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Ode to the LongBoard – Good Feels of Sidewalk Surfing

longboard ready

Summer is upon us and that lends itself to the ripe opportunities of being outside in the beautiful sunshine.Sidewalk surfing is a sweet feel.

Cruising around on a Longboard is an automobile of choice for many and here at the GVL and ode to the longboard and the good feels of sidewalk surfing are surefire ways to keep those goodvibes generating throughout your dry and sunny days.

longboard into the sunset

The shape and sizes of LongBoards will vary and due to their larger wheel size and lower durometers, these boards lend themselves to the good feels of durability and stability as well as solid traction on the surfaces of which they ride.

The good feels of sidewalk surfing are immensely beautiful to a good vibration.

As opposed to a skateboard, some longboards use axles containing varying geometric parameters within that give way to a good variety of functions and purposes one may dial in while riding one.

Sidewalk surfing is a good feel.

As a sidewalk cruiser, the longboard would be the choice. They coast and cruise long distances and even have the chameleon effect of being able to race down steep hills reaching speeds upwards of 94km/hr. That is some pretty intense cruising!

When I looked up Longboards on Google Trends the top searches are from Hawaii, USA which was interesting to note as the LongBoard culture was first founded in the 1950’s from the Hawaiin surfers who basically brought the surf culture to land when the waves weren’t proving to cycle through.

The Longboard became available as a manufactured product in 1959. Makaha, Jack’s and Hobie was the name of the very first long board distributors, despite earlier and dangerous renditions being cultivated by the early surfers/skaters.

The Cadillac Wheel Company introduced a urethane wheel to add to the longboard in the early seventies which revived its popularity that had died off in the mid sixties. The new material in the construction of the wheel enabled speed and agility that riders were incapable of prior.

Longboarding grew into a legitamate sport upon the arrival the kingpin trucks improved the stability of the boards as they zoomed down the hills at such magnificent speeds.

There are a good variety of skate disciplines, some of which include slalom, downhill, freestyle and free riding.

Longboard decks were initially made all from wood but nowadays you can score longboards made from a variety of materials other than wood such as aluminium, fiberglass and even bamboo! The shapes range and vary as well as the way the boards are put together. For further details and info, the Wikipedia Page Here is chock full of good information!

If you have balance and you have gumption, then riding a longboard may be just the feels you need in order to keep those good vibes rolling.