There are infinite variables to the words, scripts, sentences, stories and intentions you propel from your being and create into reality.

What sentences are you carrying around in that mind of yours?


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