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New Year – Fresh Vibes

What is a New Year?

January first marks the beginning of a new calendar year adopted from the Gregorian calendar which nowadays is almost global.

A New Year Lends Itself to Fresh Vibes!

Other local and/or regional calendars use continues along with the cultural and/or religious pracitices that go hand in hand with them.

Multiple native cultures in Latin America continue traditions from their own calendars and China, India, Israel, among other countries celebrate the New Year on different dates.  Myself, I am starting my new rotation around the sun today.

This New Year brings fresh energy and I resolve to vibe higher.  If 2018 was an awesome year for you, then keep on keepin on with that trajectory forward and much more expansion and growth to unfold!

If 2018 was a chaotic storm, then the New Year is an opportunity for you to take the learnings from your experiences,  reset and dial in a more levelled up existence.  There is no greater teacher than life experience and as it turns out, we have a good deal of say so on how our lives unfold through the thoughts we think, our emotional quotient/control and the actions we take.

It is my view that every moment we contain within us ALL the empowerment to design and create lives that are indicative of our innate strength and power as human beings.  Through focus of mind and body, there exists a field (Dawson Church author of Mind to Matter) in which we can all connect and harness our best lives.  This field is one of unlimited possiblities and potential outcomes. We need merely to have knowledge of it,  acknowledge it and learn to work within it.

Here at we wish you a very happy and prosperous gregorian calendar celebration.  May your New Year ahead be filled with light, love, laughter and many an indulgence into activities and practices that harness a good vibe in mind and body.

So long 2018!!

new year fresh vibes

Know your Mind.  Love your Body.  Live your Best Life.