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Oh My Global – Pandemic Style Humanity – What In the Fork Did We Do?

Hasnt been much action here at the GVL what with the new year 2020 accelerating at a warp speed to higher consciousness. Global pandemic style humanity has descended upon us.

The World has Called for Healing & Global Pandemic Style Humanity is Trending.

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Quantum Coaching and Bio Energy Healing – Elevate Your LifeForce

elevate your life energetically

When you live by way of an intutiive feel and you harness a vibe within to heal, only to discover that global pandemic style humanity could prove to be your biggest ally in determining whether or not you are fit to be a REAL HEALER.

 I have to say that coming into my Own has been the most transformational ride I never could have ever fathomed. I think the Global Pandemic Style Humanity that has been cultivated is a serious collective mental health issue.

All is Mind. The focus on something magnifies and expands it. Global pandemic style humanity is a vibration that clearly has our MINDS focused in an all manner.

It is a very simple law of physics and yet it is not implemented nor practiced in the efforts towards expansion of our species in terms of how our world model is presented to us.

 The natural manner in which I was brought to Bio Energy to heal 16 years of suppressed trauma and now to be dialing in distant healings with the flurry of people who have reached out to try an regulate themselves through this uprising of energy this Earth is demonstrating.

The natural order of things is peace.  Global pandemic style humanity is unnatural.

I have been in concert with people near and far and the fundamental commonality that I am seeing amongst the crew of humans of different sexes, races and opinions all share the same vulnerability when it comes to our lifeforce energy.

 We Are Not Immune To The Globe And Its Impact. Global Pandemic Style Humanity is Not Yielding a Thrive for the Collective

In fact, we as humans and our governance of selves directly correlate and go hand in hand with the state of the Earth

As humans, taking self responsibility and ownership of ourselves is the healthiest thing we can do for our planet.

globe humans hand in hand

I went for a walk today with my client and they have set up a virus check point right in the middle of the natural sapces where I exercise and rejuvenate my life force energy.

My inquiry is why are there no checkpoints in harnessing good and optimal health and boosting ones immune system?

  I am also really concerned and getting tired of us being with the knowledge of quantum connectivity and not utilzing it to yield outcomes of our favour.

 Instead, we perpetuate that which we fear and create that whcih we fight against.

 Knowing something from a book is one thing.  

know and practice

Knowlng something from having experienced it fully, is quite antoher. 

I myself have never been in a global pandemic so not really sure what the protocol is, but globally,  I think it is pretty safe to say we are all lacking a ThriveVibe with a deadly virus impacting our humanity.

The reactivity is proving to demonstrate to our humanity that we are not as invisible in our accountability as we pretend to be.

The level of consciousness demonstrates that people can be told what to do and do it without question.

 I question why my son and I cannot nourish our minds as well as our bodies by way of keeping the libraries open during an isolated time yet the excavators across the street are free to conintuie on with business as usual given the monetary gain and investment it yields.

 Nevermind the fact our humantiy is in a pandemic….misalignments every which way it is acutally no surprise we should find ourselves in such a state of being with ourselves and our planet.

State of Being is Boss & The World is in a Freak Out

Fight or Flight is the state of being that seems to take the cake in terms of the collectives reacitivity to a deadly virus that has the potential to obliterate human lifeforce systems.

 What would be the outcome shoudl someone approach such a deadly virus with a chill and peaceful vibe that encompasses autonomy of choice vs reactivity?

 The yielded outcomes fo your state of being are what will determine your trajectory forth in either optimal lifeforce or one of decay.

I am in the state of being and the knowledge that all is Mind and all is derived in Spirit.

What does that even mean?

 I didn’t really know myself until I met a man by the name of Michael D’Alton and his work with bio energy.

 Features Are Coming Up With The Likes of That/This Tremendous Human Being.

being of light

This Pandemic has demonstrated to us our own relationships to ourselves, each other and this planet on which we live.

 Are We in a Thrive Vibe Humans?

Or Are We Living in Fear and Survival?

 It’s all kinds of informational to see the mental responses of those whom are expressing their reactivity.

What this virus is demonstrating to us is our inauthenticity.

 Inauthenticity with oneself and exponentially each other and then impacting the Earth that nourishes and supports our lifeforces.

You ever wonder why the people who are in charge of making all the decisions that affect humanity are they themselves been subjected and indoctrinated with false beliefs about the nature of who we really are as human biological systems and our capacities to affect change in every moment of every day with the Universal Source that creates All.

I do.

 To some I may sound like a religous fanatic or someone who is not grounded in the stability of rational and realistic musings,  and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong with that assessment, however my consious free will of choice and autonomorus governance of Self has no room for anyones judgements.

discern not judge

 Religion is weird vibe for me. I think it is beautiful if people of different cultures celebrate the lifeforce giving and supportive aspects of their individuality and autonomous expressions….so long as it doesn’t impede or suppress or diminish anyone else.

Like energy will be met with like energy.

 When you normalize sexual assault and murder suicide in the name of a Higher Power, the diminishment it yields to the fabric of society is immensely disempowering and life decaying.

  The churches have shown us that there is a place for us to worship yet many have used the term God and their stature in the clergy to normalize putting their hard penises in the bums of small little boys. People strap explosives to themselves and obliterate their fellow humans in the name of devotional love to a higher power.

 Do these acknowledgements offend you?

Does my authentic and true expression make your skin crawl?

 And yet, the churches and the religions in which they emphatically defend are rooted in the misalignments of separation thinking, believing and acting.

Just because one perons believes in God and another person believes in Allah and another person is Atheist – it doesn’t matter.

  The common thread is that we all have a relationship to the Higher aspects of our existence yet the manner in which we connect to those relationships are rooted in falsities that diminish the entirety of the investment in the first place.

It’s like having a toddler trying to learn how to walk and instead of supporting them when they fall over, you tell them they suck and they should know how to walk better and then you laugh and diminish them.

 It is the same vibrational equivalane in terms of the energy beign generated aroudn sometihng the is pristine and Divine in its very Nature.

 Alignment is a massive win in terms of energetic expenditures and management.

To live with a belief in the higher aspects of ourselves whiel culitvaiont an inauthentic relatiionshop to it is a recipe for disaster.

You need not take my word for it, just look at the state the world is in.

the state of the world

 If churches were really housed through and through with people of Divine connectivity, there would be no rape, sexual assault, money hungry power practices or anything of that kind that resonates with the lower vibrational aspects fo the human psyche.

The Divine Nature of Pristine LIfe Creation and Renewable Life Force Energy.

the divine nature of the earth

The very reason I have developed my acumen to connect with Universal Energy to the degree that I have and am now able to impart and heal others is because of the sensitivity training I was gifted as a child of a household that normalized toxic stress.

 I had the dissassociative acumen of a military training by the age of 8.  I was engaging in drug and alcohol consumption to cope with the psychological burden of having a disregulated patriarchal influence who was incredibly intelligent to manipulate you in the most narcissitic ways yet at the same time contained and exuded in rare and fleeting moments a little boy at heart with a penchant for laughter and adventure.

The subsequent miswiring of that kind of neural conditioning has been quite an education for me in realigning it.

To realign from that was an extremely arduous and ungraceful period of my life, however I am most grateful as I am now on the path to doing what I was put here on this Earth to do.

To uplift and heal my fellow human with my emphatic knowing and expression that LOVE is always on the rise and our natural homeostasis is that of peace.

With that state of being encompassed to the nth degree in the people collectively, our planet will heal as a byproduct of those coming into their own Heart’s coherence.

born a trooper

 Even with distance now and I am tripping at how beautiful the power of intention is and our freedom to design and choose the life of our creation.

  I was a meat eater before my bio energy healing journey.

I would devour steak, burgers, chicken…you name it, I liked to dig on the beef!!

 When I was thrown into my neural disassociative space,  weeded a very ungraceful and abusive 2 years fielding 15 years of toxic trauma stress from my being.

Bio energy was my saviour after liquidating upwards of 45grand to spend on therapists who had never experienced what I had experiecne and couldn’t figure out how to fix me with their mecahnistic approach.

  I went into debt to afford the level 2 training I took and I knew it was okay because it was the path I was meant to follow.

The day after I returned from that epic 2 week life transforming experience I hit the ground running even the next day with bio energy clients to heal and I have been rigidn that wave since.

That led me to do distant healings and now I am providing peace and upliftment through non evasive and Universally supported formula that works with the renewable source of lifeforce energy that creates all that exists.

After I did 2 courses of extensive bio energy healing sessions as well as coupled with breathwork and soundbaths, I came to learn further of our innate and infinite capacities as human biological systems conected to Universal Energy by way of our chakra system and meridian energy tubes that aer created once sperm hits utero.

We need only align within to a STATE OF BEING that knows this, feels this, thinks this and acts in pure faith of this Truth

the good vibes of chakrasIt certainly isn’t a cake walk though when the fundamental structure of our society is indoctrinated with beliefs and practices that are abusive to the Earth and the human systems that reside upon it and in symbiotic energetic resonance with it.

The issue we are all facing with this pandemic is that we are disconnected from the magnificence that is the planetary vibrational powerf of our Mother Gaia and the Masculine Ego fo Misogynistic, racial and human rights depletion of indoctrinated practices and the destructive nature of our lack of connectivity within is what will make the Earth fire with the deathly energy of a killer virus.

 You see how people are in their states of being in regards to this virus?

 Quantum Law Shows Us Our Potentiality.

Experiential proof is precedented to this Truth so why in the bajeebies are things still being run by a limited and false consciousness and modality of thinking?


The majority of people are innocently ignorant.

 The leaders are ignorant, some innocently and some not so much.

  Ignorance of themselves. the gift of oneself

Ignorance of their connectivity to the higher and more expanded aspects of themselves and the renewable energetic lifeforce that is the Source of All and can be tapped and utilized for the ultimate upliftment and expansion of our globe.

Yet here we are, stewing in the matter of misaligned reasonings, false indoctrinations and a display of erratic and low vibe behaviours and reactivity.

Truth telling can seem like judgement but I just say it how I see it and I am not emotionally attached to anyones actions as it is merely a reflection of who they are and where they are at.

The level at which you are able to govern your own vibe with autonomous vigilant governance of all actions, words, thoughts and emotions that are aligned with the highest virtues of your own Heart & Soul’s dictates then you are not with ignorance in how to uphold a level of leadership in the world that affects change and upliftment for all of humanity, through and through.

I just finished up my practicums to qualify as a bio energy healing practitioner and I have been gifted quite the education in terms of the energy that people keep within themselves.

 It is imperative to me that their confidentiality and honour be respected.  There is a mirror principle at play when you engage the mindset of a quantum world model perspective.

What You Give Out Comes Back to You Like a Boomerang.

life is a boomerang karma

 Put out fear and fear will abound.

 Infuse the world with loving kindness from an optimal state of being and discerning higher intelligence and see what then returns to you.

The awareness game is a thrive vibe.

This pandemic has shown us the state of awareness the majority of the collective are governing themselves within in terms of their capacities to remain in a state of faith and chill.

 I was playing with my little guy in the park yesterday and had to circumvent him from hanging himself from a tree with a large discarded batch of electrical wires and cables.

When I approached the foreman of the construction site across the street from my house to ask him where one may dispose of such cables from his site, he looked at me with a vacant stare and said to place it on the ground and he would deal with it.

Today I went for a run and sure as shirt that cable is still sat on the ground.

My son and I have retrieved ample amounts of discarded plastic and paper materials that have been inappropriately disposed of and are impacting the natural world around us, of which I do care to connect with and enjoy.

Could it perhaps be that we are in a pandemic because we are in a state of imbalance within ourselves and in our relationship to our planet.

There is a deadly virus at play on the globe of Earth and these dudes in my neighbour hood are still allowed to be excavating and shoveling dump trucks of dirt out of the Earth but me and my son are not allowed to go and use the library.

The imbalances are palpable in the mental practices and normalizations we encompass as humans.

 The beliefs and indoctrinations from the Newtonian World Model of belief and functionality are a limited vibe.

Jump on the bandwagon of a Quantum Shift Mindset and your are rocking a new space of pure potentiality and deliberate life creating.

 There are a breadth of conscious individuals who are doing the work to know the skin within.  It is an incredible subtlety in the human experience of what is deemed appropriate.   Another large group of people are happy to live misaligned to their own dictates and are walking around like zombies in a state of catatonic fear.

  When Did it Become a Rarity to Be Autonomously & Amazingly Human?

How many people are not of their own beliefs and permissions?  It is a scary vibe to look upon the collective and see who is in direct relationship and concert of their own free will and autonomous empowering governance of self.

I had business downtown today to verify my identification to get compenstaed for the bio energy work I am doing with one of my sons classmates and I witnessed a grown man defecating at the entrance of the parkade.

  Is this really how we are behaving now?

 The mental health issues that have been so prevalent amidst the entirety of our population is a vibe that needs to expand out and get righted.

mind your neural garden

It is not okay to take a shit at the entrance of a parkade and I hear ya bro, there is no access to any washrooms downtown but come on, go to a bush and get your head right dude.  I called him out – dude, that’s not okay and I am most grateful for the tall and well built Fijian construction worker who was standing there to affirm my concern about the mental health governance of whom we are sharing space.

  He said he saw it yesterday too so I would implore the city of Vancouver to open up access to faciilities if this is now beginning to trend.  Yikes people.  Get a grip.  It is as if the pandemic is giving people license to barf out their misaligned mental health to the detriment of society.

It is a sweet vibe for me to witness this expereince of mine and reflect it back to myself to understand that the Universe in whcih we live is very much inclusive and it is important that we address not only the mechanistic approach to our physiological health but also a criterion and standard for one to adhere to and meet for optimal governance of ones mental capacities and discernments.

 During this transition period of going from a global fight or flight to now a more rest and digest feel, there is stil much work to be done individually and then exponentially the collective.

 There is No Separation.

  We are all human beings on one globe.

Beautfiul Mother Earth has demonstrated this beautifully to us with the permeation of the virus and yet the humans are still heels in the mud rooted in their separation.

 Universal laws for the universal shared attributes of us all being human is a new world fundamental structure that would do well to be explored for the survival of the human species, no?

we are united as one

Stay Vibrant & Well Done & Kudos if You Have Had the Virus & Extinguished it From Your Being as Now Your Antibodies Are in a Thrive!!

To All Impacted 2 A Deficit, I Wish You Peace & Healing