Meditation is a Good Vibe – Kids can Meditate – So Can You :-)

I have been through a life of 39 years with still much more to experience and found myself at one stage asking, can meditation heal? I started meditating in an attempt to heal some misaligned aspects of myself in mind and body and what I discovered was that a consistent meditation practice not only heals, but it takes your life experience to a whole new and epic level. There is much more going on in this world of ours than many of us are perceptible of and meditating opens you up to this “much more.”

Meditation – What is it?

Meditation is a gateway to a very good vibe and it is all kinds of magical.

Meditation has its roots in the history of ancient times, and the science behind meditation has become an ever increasingly popular study. Speaking from my own life experience, meditation has broadened my neural horizons and played a pivotal role in my awakening to viewing the world with a profoundly new awareness.

Meditative Spaces are Peaceful

Meditation is not a manner in which to implement a thought stopping process or vacate your mind – it is a mindful practice and skill to be aware of your thoughts, after all, the brain thinks. Stats I reviewed from various sources state that the average person thinks in and around about 50-70,000 thoughts per day. Is that even conceivable? Wowzas! That is a lot of thought energy being pumped out into the ether.

Thoughts have tremendous power – on our internal and our external realities. In fact, thinking a thought can produce a chemical reaction in your body and produce stress hormones and send your system out of regulation. Just one thought. That is crazy powerful.

brain stem power

The formal act of meditating cultivates a space in your being for awareness. It develops compassionate unity for oneself which impacts the whole field of energy we all share on a profoundly good vibe level. When you are able to sit with your mind and the thoughts that are making their way through it as an observer rather than a reactor you yield a training of mind to be in a state of coherence which translates into calmness, clarity, upliftment and compassion.

soul window

A good portion of people allow their lives to be governed by an unattended mind.  This manifests by way of dwelling on the events of the past or in anxiousness about what is to come in an uncertain future, unaware that maintaining pure present moment awareness is an empowering place from which to govern yourself.  You have within you the capacity to create self-cultivated, intentional and expectant experiences in your reality.

 Meditation develops your ability to do so. To dial in life in the driver’s seat.

Meditation is both a skill and an experience — a formal exercise to cultivate awareness and compassion. By sitting with the mind, we’re training it to be more open and at ease, and we consequently discover greater calm, clarity, contentment, and compassion. In doing so, we increasingly learn to have a direct experience of the present moment. When you think about it, that is all there is.  Everything else is just a construct of your mind.

The Mental and Health Benefits of Meditation

The mental benefits that I have gained through a consistent meditation practice have been exponential and my only beef would be that I can’t do it more often. This is an uncomfortable place to be in your mind if you are a mile a minute kind of thinker. Once you start meditating, you may feel strong feelings of resistance and then want to abandon the practice chalking it up to not working or being boring.

I promise you though, that if you remain persistent in your quest to meditate and you breakthrough to the process of developing this new habit effectively, you will eventually be governing yourself from a very high feels state of being combined with a totally chill alertness. Good Vibes.

meditate to clear chakras

Meditation allows you to govern your state of being with a regulated system of coherence and empowerment. It is a space in which you are able to calm and regulate your system so that your brain, heart and body are all functioning in a synchronistic harmony. When you function from this state of being,  all your endeavours yield a profoundly powerful impact. The intention and energy you are directing when in a coherent and optimally regulated state is much more refined and elevated than that deriving from a state of stress and incoherence.

This has an exponential effect and makes for a very large space of contrast in your life experience and how it unfolds. It has the power to permeate the fabric of your entire world, and yet it is so simplistic in its nature to implement. One need only make the time to do so.

our life frittered away

Simplicity seems to be a recurring theme arising in my posts, however it really is key to elevated living.  I will let you in on a little secret.  Life is supposed to be fun and easy. Like nature. Nature never wastes energy and everything is accomplished divinely.  We humans are the same way yet we make life difficult with disempowering thought structures and living with limited beliefs about what we are really capable of dialling in with our life experience.

When I pick up my little one from school, there is a grade 4 classroom next to his where the teacher does an end of day meditation for the students and they sit on the carpet and listen to music and meditate. The change in energy that I recognize from those kids being dismissed to the class across the hall that does not practice meditation is massive.

The awareness one gains from sitting quietly in one’s body and being aware of one’s thoughts is a very simple act but the impact and benefits it yields are astronomical.

Teaching this skill to children in their formative years of learning can only help them manage and cope with their ever developing minds and bodies. Kids can meditate and learn that meditation is a worthy pursuit for the cultivation of good esteem and a solid way of being in the world.

Huge win for the kids, their educators and really, the world.

The only thing required is your willing participation.

the fuzz chills
Canada Law Enforcement – Social Responsibility 🙂

The federal police here in Canada, the RCMP, practice meditation as part of a CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) model so that they are able to develop the cognitive skills as first responders to handle conflict and even traumatic encounters with more resilience. Additionally, to overcome adversities with greater ease and function in a manner that is responsive, rather than reactive and destructive.

Meditation allows us to have a stronger connection with the inherent functioning of our systems. We have these natural systems inherent in our bodies to keep us alive – our autonomic nervous system and stress responses. When these responses and this system are consistently knocked into a state of incoherence the development of disease in the body is apparent.

Meditation helps keep the mind and body in a coherent and balanced state of regulation which encompasses optimal mental and thus, physical health.

nervous system dial in

I use meditation to perpetuate peace within my conditioned chaotic state with an intention of undoing that conditioning. Meditation keeps me regulated and mindful when I interact with my spirited ginger haired magical little guy.  

human rights meditation

He will not be a man who has to recover from his childhood, but rather a man who will respect himself, his fellow human, and have the fundamental conditioning of love, peace and a kind respect for himself and his basic Human Rights and those of others.

window to mindfulness

There is an epidemic of ungoverned mental health prevalent in our society today. One need only look at the political climate in the U.S. to see that distorted and destructive mental health is being normalized and accepted.

We work with what we have to work with, so my recommendation in this ever expanding and chaotic world is to harness the good vibe of meditation and you will see an exponential shift in the manner in how your world unfolds and your capacity to understand your creative power within it.

You can exist in a state of stress and a disorganized Mind-Body connection or you can empower yourself with tools that will enhance and optimize your state of being.

Teaching meditation can change the world. Engaging in and investing the time into meditation can change your world. Think about it. If everyone is governing themselves in a state of coherence, compassion and self acceptance and reflection, conflicts would become fewer and far between.

When one has mastered oneself they remain in their own true empowerment of self and therefore do not seek superficial ways to disempower others outside of themselves.

If everyone was showing up in that vibe, this world would not only spin, but bounce too!


16 thoughts on “Meditation is a Good Vibe – Kids can Meditate – So Can You :-)

  1. A lot of people ignore the importance of meditation as they don’t have either the time, the knowledge or simply think it’s not going to help them. But I agree with you that meditation is a powerful tool and if used right can help people fix various aspects of their characters. It only needs for people to learn how to do it and have the mindset that it’s something that can really help them like a medicine can help cure some illness.

    1. Hey Stratos!  I think you are spot on that people underestimate the power of meditation because of lack of knowledge or inability to practice due to time constraints however yes, the benefits to the Mind and Body being in alignment certainly allows for a healthier and optimal way of your body being in the world. Joe Dispenza’s book demonstrates this beautifully!  Thank you for your comment!

  2. I am not amazed by the capabilities of meditation. I have seen it rekindle good spirit, revive good health and strength over and over again. I love that those children are being taught meditation from the start as children. This will indeed help them and those in their future.

    I found that meditation can help as a meal of self Examination. Self Examination is a powerful tool to help keep the mind, physical doings and attitude in order.

    Meditation is a powerful tool…

    Thanks for sharing this piece.

    1. Hey Barry!  I am pleased to hear that you have a fond opinion and experience of meditation.  I am consistently amazed by the expansion it provides within and I agree with you that self examination is a very very powerful tool and an imperative one for a powerful and fruitful way of being in the world. I appreciate your comment and wish you a most good vibe day ahead!

  3. Good day, for a very long time I thought about meditation I also tried it in the past but for some reason it never worked out for me I guess, I am one of those that thinks a few miles a minute, and I could never really concentrate on my body itself, getting myself calm wasn’t the problem, it’s more about staying focused, yes meditation helps I know this from experience, I’ve had times where I thought of different methods, but I guess with everything you need practice

    Is there a specific way to do this? Or maybe some kind of way to stay focused? I would really like to know.

    Thank you for this post it gave me something to think about.


    1. Hey Angel,   There are some really good apps you can get to get entry level steps and guidance to build up a solid meditation practices.… is a good place where you can try out some meditations for free and if you like them then you can invest in a subscription. There are also options on youtube if you type “how to start meditating” you will find that there are an abundance of resources available. In terms of focus, one of the best things you can do is be conscious of your breathing and put your focus on your inhales and exhales and just generally getting comfortable with being in your body in stillness. I wish you luck and a very good vibe day ahead! Thank you for your comment!!

  4. Great post and good info. 

    I know somebody who started mediation, everybody called him crazy because what he wanted to do, and nobody in his family or friends believed in it. 

    But it turned out it was the perfect thing for him to unstress, and be like they say, zen. 

    He also has more concentration, and believe it or not, but it looks like he’s smarter. So some of his friends and family started to do this also. 

    How strange it can go, no? 

    Anyway, great post and meditation is a perfect way to be happy! 

    1. Hey Emmanuel,

      i am pleased your acquaintance invested in the empowering endeavour of meditation despite not being supported in doing so and then educated those around him with the results.  The only limits are in our naysaying mindsets which support limiting beliefs that do not serve us,  so I think it is important to have life experience to test these beliefs and it sounds like everyone is gaining from your friends exploration.  Thank you for sharing!

  5. So True. Meditation is a practice and a skill that is developed. We cannot turn off our thoughts but we can detach from them and watch them float away freely.  The healthy benefits are undoubtedly noticeable. The peace and calmness I feel after even just a few breaths reminds me, each and every time, why I meditate.

    1. Very beautifully said Courtney and my experience resonates with your words.  A sincere thanks to you for your connected comment 🙂

  6. I mediate at least once a week most of the time on a Friday after work to wind down and finish the week off. Sometimes I’ll meditate on the Sunday as well just to get me ready to start the week all over again. I’ve been doing this for at least 5 years and can attest that it does work and it helps me focus on my dreams and my goals and reminds me that I am on the right path to where I want to go in life. This article is amazing and I can’t wait to read more of what you have to come!

    1. Hey Brandon!  

      Sounds like you have a conscious and dialled in way of being in the world. It sounds to me like you are being responsible for yourself and your own well-being which is the key to living in a good vibe my friend.  Fantastic to hear! 

      Thank you for your enthusiasm for the content and your connected comment and enjoy your meditations 🙂

  7. 50 to 70,000 thoughts per day. thats just unbelievable. The brain is used to think. Thats what it does. Its what its built for. I also agree that if we all practiced the art of meditation the world would be a better place.
    Great post and very relevant to todays events.
    Love & smiles,

  8. A serious story of you growing up, and how meditation takes discipline to quiet the darkness in all of our minds. What I love about meditation, it allows me to explore those dark places, those dark memories that form the person I am today. And I concur those memories and experiences, through meditation. Because meditation allows me to control my thoughts, control my future, and accept that I am.

    I’m super stoked to read this post, you’re such a great writer, keep up the great work!

    1. Hey JB! So spot on my friend. Meditation really allows a space for any darkness to be processed and brought to light. For me, in doing so has healed many aspects of my being that were in a disempowering frequency. I appreciate your sharing your experience with the application of meditation. It really does yield tremendous empowerment in ones life. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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