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Monkeys Climb Trees and So Can You and Your Kids

This equipment free activity that will be discussed in this post is all kinds of very positive vibes. If you have ever watched videos about nature you have probably seen how effortlessly monkeys climb trees.

The image above is not a monkey, as you can see clearly it is a real and exotic owl named Buhō.  He is built to fly into the tree and does not climb it,  but his caretaker does.

That’s the fellow below, my 7 year old son who is all kinds of cool and is a veritable tree climbing boss.

When I was a wee little lass, I climbed the tree in my front yard to escape the intense energy in my home and smoke my older brothers cigarettes and burn matches. Yes, I was a smoker. It has been 11 years since I quit and it was one of the kindest things I could have ever done for myself. Now I am all kinds of healthy, so much so, I created an entire website promoting the benefits of being good to your body and mind.

Up until 2 years ago, it had probably been 20 years since I climbed a tree. One of the best gifts I have received as a human is to be given the opportunity to guide and raise a healthy little human being made of pure love and light of my own co creation with his super solid Papa Bear.  From apple trees to cherry trees to great big maple trees, my son is my tree climbing guide.

Looking up into trees and engaging in tree climbing fun has connected me to a part of myself that somehow became muted as I entered and experienced aspects of adulthood. I am pleased to report I have regained this aspect – the free, fun, limitless kind of childhood wonder vibe that emanates so naturally and beautifully from each and every one of us, if we allow it to and not let the misaligned practices of this world diminish them.

Can you get up into a tree? I think so and here’s why I think it yields an honorary mention into the gateway of good vibes.

The Physical Benefits of Tree Climbing

For your kids this activity is so good on so many levels for so many reasons. In this technological addictive consciousness age, climbing trees is considered a “risky play” activity. Back in the mid 80s it was considered an expected thing that kids just did for fun and play. I once had a fire engine have to be called because I managed to get my leg stuck between two very thick branches of the tree that I couldn’t pull out. It was the talk of the neighbourhood but getting kids out of trees was a regular thing for the volunteer firemen…or so I was told.

First of all, for kids – and some adults as the case may be, climbing trees is just all kinds of fun. A child’s growing body will thrive and remain healthy and strong if fed the right foods, kept physically active, mentally stimulated activities of tangibility and learning, very little screen time and bathed with an unlimited amount of unconditional love.

An invested demonstration of respect in them as little people.

Encouraging your kids to climb trees builds their muscle strength. It also enhances and dials in their hand and eye coordination. An additional win that should be included is the mindbody awareness of concentration and patience that is developed. The act of climbing is an activity in which these concepts are naturally ingrained.

The Mental Benefits of Tree Climbing and The Emotional Benefits of Tree Climbing

This pursuit empowers you because there is skill needed in order to scale and climb a tree successfully and when you can demonstrate this skill, not only to yourself but your surrounding peers too, the self-satisfaction and sense of esteem that you accomplish, as a growing and developing little person mastering a big and majestic tree? – feels pretty darn remarkable.

Emotions are a discovery for children as they grow and giving them opportunities to explore and harness positive and empowering situations that lead to their emotional happiness and satisfaction is a pursuit that should not be overlooked.

Climbing trees encourages, problem solving, enhances and puts into practice spatial relationships and develops resilience and confidence. It is a self-reliant activity which grows self assuredness and esteem of one’s own abilities. How awesome is that for a little love bug to have that power in this big crazy world.

The Spiritual Benefits of Tree Climbing

I remember climbing up to the top of the tree in the front yard of my house and when I climbed to the very top and could look over the neighbourhood as far as the eye could see. I felt so small yet so big at the same time and as if the possibilities of this world are endless. Those are some pretty profound feels to encompass, and in hindsight, with the life experience and knowledge I have gained through my colourful life I realize now that was me connecting to the energy of Source. Pure goodness and aligned with a very very good vibe.

Climbing to the top of a magnificently massive tree in which contains the growth energy of decades and,  in some cases, centuries past, in which it has grown and stood to an altitude that dwarfs the world beneath.  This experience gives off a very other worldly kind of feel.

Those feels? All kinds of sweetness.

There are health benefits of tree climbing and even documented evidence that there yields benefits of tree hugging. My advice is to get into it and encourage your kids to get up in those trees with positive encouragement and affirmative talk about their capabilities with guidance about trusting in their abilities.

It is a detriment to stand beneath them, discourage their desire to climb and then repeatedly tell them to be careful and they could fall. I have witnessed this practice several times and it is all kinds of curious for me to do so.  If this kind of habit is demonstrated to children, with the underlying good intention of their safety, it unintentionally diminishes them,  instilling fear in them and subliminally telling them there exists little faith in their abilities, and kinda just squashing their sense of exploration and adventure.

I think when we empower our kids with knowledge and allow them to explore their environment within their own physical capabilities, then there is real esteem and empowerment developed in those practices. People who have a good esteem of themselves generally prove to be people of influence and who, if taught about moral principles and peace, could really impact this world in an elevated and profoundly healing manner.

I look at the political climate today and it makes my stomach turn. I know enough about the laws of the Universe to know that fighting, griping or complaining about the injustices does not make them disappear, but rather magnifies them so I don’t watch the news and I try to be online for work and research as my main intention for the investment of my precious time.

My intention, having the privilege to create and guide another living being is to have an exponential impact of goodness.

I grew up with a father whom I felt a great resonance with in terms of personality and fun abandon. He also had a serious rage issue, was supremely violent, had several unhealed traumas that misled his mental health and I am pretty sure fit the criteria for what is described narcissistic personality disorder. The backlash of that kind of conditioned environment I had in my formative years as a growing being, has had an exponential impact on my mental and emotional health as an adult.   Raising my son with a man who is gentle, intelligent, communicative, connected, responsible and all around just awesome, has certainly demonstrated to me the contrast between myself at 5 years old and my son at 5 years old and how an investment in one’s own mental and physical health impacts the lives of the people whom we live.

It’s important, if not imperative, that we be good to ourselves, check our mental health and cultivate and environment within to be good to ourselves and one another.  Our vibes of connectivity cannot be denied.

What kind of vibe do you want this world to encompass?  For me?  Respect, Chill, Fun, Kindness, Smiles, Laughs and a Ton of Love. I think and have evidence that is what we are naturally made for.

tree climbing boss

Projecting assurance and confidence in any undertaking your child endeavours upon, will ensure that they feel validated in encompassing that attitude too.  You are your biggest modeller for your child – or whomever is spending the most time with them and guiding them is.

 To ensure the behaviour modelled is indicative of good esteem, faith and empowerment is of profound goodness and benefit on so many levels for what kind of people they will choose to become.

Tap into your inner child, and get up in those trees with your kids and I bet you that it will yield an experience for the two (or more) of you to remember, a very very good story to tell later on and a memorable moment for your little ones to carry forth within them.