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Model Rocketry – A Hobby That Yields The GoodFeels -Send It To Space

Our next post here at the GVL takes us into the good feels of model rocketry. A hobby that yields the good feels.

My dudes share in this fun and educational hobby and the peeps over at Estes Rockets are the ones that have always been a reliable source for the goods!

Model Missilies Incorporated was the first model rocket company to open and the gentleman who owned that company, Stine, approached Vernon Estes way back when to solve delivery and reliability problems with their rockets.

Vernon Estes was the son of a local fireworks maker and by 1958 Estes Industries, in Denver, Colorado was established.

model rocket good vibes

Estes developed a high speed automated machine for manufacturing solid rocket motors for Stines company, Model Missiles Incorporated.

Model rockets have been in effect since the early sixties.

The launch system of a model rocket consists of two items.

1. Launch Controller

2. A Launch Pad.

The component of the launch system is the launch controller. A lauchcontroller is a piece of equipment, electrical in nature that provides the ignition for the igniter that is affixed to the rocket by charging it with the necessary voltage to burn the igniter.

Although shooting a rocket into space may seem like a dicey situation to be presenting to a young child, historically, and with real life experience, model rocketry proves to be a safe and inspirational hobby for kids.

Model rockets are usually constructed of materials such as plastic, wood or cardboard.

The gig is that these rockets are fueled by single us rocket motors.

components of a model rocket

The cool thing about the rockets and their motors is that you can fly the same rocket over and over again just replacing the used motor with a new one.

Most rockets will typically be found containing a parachute, streamer or another kind of device that aids in its descent/landing and recovery.

You need not worry about working directly with explosives or propellants which is why model rocketry is a fun go-to in terms of engaging in a dynamic hobby.

My dude is such a great Papa Bear, so patient and invested with our little guy and shows him how to dial in the rocket, teaching him all about the science of it and giving him the opportunity to launch and retrieve it himself.

It is a simple, yet profoundly fun and exciting, as well as connected hobby you can share with your kid(s).

model rocketry

Estes Rockets have dominated the rocket industry.

Their products are solid and their crew connected and responsive. Anytime that we have needed an extra part, or ordered a new rocket, they are efficient, friendly and helpful.

Rockets are all kinds of fun!

The rocket proves to propel itself faster and faster as the engine is thrusting and at the end of the thrusting, almost 2 seconds in to the flight from lift off is where it will be moving at its maximum speed that works out to just under 700 feet per second.

The sound they make, the propulsion into the vast sky, the excitement, the anticipation, the running to retrieve, the whole scene is just magnificent for the brain scapes that are the growing and budding imagination of young children.

model rocketry good feels

For the grown-ups too – there is no doubt that this kind of activity brings to the spirit within. It demonstrates the infinite, the what could be and the wonder that is the infinite space beyond . A hobby that yields a thrive for kids and adults alike.

To read more about Estes Rockets and how the rocket industry came to be, our good friends over at Wikipedia here have all kinds of good insights should your curiosity get the better of you. model rocket retrieval

If you or your little one(s) are curious about whether your rocket will actually orbit into space, then your use of your imagination will serve you better than the science of it. The world record for the highest launch recorded thus far is 73 miles up.

Developing a keen interest in such hobbies allows you to connect to your inner child and dial in a connected and positive memory making days for your child(ren) for years to come.

Launching them, retrieving them and in some instances, writing them off is all part of an engaged and inspirational.  This is a hobby that yields a good feel for sure!

If you are looking to engage in life and get the kids off screens and into the world, then model rocketry is a safe, fun and inspiring hobby to get into!

model rocket little man