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Nutcase Helmets Review and Links To Purchase

I am a pretty active Mama Bear. I indulge in many outdoor sports and recreational activities which means I have a selection of helmets. I have been in some pretty extreme accidents- some as a result of me exceeding my skill set and some as a result of other people not being present. This hasn’t just been my experience either. My 7 year old has ginger hair and has a spirit, energy and tenacity as fiery as his beautiful long bright orange locks. This sometimes yields situations where a helmet proves a priceless investment when his desire for action supercedes his understanding of consequence. I love to see his fearless approach and he inspires me every day with his energy that yields itself to feels of unlimited possibility.

No matter the causes of our recreational mishaps, having a helmet has saved my life on more than one occasion and certainly kept my son’s magnificently expanding brain intact. These direct experiences are why I am an advocate for head protection and injury prevention awareness.

Here you will find a thorough review. I will provide many reviews here on this site and in order for you to understand where I am coming from you can read my intention with product promotion and reviews here.

The first one is a nutcase helmets review.

Check Out The Nutcase Helmets Here

Helmet 1 : Nutcase Street (Variety of Nutcase Street Helmets Available:

This helmet is designed by Nike’s former creative director Michael Morrow. Nutcase helmets are just all kinds of cool. He has created quite a unique style and branding for helmets for bicycle enthusiasts, skateboarders and snowboarders to rock out in while indulging in their recreational activities. I chose to review this one first because for our crew, these really resonate with our vibe. They are safe, fun, durable and super stylin’! The pic above depicts our first set of helmets by GIRO which you can read here: (insert link to next review)

My number rating scale for reviews is measured on a scale from 0 to 7 because that is the number I use. 0 being total fail and 7 being oh yeah mmmm ooooh yummy those are them super yummy oh so good feels.

The Overall Rating of This Nutty Little Helmet and Range of Nutcase Helmets is a solid 6/7 up in the heart chakra.

Quality: 6/7

The technology these peeps use to design and manufacture their helmets are of a supremely high quality. The dynamics of the energy absorption of impact to the helmet vs the skull/brain can keep you feeling rest assured that you and your little loved one’s noggins will be effectively protected. 7/7 on that action.

Little Baby Nutcase Styles – All Kinds of Good Feels!!

In terms of quality I would give this helmet a 6/7 star rating. The quality is great, and a good bulk to it. Some may deem the helmet a little top-heavy, but I am a sturdy gal and my lil dude is all kinds of stability, that the heaviness and bulk do not impede our ability to ride and enjoy, but I did hear one gripe or two from a moderately physically active companion co-pilot that the weight was a bit too much for her delicate head and neck – so I take one star off out of respect for those with a little more delicacy to their physiology.

Everyone is different and I am a pretty hardcore active enthusiast, propelled by my desire to maintain optimal mental health – so if you maintain a good exercise regime and are engaged in consistent physical fitness, and dare I say, a good head on your shoulders, the weight of the helmet should prove to be of no issue. At least it isn’t for me and it isn’t for the little orange haired fireball beauty that is my son Max who loves The Evil Kneival Feels of this Nutcase Helmet

Fit: 6/7

For me, I have a pretty big melon, ( I like to think of myself as big brained but I am pretty sure it is mostly water up there) This helmet accommodates that part of my physiology really well. The helmet comes with removable self-adhesive padding to assemble the fit to your head shape specifications.

They offer a good size chart so you can dial in you and your little one’s specs easy peasy lemon squeezy. (yes, you read that right)

Nutcase helmet sizing:

When finding the right size fit of helmet for you and your offspring, the best way to start is to take a flexible tape measure and measure the circumference of the head about one inch above the eyebrows or wherever you deem the widest part of your head extends to. In the past, I have struggled with helmets being too tight and uncomfortable. Nutcase has a good range in terms of size and the fit is solid and is a good comfortable fit if you were born with a big head.

This One Here is Ideal and Slick Looking in Terms of Graphic Impact

The only con I have knowledge of through someone else’s experience is if you were gifted with an oblong egg shaped head like that of my buddy who says the fit just didn’t jam with his oval shaped noggin (but I am not even sure if they make helmets that can accommodate what he has going on – new niche perhaps??)

If you fall into the majority of people with an average round or even squared kind of head, then the fit should feel super dialled in with this brand of helmet.

Small Nutcase Helmet Sizes With a Very Good Vibe Found Here

It is a good and solid range for sizes and style that has been achieved in these helmets.

Features: 5/7

As I stated above, there are several styles and sizes of nutcase helmets. Here is a screenshot of a list of features included in these awesome head protectors. It would get a soild 7 out of 7 if both me and my son hadn’t pinched our skin in the chin strap locks – I am awaiting a new technology that does away with any kind of snap device near the face. One could argue that is human error on our part, but chances are it will happen at least once to almost everyone and if we can switch up that technology, that would be innovatively cool. The reflective straps are fantastic and the CoolControl has a big impact on comfort. I myself rock the helmet without the visor as that is more my style. It seemed quite sturdy to me, but I have heard from one co-pilot that theirs was a bit wonky and would fall off frequently. That could just be one of many manufactured, as I did not experience this when I Tested This Nutcase Lucky Helmet as it was solid as that dude the Rock… but it will give you an explanation as to why the features rating sits at five.

Style: 7/7

In terms of style??

An image of a thousand words, right here:

So what do you think? A solid 6/7 overall rating makes these nutcase helmets kids and adults choice for style, durability, fit and comfort. Now how about the wallet?

Price: 7/7

I have yet to find a helmet on the market that offers the quality, fit, style, comfort and durability and keeps it under the one bill mark (that’s fancy street cred slang for under one hundred dollars) Great range of helmets ranging from the $49.99 -$100.00 These kinds of materials, the job that they are functioned to do makes them a steal coming in under the hundred dollar mark.Imagine Your Little One Rocking Out This Nutcase Helmet Here  knowing he or she will be totally safe and secure in the protection of their magnificent brains and look so styling and QTPA2T while doing so!

Are you a nutcase?

If you are in the good kind of way in that you like to push and test the boundaries of your physical and mental abilities by indulging in outdoor sports and recreation that requires a reliable and stylish helmet, for KidsTeens and Adults.

 Nutcase Helmets are a brand I would whole heartedly and emphatically recommend.