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Massage Your Way Through the Gateway

If you are an advocate for good living, then here you will see that a good vibe can be harnessed and you can massage your way to chill vibe – or rather, someone else with the appropriate credentials and skill will dial that in for you.

vintage massage poster

Massage your way through the gateway with this activity that is best treated as a norm, rather than an indulgence.

Your Mind and your Body will be oozing with those good feels.

The good feels of a little message therapy are a solid and empowering place to be.

The Myriad of Massages Available

the myriad of massages available

1. Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage makes the number one on this list as my experience with a 90-minute deep tissue massage was one of the most epic massages I have ever experienced. The power of deep and pressurized finger application to your body that permeates the deepest layers of your connective tissues and muscle fibers is a very very good vibe.

deep tissue massage vibes

This massage is best received nakey bakey or in your undies, as most massages tend to be received. This kind of massage is ideal should you have muscle tension that needs some serious release. If you have a sensitivity to pressure, then this may not be your jam, but there are plenty of different kinds of massages that can accommodate your uniqueness.

I can attest to the release and efficacy of this kind of massage. Maintaining your presence, with deep breathing and relaxation will yield the best results. Do not be surprised or unnerved should your system release toxins by way of sweat or repeated bowel movements.

Deep tissue massage gets into the depths of your system and acts as a filtration system and energy release. It is a very very good vibe!

2. Swedish Massage

If you are new to the massage experience this massage will be your go to.

Swedish massage (derived from Sweden) is a full body massage and dials in a gentle vibe so it is ideal for beginners to massage, as well as releasing any minor tension or discomfort in your musculature systems.

swedish flag massage

The premise of this type of massage is long, kneaded strokes in the direction of your heart as well as integrating tapping techniques and vibration. Circular motions and joint movement techniques may be applied to support release of tension from your body.

It is a gentle kind of massage and very relaxing.

3. Massage Aromatherapy Style

massage aromatherapy style

Essential oils are quite popular and the effectiveness of their application to support a healthy and vibrant life have been proven. Essential oils have healing properties and combined with soft and gentle pressure, aromatherapy massage can prove to boost your mood and lend itself to a component of healing and peace for your state of being.

Inhaling the specific smells from the various oils your massage therapist will use while your body is immersed in relaxation and gentle touch. This massage can be a full body massage or just focus on the areas of the back, head, shoulders and neck where most on the go humans store their stress.

massage aromatherapy oils and florals

4. Shiatsu Massage

This type of super relax vibes massage was originated in Japan. It is a great dial in for relaxation, stress relief and tension in your musculature. This kind of massage resonates with emotional and physical peace, relaxation and calm.

This is a full body indulgence and the shiatsu massage therapist of your choosing will use their hands, pressure of their palms and thumbs to massage specific points on your body in a rhythmic and vibratory manner.

This kind of massage is cool dialled in fully clothed and is a good option for those who prefer to remain clothed or covered when receiving a massage.

The word Shiatsu derives from the combination of 2 Japanese words. “Shi” means “Finger” and “Atsu” means “Pressure” Stimulating points along the energy meridians of your body by way of the energy pathways as well as gentle stretching lends itself to a fluid flow of Qi throughout your physiological system. “Qi” is “energy” and it flows by way of these meridians that govern different functions of our system.

the energy meridians map

Having these pathways clear and flowing with vibrance and clarity lends itself to an optimal state to take advantage of your physiological energy and connect you to tapping into the limitless supply Universal Energy.

A very good vibe indeed.

Shiatsu massage is considered a healing art of a meditative nature that proves to honour your entirety of being in Mind, Body and Spirit. It can be implemented with the hands or the feet and is performed on a table-top.

5. Massage with Hot Stones

This vibe in the gateway of massages will ease muscle tensions, improve your blood flow and alleviate any discomfort you may be holding in your body. This is a stress reliever to the max and a surefire way to relax.

centre stones spinal energy

This massage treatment is similar to the Swedish above but rather than the use of, or in combination with the hands, heated stones are placed in various locations around the body or the massage therapist will use the stone as a massage element on the body. It is a combination of the use of the earth in harmony with your body to promote your optimal wellness.

Any endeavour that connects you to aspects of the natural world and promotes a regulated state in your physiology is an endevour that will most definitely yield a good vibe.

6. Sports Massage

As an advocate and participant in many sports and recreational activities, I can tell you that sports massage is a good vibe and optimal option if you have injury to a muscle or muscle group as a result of repetitive use of the specific musculature system by way of a hobby or professional sport that you engage in. power woman silhouette

This type of massage is good to enhance and increase your performance and flexibility as a sports aficionado. It is implemented on the entirety of the body or pinpoints a specific area that is prone to your specific sport and the injury incurred from it. Depending on your individual needs the level of intensity of the application of the massage in terms of pressure from deep pressure to soothing, gentler strokes.

The benefits of relaxation, mental clarity and release of muscle tension make sports massage a winning investment! The massages will expand your flexibility and chill out those muscles, yielding a more empowered state of being, thus proving preventative to any further injuries. When your muscles are relaxed and well nurtured, they will work with you rather than against you. Nurture your being and it will repay you in like manner with a vibrant and healthy existence.

7. The Reflexology Jam

If you have an aversion to massage then the reflexology jam might be right up your alley.

This massage is a great option for those who prefer a low key massage experience but still benefit from its promotion of relaxation and restoration of natural energy levels in your system.

Varying in intensity from gentle to firm pressure is applied on points of the hands, feet and ears.reflexology map of hands and feet

The dealio behind the thought of reflexology is that areas of the hands and feet correspond to systems and organs of your body and applying pressure to these areas is believed to bring relief, relaxation and a sweet healing vibe to the corresponding areas of the body.

There are charts to guide your massage therapists application of touch and pressure. It is a low risk, modest and effective massage that promotes wellness, relaxation and overall good health.

Along with the lucky seven types of massage there are still a list that exist. Infant, Reiki, Couples Massage, PreNatal/Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Massage…the list continues! These 7 up top are ones that have proven to yield goodvibes in many respects for myself and surrounding tribe.

It is an act of self care and good esteem to care and nurture the vessel that carries you through this wacky, intense, ever flowing and abundant life. My most memorable massage was performed by a man who looked like a Sumo wrestler on the sunny sands of St Maarten and I felt like I was walking on a cloud after 90 minutes under the thumb (literally) of that gifted and kind being. beach massages are wellness

Find a space that dials in a good massage and treat yourself in the manner in which you are accustomed to being.

Relaxed, refreshed, nurtured, loved and appreciated in Body, Mind and Spirit. A massage is an investment that will reap you massive rewards.